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Sex Slave Mother


After 14 years, Jack is returning home. Jack is my son. At the age of 6, John's father died in a car accident. I was left with nothing. I did not know what to do, how I would able to take care of my son, when my elder brother came to my rescue.

He had no children; thus he requested me let him adopt my son. I had no alternative but to agree; now my son is not Jack Fernandez but Jackson D'soza. After 14 years, he is coming home.

My sister-in-law, Tina, wrote in her last letter about Jack. She sent his portfolio to me, in which she wrote every minute detail of my son.

When my brother, Tina's husband, died, Jack was 18 years old. When I saw him at the funeral, he was young and handsome, 6'1" tall, with a muscular body and fair complexion. Any girl would go after him.

My sister-in-law, Tina took promise from me that I wouldn't to talk to him but only see him from distance.

After seeing him, I have started dreaming about him. I adore young boys, especially those between 16 and 20 years. Muscular bodies make my pussy and me very horny very wet.

After seeing my son, I started having incestuous feelings, like I wanted sex with him, to have him in bed with me, to date him.

Today, he is coming home. That makes me very hot, and totally wet. I called him at my brother's place to console him for the tragic death of his stepmother.

I explained to him that I was his father's long distance sister and that his stepmother's last wish was for him to come and stay with me.

My brother left enough money for him so that he could live a comfortable life. After much persuasion, he agreed to come to California to stay with me and fulfill his stepmother last wish.

It was a very hectic day, preparing for his homecoming. I went a little further by visiting beauty parlour to make myself presentable and make myself look younger than I am.

I purposely bought a slutty red halter-top, a short skirt, stockings, and red shoes.

On phone I told him that I will be carrying placard at airport and he will easily recognise me.


Since I was 16 year old, I've had obsession with aged women. When my dad died, I mean my adopted dad, died in an accident, I became very close to my step-mom, Tina.

In grief, we both started consoling each other, and that lead to incest.

After funeral, we returned home and I went straight to my room. I was very upset, but I did not worry about money because my adopted dad left enough money for us to live happily, plus we received insurance money too.

I was in my room and, as usual, I slept bear without bedclothes. At midnight, I heard someone knocking on my door; I did not reply because I knew it was Tina.

(I always call her by her name because she doesn't want to act like my mother, but like my girlfriend.)

She slowly opened the door and entered my room. I pretended as if I was fast sleep. She came near my bed and watched my nude body.

Let me describe myself: I am 6'1". I have a fair complexion, black hair, a muscular body, and a 14" long, 4" thick cock.

No woman can resist me, and neither could Tina. She saw my organ, fell into my arms and started kissing me.

"Oh, Jack. You are so big. I have seen you nude several times but because of your father I could not fulfill my desire. Now I can. Please, son, do not hate me. Though I am not your birth mother, I brought you up. Please make love to me."

"Oh, God. What is happening? Please give me strength," I prayed

I took Tina in my arm and started kissing her all over.

"Aaaaah...aaaah," Tina moaned as she started playing with my cock. I was very hard.

Suddenly, she took my cock in her mouth and started sucking. I felt like I was in heaven. I started humping her mouth.

"Aaaaaah, ooooh God.... I am almost comiiiiiiiiiiiiig. Mom, I am very close..." I started grunting.

"Mom, I'm coming in your mouth!" I could not hold back, I started coming in her mouth like a jet. I came like I never came before.

She looked at me, her eyes twinkling with lust.

"Son, do you think I was good?" she asked. "Take me, son. Fuck me, please. Fuck me with your big cock. Make me feel good. Please, son, make me feel good," she pleaded.

I was also horny. I slowly started removing her nightie; she was now only in panties. I could see her firm breasts and her nipples were hard. I started playing with her breasts.

I brought my mouth to her mouth and gave her a passionate kiss. Our lips met as our hands roamed over each other, mine finding her firm breasts, and her hand was once again strocking my cock.

My fingers sought out her hard nipple and I felt her moan into our passionate kiss as I gently pinched her nipples.

Her hands were busy stroking my huge cock while her other hand was holding my sacs.

"Mom, I am going to make a passionate love to you. I am going to fuck you like you have never been fucked before."

"Yes. Yes, fuck me, fuck the shit out me with your giant cock, please do not wait, and fuck me. Oh, god, fuck me aaaaaaah, it feel sooooooo good, please hurry."

" I wanted to make passionate love to you whole night. I have been frantically waiting for this occasion. I want to do wonderful things with you while we are alone, but my heart dropped thinking."

This makes no sense whatsoever.

She said, " I can't think, and I can't wait......" she grinned. "I want you to fuck me and fuck me good Please hurry."

I immediately lowered myself and placed my finger at the side of elastic, and started pulling her panties down. She raised her buttocks, and I slid off her panties.

Now she was totally nude. I could see her hairless pussy. It was my first time seeing hairless pussy,

My cock became hard in her hand, she started stroking faster. I turned around, lifted her leg above my shoulder, and bought my mouth close to her pussy.

"Oooooh, what a beautiful pussy."

I couldn't stop looking at it as I slowly lowered my mouth to her pussy. I gave a passionate kiss to her pussy and my finger gently flicked her clitoris.

She moaned, "Oh god, it iiiiiiiiiis soooooooo gooooooood, your father was not like you. I now knew why I did not breed," she moaned

"Fuck me, fuck me please, Jack, fuck me and make me your slave, Jack. Make me your slave."

At the same time my cock leap in action seeing a naked beauty squirming under me, my finger gently started flickering her pussy,

I pulled her at the edge of the bed, and lift her one leg up to my shoulder and other left it hanging to the ground.

Her eyes glued to my cock as I knelt on the bed, and rubbed my cock gently to the entrance of her mound coaxing her juices out to coat the head of my cock.

Her moans and squiring under me were very encouraging to me, as well as her hand was gripping my cock and trying to shove deep inside her.

I was in heaven, I never knew that I will be loosing my virginity like this and that also from my mom.

I worked my shaft slowly in side her pussy, my cock was moving slowly inside her wetness, her tight hole stretch with my penetration, she moan under me,

" Oh! God, you are splitting me into two oooooooooh, God, aaaaaaaah, fuck me harder, split me open, I don; t care what happen to my pussy just fuck me, oooooooooooh God, it iiiiiiiiiiis soooo good, ooooooooh god, fuck me faster, fuck me faster"

I started pumping my meat faster, I increase my speed, I grasped;

"Oh, my God It feel so good, I now knew why man and women marry, now I knew this is what they are after".

I lost my virginity, and now I have become man, man of my adopted mother.

She screamed and her screamed was pierceless, thanks that we were staying near the seaside and far from neighbours. I also grunted,

"Oh! Mom, I cannot hold myself I want to come"

" Come son, come in my pussy, aaaaaaah, I'm also comiiiiiiiiig, I'm coming, come with me, please, come with me,"

I released my come, I came very strong, and I felt as she was milking my cock, she literally drain my cock. I collapsed on her; she started caressing my back. I was in heaven.

" Oh son it was so good. I never felt like this. Now you can have me any time you want we need not have to worry. I am the game, do what you feel doing. I won't say no to you. You can fuck any time, even when I am sleeping. You have given all the pleasure I want, so now you are free to do what you wish to do and I will fulfill all your fantasy. "

"Oh, mom, you are great. I have lot s of fantasy and I hope; You will fulfilled all my fantasy,"

"Yes, son you tell what you want and I will obey. I am your slave you order me my master and this Tina will obey your order"

"Well, my first order is that you are not going to wear any thing and you will be total nude"

" OK, my master, your wish is your command for me and from now onward you will see me naked. I request you, master; I will be thankful of if you sleep with me in my bed and let serve you with my tight pussy. I will be thankful of you"

I oblige her and from that day onward I started sleeping with her in her bed, and she started taking care of me, like her husband. And act like slave, but before I fulfilled my fantasy, she died in car accident, and now I am going to meet my real mother Nancy.


I will tell how we met accident and how I made my real mother my sex slave.

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