tagNonConsent/ReluctanceSeduction by Drugs

Seduction by Drugs


For the most part, this story is true and really happened. There are some names, places and events changed to protect those that need protecting -- which unfortunately, isn't us anymore.

Our world as we knew it was over! We were devastated, beyond belief. How could this have happened? No, it couldn't have happened but, the DVD's were there for visual proof. It was obvious they hadn't been altered. The scenes were so vivid and graphic, it was impossible to even imagine them being faked. Renee and I looked at each other and ran to the bathroom to throw-up. It couldn't be true...not to us...I listened as Renee sob and I felt like joining her but my mind was still reeling from what we had just seen on the 50" Hi-Def screen. Bigger than life! Now it was going to take our life away.


It was 2 months earlier as I watched my wife of 15 years as she left our table. She was still very striking at 38. 5'10", a slim 130 pounds of pure sex appeal. I could see many heads turn as she maneuvered between the tables on her way to the ladies room. My pride was obvious in my face as I watched how smoothly moved through the lunch crowd. She had the figure of a model, not skinny but slim and her breasts were a very pleasing 34A/B. She complained about having to shop very carefully to find a bra that wasn't too small or one that was too big. Thusly she fell between the two most listed sizes, just like I liked them. I saw her toss her head of golden tresses as she turned away from some leering diner. Her hair was golden brown and it contrasted with my dark black but I always felt it was sexy seeing us together -- in contrast.

We were having our 15th anniversary and had chosen to have it at the yacht club. Our 42' sail boat was anchored in our berth and we planned on taking it out for an overnight sail. We had started a consulting company together after she gave up being a full time lawyer and had built it into an extremely successful enterprise. So successful we'd appointed someone else to run the day to day operations so we could enjoy the fruits of our labors. Traveling was a great pleasure that we both enjoyed. Children had not been one of our experiences as Renee had had a childhood accident and wasn't able to conceive. Even though we'd of loved to have had offspring, it wasn't a huge disappointment as we had adopted twin girls.

They had just turned 14 and even though adopted, were taking on the same figure as Leslie. Tall, willowy and very attractive. Their budding breasts were just starting to force them to wear a sports bra. They were both outgoing and were great sports competitors in soccer, basketball and track in Junior High School. We were able to afford an au pair so our travels, when the girls were in school, wasn't limited much.

Our business became our other love child and now we felt it was time for it to grow up just like a grown child becoming self-sufficient.

About me, I played football for a major university as a defensive back. My 6'2" height just kept up with Leslie when she wore her 4" killer heels but she towered over most of the others in any room we entered. My 200 pounds hadn't wavered since my sophomore year. We both worked out at least 3 days a week at either the club or on the boat. We'd moved to an upscale 3000 sqft townhouse after we sold the 6,000 sq.ft. home that became obsolete when we started our traveling and sailing adventures. A small gym was setup in one of the bedrooms. So, it was easy and convenient to stay healthy and fit. We had met in a court room where Renee was settling a civil case and had just won a substantial settlement for some TORT I wasn't privy to nor cared. All I could see was this fantastic young woman in a business suit that had just decimated a witness for the plaintiff.

I was so enraptured that when she looked at me, she laughed. I fell in love with her right there. It took 3 weeks to get a date with her and found out she had fast-tracked college into law school and this was only her 2nd case after passing the bar at just 23. Our courtship was warm, loving and was consummated on our wedding day. To my surprise, Renee had been a virgin whereas I'd had 3 other sexual encounters of varying lengths. We were both very conservative and didn't vary much from what we believed to be respectful sex. Yes, we practiced the missionary position and occasionally Renee would want to top me. And, yes also, we did participate in oral sex from time to time. All in all, Renee loved my average normal size of 6" and I totally loved her delicate nipples and breasts. We were extremely happy together, not needing or wanting anything we didn't have.

I'd just turned 38 when our decision to turn over the company and just be on the board was made and only being 1 year older than Leslie, we knew we had many, many years of adventures ahead and now being able to afford them, we planned on experiencing all of them.

Our two adopted daughters, Leslie and Amanda, were identical twins and we, as well as they, had many times fooled everyone when they decided to switch identities and classes. My wife's sister was like a second mother to them and having them stay with her was almost like them being with us. We communicated via cell and video email daily.

As you can see, we had the idyllic life - Wealthy, healthy, great family and in-love.

The world started to unwind, no, implode after we were introduced to a European couple that had made billions building a drug company there. They were visiting the yacht club one evening when Renee and I were there and the President made it his personal goal to see that all were introduced to them. As they approached our table, I was struck by how unattractive both were. They seemed to be twins in body size and shape. They were short and heavy. They looked like they were around 5'6" and weighed more than me. The man had short graying hair that was in a military cut. The woman was as short and heavy but her bosom was huge. Her breasts hung over her belly. Her graying hair was close-cropped in almost a similar military cut. I looked at Renee and could see she was as repulsed as I was but we are polite and gracious so we stood and shook hands. The one physical feature that was alarming was their eyes. They were almost hypnotic in their intensity. A rich butch Dyke.

"Kent, Renee, I want you to meet Karl and Erica Derek." As we shook hands, I could almost feel somewhat sickened by the touch. I saw Renee respectfully shake hands and then put them behind her back as if to ensure she didn't have to touch either again. "Ah, the Harrison's, I've heard about your consulting firm. Although we've never employed it, it does have an international reputation."

I was surprised at his statement but merely nodded and thanked him. The President then said, "Karl and Erica are brother and sister and between them they created one of the biggest drug companies in the world." He stated the name of the company and I immediately knew of it. I just hadn't known who the founders and owners were. I did know it was privately held.

"I saw your boat today Kent, it's quite handsome. Maybe you'll give me a tour sometime?" His voice had a European accent that I couldn't place but it was tending to be guttural. I heard his sister say something to Renee and heard the same accent. Not quite German, Swiss maybe, I thought.

"That would be fine but I'm sure you've been on or even owned much bigger boats, well rather, ships Mr. Derek."

"Come come Kent, call me Karl. I know we're going to be good friends so let's start on that now, shouldn't we?"

I don't remember what I'd responded as I was looking at Erica as she raised her arm and saw that she didn't shave her armpits. It was very bushy and thick. I know Renee saw it too as her nose quivered just a bit. A sign she was not pleased with what she saw.

"I know what," Karl said, "My yacht is moored in the harbor, a little too big to bring to the docks so they tell me, and I'd love to show you my toy."

I heard Renee make a small cry and turned to see that she had heard what Karl said and she looked at him and asked, "That huge white yacht is yours? It must be over 200' long".

"Yes my dear," responded Karl, "I'm happy you observed it. Erica and I just took delivery in Hong Kong last week. That's why we're here now, on our way home and decided to check out some of the yacht clubs on the way. We upgraded from our 165 footer."

In spite of Renee and my repeated thank you and saying we really didn't have the time to do such a visit justice the President persisted along with Karl and Erica and we soon found that we were to be picked up at our boat the next evening at 6:00.

"How do we dress for a mega yacht tour", Renee asked as we were dressing and discussing our visit in just an hour. "God, I really don't want to go, they are so gross. Did you see how they both seemed to be totally without any social graces? I mean, I even heard her pass gas as we were chatting and she didn't bat an eye".

"I think she's what they call a bull dyke", I said, "Can you believe how hairy she was? Under her armpits, her legs -- I wouldn't doubt if she had hair on her back. I'm sure he does".

"God yes, I saw that and it was such a turn-off. It's probably a good thing they are billionaires or they'd be relegated to a side show". Renee blushed when she said that as she never has a bad thing to say about anyone. "And her breasts...golly Kent, they must be 25 pounds each," Renee broke out in a chuckle when she said that and I agreed and said it was to many pounds for me. I preferred my sensitive miniature cupcake cherry toppings...and kissed her bare nipple before she could put her bra on.

The yacht was huge, over 225 feet. The ship had 2 helicopter pads, over 50,000 sq' with all the decks, 10 huge suites and, according to Karl, several rooms for dancing, eating and playing. I was looking around and not paying too much attention to him as I was staying close to Renee and Erica. Karl took extra time showing us his room for his pets, 2 great Danes he said. "They are ashore for awhile as we entertain guests. They get too rambunctious otherwise." The room was quite large and had separate dog houses that were so large, the dogs must indeed be big. "I'm sure you'll see more of the room and meet the dogs sometime in the future," he said as he as he turned to Renee and Erica and winked.

The tour took over an hour and by the time we returned to the main salon, our dinner was waiting for us. We heard the shore launch leaving and Karl told me that the crew had a well deserved night off but would be back on board the next afternoon. He said he would handle the other launch to take us back to our boat after dinner.

The dinner was excellent. Lobster, steak - both expertly done. Keep warm by the table top that must have had built-in heating units. Very expensive wine was offered but neither Renee nor I drank very much alcohol so there was going to be lots of uncorked wine I felt.

Karl started telling us about his company and Erica kept up her side of the conversation with anecdotes about various times when drug experiments went awry. I was finally persuaded to have a second glass as Erica had successfully gotten Renee to accept another. Karl was explaining how he synthesized a special drug that could revolutionize the world but he was keeping it totally secret until he felt it was right to release. I asked if he'd applied for FDA approval and he said this drug wouldn't require that. He did tell us how hugely profitable his company was and that he and Eric could have anything they wanted -- ANYTHING!


Renee and I woke up on our boat feeling exhilarated but stiff and sore...In fact, I was so sore I turned and told Renee that I think I had hemorrhoids, my bottom burned so badly. Renee just nodded and asked if I'd had rough sex with her. I told her no; actually I said I didn't believe we did anything as I couldn't even remember coming back to the boat. "God, my jaws hurt a lot too". "Mine too," she replied as we both started massaging our aching jaws.

I heard her scream and in spite of my burning bottom, I ran to the head to see what had happened. Renee was sitting on the toilet with her legs spread and screaming, "What did you do? How did this happen?"

I looked and almost fainted. All of her beautiful pubic hair had been shaved off. I was dumbfounded. I truly loved her pubic hair, to me it was extremely sexy and I could not figure out what was going on. Even though Renee was sitting there, turned towards the mirror, bent over and inspected my bottom. It was reddish and I even saw a bit of blood near my nether ring. God, now I was perplexed.

"Renee, can you remember anything, anything at all about last night? The last thing I remember is accepting a second glass of wine and then waking up here. Do you remember anything? Maybe I sat on something that damaged me."

"No", she was crying and as I looked at her shaved pubes, I could see that they were red and looked agitated and swollen. "I don't know what happened. I just know I feel sorer than my first time on our wedding night. Maybe I've have a bladder infection or something?"

As I stood there in the bathroom putting lotion on my sore rectum, Renee was inspecting her vagina and asked for me to give her the KY jelly.

The phone brought us out of our misery and as I went to answer it, Renee went into the shower.

It was Kurt on the phone and he was someone I certainly didn't need to be speaking with right now. "Hi Kent, how are you and Renee today? Did you happen to notice it was Wednesday, June 9?"

Wednesday? Wednesday, June 9? My God, we had visited their yacht on Friday night the 10th of May...What the hell had happened for 30 days? "It can't be Wednesday, I said, we were just at your place last night."

No, he responded, "It's Wednesday and yes, you were here on Friday but also the next 30 days. Don't you remember?"

"God no, are you sure?" I looked at my cell that was lying on the counter and wanted to pass out from the shock. It was Wednesday, Wednesday afternoon the 9th of June in fact. "Kurt, just what happened, did we have and accident, in the hospital or something?"

He laughed and said, No way, we enjoyed a very fun time together." He went on to say that he was having a package expressed to us and to watch it as it would explain everything. I was getting this really sour stomach and a feeling of dread came over me.

The shower was quiet except for the running water which was unusual as Renee loves to sing in the shower.

Ummmmmmmmmmm what is the DVD? I asked, getting frightened.

Again the slightly sinister laugh, at least it seemed like that to me, and he said the DVD would explain everything. "And by the way, we'll expect you at 7:00 this evening after you call us to invite yourselves to spend the evening with us. The DVD will give you instructions on what to wear."

When Renee got out of the shower I told her we'd lost 30 days somewhere and didn't have a clue as to what had happened. When I told her we were invited, no, suggested we'd call and invite ourselves to be at the Derek's that evening, she looked like I'd hit her.

"I don't know what's going on but I for one don't like it she exclaimed. What is this DVD stuff you said he was sending? Oh God...something terrible has happened Kent, I can just feel it."

The package held a portable BlueRay player with a note.

Please just plug in and play. The DVD is already in place and don't try to remove it as it will self destruct. Make sure you look at it to the end as it has many things we know you'll want to have explained. All will be explained.

To give a brief overview, my sister and I were obviously born without many of the attributes you two enjoy. In fact, we were ridiculed and teased unbearably as we grew up. It merely gave us the incentive to create something that would alleviate others that might find them in a similar situation. Thusly, we invented and created a special drug that enables a person, us in this case, to help others to come to appreciate and even love someone that initially appears ugly and grotesque.

We felt little embarrassed as we were giving facial expressions that made his statement more prophetic.

We selected you two after visiting your yacht club president and he was telling us about the most likable and conservative member couples. It's an honor I assure you. Be that as it may be, we know that we will become good friends, very good friends. It may take some time but we're willing to spend the time and effort. See, we have made friends and lovers with 9 other couples and our arrangement is to spend two months a year as a group. We were missing the 10th month but decided we wanted to make you part of our extended family. Twice a year, at an appropriate time, you, and the other 9 will meet at our chateau in Switzerland for a month of socialization and love.

As Karl was talking we could see a video of Renee and me boarding their yacht, being escorted around it and it was obviously every nook and cranny had a hidden hi-def video camera that caught everything. It was strange seeing us as we were caught giving each other glances that even the most naïve person could see the displeasure we were exuding by being in such close proximity with the Derek's.

Karl was saying,

We know you'll probably be extremely shocked as the videos play but let me assure you that when you watch the entire disk, you'll realize that you shouldn't be. Now, to put your mind at ease about the time away from you girls, Amanda and Leslie, we called Renee's sister and advised them that you had been offered a fabulous 30 day trip on our yacht to exotic ports of call. Louise assured us that the girls were extremely happy to stay with her and that she would ensure that all your home rules were followed.

I looked at Renee with disbelief in my face and saw tears streaming down her face. The shocked look on her face brought me back to the video.

We could see a large digital scoreboard type devise with both my and my wife's name in two columns. One column each...There was a large digital clock that clicked off seconds and accumulated minutes, hours and even days. The clock read 710 hours and15 minutes. The listings on the board read; administered potion and a time: 720:00. The next listing was, disrobed, cleaned and given enema. 718:25. The next listing was placed in fucking units: 716:38 and the list went on. There were 15 categories. Including; penetrated; climaxed and a place for a number; semi-alert, etc., and the one that was scary was: totally enjoyed and ready to commit. There wasn't a time listed.

We saw Karl slowly rise and move to take the glass of wine I was holding and place it on the side table. Erica was doing the same with Renee's glass. We sat and stared into space. It was obvious we were either very drunk or had been seized by some paralyzing force. Karl was saying,

"My dear, I think they are ready for playroom 1. Let's help them to begin their life of love and devotion." "Yes, lovely, I've been waiting since meeting them to begin their adventure."

"How much did you give them?" "I may have put a bit much in but I too have been anxiously waiting for this moment and the next 30 days. They are so perfect for us. Maybe these will be our lifelong partners." "Maybe, time will tell, but remember, for us to be sure, we'll have to wean them off the potion and have them come to us with their own free will because they want to and love and adore us."

"Potion? Potion?" I turned to Renee with the question both on my lips and in my eyes. She was still crying and only sobbed a little more. "Oh my God, we were drugged Renee, the bastards drug us." This brought a flurry of sobs and more tears. I could feel myself close to crying but rage was not far behind.

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