tagFetishSerena Wears Her Heels for Photos

Serena Wears Her Heels for Photos


Serena agrees to be photographed in her high heels

After Serena's visit to The Fetish Shoe Shop, Mrs Wyles was in touch with her again. This time she wanted to know whether she would be willing to be photographed wearing her fetish shoes for publicity for the shop. Mrs Wyles pointed out that of course her face would not be shown in the photos. Serena agreed and Mrs Wyles told her that Roger, her photographer would soon be in touch with her.

Roger phoned in a few days and made an appointment to visit her.

One the day of the visit Serena had woken feeling horny knowing she was once again to parade round in the black ultra high heels she had bought from The Fetish Shoe Shop. She remembered vividly the pleasure she had experienced that day a few weeks ago in York and it was making her pussy very very damp.

Serena was unsure what she should wear so decided to just put on something casual and she settled for her red sleeveless top and black tight trousers.

Serena heard the knock at the door and let Roger in. They chatted over a cup of coffee and he explained the sort of photos that Mrs Wyles needed. Serena happily agreed as long as her face wasn't going to be shown. They finished their coffee and Roger followed Serena upstairs to the marital bedroom. Roger noticed the sexy black high heels shoes she was wearing but couldn't take his eyes off Serena's delectable bum.

Roger set the camera up and asked Serena to lay face down on the bed with her legs parted and feet in the air. Although she was dressed very conservatively Roger could sense how sexy and aroused she was. He set the camera up on the tripod and took a couple of fairly ordinary shots making sure that the shoes were clearly highlighted. Then, taking a bit of a chance he leaned over Serena and helped take her red top off exposing her lovely black lace bra which only partly covered her ample tits. Serena's nipples were already hardening and Roger could clearly see them through the bra. Then he slid her black trousers off and again she lay down on the bed on her front and Roger took some similar photos.

Now he was getting more daring and he removed one of the shoes and slowly rubbed the sole of it over her lovely rounded bum. Serena knew she should object but found the feelings very nice and when Roger turned the shoe round and started rubbing the long heel up against her slit, Serena knew she was not going to be able to refuse.

She automatically parted her legs even more and when Roger pulled the silky material of her panties aside and rubbed the heel against her pussy Serena could feel herself getting even wetter. Roger pushed her legs even wider apart and very gently eased the heel inside her very wet pussy. Serena let out a long sigh as she felt the heel slide all the way in. She loved the feel as he slowly withdrew it, but not all the way, and then quickly plunged it all the way in again. Serena was in heaven and just knew she had to cum.

Roger, although he was there as the photographer, was also a red blooded virile male and was now more interested in satisfying Serena than taking photographs and quickly set the camera to automatic mode and let in click away every few seconds. Then Roger turned Serena over onto her back. She lifted her bum, almost inviting Roger to take her panties off, which he quickly did. He could see that they already had quite a large damp patch on them.

Serena parted her legs as wide as she could and Roger started fucking her with the heel of her shoe. As he saw her getting more and more aroused and her neatly trimmed pussy getting wetter he started slowly rubbing the sole of the shoe against her clit. Serena was in heaven and knew she was going to cum very soon but the pleasure was so great she just wanted it to last.

She opened her eyes and glanced across to the corner of the room, her husband Mark had now joined them and had undressed and was slowly stroking his erect 8 inch cock. He loved the look on Serena's face as she was about to cum.

Roger was now almost grinding the sole of the shoe against her enlarged clit and with the heel fully embedded deep inside her pussy it was only a few minutes before Serena let out a huge scream as her orgasm crashed through her body.

As her orgasm subsided Roger slowly eased the heel out of her pussy and Mark stood in between her legs and slipped his erect cock into his slutty wife's wet and welcoming pussy and started slowly fucking her.

Roger moved round to the side of the bed and removed his clothes and started rubbing his cock which was not quite as large as Mark's. As Mark carried on fucking Serena, Roger leaned forward and took her bra off. Her erect nipples were now huge and he started squeezing and pinching them. Serena couldn't believe how good it felt as she got the attention of two men and although she had just cum was definitely ready to cum again. She reached out and took Roger's cock and started wanking him. As he got more and more aroused it was hard to guess who was going to cum first.

But Mark's frenzied fucking of his gorgeous wife soon had him there and Serena loved it as she felt spurt after spurt of her husband's hot cum splatter the inside of her cunt which suddenly triggered her second enormous orgasm, and just as she started to come down she felt Roger's cum splatter over her tits.

They all lay and recovered for a while and Serena decided she needed to cum again. Both Mark and Roger weren't quite ready and Roger suggested he used the shoe again. Serena was more than happy for this and as Mark held his wife's legs wide apart Roger started fucking her slutty pussy with the heel. Serena loved it and when Roger started grinding the heel against her clit again she knew yet another orgasm wasn't far away. Mark moved round and started sucking his wife's erect nipples and soon Serena's third orgasm was approaching, and Roger bought her to a mind shuddering cum.

After a few minutes recovering Serena got up to have a shower and on the way to the bathroom picked up one of her shoes. She had plans for using it.

Serena got into the shower and took the high heel shoe in with her. She turned the water on and loved the feel as it ran over her erect nipples and down her body. Serena parted her legs and took the shoe and slid the heel inside her. She glanced up and saw that Mark and Roger had joined her, both now with large erections as they watched her abusing her slutty pussy with the heel of the shoe.

The heel was now going all the way in causing the sole of the shoe to rub against her clit. Serena loved fucking herself with the shoe as the water powered down over her. She also loved the fact that she was turning on the two men who were now rubbing their cocks.

Serena could again feel another orgasm approaching but this time as she came she felt the powerful urge to pee and as she took the heel out of her pussy she squirted her hot pee all down her legs. She loved the feel as squirt after squirt just seemed to shoot out of her pee hole and down her legs.

She looked up just in time to see both men shoot spurt after spurt of their cum against the shower cubicle and loved as it started to trickle down the glass.

After they had all showered and cleaned up Roger checked the photos and knew Mrs Wyles was going to be delighted with them.

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