tagExhibitionist & VoyeurSex Ed 301.2 Vixen's Second Lecture

Sex Ed 301.2 Vixen's Second Lecture


Pulling your truck into the parking lot, you look in the mirror and see the familiar door, which sparks wonderful and very sexual memories. The last time you walked through that door, you sat on display for the co-ed sex class and was tasted by no less than 12 people. Remembering the orgasms of that day make your panties instantly moist and the hair on your arms stand on end. You take a couple of deep breaths and get out of your truck. Excitedly, you cross the parking lot. As you reach for the hand rail, you notice that your hand is shaking with excitement. You quickly step inside the building and into the changing room. Luckily, there is a chair there and you quickly sit down for fear your knees will give out with the excitement.

Just thinking about the last visit to the lecture hall made showering and shaving this morning a two hour event. Getting dressed in a simple dress, bra and panties was also postponed twice. Giggling silently, you hoped there wasn't a limit to the number of orgasms someone could have in a day. Here it was, barely 10 am and you had already lost count! Untying the dress, you could see the wetness creeping out of your baby blue panties and your nipples pressing against your matching bra. Looking over, you notice a short red silk kimono style robe. After removing your bra and panties, you slip into the soft robe; the material is electric to your touch. As you move back over to the soft chair to wait, you can feel the material rubbing against your nipples, which only elevates your excitement. Leaning back in the chair, you debate whether or not you have time for a self pleasure quickie. Running your hand up your thigh, you feel how far your wetness has traveled. As your hand nears your pussy, the door opens and I walk in.

"You'll have plenty of time for that later," I say teasingly as you blush at being caught. "Are you ready?"

"As ready as I can be," you answer nervously as you take my hand. "What's today's lecture on anyway?"

"Oh, you'll like this one," I reply. "It's on the art of seduction and sexual teasing."

Your knees buckle at my words, an hour and a half lecture on teasing and seduction! Grasping my hand tightly, we walk into the lecture room. You blush even deeper as you see the students who had seen so much of you just a little while ago. Some smile nervously back at you. Together we walk up to the lectern, still holding hands, as I begin to address the class. My words are barely audible to your already overcharged system, but despite your nervousness, you remain as incredibly aroused as ever. Looking down quickly, you can see both of your nipples protruding through the thin silk material and feel the moistness of your pussy creeping down your thighs.

You awaken from your sexually charged time out as I pull my hand from yours. My words work their way through the fog as you hear me mention "touch," to the class. My fingers, barely touching the silk covering your arms, cause you to jump slightly. Moving my fingers up your arm and over your shoulder I gently touch the flesh on the back of your neck before gliding them down your spine. Your back arches and the hair on the back of your neck stands on end as a chill runs up your body. You squeeze your thighs together as your nipples get so hard, they ache. I move behind you and slowly bring both my hands to your forearms. With my fingers barely touching the soft silk material, I trace my fingers up your arms. Chills run up your body again as your hands clench tightly. I turn my hands over so that only the tips of the backs of my fingers make contact with the robe. Stepping closer to you, my fingers move over your shoulders, the feeling of my breath on your neck sends your mind into overdrive. The backs of my fingers move down the sides of your breasts and back up as you feel my breath on your ear.

"Are you ready to cum yet, my Vixen?" I whisper in your ear. You blush at me calling you 'my Vixen' and nod yes. "Here's how the lecture needs to go today," I inform you as my fingertips begin to move over your breasts, "I need you to hold out as long as possible before you play with yourself." The look of shock in your eyes is visible even to me.

"That's right, I'm going to show these students how to tease a woman to no end," I continue, "but I'm only doing teasing, if you want to cum you'll have to take care of that yourself." The fingers from both hands then slowly bump over your nipples as you press your body into mine.

"I'll make it up to you afterwards." I whisper. Once again you hear my words as I explain to the class about the sensitivity of a woman's breast and nipples. My fingers move gently around the side and under each breast, their feeling against the silk has you more comfortable with the idea of rubbing yourself in front of a crowd.

Suddenly you feel my mouth on your neck. My tongue darts up and down your neck and I suck on it as my hands move over your breasts, my fingers moving over your hard nipples one at a time. A deep moan escapes your open mouth as my fingers ring circles around your nipples. I move my mouth towards the back of your neck as your hands clench my legs and you grind your backside into my body. Continuing to suck on your neck, my hands move back under your breasts lifting them slightly as you feel my index fingers and thumbs move closer together, gradually coming to each side of your nipples. Squeezing them gently through the silk material, you moan even louder. As I tug your nipples while kissing and sucking your neck, you feel the much needed orgasm building.

Your hands pull my body closer as you grind your ass into my crotch. I continue to twist and tug your nipples, using my arms to hold you close to my body. With a loud moan you cum, your body shaking and arching against mine. My hands release your breasts as I wrap my arms around you, pulling you tight, as much to share in the connection of the moment as to keep you from falling. As your orgasm subsides, I help you over to the chair on the other side of the lectern and hand you a glass of ice water. My lecture continues as you enjoy the aftershocks from your orgasm.

My lecture continues, the words once again a mere distant sound as your body tingles. My hands move to your robe and untie the knot, the sash falls to the side, but I keep the robe in place. Looking down at the robe, you begin to realize how close you are to being naked in front of these 12 strangers. Not only that, but being teased to the point where you will need and want to masturbate. The thought scares and thrills you at the same time, and as you can hear the fear in your mind, you can also feel the wetness between your legs grow at the thought.

You look up and see me standing next to you with a large feather in my hand. Taking the tip of the feather, I begin to run it up the exposed flesh of your body, up and down your arms and legs, sending chills as I go. Moving up, I begin to move the feather over your silk covered breasts. Your reaction is immediate, your legs begin to rub together and you moan slightly at the touch as you grasp the arms of the chair tightly. You feel the feather running down the flesh between your breasts as your robe slowly opens. The soft feather running down your abdomen and over your closely shaved mound quickens your breathing. I run the feather back up your right side to your right breast using it to move the robe aside as I do. The cool air on your breast coupled with the delicate feather over your nipple makes your pussy twinge. Moving it across your chest, I expose your other breast as well. Using the feather's edge I move it quickly back and forth across your hard nipple, causing you to moan louder. Running the feather back down your body, I use it to tickle the inside of your thighs until you spread them.

Taking the tip of the feather I run it around your clit, with each pass closer and closer to your button, you moan and move, trying to get direct contact. Suddenly you feel my hand on your left breast. Taking your nipple between my finger and thumb, I squeeze it slightly and begin to roll it. Your hands clench the chair harder, trying to keep them from replacing the feather currently teasing your clit. The hope of that happening goes away as you watch my mouth move towards your breast. My tongue begins to flick your still squeezed nipple as the feather moves faster around your clit.

You want to ask me, no, to beg me to suck your breasts to send you over the edge but you know it won't happen. Before you can stop it from doing it, your right hand shoots between your legs. I remove the feather and continue to slowly roll your nipple as your hand feverishly rubs your clit. You pull your feet up and spread your knees apart, opening yourself and, without caring, showing yourself to the entire class. Your left hand moves to your other breast and you begin to tug and roll that nipple as well. In a moment, your hips are swaying back and forth quickly. Your back arches and you moan loudly as you cover your hand with your juice. Rubbing slower, you let your legs back down and begin to regain your composure. Finally you pull your hand away from your clit and look up at the room of people transfixed on your body. You blush hard as you realize these strangers just witnessed your self induced orgasm. Looking closer you see the men in the class shifting in their seats, obviously trying to make some room for their hard-ons as the women in the class look flush and are also shifting in their own seats. You smile to yourself, knowing you were the one who made all of them horny.

As you catch your breath, you hear my voice again. This time you try to pay closer attention to what is being said so you won't be caught off guard by my next tease. Then you realize that knowing what will happen will not necessarily make it easier. Feeling me move around to the top of your head, you try to relax as you know what is coming. Ice cubes and warm oil. You watch as I slowly lower the ice cube to your waiting lips. After tracing over your lips with the ice cube, I slowly move it over your chin and down your throat. Your body tenses as it moves past your collar bone and between your breasts. The ice cube moves further across your warm flesh down and around your belly button. The cold water pools in your belly button and trickles off the side of your body. Slowly the ice cube moves back up the right side of your body and moves across the underside of your right breast.

Your hands grab the chair's arms tighter as you wait in anticipation of the ice cube hitting your nipples. Under one breast and then the other, following the line your bra made earlier today, then over the top and back across. The anticipation is beginning to make you squirm as you feel your pussy start to flow again. Sensing your body's reaction to the teasing, I begin to rub circles around your breast with the ice cube. Then I start on your other breast with a second ice cube, as it touches your flesh you let out a loud moan and rub your legs together. You are determined to hold out as long as possible but you know you can only last so long. Taking the flat edge of the ice cube, I flick them both across your hard nipples as I would my tongue. Your nipples move as the ice passes over them and then spring back into place. Squeezing your thighs together doesn't stop the twinge in your pussy as you grow even wetter.

Pulling the ice cubes away, I coat my fingers with warm oil and begin to rub them against your cold nipples. My oil coated fingers feel like a pair of tongues on your breasts, I circle and rub your nipples with two fingers as I squeeze and move your breasts with my hand. The feeling is amazing and you wonder if your pussy will burst if you don't touch it soon. Determined to hold out, your knuckles turn white against the arms of the chair. Picking your head up, you see that two of the women are openly rubbing themselves through their shorts while several of the men are leaning back, rubbing their jean covered cocks.

As you lean up, you watch me slide one of the ice cubes down your body. You can't decide whether to open your legs or try to keep them pressed tightly together. As the ice cube nears your pussy, your legs slowly, almost involuntarily, start to move apart. Looking down, I can see your swollen clit and I touch it gently with the ice cube. You jump at the cold ice touching your hot clit. I gently hold the ice cube above your clit so that your movements cause your clit to touch it. The more you squirm, the more your clit touches the ice. It takes a couple of moments, but before long you are squirming considerably and moaning loudly as the ice is almost in constant contact with your clit. Your hips start to move up and down as you rub your clit with the ice cube directly; your rhythm gets quicker and quicker as you moan louder and louder. Finally unable to take it, your hand moves between your legs again as you begin to rub your clit quickly. It doesn't take long for you to coat your fingers with another massive orgasm. Your body collapses against the back of the chair as you gaze over the class again. You feel less self conscious as you see two of the other women have lifted their own skirts and are vigorously rubbing their pussies while several others are touching themselves as well.

You semi drift off as I continue to the final part of the lecture, not caring what will come next. Several minutes later you look up to see me holding your favorite dildo nicknamed the moose in my left hand. You look at me nervously as I give you a quick wink. Moving my hand down, I position the moose between your legs, less than an inch from your pussy. You lean back and spread your legs a little further apart. I press the head of the moose against your pussy and you feel it spread you open just slightly. Just before it pushes inside you, the head slips up your pussy and I rub the length of the shaft up and down your clit until the head is again just pressing between your pussy lips. You move your hips slightly trying to get the moose inside, but again the head slips out from between your pussy lips and the head and shaft run up and down your clit.

You moan, half in enjoyment and half in frustration, as you know I am doing this on purpose but you are determined to hold out as long as possible. Again I tease your pussy and run the length of the shaft up and down your clit as I explain to the class how once a woman is aroused it is easier to arouse her again. Once more, the tip presses into your pussy lips and stays there for a moment before running up and down your clit. Another loud moan escapes you as your hands clutch the chair. You look sternly at me, shooting daggers with your eyes, knowing that I am in control of your body. I hold the tip of the moose between your pussy lips again causing you to squirm even more, trying to get him inside you. Just as the tip is about to press its way inside, it slides up and over your clit again. You groan in frustration and clench the chair with your hands. Instead of running the tip back down and pressing it into your opening again, I continue to run the length of the shaft up and down your clit. Your squirming and moaning grows as does your frustration at my constant teasing.

You whisper my name pleading with me to use the moose on your pussy. I continue to run it up and down your clit and then move a finger down to circle your backside. Your back arches as the new sensation drives your desire even further. Finally you say, "Oh MY GOD!" loudly and grab the moose from my hand.

In one quick movement, the moose is buried deep inside your pussy and your body quakes as you immediately orgasm. Moving your left hand down, you begin to rub your clit quickly while sliding the moose in and out of your pussy hard and fast. Your moans grow louder and louder as you hips buck wildly against the purple shaft. We watch as your entire body arches, your mouth and eyes are wide open, and a loud moan that must have started at your toes comes out of your mouth. The orgasm takes over your body leaving you shaking and shivering. I cover you with a fleece blanket as you collapse back on the chair. Finishing up my lecture, the class watches as you have several deep aftershocks.

Sitting back up in the chair, you sip ice water as the students file past you out of the room. You giggle slightly as the women who had been so openly rubbing themselves blush or hurry by you, now embarrassed at their actions. 'What do they have to be embarrassed about?' you think to yourself. As the last student leaves, I help you out of the chair and we walk back to the changing room.

"Did you enjoy the lecture?" I ask.

"What do you think silly?" you answer. "There was only one thing missing."

"Oh really? What's that?" As I ask the question you pull your body to mine and kiss me deeply. With one hand pulling my mouth to yours, the other hand moves down and opens my pants. Reaching in, you grasp my rock hard cock and begin to squeeze and stroke it.

"I haven't had you inside me," you say between kisses, "and if it doesn't happen soon I may explode!" Turning me slightly, you push me back on the chair in the center of the room, pulling my pants down as you do.

With my cock still in your hand, you quickly straddle my lap and slide it inside you, moaning deeply as it presses inside and fills your wet pussy. Pressing the backs of your thighs into mine, you make small circles with your hips and grind your pussy into my cock. I feel your fingers gripping my shoulders tightly, even through my shirt, and watch as another big orgasm approaches. Reaching up, I squeeze and tug at your slightly sore nipples, causing you to moan louder. I lean back so that every inch of my cock can press inside you and am rewarded by your pussy exploding against my flesh. We kiss deeply as your orgasm soaks us both.

I grab onto your hips and begin to move you up and down on my cock. The long deep thrusts of my cock keep you on edge as another orgasm approaches. You can feel my cock swell inside you and again grind your body into mine. Finally, my cock explodes, filling your pussy with my cum as you orgasm again, our bodies pulsating against each other. With both of us completely drained, you collapse against me, resting your head on my shoulder as my softening cock slips out of your tingling pussy.

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