tagRomanceSeduction From Dusk Till Dawn Day 2

Seduction From Dusk Till Dawn Day 2


I am awaken to the sound of seagulls flying overhead and the beautiful ocean waves crashing against the cliffs below the window. I look at you and smile, you look so sexy sleeping there just like a baby. I kiss your cheek and let you sleep for a little while longer.

I get up, put my robe on and head to the kitchen. I look out the windows, which overlook the ocean and realize just how beautiful the view is. I open the patio door and walk outside. The house sits out on this point of land completely secluded from the rest of the world.

To the right is a rock-sculptured waterfall with beautiful landscaping surrounding it. The waterfall is about six foot tall and flows directly into an in-ground spa. If we only knew this spa was here last night. At least we still have two more nights here.

I walk back into the house and go into the kitchen. The fridge is completely stocked with all kinds of foods and beverages and I think to myself - "breakfast in bed."

I begin to make some eggs, sausage, bacon and hash browns and brew some coffee. I then put together a breakfast plate to serve you and take you breakfast in bed. As I enter the bedroom, you are just beginning to wake up from the smell of the food. I place the plate of food on the nightstand next to the bed and sit down next to you. I kiss your lips and you smile in return. My next words are "Good Morning, my love."

You sit up in bed as I begin to feed you your breakfast. You then in return begin to feed me, as we stare into each other's eyes. We finish breakfast and I head off to the shower to get ready for our day together.

We spend the entire day walking around the shops of Monterey, visiting the fish aquarium, and taking on the sights of the ocean. We are lost in each other's presence all day and hardly notice the people around us. We walk close together, holding hands and at times arm in arm. We would stop and hold each other and kiss every chance we got

People would look at us and smile, because they could see the love and the passion we share. As we continue are shopping spree, you make a couple of secretive stops along the way and tell me that you had unfinished business to take care of for my surprise weekend. As you take care of your business, I patiently wait outside, and pass the time by watching all the people go by.

We pass the day by eating lunch, and then going to see a movie. The movie ends towards the evening time and you decide to take me to the beach to watch the sunset. You have always remembered my love for the ocean and how romantic I think the sunsets are.

We soon leave the beach and head back to the house. When we arrive, you blindfold me and tell me to wait a couple of minutes and you'll be back for me. A few moments pass and I hear footsteps approaching me. You take your hand and grab mine and lead me into the house. As we enter the house, there is an aroma that smells so good.

You take my blindfold off, and I am completely amazed at what I see around me. The table is romantically set for two, with candles lit and a bottle of champagne chilled, with two flute glasses. The entire house is lit by candles only.

I look down to the floor and find red rose petals spread out in a path leading to the table, and branching off in a different path leading to the bedroom. Rose petals paths have been my fantasy for years and you remembered, my love.

You lead me down the path to the table, sit me down and pour me a glass of champagne. You then serve me a steak and pasta dinner, and make sure that my every request is met. We eat and talk throughout the whole dinner, and make romantic toasts together. You then tell me that it is time for desert. You then tell me to follow the rose path to the bedroom and put on something sexy - only so you can undress me later.

I follow the path to the bedroom and find that there are also many candles lit all around the bed and in the bathroom too. On top of the bed there are thousands of rose petals, and a shape of a big heart made with the rose petals. I put on my leather g-string lingerie - the one that you love that has the wholes cut out for my nipples. And I wait on top of the bed for you.

You enter the bedroom with a basket in hand, and a big smile on your face. You tell me how sexy I look, lying there on the bed surrounded in red roses in my black lingerie. You turn on some music, to some slow and sexy R&B. You sit on the bed and ask me to stand in front of you so you can see my body in the candlelight

As I stand and show you my lingerie, I move slowly to you and start to dance between your legs. I tease you by running my nipples across your lips and moving your hands back and forth to my pussy. You said that you wanted to undress me, but I have other plans in mind. I want you to watch me undress for you.

As the music continues, I dance seductively as you watch and enjoy my every move. I slowly remove the lingerie from my breasts and slide it down to the floor, teasing you as I go. I now stand directly in front of you, dancing in the candlelight, caressing my own bare flesh. You love to watch me touch myself, especially in the glow of the candles.

You watch me dance a little while longer, then you join in on the slow dancing with me. As we dance, you caress and run your hands over every bare inch of my body. Then you lead me down the path of petals to the Jacuzzi tub. I find that the tub is already full of water and is heated from a temperature gauge just like a spa. As I step into the Jacuzzi, I see many rose petals floating in the water. You turn on the jets and instantly bubbles appear

You leave the room for a moment and return with your bottle of whiskey and my bottle of wine. You take your clothes off and step into the Jacuzzi with me. We can still hear the music playing softly in the background and the Jacuzzi is surrounded with candles.

You take my feet and massage them gently and work your way up to my inner thighs, massaging every part. You then move me to sit between your legs with my back facing your chest. You massage my neck and shoulders, moving your hands slightly across my breasts every now and then. You grab our bottles and we make a toast to the love that we share and the romantic times we have together.

You kiss my neck gently at first, then begin to be a little feistier with your bites. You pour a little water over my back and I lean into you, resting my head on your shoulder as you caress my breasts. You pour a little whiskey onto my breasts and massage it in only so you can taste it off me later. I look up at you and kiss your lips softly. Our tongues meet and we kiss passionately. You slide your hand down my flesh to my pussy and start to finger me. I move one hand behind me and start to stroke your cock.

I could kiss you for hours and days, I love the way your lips and tongue feel when they touch mine. I turn and face you, and straddle your body. I slide your cock inside my pussy and move slowly up and down on you, with my eyes staring deep into yours the entire time. You decide that you want to get a little freakier so we get out of the Jacuzzi and head to the bed.

We are still wet from the Jacuzzi and I tell you that it is my turn to please you. I push you backwards on the bed onto your back, and tie your wrists gently to the bedposts. Then I gently tie your ankles to the bottom bedposts. You hate not being in control, and I love to see you this way. I take out my feather from my bag and softly stroke your entire body with it.

I move up and softly kiss your lips, your neck, then I slowly inch my way down your body, not missing a single inch. I move my way to your cock and massage every part of it. I kiss and lick every exposed area of flesh, then I take you into my mouth. You love to watch me lick and kiss your cock and I look into your eyes as I pleasure you

You then tell me the items that are in the basket that you brought into the room earlier. I like what I hear and hop up and get them. In the basket I find chocolate syrup and whip cream. I use the chocolate syrup and spell the words "I love you" across your chest and stomach. I then trace the head of your cock with the syrup. I use the whip cream and spray it onto my nipples and move to your face so you can lick it off them.

I then move down to your chest and lick each and every chocolate letter slowly off of you as you can feel the words being eaten. I then lick every last drop off your cock - not leaving any left. You tell me that you want to touch me and to taste me. I untie you, but make you wait and watch me for a little longer. I lay back with my legs spread wide, so you have a direct view at my pussy. I then take the whip cream and spray a heart outline around my pussy and then fill it in completely with whip cream.
I get up slowly and move to sit on your face.

I love the feeling of your whole mouth being on my entire pussy. You lick and suck every last drop of cream off me, and I move to lie on the bed, but you grab me and make me sit on your face until I cum. Then I move to my back and reach for my toy - you love to pleasure me with my toys because you like to watch the squirms and arch my body makes from the continuous pleasure. You gently slide the vibrator across my pussy lips to moisten it and then insert the toy inside me.

You know that I go crazy when you bite gently on my nipples and use the vibrator at the same time. I can't handle the pleasure any longer and I shake uncontrollably. I then whisper in your ear to "fuck me" and you smile seductively.

You turn me over and have me on all fours, my head is down into the pillows and you grab my waist and pull my ass closer to your body. You slide your cock deep into me and it reaches my g-spot perfectly. I love the way your cock fits into me when we are in this position. You too like this position because you can easily finger my pussy as you fuck me, knowing that this brings my orgasm on sooner. We both cum quickly and collapse in pure ecstasy.

It is now late, and we need our rest, more to come my darling, the weekend is only half over.

Goodnight my love, sweet dreams.

Once again, we fall asleep in each other's arms, and for both of us, this is the best feeling in the world. I love to feel such security in your arms and this is the way I feel every time we touch. We sleep for a few hours until the sun begins to rise. Its still a little dark, but the sun is beginning to dawn.

I move close to you and put my head under the covers and begin to move my tongue across your cock. You are soft and I take you in my mouth and suck you until you are rock hard. I love to fell that control of having your soft cock in my mouth and by the movements of my tongue and lips alone make your cock rock hard in a matter of seconds.

You love the way I passionately kiss your cock as seductively as I do your lips. Kissing the tip of it as soft and as wet as I can, and while I am kissing the tip I move my tongue with every stroke. You moan so quietly and I know that you are enjoying the pleasure.

I stroke you with my hand faster and I take your cock deep into my throat. I move my mouth to the bottom of your shaft and lick you all around while you're in my mouth. I massage your balls and then stroke you in and out of my mouth. I suck you harder then soft and back harder again. I continue this pleasure until you cum.

I love to please you, my love. Making you happy is what I will forever try to do. We cuddle and fall asleep for a few hours longer and awaken once again in each other's arms.

Sweet Dreams my love

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