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It wasn't for the money, nor for the lots of free time most people seem to think it gives you, but I love being a teacher. Already as a teen I couldn't think of anything else I'd want to do with my life, and that's still very much the case. This lead to being a history teacher in a small town high school. After a few years of awkwardness and clumsy teaching, I got the drift of it and managed to ignore all feelings of self-consciousness when in front of a class room. It resulted in being one of the more popular teachers in school, despite the fact that I require my students to work very hard, and making them fail any time they feel they can cut some corners. From my own experience I knew that a willingness to work hard is the key ingredient to success in life, and I wanted to teach my students that lesson even more than I wanted to teach them actual history.

Even though college has a reputation of being the largest wedding agency of all, I finished my education still being single, and except for a few short slings, I have remained single up to today. I don't know if that has anything to do with it, but as soon as I actually started working as a teacher I noticed a difficulty in teaching I never anticipated: when you have over a hundred students every year sitting in front of you, there's bound to be some attractive ones among them. Now I do consider myself to be a respectable teacher, so naturally I never tried hitting on one of them. Though of course the danger of jail and my life being over helped in this regard. As such my escapades with any student were limited to an occasional fantasy while jerking off.

After a few years, when I was 28, I was asked to join the traditional senior trip to Italy, where we'd visit the highlights of western history and art. I had some very fond memories of the time that I went to Italy as a senior myself, so I was very excited that I'd get an opportunity to go back. As it turned out, my excitement wouldn't remain limited to history and art.

With a total of four teachers and 64 students, we left at school on a Saturday afternoon in April for the overnight bus trip that would take us to our first stop, Florence. The atmosphere on this kind of senior trip is completely different from a class room, obviously, and even from a regular field trip. The relationship between students and teachers is less formal. Students are allowed to talk to us on a first name basis and alcohol is permitted as long as it remains within decent limits (most European countries have a lower age restriction for alcohol than 21). For everyone involved, it feels more like vacation than like a school trip, even though 18 year olds would rather prefer to go to a beach on a vacation than look at some art stuff, and teachers are not used to supervise a whole bunch of teenagers when on vacation. Still, the relaxed rhythm, the sun, having lunch on the terrace of a little restaurant makes up for a lot.

We arrived in Florence in the morning with a lot of tired kids, so we took it slow the first day. We visited the cathedral and went for a small climb to get a panoramic view of the city, after which we released our students for a free afternoon. The braver ones use the opportunity to explore the city on their own, but most students will find the nearest park and just get some rest while lying in the sun.

In the evening we reached our hotel and assigned everyone a room. While teachers are given double rooms, students have to share a room with three up to five persons, depending on the hotel. Everyone got installed, and, teens being teens, very hungry. A good thing for us, because this would be our students' first taste of cheap Italian food of mass production. The hunger would make up for the lack of taste, and decrease the amount of complaints. After their first diner, most of them will have learned that they shouldn't count on diner for the good Italian food, but instead go find it during their free lunch time.

After dinner everyone was happy just to chill in the hotel bar. No doubt starting tomorrow students would be asking to go out, but this first evening it was silently agreed that a more relaxing activity was in order. The teachers used this occasion to mingle with the students and get to know them a little. Around 10.30pm the first ones started to retire to their room and about an hour later we decided to call an end to the first day.

Being the newbie in the team, I got the first shift of evening patrol. This mostly means keeping horny boys away from the girls' rooms, and making sure they actually go to bed at a decent time that allows them (and other hotel guests) some sleep before getting up in the morning for a full day of visits. Usually the first shift is a very calm and boring one, as most students are still tired from the bus trip. Mischief can wait another day. The hard part for the supervisor on this night is to actually stay awake long enough to make sure all students are sleeping.

When my colleagues went to bed, I decided to take a book and install myself on a chair in the hallway where the boys' rooms were located. Every now and then I'd lay down my book and go check the girls' hallway to make sure everything over there was calm as well.

Of course some of the students who used their afternoon for resting, were more intent to get active when a normal person would go to sleep. At some point, I looked up when I heard someone trying to softly open a door about 15 feet from me. Tom's brown haired head carefully stuck through to check whether the coast was clear. I suppose he wanted to sneak up his girlfriend's room. As soon as he noticed me sitting there staring at him, he quickly retreated. "No luck this time," I thought, "but no doubt, this won't be his last attempt for the week."

Another half hour passed uneventful. I decided to slowly walk past all the rooms to make sure everything was completely quiet and that -- presumably, as you can never know without actually entering a room and checking -- all students were asleep. I came all the way to the end of the corridor, having checked on almost all the rooms by then, when I heard some soft voices coming from the last room. The noise wasn't loud enough to bother other rooms, which left me with two options: I could let it pass or I could enter and tell them to go to sleep. I was about to let them find out for themselves how much sleep they'd need to get through a day filled with activities and visits, when suddenly I got intrigued by a panted statement coming from behind the door.

"I'm... I'm gonna cum."

This couldn't be! No way a girl snuck by me into a boys' room! However, disbelief almost immediately made way for other thoughts, as the obvious noises of the boy's orgasm were accompanied by soft laughter and someone jeering, only half succeeding in keeping his voice down: "Haha, you lose!"

Now this clearly wasn't a teenage couple going at it. It actually seemed the guys in this room were going for some group jerking. Maybe even some boy on boy activity? That however was unlikely given the fact that there were more than two boys in any room, and I doubted strongly that even one of our students would admit to a group that he'd be in for some boy action.

"Who's in this room anyway," I wondered. I was trying to guess at the one who jeered when the mystery cummer "lost" the game. I decided the voice most likely belonged to Ryan, a small blond kid who seemed to smile all the time. That meant that most likely Joey and Vince were in there as well. Joey was a not bad looking slender kid with short black hair. But my mind went into overdrive most, thinking about Vince being in there naked and stroking his cock. I had to admit I had a soft spot for this cute black kid for the last two years.

My thoughts were interrupted when some loud panting announced a second boy was ready to cum. Now, don't ask me to explain my actions. Looking back to this moment, I still don't know what I was thinking. But I barged into the room.

I was treated to four naked boys, sitting on their knees on the floor. As I suspected, it was Ryan, Joey and Vince. One boy I hadn't guessed was Kyle, who was facing towards me. Apparently he's the one who came first, as he was the only one there without a hard on. The small pool of cum in front of him kind of gave it away as well.

Ryan, on my left, had a dick of about 5.5 inches and not that fat with a head that was only slightly pinker than his skin. No matter whether this counts as average or slightly below, the whole package worked rather well on his smaller body. His balls were drawn rather close to his body, but it was hard to tell if that was the way they were or if he was getting close to cumming.

Vince clearly was the one who triggered me to come in. Sitting on my right, he had a 7 inch black cock in hand, his face tilted upwards and his eyes closed. He clearly could have had a great cumshot if I hadn't interrupted it. Right when I entered the room a big jet of cum forcefully shot from his dick. Now the poor kid faced the daunting task to cover up his dick and a still going orgasm. In his surprise he let go of his dick while looking to the source of alarm. Before he could start to try hiding his dick from view, another rope of cum shot out. His dick being a loose cannon for just a second, his cum landed on Joey.

I didn't really get a look at Joey at first, since he was sitting with his back to me. In a natural reaction, he turned around a bit when he heard me entering, but also covering his dick in the process. What he obviously didn't count on, was the surprise from Vince's dick. Now that Joey was sitting half turned to the door, Vince's cumshot hit him in the back. Caught off guard, Joey let go of his dick for a second. Only at half mast, he still had a very nice size. Plus, he had the balls to match.

I was trying to sound angered but at the same time keeping my voice down: "What the hell is going on here?"

It's a dumb question, I know, it was pretty obvious what was going on, but what else do you say in a situation like this? The same of course went for the boys, who just sat in silence, getting even more blushed than they already were, and studying the floor with seemingly great interest. An idea started to form in my head. Clearly this was not something they wanted to get out.

"Look, it's late for all of us. Just clean up your mess and get to bed. I'll talk to the other teachers in the morning to see how we deal with this."

No way was I going to discuss this with anyone. After all, they were 18 year olds who were jacking off. What else is new in the world? There was no harm done whatsoever. The thing is, they didn't know I'd keep this episode secret, and that might give me some leverage.

"Please, sir, can't you keep this for yourself?"

I paused just long enough to hint at some hesitation from my part, so the boys could pick up on the possibility for negotiating about this.

"Sorry, guys, but I really should talk this over. I mean, this kinda stuff isn't exactly what I expected to deal with here. Right now I have no ..."

"Oh, come on, sir, please? It would just be too embarrassing for us if this got out. We'll accept any punishment from you, but please ..."

"All right, you know what? I'll think this over and I'll try to make a decision by tomorrow evening. Now go to bed."

I know, it may seem strange to let this rest if you want to take advantage of the situation, but it really was late. I was tired from having had almost no sleep for the last 36 hours, and if I was going to have some fun with this, I wanted to fully experience it.

The boys felt the immediate danger was gone, so they stopped pleading and started to get dressed for bed. I exited the room and after finishing the tour that lead me here, I reclined to my bed as well. Despite the lack of sleep it took me a little longer to fall asleep than expected, as I went over the past events and imagined what was to come.

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