Service Call


He saw it, right there in the middle of the bar of soap. It was a dark hair, partially stuck to the bar, its short strand curled up like a delicate spring. Going back to his tool box, Andy pulled out a small zip top sandwich bag and a pair of tweezers. Stepping one foot into the shower he reached out, pinched the hair in the tweezers and carefully put it in his bag. Sliding his fingers over the top, he sealed the bag and then looking down he noticed the clump of blonde hair on her shower drain. He grabbed the clump, slipped it into his pocket and then walked over to his tool box where he carefully placed the small bag in one of the compartments.

Andy paused a moment then, reviewing the events that led to this discovery. Since hacking into the files of a local plumbing company he had watched for an opportunity just like this one. A lady had called complaining of her toilet running all the time. Normally a fairly simple repair, Andy checked her account and saw there were a number of small plumbing repairs, a good sign for him. Hoping his hunch was right, he cancelled her service request and then donned his plumbing uniform and drove to her house.

The lady who answered the door was an attractive woman in her thirties, maybe early forties, with blonde hair and just a hint of dark roots. She was a bit shorter than Andy so as he looked down at her face, he naturally glanced at her breasts. They were large, especially considering that the rest of her body was fairly slim. Probably fake, but Andy never let himself worry about whether a woman's breasts were real or not, no after a few good squeezes and perhaps a suck or two he moved on.

"Charlie's not coming today?" she asked him as she stepped back from the door.

Walking into the house Andy replied, "No, called in sick today, you'll have to settle for me. Unless you want to wait until he's better, only thing, they think he has the flu."

"Ewwww, no I don't think we need to do that."

Acting as professionally as possible he said, "I understand you have a toilet that keeps running."

"Yes, it's right in here," she said, walking through the living room and into her bedroom. "Please excuse the mess, you got here so quickly I didn't have time to straighten up much."

Andy followed her through the bedroom to the master bathroom. Once he stepped inside he heard the toilet running and quickly pulled off the tank lid and looked inside. Looking up at the woman he said, "It's the flapper, the rubber has broken down some and isn't sealing properly. I have one in the truck I can get but you might want to look at the valve here too. It's working okay now, but it's pretty old and rusted. If you like I can change that out too, it will probably cost forty dollars more, but you won't have to waste money on another service call."

"Oh I don't know. I have a lot of plumbing problems and Charlie is so good at fixing them."

"Okay, I'll just do the..."

"On second thought, why don't you go ahead and fix the valve too," she said leaning against the door frame.

Andy stood up and said, "I'll go get my tool box and the flapper and valve." He paused for a moment, waiting for her to move from the doorway. Once he realized she wasn't moving, he turned sideways and eased through the door, feeling his chest brush lightly against her breast. He then walked out of her house and out to his truck.

Grabbing a green and red box and his tool kit from inside his truck, he was glad he convinced her to replace the valve along with the flapper since the only flapper he could get was actually attached to the valve. He could have taken it apart but the installation would have been tricky, this way everything would slip together just fine. Locking up his truck, he took the box and tool kit, headed back up the sidewalk and, after a quick knock on the door, he stepped back into her house.

The woman was still standing in the bathroom doorway so he had to squeeze past her once again as he set his tool kit down and reached down behind the toilet and turned off the valve. As he reached into the tank to raise the flapper and drain the tank he heard the bathroom door close. "Good," he whispered to himself. He was worried she would stand there and watch him while he completed the repair.

He quickly removed the flapper and as the last of the water was slowly trickling out of the tank he began his search, first looking into the shower where he found the pubic hair on the soap and then grabbed the clump of hair from the shower drain. He then looked around the rest of the bathroom hoping to find a clothes hamper but saw it wasn't in the bathroom. Going through her medicine cabinet and under her sink and looking at the numerous pill bottles, he pretty much confirmed she lived alone, something that he suspected considering the frilly décor in the bathroom.

Moving back to the toilet he dabbed up the rest of the water in the tank and began removing the valve hoping he'd get an opportunity to look around her bedroom for the clothes hamper. While finding the hair in the shower was nice, he really wanted to get his hands on a pair of panties, preferably from the dirty clothes. Working quickly on the valve he imagined watching the woman slowly remove her panties, noticing the wet spot in silky fabric as she casually dropped them into her hamper.

He pictured himself sliding the panties over his head, letting the damp crotch fall down over his nose and mouth. Taking a deep breath he imagined the scent and then, as he slipped the wet fabric into his mouth, the taste. Suddenly snapping out of his daydream, he focused on attaching the new valve, careful not to over tighten the bolt. Once he finished, he reached behind the toilet and turned on the valve, letting the tank refill.

Gathering up his tools he felt his erection slowly subsiding so when the tank filled, he flushed the toilet, looked around for leaks and then watched the flapper fall into place. Once the tank filled again, he listened quietly to confirm it wasn't leaking. Smiling he said to himself, "Done right, first time -- every time."

He put the old valve and flapper in his tool kit, grabbed some toilet paper and wiped up around the toilet, tossed the paper into the wastebasket, then closed his tool box. Opening the bathroom door, he stepped into the woman's bedroom and noticed the clothes she had been wearing when he came there were all on the bed, including a light blue pair of panties. Glancing around he guessed she was most likely up front so he grabbed the panties, opened his tool box and slipped them in.

Pausing in her room for a few moments, he let his attention focus on the soft texture of the panties as his fingers slid over the elastic waistband and then along the lace until finding the cottony crotch. It wasn't damp, but he figured it might have had time to dry since she took them off. He could always feel for a bit of the residue from her pussy when he was alone. He closed his toolbox and walked up toward the front of the house where he found her in the kitchen, wearing a robe.

"Oh hi, you finished already?"

Andy nodded, "Yep, got the valve and flapper done."

"I am going out so I hope you don't mind that I took a shower in the other bathroom while you worked. Silly me, I made some lemonade but forgot to bring it to you in the bathroom. Would you like some now?"

"Okay," he replied, pulling out a receipt book. "I'll take half a glass while I'm filling out your ticket."

She handed him a full glass and then motioned to the table. Andy sat down and then watched as she sat down across from him. He couldn't help but notice as her robe billowed open at the top exposing most of one of her breasts. Trying to maintain his composure he took a big gulp from the lemonade and then wrote a bit in his book. He took another big gulp from the drink and started tearing the bill from his book.

"You know, while you are here, I wonder if you would mind peeking under my sink. You see sometimes it gets wet under there and I think I may have a leak."

Andy looked over at the sink and replied, "Sure, let me just open the cabinet." He opened the cabinet door and looked around saying, "I don't see any water here now, if you turn on the faucet I can check and see if anything is leaking."

The woman moved over to the sink and turned on the water. Andy looked around, then sat up, scooted over to his tool kit and pulled out a flashlight quickly closing it up before she could see what he had inside. He then crawled back to the sink and looked at all the pipe connections, the valves and around the edge of the sink. It was at the edge of the sink that he noticed a bit of a water stain and he slid out from under the sink to tell her about it. As he looked up to her he found himself looking up underneath her robe, seeing something odd mixed in the furry patch of dark pubic hair, the same color as the hair he found on the soap.

Although he was feeling a bit strange, he focused himself on what he was doing under the sink and said, "It looks like water has leaked..." he paused a moment to yawn and then started over, "It looks like water has leaked around the edge of your sink. Sometimes water..." yawning again, "...will splash onto the countertop and then leak at the edge of your sink."

"Can you fix it?" she asked, squatting down and rubbing her hand along his cheek.

"You just need to caulk..." he closed his eyes as her hand slid along his face. "I don't have any..."

He then felt a strange tickling on his nose and as he breathed the damp air had a earthy scent to it. Something soft brushed across his lips and he opened his eyes to darkness. It felt like her clit sliding over his lips, but as he pressed his tongue out of his mouth he realized just how large her clit was. Andy knew what he was doing now, but had no desire to pull away or stop, he simply continued running his tongue over the length of her clit.

After a few moments, he sucked it into his mouth and noticed her clit was three maybe four inches long and it had a small opening in it that was oozing a bitter tasting fluid. Confused, he reached his hand up to push a finger into her pussy and felt her balls. Something was wrong, very wrong, but he didn't stop, he simply kept sucking on her clit while gently massaging her balls with his finger. Shortly he could feel her pushing herself down onto him, pumping her hips and grinding herself into his mouth as he had to fight for breath now.

The woman moaned loudly as Andy sucked her clit in between his lips and sucked lightly while his tongue slid over its tip. This woman was about to come and he was still trying to figure out exactly what was happening and why. He felt her tense up above him and felt her clit suddenly thicken as his mouth was flooded with her cum in spurt after spurt.

Andy swallowed the thick, warm liquid while continuing to suck her until the last of the droplets oozed into his mouth. Only then did he feel her unfastening his pants, pulling them down to his knees. He looked down to a blurry image as he felt her sliding her hand up and down his cock spreading a slippery goo over him. He saw her white robe fall off to his side and the blurry figure kneeled over his cock.

"I want you to fuck my pussy now," Andy heard her say as he felt her hand sliding over his cock smearing on a slippery substance. He then felt her take firm hold of him as she guided him into her very tight pussy. The woman slid down over him until his cock hit something inside her. She moved up and down slowly and then opened to him, as she slid downward, taking all of him inside her. The sensation was intense, she was so tight, tighter than any woman he had felt before as she moved up and down on him.

Andy could see her fist move up and down as if she were jacking off her own clit while she fucked him. He tried to focus his eyes, tried to focus his attention but all too quickly he felt the pressure building in his balls and an intense pleasure shoot through his body. He groaned loudly and lifted his hips, pushing deep into the woman as he came, spurting his cum deep into her body.

The woman then remained still as his cock slowly softened and slipped out of her. Strangely, the woman then got up, grabbed a washcloth and carefully wiped off his cock before pulling his pants up. Andy tried to help her fasten his pants and after struggling a bit he walked with her out to his truck.

It was dark when Andy woke up in his truck and his head ached terribly. On the seat next to him was his tool box, his clipboard and a check for two hundred dollars. He had planned to charge her only eighty five, but when he looked at the house he saw there was no car in the driveway so apparently the woman left while he napped. With the lady gone, he realized he couldn't just simply walk up to the door and ask what happened, so he started his truck and drove back home.

Once home, Andy parked his truck, stumbled into his house and had just enough energy to take a couple of pills for his headache and then collapsed onto his bed. He awoke late the next morning and although his head no longer hurt, he remained fuzzy about exactly what happened the day before. Looking around his room he couldn't find his tool kit so he walked out to the truck. Fortunately it still was in the bed of the truck, he got lucky considering the neighborhood he lived in.

He returned to his room and opened the tool kit and pulled out his two trophies from the day before. The small baggie of hair and the blue panties were there. He clearly remembered everything up to the point where he put the panties in his toolbox and closed it up. After that it all got fuzzy, even as he sat down and concentrated on what happened next all he could recall was some vague images of her enormous clit, how strange it was when she came and how tight her pussy felt.

Feeling his cock begin to harden, he unzipped his pants and grabbed it. It felt damp to the touch, a bit greasy so he decided to take a shower. After undressing he found more traces of what must have been some lubricant and he vaguely recalled her putting something on his cock before fucking him. Turning on the shower, he sat down on the toilet running everything over and over in his mind until he noticed the steam curling out of the shower door.

Andy got up, reached into the shower and turned adjusted the water temperature a bit and then stepped in. Lathering up he scrubbed under his arms and then between and down his legs. Then letting the water splash off his back he reached up and circled his soapy palms over his nipples as he thought of the woman from the day before. As nice as her breasts looked he didn't remember doing anything to them. Imagining himself squeezing and kissing them, he toyed with his nipples as his cock hardened.

He moved his soapy hands down to his cock, gently grabbing his balls with one hand and his shaft with the other, he recalled how large the woman's clit seamed. Stroking his shaft, he tried to form a picture in his mind of her pussy, but somehow couldn't. He squeezed his hand, pulling it firmly up and down his cock as he tried to remember. Suddenly he recalled the when the woman came, how his mouth filled with a thick, warm liquid.

He stopped stroking his cock and watched as it twitched. The pleasurable sensation slowly faded as he had stopped just short of coming. Something just was wrong about what happened the day before and he decided he would find out what it was. Wanting to be ready for anything, he figured be better not finish jacking off, he better save it for later.

He quickly rinsed off and dried himself trying to figure out a reason to go back to the woman's house. It wasn't until he was fully dressed and had walked to his bed that he figured it out. Looking down at his nightstand he saw the two hundred dollar check and figured out the perfect excuse to return to the woman's house.

Andy pulled on his shoes, grabbed his check, clipped it on his clipboard and then headed out to his truck. It was just beginning to sprinkle so he held the clipboard against his chest as he quickly climbed into his truck. The rain intensified as he drove toward the woman's house so by the time he arrived it was a heavy downpour.

He parked in her driveway right next to her car, but waited. Using the heavy rain as an excuse for not immediately going to her door, he sat in the truck trying to figure out what to say. The check part was easy, but how was he going to unscramble the rest of it all. After waiting for about ten minutes, he had built up the courage to go to the door and at least discuss the check. Holding the clipboard against his chest again, he opened his door and quickly climbed out. Slamming the door he ran up her sidewalk, sliding to a stop on her front porch.

He ran the door bell and in just a few moments the woman appeared. She opened the door and asked, "Andy?"

"Yes, Ms..." he paused glancing down at the check, "Ms Archer, I wanted to ask you about the check. How did you know my name?" he asked, not recalling telling her his name.

"It was on your shirt yesterday. Please come in and get out of the rain," she replied, stepping back and opening the door for him. "Is there something wrong with the check? I wasn't sure how to spell the companies name so I just left out the name. Charlie always let me do that."

"Oh no, that's not a problem, actually it is probably best that way since I have a stamp to use," Andy lied. "The problem with the check is that it is too much. I mean for what I did the total only should have been about eighty five dollars, not two hundred."

"I wasn't sure and since you weren't feeling so well when you finished working I just guessed."

"Well, it is too much..."

"Andy, I need to ask you something. If I do, will you answer me honestly?"

"Oh shit," he thought to himself as he nodded to her.

"You don't work for the same company as Charlie does, do you Andy?"

Feeling his face flush, he shook his head back and forth. He whispered, "No," almost inaudibly. "I, I have a small company of my own and ugh, I, uh sometimes will go on one of their service calls."

"How do you do that?"

Andy paused, reaching his hand up to his chin and running his fingers over the rough stubble of his beard. He could say the other company farmed out work to him when they got to busy, but no, he wanted to be completely honest. "I tap into their computer network and pick out service calls that are nearby. I do it to pick up a few extra dollars." That was honest enough he thought, he certainly didn't want to admit the real reason was to steal women's clothing.

"Early this morning I called them back to tell them what a wonderful job you did. They told me they didn't have an Andy working for them and that my service call had been cancelled."

"I... I..."

"Come over here and let's sit down okay."

"I'm sorry Ms..."

"Now, now, sit down and please call me by my first name, it's Alexis," she said, sitting down on the couch and patting her hand on one of the cushions.

Andy sat down and stared at the floor, not sure of what exactly to say.

"Andy, you weren't honest with me, but I admit I wasn't honest with you either. The drink I gave you yesterday had something in it, something that let me, ah... let's say, take advantage of the situation."

"You drugged me?"

Now Alexis flushed a bit as she nodded her head.

"But why?"

"I wasn't sure how you would react to me."

"You mean the sex?"

She nodded again.

"But you're a beautiful wo...."

"I just wasn't sure how you would react," she interrupted.

"I am a bit fuzzy on what exactly happened, but I do remember how amazing it felt being inside you."

"And the other?"

Andy shrugged, "What I remember was good." Noticing a tear running down her cheek, he reached out and gently rubbed it away, leaving his hand against her cheek.

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