tagExhibitionist & VoyeurSex on the Beach

Sex on the Beach


A few years ago I met this guy, Patrick. Things were hot, hot, hot and getting hotter by the day. He was a bad boy with amazing long brown hair halfway down his back and jaw-dropping muscles. His deep Florida tan didn't hurt either.

We'd just met a few weeks before and were still at that sinfully delicious stage where nothing matters but marathon sex. The rest of the universe had melted away into non-existence.

One night after a steamy blow-job we started talking about what we'd done before, and what we'd always dreamed of doing. At the top of the list for me was sex on the beach and somewhere halfway down his list was a good, hot fucking with an audience to watch.

I can still remember the devious glint in his dusky, brown eyes when he said, "I've got it all worked out, baby. We'll put on a show at the beach."

Images popped through my mind of a busy weekend day on Daytona Beach with a couple hundred people watching as he pounded my pussy from behind. Yeah, the idea was great, but...not very realistic. I knew exactly how fast we'd be arrested for pulling a stunt like that.

And yet, I couldn't shake the idea. It'd always been my number one fantasy to feel gritty particles of sand pressed against my ass as a sexy guy pumped into me with everything he had. How could we do it, though? At night, maybe, during the middle of the week?

It was a big risk, but no, even that was too tame for this wild man. He had something much more daring in mind. It wasn't going to be just sex on the beach, it had to be with an audience too.

I was nervous, not even sure I wanted an audience. I'd never considered myself an exhibitionist before, wasn't sure I wouldn't freeze up. Who would be watching us? Strangers or friends?

I questioned him, but he evaded all my queries with a sexy shrug of his shoulders. He told me not to worry about the details. He'd take care of everything. All I had to do was show up at his house on Sunday morning.

For the next week I fretted about everything that could go wrong. I even entertained the idea of standing him up, but in the end his satisfying cock was a siren's call I couldn't stay away from.

This guy was dangerous enough to take me all the way and back again. I needed more of him, and if the only way he'd give it to me was on a crowded beach, well, I'd spread my legs wide and take it with a smile.

A little before noon I showed up on his doorstep in a scarlet red thong bikini, my pussy moist with anticipation. My nipples hardened as he sauntered out and leaned sexy and ready against the doorjamb. We hadn't seen each other in three days and I wanted him with a fierceness.

I took in his muscular chest that tapered down to his tight, tight abs which led down to his...mmmm. He was already hard for me. I could see his cock straining against the fabric of his shorts.

It made me glad I'd spent the last two hours getting ready to see him. I'd waxed my body to within an inch of it's life, including a Brazilian wax. I knew it would be worth the look on his face when he pulled off my tiny thong bikini bottom and saw my naked pussy staring back at him.

He looked me up and down, his eyes telling me what they thought of my loose blond hair hanging down like a frame on either side of my high, perky breasts. I didn't work out at the gym five days a week for nothing, and I was glad to see him openly appreciating the lean curves of my body.

Suddenly I didn't want to wait any longer. I ran my long, red fingernails against that pleasant bulge in his pants and tried to tease him back into the house for a quickie. He looked pleased, interested, and ready, but his mind was set for other things.

He growled out, "I'm not going to fuck you Stephanie, until we're laying on the beach."

Just the tone of his voice made me know he was serious. I felt my first tremor of need then as my pussy grew slick.

As we drove to the beach I was full of a hundred and one questions, but he refused to answer any of them. I was nervous and jittery in his car as we traveled along the familiar Atlantic Boulevard.

Yeah, I wanted this guy like nothing else, but beachside was packed. We couldn't. We really couldn't. I suspected that he was just teasing me, getting me wet and nervous and excited at the idea, but that in the end he'd turn around and go home.

"Patrick, are you sure about this?" I asked in a flustered voice as he pulled up to the fee station and onto the beach. There were people everywhere, sunbathers, surfers, little kids, grandparents. No way could we fuck here! It was just a fantasy.

He responded with that low, gravelly, sexy voice of his. "Baby, I'm gonna fuck you on the beach today. Get used to the idea." He took his eyes off the sandy road before him and glanced at me before adding. "You do want me to fuck you, right hon?"

Oh yeah. I wanted him to fuck me, but not in front of all these people! I had to admit though, the idea was getting me really worked up. He dropped one hand off the steering wheel and onto my thigh.

Huskily he said, "You know what I really want Stephanie? I want you to get off." He pressed his hand against the crimson V of fabric that hid my pussy and sought out the hungry nub of my clit.

I moaned at his rough touch. I needed it so much, but after only a few minutes he pulled his fingers away. "You do it baby. I want you to rub your clit till you gush all over that sexy little thong you're wearing. I want you to do it with all these people around us."

I looked nervously out the car windows. I realized that people had probably seen me leaned back against the seat with my red lips open, moaning as he touched me. "Patrick...I can't."

"Do it for me baby." He guided my fingers between my thighs, gently working them against my pussy. I was so hot I needed to cum fast. I let him get me started but as the peaks of pleasure jolted through my hungry pussy I didn't need his guidance anymore.

I rubbed harder and faster and then when I knew I was about to explode I slipped my fingers under the stretchy red thong and into my hungry pussy.

I squirmed and bucked in my seat as I pushed first one and then a second finger into my tightness. He kept driving slowly, ten miles an hour, just like everyone else on the beach, but he wasn't paying much attention to the sandy road as I fucked myself hard.

"Oh.Oh.Oh.Ohhhhhhh!" I cried out as the orgasm split through my body, pulsing deep in my pussy. My whole body was on fire as the throbbing spasms slowed.

It was then that I realized what I'd just done. I whipped my head around and looked out the car window only to see three hunky surfers cheering me on. They had definitely seen me masturbate.

I blushed deeper red than my scarlet bikini and looked away fast, glad that we were in a moving car.

When I glanced up at Patrick he looked mind-blown with desire. He'd fucked me countless times over the past few weeks but I'd never seen a look quite that hungry on his face. I glanced down and saw his cock pressing hard against his shorts, begging to be let out.

"Did you like that?" I asked him in a devilish tone. I felt like a naughty vixen and wanted to play. I'd never gotten off in public before. It was hot.

"Yeah baby. You did real good." He clasped my hand in his and dragged it over to his raging hard-on.

"Are we ready to go home now? I can think of a few new ways I'd like to fuck you today." I whispered in his ear as I teased his hungry cock.

That was when he laughed. It was a deep, throaty sound full of mirth and seduction. "I already told you. We're not going home baby. Not till I fuck you on the beach."

I stiffened, my hand stopping it's explorations. "I thought you'd drop your game by now Patrick. We obviously can't have sex here. There's people everywhere."

"Reach into the glove box baby." His command didn't leave much choice. It thrilled me to hear him sound so demanding, authoritative. He was pushing my limits and he knew it. "Pull out the cloth and tie it over your eyes." He gestured towards a wisp of black silk sitting in the glove box.

I smiled. More games. I slipped the silky smooth cloth over my eyes and tied it loosely behind my head. Everything was dark, dark, dark now. The burning, flaming brightness of the sun faded away behind the cool, black silk.

"Now settle in baby. We're gonna go on a drive." He patted my thigh reassuringly as he veered the car to the right.

Moments later I sensed the change. We weren't on the beach anymore. The slow, sandy road had given way to pavement and fast speeds. I didn't know how fast he drove, but it felt way too quick for these in-town roads.

I settled into the seat of the car, enjoying this erotic detour. I had no idea where he was taking me, all I knew was he seemed to be in a real hurry to get there.

My nipples ached against my teeny swimsuit top, begging to be let free and I felt my pussy warming up again with each quick turn and acceleration he made. After an eternity of that cool, silky darkness the car slowed and stopped.

"Are you ready to fuck me Stephanie?" His deep, whispered voice sounded like it was only inches away from me.

"Yes..." I sighed out. I was more than ready. I felt his greedy hands explore my body before they settled against my full breasts. Naughty fingers tweaked and pinched my nipples through the thin red bikini top. He pulled my aching nipples hard forcing desperate little gasps out of me.

It was too sexy, especially since I was still blindfolded. I didn't know where we were, where he'd driven to, or if there was anyone outside the car watching. I couldn't stop myself from arching my back, pushing my round breasts against his hands. I wanted him to pinch them harder, rougher. I was hungry for him in ways that weren't legal.

I spread my thighs wide and pleaded with him. "Patrick, fuck me! However you want, just do it now."

"Anyway I want?" He sounded devilish and I sensed a trap, but couldn't resist.

"Yes. Anyway you want. Just fuck me." I pressed my hips hungrily into air. I needed his touch, his fingers, his lips, his cock. It didn't matter which just so long as I felt something of him between my thighs.

"Mmmmm. Very well then." He pulled the black silk away from my eyes.

It was so bright, I couldn't see anything, blinded for a moment by the blistering summer sun. Patrick was still working my breasts, teasing and pinching my nipples. Slowly my vision adjusted and I saw the sand dunes, the parking lot, the boardwalk, and the couple. Oh my god! The couple.

I sat up stiff and straight pushing Patrick's hands off of me. For the second time that day I blushed brighter than my swim suit. Patrick laughed deep and husky. "I wouldn't worry about them baby. They were just enjoying the show. Come on. Let's go to the beach." With a casual confidence he stepped out of the car and gathered our towels and cooler.

I on the other hand fumbled with the door handle, and slowly, on shaking legs stepped out of the car. With a shyness I hadn't felt since the first day of middle school I glanced over to the couple. They were a smiling and relaxed man and woman in their late forties, obviously not uncomfortable with what they'd just seen.

"Come on babe." Patrick didn't wait for me as he casually strode towards the boardwalk, seeming oblivious to the massive erection jutting out in his shorts.

"Where are we anyways?" I asked as we flip-flopped down the boardwalk and onto the most beautiful sandy beach I'd ever seen.

He grinned back at me. "It's a closely guarded secret babe. Canaveral National Seashore."

I cried out in delight as I took in the almost deserted seashore. It was incredible. A one hundred foot deep swath of white sandy beach framed on one side by rolling dunes and on the other by the turbulent waves of the Atlantic ocean.

Beaches just didn't look this beautiful anymore, and where were all the people? I saw a handful of beach-goers further down, their colorful towels breaking up the monotony of white sand.

Patrick urged me forward and we started strolling down the beach. Oh my god! I clutched his hand tightly as we approached the first sunbathers. There were three women and they were completely, absolutely, totally naked! They were also beautiful, each in their own way.

One was young and gorgeous, with a body similar to mine, high perky tits and a flat stomach. The one next to her was pretty too, but I could tell she carried a few extra pounds. Her breasts were bigger and her thighs had more size to them. The last woman was teeny tiny on top with small breasts and hard nipples, but wider through the hips.

I gasped quietly as I made eye contact with her. I'd been staring! Lazily she gave me a wide, brazen smile as though she was inviting me to take a closer look. Almost against all my instincts, I did.

Her hips were wide, but somehow that made them seem even more tempting as they framed the dark, bushy curls of her mound. I could feel myself getting wet as I looked at her. What were they doing naked on the beach? Weren't there cops or something?

As we passed by I heard them all erupt into little giggles, like we'd just made their day.

"Patrick, what's going on?" I asked as I spotted the next group of sun worshippers, also sans clothes. There were two hot guys closer to my age sporting two very delicious hard cocks and one naked lady between them.

"It's a nude beach babe. You've never been out here before?"

My jaw dropped open. I mean, yeah, obviously it was a nude beach, but it wasn't legal! Maybe in Rio, but not Florida. "No. I haven't. I've never heard of it before. Why don't the cops come and arrest them?"

He stopped, obviously having chosen a site. It was a little too close to the last trio and a duo of other nude bathers for my taste. "It's not legal. But, people do it anyways. Last beach access on the point. Seven miles out." He shrugged his shoulders. "The cops just don't have time to set up a patrol all the way out here.

He patted the empty spot next to him on the towel. "Sit down and take off your bathing suit, babe. I'll put some sunscreen on you."

Oh my god! That was when I'd looked deep into his dusky, brown eyes and realized he had every intention of seeing both of our fantasies come true.

I was scared, nervous, shy, but more than all those things I was ravenously turned on. I got over myself and dropped my teeny tiny bikini top down, exposing my peachy breasts and hard ruby-tipped nipples.

The look of satisfaction on his face was well worth it. Before I could change my mind I pulled off my thong bottom and then suddenly, miraculously I was stark naked on the beach. I grinned and pulled off his shorts, revealing that throbbing cock that had been waiting impatiently for the last few hours.

I still didn't think we could have sex right there. After all, there were people within thirty feet of us, three on one side, two on another, and a fairly steady traffic of walkers passing right in front of us. But...I was willing to play the fantasy out as far as we could get away with.

He grunted with satisfaction at the sight of me and popped open a beer for him and a wine cooler for me. With no words he gestured for me to lay down on my back. I wanted a sip of that wine cooler so bad. It was blasted hot, but instead of handing it to me he pressed the ice cold glass of the bottle against my breast.

I gasped at the chilly feel of it, but managed to suppress any further sounds as he slid the cool glass up against my hard nipples, first one and then the other. Then he dropped it down between my thighs and nestled the freezing bottle against my boiling hot pussy.

That's when I moaned. I couldn't help it, couldn't hold it in any longer. Nervously I peeked over my right shoulder where the trio were. The guy closest to us had his head cocked in our direction, not hiding his interest.

With a needy shudder as Patrick slid the cold bottle up and down my wet slit I peeked in the other direction. There was a man and a woman over there, both of them watching with obvious anticipation.

It looked like Patrick was going to get his fantasy come true after all. My body turned traitor on my inhibitions and I pressed my hips against the cold glass, rocking my pussy against it. I needed to feel someone inside me right then!

No more waiting. "Patrick, take me, fuck me now." I begged him.

"You want it babe?" He grinned and dropped the wine cooler into the sand. He'd been waiting all day and I knew he needed it as much as I did. A half second later he had me flipped over doggie-style with my ass in the air and his huge, hungry cock pressing for entrance. Another half second later and he was buried to the hilt in my tight cunt.

I cried out my desperate need as he worked his cock in a delicious rhythm in and out of me. He pressed my shoulders down so my nipples grazed against the sand. The grains of sand were rough and unyielding as my breasts thrust deep against it with every push of his cock.

This was what I'd been needing. This was my fantasy. I wondered then, when he slowed, and his thrusts took on a playful tease, too slow for me to cum, too slow for the frenzied need streaking through my pussy. I pushed my hips hard against him, begging him to fuck me harder, moaning out his name.

Finally, finally, finally he took mercy on me and pounded me with his throbbing shaft the way I needed it. I was close, so close. I cried out louder and then he unleashed, a frantic heaving cock thrusting harder and faster and quicker and deeper.

I exploded and the sunny day turned into an endless night of stars as my pussy spasmed and clenched against his cock. I felt him speeding up and knew he was about to blow too. He worked my pussy hard until I felt the gush of his cum deep inside of me.

A breathless minute later I raised my head in confusion to the cheering and clapping I heard all around us. Dazedly I looked around and saw a small crowd gathered, men with dark glints in their eyes and hard cocks jutting out from their naked hips and women with erect nipples and naughty smiles.

I realized we'd put on quite the show, Patrick conquering me with his hungry cock while I begged him for more... A day I've never forgotten and I'm sure our audience hasn't either.


This is a sample of an early submission I sent in to Penthouse Variations that was turned down. No use having it get dusty on my hard drive. Instead I'd rather share it with all of you erotic literature fans. It's a short without much depth, a quicky sex scene that was great fun to write. If you liked it...or...hated it, please vote!I get all wet and delerious over votes!

Love, Indigo...aspiring erotic romance author

P.S. The nude beach really does exist in Florida, and yes... I have had sex on it.

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