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Shivering, she kneels next to her bed naked, head down, silk scarf around her eyes, her hands behind her back, awaiting his arrival in her room. Hearing the roar of his chopper as it pulses down the road, then sudden silence, sends heat through her body, settling in her loins. Boots scrape on the stairs as he makes his way up to her. She smells his musky odor, the smell of heat, the wind, his sex. A shiver runs through her body. Grabbing a hand full of her long blonde hair he yanks her head back, shoves his tongue in her mouth, probing her with animalistic hunger.

"Did my little slut miss me?"

He is not handsome by model standards, but has a certain ruggedness, his body is well muscled though not a body builder's. He is much older then she is, an authority figure, maybe a father figure.

His long thin fingers trail down her neck to capture her erect nipple, gently caresses it, making it stand out proudly. Suddenly he twists it hard making her scream out in pain.

"Hush slut, eyes down!"

She will do what he orders, take her punishment if she fails to please. She is HIS slut.

He drops the black leather bag on the floor beside her, she jumps. He smiles, running a finger down her spine over the small pucker of her ass to her wet cunt. He swishes his finger in her wetness. Pulling it out he brings it to his nose inhales deeply.

"Ah! You smell sweet tonight, you're hot to see me."

"Yes master."

Reaching into the bag, he removes a pair of handcuffs that he snaps to her wrists. Into the bag again, he brings out a pair of steel cuffs for her ankles, and snaps the cold steel in place.

"Spread your legs!"

She spreads her legs as far as the cuffs permit. He reaches in the bag again, brings out a spreader bar, snapping the clips to the cuffs, keeping her legs apart. Into the bag once more, a clip to join the handcuffs to the spreader bar is snapped down. She is totally confined in her kneeling position.

"Ah yes, you're mine, slut," he whispers in her ear.

The posture collar is strapped around her neck, pulled tight, the lock holding it in place. Head immobile, chin up, she stares forward, waiting.

His hands caress her breasts, soft yet firm, not large but enough for a handful. As he rubs his fingers across her stiff nipples, she feels waves of lust surge to the hot wetness of her pussy. He is pinching, pulling, twisting her nipples as she tries to escape the torment, a moan from her lips. The clover clamp grabs on her nipple sending a shot of pain down to mix with her lust. When the other clamp fastens to the other nipple it sends hot fire through her breasts. He watches her, she squirms but does not cry out.

"That's a good slut, sit still."

He runs his hand down her back sending a shiver through her body, stopping at her ass to give it a firm squeeze. His hand grabs the cheek, spreading her open. His finger rubs the perfect pucker of her asshole, he slowly slides it in. She wiggles and bucks on his finger like a puppet. He slowly finger fucks her ass.

Her eyes grow wide at the sight of the black ball gag.

"Open your mouth, we don't want the neighbors complaining about your screaming do we?"

The black rubber cock butt plug was not huge but she would feel it fill her bum. Lubing it up throughly he worked it into her ass. She squirmed and bucked as the rubber cock fucked her butt hole, screaming into the gag as it slid into place, its shape holding it there.

Sitting in the chair opposite her he pulled out a cigarillo and a bottle of Jack from the black bag. The flame from the Zippo lighter danced across her anguished face. She was hot, her pussy dripping juices, running down her thighs. Her nipples were on fire, her ass clenched on the invader there. He took a slug of Jack and another drag on his smoke watching her struggle to maintain composure.

He pulled down the zipper on his pants. Her hunger was obvious. Pulling out his erect cock he began rubbing it lewdly.

"Is this what you want, slut?"

She tried to nod her head but the posture collar held it in place. He gave a small laugh, he adored her like this, eyes glazed, dripping with lust.

Removing the ball gag from her mouth, he placed his cock to her lips. Slipping the head into her mouth she licked and sucked on it with enthusiasm. Slowly fucking in and out sliding back so just the tip was on her lips then sliding back in, deeper on each stroke. Soon she was gagging, fear in her eyes that she was going to choke to death. He pulled out.

"Relax, you can do this, but you need to relax. Breath through your nose, slow relaxed breaths."

He slid his cock back in, her throat clenching on it.

"Relax, breath, through your nose. You can still breath. Yes, now swallow."

He eased his cock further into her throat and held it there. Panic filled her eyes again.

"Relax, breath, swallow."

Her breathing slowed, she relaxed her throat. He began sliding in and out slowly, as she relaxed more he became more aggressive increasing speed. Soon she was moaning around his erection, her saliva making it glisten. Grunting, he shoved his erection all the way in and held it there. His cock swelled, exploding cum into her throat. She gagged, choking, trying to swallow it, but as he pulled out, cum ran down her chin and onto her breasts.

He reached between her legs slowly stroking the length of her soaked slit to bring his finger up to her clit. He tapped the nub. She shuddered every time he tapped his finger. Not enough pressure to get her off, but enough to get her attention. He slide two fingers inside her and began finger fucking her.

"Don't you dare cum till I say you can."

She tried hard not to think of his fingers driving her mad, closer and closer, the climax right there, panic in her eyes. She was close, so damn close, to an orgasm.

"Don't you cum!"

Even as he gave the order the attack increased, sliding his fingers in deeper, rubbing her clit with his thumb. It didn't matter how hard she tried not to cum, she was bound for failure. The assault would not stop until she came, there would be no permission given. She was going to be punished, when she realized that this was what the result would be, she let go.

Her body shook, convulsed as the orgasm ripped through her loins. He pulled the nipple clamps from her nipples sending her crashing into another wave of orgasm. His thumb pressed the butt plug, fucking it in her ass. He teased her clit, rolling her through another wave till she thought she was going to pass out.

He unlocked the collar, unclipped the handcuffs from the spreader bar, sat her in the chair. He slowly massaged her neck and shoulders, getting the blood flowing again. Unlocking the cuffs from her ankles, he recuffed her hands in front.

His lips pressed against her ear,

"You came without permission. You will have to be punished."

"Yes master," she said meekly.

Attaching a rope to the handcuffs, he bent her over the footboard of her bed tying the rope to the headboard. He spread her legs, tying each ankle to the legs of the bed. She was spread wide for him to see. He grabbed her waist lifting her ass in the air as he stuffed a pillow under her. Finally he stuffed the ball gag back in her mouth.

"The neighbors," was all he said.

He pulled the riding crop from the bag.

Whack! The crop raised a welt on her white ass cheek, her body convulsed.

Whack! On the other cheek. Then they rained down on her. When they stopped she had tears running down her face, and pussy juice running down her thighs. He gently stroked each welt causing her to quiver.

"Such a nice pattern."

He was not done yet. He took out the flat paddle and slapped her ass making her jump with every strike. Her ass was a crimson shade of red.

When he pulled the ball gag from her mouth she sobbed uncontrollably. He removed the butt plug from her ass and reached into the black bag again. Pulling out a lotion, he spread it on her tender ass, soothing the fire that burned there. His hands trailed down to her hot pussy. She moaned at his touch. God she was wet.

She heard him drop his pants, felt his hard erection press against her hot slit, it slipped in so easily all the way till his balls slapped against her clit. He stayed there motionless watching her body shudder in anticipation, then he was moving fast, fucking her hard, as she pushed back to meet each thrust. Faster and faster, higher and higher, till there was nothing but searing, tearing, brain numbing, heart stopping orgasm.

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