tagExhibitionist & VoyeurSex Education Ch. 02

Sex Education Ch. 02


It was obvious when students gathered for the class the next day that they knew something was up. I hoped and assumed that neither one of the couples had actually spilled the beans, but I guess I could not blame them if they had told a couple of people "You had better be there or you're going to miss something really good."

Both couples looked a little nervous, but both girls were dressed in their cheerleading uniforms, so I assumed they were ready to do it.

For my part, I had gone down to the school shop the afternoon before. Students there were rebuilding a car, and I remembered that in the back of the shop was an old car seat, complete with back, the kind you would find from the fifties or sixties: wide, spacious and comfortable. I told them I needed it for a demonstration and asked two of the students to carry it to the front of my class and put it on two boxes so it would be about the same level as it would be in a car.

The next day, the class poured in. They looked eager and excited, the opposite of a normal class, so I obviously was doing the right thing when it came to "innovative education."

"As you all know," I began, "This week is devoted to ways of being able to enjoy the sex we cannot prevent you from doing but enjoying it without running the risk of getting pregnant. If I read the information to you, that is one thing. If I tell it to you and show you pictures, that is another. But there is nothing that beats a live demonstration. We are fortunate then that Ray and Barbara and Jerry and Lisa have agreed to help us with that demonstration. Let's give them a round of applause."

They all did.

"Here in front I have arranged a simulation of the most likely place where you are first going to experiment with sex—the front or back seat of a car."

A couple of the students giggled.

"So if you, Barbara and Ray, would like to sit here, we'll get started."

They both came up and sat on the car seat. Barbara, who was carrying a small white jar, was blushing a little, but she looked determined to do it.

"Okay, the first way and the least satisfying is what you would call the 'hand job.'"

Again, several of the students giggled.

"Ray, if you would like to take it out, we will ask Barbara to demonstrate."

Ray unzipped his jeans and pulled it out. It already looked to be in a state of arousal.

"Wow," one of the female students commented. "Can I have a date?"

Barbara unscrewed the lid to the jar, poured some lotion on her hand, and rubbed it in. Then, without looking at the class, she took Ray's growing member in her hand and started pumping it up and down. Several of the students giggled.

After a little while, I stopped them. "That will be enough, Barbara. We don't want to go all the way with this demonstration since it is a poor substitute for better things."

Barbara took a towelette pack out of her pocket, opened it, and wiped her hand off with it. She handed another one to Ray, and he wiped off his slippery organ.

"A much more satisfying thing—for both parties—is what you students would call the 'blowjob.'"

"ALL RIGHT!" said a student in the back.

"But we'll begin this off with some foreplay. Ray, why don't you do to Barbara what you would normally do in this situation."

Ray pulled Barbara to him and kissed her. Then, to my surprise, he took the bottom of her cheerleader sweater and pulled it over her head. She apparently had no objection to this, so Ray unfastened the back of her bra and pulled it from her shoulders.

"Wow!" one of the male students commented. And I agreed. Barbara had really beautiful breasts, with maroon-colored nipples the size of quarters. Ray leaned over and began to suck one of her nipples.

"Time for the main event, Barbara," I suggested.

She didn't hesitate and apparently had taken my advice about trying to make it the best one that Ray ever had. First, she bent down and kissed the tip. Then, she slowly licked the shaft up and down on all sides, especially the bottom. Ray leaned back, sighed, and closed his eyes. Finally, she took it in her mouth, lowered her mouth all the way down, and began sucking.

There was an appreciative murmuring around the class.

"I want to be next!" the same male student in the back commented.

"OH GOD!" Ray cried. He was after all a teenager, and they don't last long. He exploded into Barbara's mouth, and it was all she could do to keep it in.

"Barbara! Open your mouth and show us," I asked. She turned to the class and did so. Her mouth was filled with cum. Wow. What a great moment in higher education. "Now swallow," I said, and she did, but some of it still ran down her chin.

The class suddenly cheered and applauded loudly. This was the kind of enthusiastic response that every teacher hopes for.

"Now Ray, I think it's time for you to return the favor," I suggested.

"Right!" one of the girls in the class said.

Ray sighed and turned to Barbara. This apparently was not the part that he liked the best or was the most used to doing, but he apparently was willing to do it for the demonstration. He put his hand in the middle of her chest and pushed her down. Barbara pulled her legs up and flexed them. Her skirt slid down her thighs, revealing her panties. And I guess the couple had agreed on this beforehand, since Barbara made no protest when Ray reached his hands up her short skirt, took the sides of her white cotton panties with pink stripes across them, and slowly pulled them up over her thighs, down her calves and finally off her feet. She had a lovely brown bush that had been apparently trimmed to only an inch in length and less than that at the bottom. Even from the back of the room, I enjoyed the view very much and was certainly glad that I was sitting behind the desk, since just looking at the two of them was giving me a big hard-on.

"HEY, RAY!" a male student cried as he stood up in the back of the class and held up his hand. Taking the hint, Ray threw the panties to him.

"Hey!" Barbara said, starting to sit up. But Ray pushed her down again, spread her knees and dived his face into her crotch. It was apparent this was not a common practice for them, but Barbara obviously enjoyed it, and Ray gave it his best. I would have been happy to change places with him, but I guess that would have been inappropriate for the teacher.

"I guess that will do it," I said finally. It was obvious that Ray had not produced an orgasm in Barbara, but at least he had fulfilled the demonstration. "You may straighten up now and return to your seats." As they did, I turned to the students. "And I think they deserve a round of applause." I applauded, and the rest of the students did as well.

"And now, Jerry and Lisa have agreed to give us a demonstration of actual intercourse and the correct use of a condom."

"WOW!" one student said, and a number of the students applauded.

Jerry and Lisa came up and took their assigned positions on the car seat. Lisa was blushing a little and did not look at the class.

"Again Jerry, let's have you show the class what you would do to get Lisa in the mood."

Jerry turned and kissed her. Then he fondled her breast through the sweater and finally pulled it off. He unfastened her white bra and slipped it off her shoulders. She had small but quite lovely breasts with pointy pink nipples.

"ALL RIGHT!" cried a boy in the back.

Then Jerry ran his hand up Lisa's thigh and began to pull her panties off with one hand. She sat up a little and helped him to push her panties down over her knees and around her ankles. She pushed them off her feet with one tennis sneaker.

But Jerry was interested in more than just panties. He ran his hand up the inside of Lisa's thigh until his hand was able to cup her sandy-colored bush. Then he slipped his middle finger inside her. Apparently, she was already wet, and she drew in her breath with a "hssst" and closed her eyes.

Jerry pushed her skirt up to her waist with one hand so everyone could get a good view, then slowly slid his slick finger back and forth inside her, as she gave off soft whimpering sounds. I could tell the rest of the silent class was getting aroused as well. As was I.

Finally, Jerry took his finger out and pulled a foil-wrapped packet out of his pocket. He ripped it open, unzipped his fly, and pulled out his already fully erect member. Several of the girls in the class murmured their approval. Lisa opened her eyes to watch him as he unrolled the condom down his penis.

Then he turned to her, spread her knees even further, took his penis in his right hand, and gently eased it into her. Lisa closed her eyes and again and began to moan softly, as Jerry began to pump back and forth.

"FUCK HER, MAN!" his friend in the back of the class cried.

I had an idea. "I hate to interrupt this wonderful scene," I said, "But Jerry, why don't you sit up, and Lisa, why don't you straddle Jerry and face the class, to give us all a better view."

"All right," she agreed. Jerry sat up on the car seat, and Lisa climbed over to straddle him and face the class. Then, closing her eyes, she gently inserted his stiff penis into her and started going up and down on it. Jerry held up the front of her skirt with one hand and cupped a breast with the other. Now we all could see clearly that Lisa had trimmed her bush as well to a length of one inch and shorter on the bottom.

"I'm next!" the male student in the back of the class cried.

Lisa opened her eyes. "No you're not. This is a one-time demonstration."

Finally, with a loud groan, Jerry came. As I said, it doesn't take teenagers long. I don't think Lisa had an orgasm as well, but she appeared to have enjoyed herself. She opened her eyes, smiled at the class, and covered her breasts. They all applauded, and after pulling out and taking off the condom, Jerry stood up and bowed, and Lisa did as well, making no attempt to cover he lovely bush.

"Notice the careful way Jerry took the condom off," I said. "Remember that. In the field of higher education, it's called Leaving No Child Behind."

The students applauded again—as Lisa and Ray bowed again.


The principal, Mr. Pendleton, called me into his office the following morning. At first, he just stared at me for a long time. Finally, he rubbed his hand across his forehead and spoke.

"Baxter," he said. "I don't need to tell you why you're here. The story is all over the school. Everyone has heard it, but I still can't believe it. I'm just waiting for the parent calls, which will probably be in the dozens. Is it true that you talked several students into taking off all their clothes and performing a variety of sex acts in front of the other students?"

"Not all of their clothes, no."

"But they were mostly naked, and they did perform a variety of sex acts?"

"That would be true, yes."

"In God's name—why?"

"It seemed like a good idea at the time. Teachers are always trying to come up with innovative ways to demonstrate things."

He rubbed his forehead. "But a live student demonstration of sex acts does not really seem to be the way to go."

"They were willing to do it."

"SO WHAT?! It should not even have been suggested to them."

"I'll remember that next time."

"There won't be a next time. I'm dismissing you as of now. But I refuse to list this as the reason. We'll say you were dismissed because of medical problems."

"That would be fine—as long as I can apply for unemployment."

"You can apply for anything you want. You can apply for pervert status if you want. You didn't by any chance make a tape of this, did you?"



"Yes, I agree, that would have been a good idea."

He shook his head. "Get out of my office. We'll send you your final pay."

I stood. "By the way, in case you're interested, Lisa is a real blonde."


Ah well, I thought later. Innovative teachers have always been persecuted.

But at least I would have my memories. And of course the videotape from the camcorder I had placed between two books in the bookcase behind my desk.

The End

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