Self Pleasures

byMany Feathers©

The "Shower Chamber" as it was called, was enormous. It could easily accommodate a group of people in fact. Spotting a form fitting lounge seat, much like those molded inside most hot tubs, Silva lay down, placing herself comfortably in position, dialing the water sprays, which immediately cascaded down and against her nude form. As she adjusted the tiny squirting jets to her liking, she had two of them perfectly directed against her breasts. As the jets fell against her, she liked the way they seemingly massaged her tits, all the while tickling...even fondling her erect nipple's as the water fingers toyed gently with each of them. A much harder, stronger, fuller stream of water pulsated in an arch, landing against her pussy. Silva loved the sensation. In many ways, it felt the way Amanda's tongue and lips did whenever she went down on her. The feel of the warm water, pressing against her slit, throbbing against her clit, soon had her bucking against the playful stream, helping along her rapidly approaching climax.


Darlene was enjoying herself too. Watching the monitors that were conveniently placed well below the counter, out of sight from anyone coming into the shop, she had been alternating her attentions. Watching Amanda, as she and Steven continued to fondle themselves, "Chatting about her tits" she mused privately, had been erotic in and of itself. But periodically turning to watch Silvia as she lay in the water seat, where several jets of water sprayed upon her, teasing her in ways that most people couldn't even begin to imagine had been sensual as all get out. Eventually, Darlene had succumbed to the lustful need of her excitement. Having produced one of her favorite toys, she'd inserted the vibrating egg deep inside her pussy, turning it on to a slow hum that merely stirred, titillating her interesting, keeping her on edge without taking her far beyond that. Darlene preferred a long slow build up to orgasm whenever she masturbated. And now, forced into watching, keeping an eye on the monitors as well as the shop, gave her the perfect opportunity for doing so.

So absorbed in her pleasures, it had taken a moment to realize the little bell on the front door had rung with another potential customer coming in to inquire about their services.

Realizing someone was standing there on the other side of the counter, she looked up, still feeling the pleasant vibrations deep inside her sex as she turned to greet him.

"Yes? Can I help you?" she asked, trying to keep the lusty catch in her voice from being too obvious.

Darlene noted this was a very distinguished looking gentleman. With a few slight streaks of gray in his hair, he stood before her in a well tailored, three piece business suit.

"I was wondering...I saw your advertisement in one of those under ground newspapers."

Darlene could barely tear her eyes away from his. They were cobalt blue in color, and seemed to be burning into the depths of her very soul, though she considered that the vibrating egg deep inside her pussy was having something to do with that.

"Yes?" Darlene prompted him.

" mentioned that you are willing to provided "specialized" services for your clients.

"Yes we are. What is it you have in mind?" she asked him.

"What I'd to schedule a room for my wife and I. After we've begun, a friend of mine will arrive. I was wondering if you could set it up so that he could secretly watch us without my wife's being aware of his doing so."

"That's a little complicated," Darlene stated. "For security and privacy purposes, the best we could do is not tell your wife who was watching her, only that she was. She'd have to sign consent to that particular pleasure. But if she was willing to do so, then you could have whomever you'd like, sit inside our voyeur booth, and watch the two of you then...yes. Would that work?"

"I think she'd be willing to go for that," he said happily.

"Would you like to set up an appointment then?" Darlene asked him.

"How about tomorrow afternoon?" he asked. "Say around two..three o'clock?"

Darlene knew we didn't have any booked appointments of course, but she went through the motions of checking anyway. "Looks like either one will work."

He booked his session for two, but continued to stand there a little nervously.

"Is there a chance I can have a look at the rooms?"

"Normally, I'd be happy to show you what we have. But right now we have two sessions taking place. There are three available rooms I can show you, but the Shower room is currently occupied, as is the suite."

Darlene led him to the "Solo" room as we'd named it. The smallest of our available rooms, designed primarily, and specifically for those customers who simply wanted nothing more than to watch a movie, thumb through a few magazines or photos, and simply get off.

"Can I go ahead and use this one now?" he'd asked after a quick tour.

"Sure...would you like your session taped?"

"Not this one no....but I would be interested in taping tomorrows session, yes."

Darlene quickly showed him the wide selection of video's we had to offer, as he was certainly interested in those. Along with a selection of lubricants, even vibrators that could easily be used and enjoyed by a man. Leaving Brad to his pleasures as he'd finally introduced himself, Darlene returned to the front counter just in time to see Amanda crying out in obvious orgasm.


She had poured nearly half a bottle of baby-oil upon, and into her pussy. Now fully fisting her self, Amanda had positioned one leg over the wide arm of the chair, the other tucked beneath her, thus raising her cunt perfectly so as to insert nearly her entire hand.

"Jack that fucker!" she urged me. "Stroke your fucking cock! I'm about to cum!"

I'd been doing just that. As I sat a mere foot or two away from this vixen, I'd been jacking off my prick, amazed, even a little surprised as I watched her eventually manage to insert her entire hand inside her pussy. Now fucking her self as rapidly as I was jerking my prick, I could tell that she was indeed on the edge of climatic bliss.

"I want you to cum with me," she pleaded. "I want to see your cock squirting all that sticky cum juice in the air when I do."

I was almost there...a few more delightful seconds and I soon would be. Seeing the expression on my face, Amanda's evil grin began to split her face even more wickedly. She knew I was getting close.

"Squirt that fucking cum-juice you beautiful bastard!" She yelled at me. And I did. As geyser after fountaining geyser of my cream shot from the head of my prick, arching upwards in long thin ribbon's of spunk, I heard Amanda's almost masculine groan of pleasure escape her lips in obvious joy and pleasure.

"Oh yes! Yes! Yes!" she screamed.

I'd never seen a woman actually ejaculate before. I'd heard about it...seen a few in movies who had appeared to flow with a lot of liquefied juices. But I'd never once actually seen a woman squirting in the way that Amanda's pussy suddenly did.

Removing her fist, she went back to half-slapping, half rubbing her clit as thin almost milky-white streamers of her pleasure began ejaculating from somewhere inside her pussy. Fascinated, I nearly forgot all about my own continuing contractions, only now slightly diminished in pleasurable intensity. Amanda on the other hand seemed to be soaring off to even greater heights of ecstasy as delightful squirt after squirt exploded from her cunt, many of which actually reached me, landing, falling on my prick as I continued to sit there slowly milking out the remaining sperm from my shaft.


Silvia had moved over to the "Wall" as I'd aptly named it. A feature, that I had myself designed, and was actually rather proud of in fact. Placing herself within the specially designed chair, adjusting her height, Silva had then rested her breasts comfortably within the smooth concave indentations within the fiber-glassed wall. Each breast was then treated to an encircling massage of water, tiny pulsating jets that stimulated as well as teased each of her nipples. Below...Silvia had adjusted the fuller stream of water, actually riding it as it shot from the wall, fucking her pussy in a way that she best liked, adjusting her height to it so as to ensure the best possible sensation as she water-fucked herself into oblivion.


Darlene had just seen Amanda's explosive discharge. She had watched as this magnificent woman's cunt sprayed thick streamers of female cum-cream, many of which had actually landed on Steven's still hard thick cock. She'd also enjoyed his eruption, though she always did. Watching his prick squirting high into the air as ejaculation after ejaculation flew from the head of his prick was always a delightful treat for her. Adding to the excitement of her vibrating egg, Darlene had begun manipulating her clitoris with her fingers. She'd nearly achieved orgasm when she'd turned, watching Silvia's face as she cried out with her own obvious enjoyment. Glancing quickly at now a third monitor...Brad was just throwing a nice thick rope of his own. His pleasured face thrown back, his thick massive prick blossoming with copious amounts of sperm, which ran thickly down the sides of his shaft, coating his swollen tight balls.

"Excuse you have any available rooms?" The strange voice asked.

"I'll be right with you," Darlene responded. "I'm just about to cum...she said smiling."


Obviously, it had been our very best day. And...we already had two bookings for the following day. Added to that, Silvia's husband Harold had called first thing in the morning. He'd most certainly enjoyed his present, calling the moment we'd opened giving us a third confirmed appointment.

"You know Steven, if this keeps up, we're going to have to think about hiring on additional staff."

"Yeah...I know. I've been thinking about that. I'm considering posting a small add in the paper. I think we can initially keep the salary low. With the obvious fringe benefits, I think it's entirely possible to hire on a younger man...and woman to fill that particular niche for those that would enjoy that."

"You're going to need to be careful in your screening. That...and make sure they are well aware of what's going to be expected of them," Darlene told me.

I was grinning from ear to ear.

"What are you thinking?" she asked.

"Oh...nothing really. Just wondering how I really am going to conduct the interviews. I think I'll tell them that they have to masturbate in front of me first before we can even consider them for the job."

"Leave it up to you to find a way to turn hiring into another naughty experience," my wife told me.

"Well...I'll let you interview the male applicants," I offered.

And then Darlene was grinning just as broadly as I had been.


Harold had booked his appointment bright and early. We opened at ten, finding Harold already waiting for us when we arrived.

Without speaking hardly a word, Darlene led him into our smallest room, leaving him to his own devices.

"He's a strange one," she stated upon her return.

I'd already turned on the monitor just because of that very reason. But Harold, as strange as he was, or seemed, was happily content to sit comfortably within his chair thumbing through several magazines while lazily stroking his cock. I'd actually been waiting for it to harden when I realized it was.

"He's got to have the smallest dick I've ever seen," I commented.

Darlene leaned over my shoulder to have a look for her self. "I think it's cute."

"You can't be serious!" I said laughing.

Darlene shot me a look, which told me she was.

"No wonder he and Silva never's not big enough to even get it in!" I continued.

"That may be...but you could certainly deep-throat that one. And I'm willing to bet, he'd really enjoy that!"

Darlene was good at giving head. Really good. "That's not one of the services we offer here," I reminded her, receiving another look.

"I know that...I was just commenting on the fact that regardless of how small his prick is, it would still be interesting to play with."

Harold continued fondling his small cock. At times, it completely disappeared inside his meaty looking hands, but he'd obviously had plenty of practice and experience pleasuring himself. Long before his twenty minutes were up, Harold had climaxed. He'd dressed, actually straightening the magazine's he'd been looking through before coming back out into the lobby area.

After Harold had settled up his small bill, he asked, "Silvia mentioned that you have a viewing room where you can watch people."

"We do," I told him. "But only with the clients consent."

Harold stood there giving that some thought momentarily. "Tell you what, I have a proposal for you," he began. "Anyone coming in here today, you tell them at if they allow someone to watch them anonymously, that I'll pay for their session. On top of that, I'll pay you double the cost of the room I'm using."

I turned to look at Darlene. "I guess we could mention it to anyone coming in today." I said lamely.

"We could," she said grinning. "But we don't even have another scheduled appointment until later on this afternoon."

Harold looked at Darlene. "I'd enjoy watching you," he told her. "If you're interested that is. And as I said, I'll even pay for the use of whichever room you choose to do it in."

"Ok. Why not?" she said, surprising me in the process. "It's not like you can't handle things up here." Darlene said with a gleam in her eye, meaning something else entirely as she stared down towards my crotch. "And besides, I've been dying to use that new contraption you ordered that we've only recently installed."

Fact was, there were a lot of new, self-pleasuring devices out there in the market. Many of which I couldn't as yet afford to purchase. But we had invested in one of them, and I had hopes that it would eventually do well with many of our female clientele once they discovered what it could do for them. Darlene and I had even discussed doing a promotional video, showing her riding the damn thing with the hopes of sparking some interest for those women who were curious about such a thing. She wasn't sure that she wanted to have it playing on one of the TV's in the lobby all day long though, so we'd tentatively shelved that idea.

I told Harold I'd make the offer to anyone who came in. If we received written permission, I would pipe in the closed circuit feed into his room. I told Harold how he could split-screen his monitor, watching several rooms at one time if he wished. Which he did. Though at the moment of course, Darlene was his only available viewing pleasure.

Harold happily sequestered himself away inside the viewing room while Darlene headed off to the "Toy" chamber as we called it. Minutes later, I was watching her having already undressed, from my monitor in the lobby, knowing that Harold was also watching the same thing I was from his room. Our investment was an interesting combination of various things. In a way, it looked a little like one of those mechanical bull rides, except with handlebars. Mounting it in much the same way, there was one special added feature. A perfectly positioned dildo was mounted directly within the seat. Taking a moment to comfortably impale herself, Darlene then gripped the handlebars. As though riding a bike now, she had access to several controls by merely flipping one or two switches, as well as increasing or decreasing the speed and motion of the contraption by simply twisting the handles, much like you would do on some motorbikes.

Unlike a mechanical bull ride, this one wasn't intended to buck you off, though it did rock back and forth as fast or as slow as you liked, vibrating simultaneously, again at whatever speed or intensity that you preferred.

Even the dildo in the seat was designed to operate independently. Flipping a few switches, it could retract, thus "stroking" in and out as well as "wobbling" as Darlene called it...and vibrate independently at a different speed from that of the rocking saddle she was sitting in.

"God Steven! This is fucking amazing!" Darlene spoke, knowing that I could easily hear her through the speakers within the room.

I wondered if Harold was enjoying this half as much as I was.

It was obvious that Darlene was truly enjoying herself. As she experimented with the various options, she'd finally settled for what appeared to be a much slower rocking by the horse, though the dildo itself appeared to be set at a rather steady stroking, though again, certainly not at the fastest speed possible. So engrossed in watching my wife fuck-riding the "beast" as it was called, that I hadn't noticed for a moment the two young men who had entered.

When I finally did notice them, one was fidgeting with one of our brochures, thumbing through it all the while whispering to his companion. They weren't what you'd call stereotypically "gay" in appearance, but I assumed from their demeanor with one another that perhaps they were.

"Are you interested in one of our rooms?" I asked, having given them both ample time to peruse through the "menu".

They had seemed to settle on the Shower facility, which is when I then made mention of Harold's most generous offer. He'd indicated previously that it mattered not whether anyone was male,, straight or lesbian. His offer was for anyone who was willing to let him watch them.

Surprised by the offer perhaps, they readily accepted the terms however. Both seemingly excited by the prospect of an unknown stranger observing them.

"Is it ok if I make a phone call?" The taller of the two of them asked. "We have some friends who might enjoy participating with us," he told me.

I didn't want to take advantage of Harold's offer, so I told them I'd have to double check with him first as to how far, and to what extent he was willing to continue paying for whatever activities were to occur here. Harold however told me simply that it mattered not...who, how many, or what was asked or requested for...he was still willing to pay for the entire experience completely, regardless of the costs.

Once again assured of his request, as well as holding onto and confirming his ability to pay with his credit card, I told our two newest clients that they could invite as many people as they wanted to. I also reminded them both that this was strictly a "solo" masturbation facility, with the laws being what they were, there could be no touching amongst one another, or they'd be immediately asked to leave. Having accepted that, he made a phone call, and a short time later, we basically had a full house for the first time since we'd opened. Surprisingly, it wasn't just a bunch of guys they had called either, much to my delight.

Reluctantly, I had to pry my wife's ass off the beast. The fact she had already had several orgasms, was beside the point. We were about to be descended upon by a horde of potential future customers. By the time Darlene had made herself presentable again, joining me in the lobby area, the first of Bobby and Glen's new friends had begun arriving.

I'd been a little surprised to see three lesbians with them, but it was made quickly clear that they'd be segregated from amongst one another. As the group of men headed off towards the Showers, Darlene showed two of the women our available rooms, not too surprised when they informed her that they wanted to experience 'The beast'. After giving them some basic instructions, she returned to the lobby where I was till chatting with one of the women who had remained behind.

Things had suddenly gotten pretty hectic. Along with Bobby and his friends, the two women trying on the beast, we'd also gotten two other walk-ins, a single male, as well as a young couple who'd discovered our add, and who had come on their lunch hour to have a little fun together.

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