tagMatureSex with Fiza Ch. 04

Sex with Fiza Ch. 04


Life went on and things changed. Next day I called Fiza to invite her in a party.

My wife Minhaz would like to invite her mother in the party.

As a husband and son-in-law I invited her in this late night party. There were not so many people worked in our company. But we were real friends.

We loved to have parties together, we loved to have fun, and we knew how to do it. In 11.30pm we all met in a club. Fiza came at 11.45pm.

After her arrival every one tried to speak with Fiza. Minhaz did not get that much importance. Fiza was the main attraction of the party.

After some time my office Boss Mr.Shekh told us to go to his apartment and we could enjoy the homely atmosphere there. We all agreed with him.

I felt that Mr.Shekh liked to get a free access to Fiza. In my boss's luxurious apartment everyone behaved relaxed. There were no more 'ranks' and everyone was equal.

We drank a lot and I saw that Fiza and Minhaz were already tight. Men invited ladies to dance and shamelessly felt them up.

My boss didn't lose hold of Fiza. He invited her for a dance again and again. He was already heavily drunk and behaved pretty impudently.

His hands were openly smoothing my mother-in-law's ass and with his knee he was trying to move her legs apart.

By some luck Fiza yet managed to slip away from his redden face. But at some moment he tightly grabbed her and his lips covered her pretty mouth with a rough kiss.

She wore a transparent blouse and a short skirt. She looked very vulgar and arousing. Generally I liked to watch her in that dress. But the situation was different.

Fiza put her arms around Mr.Shekh's shoulders and they started dancing again. She was rubbing against his penis.

At one of the moments when she was with her back to the tables Mr.Shekh stroked her bottom under the skirt.

She mumbled something and my boss took it as consent. From then on he did that every time the moment allowed. Soon the dance was over.

After that Mr.Shekh guided Fiza to his balcony and I followed them. There were no people there and they began kissing.

Turning round they saw me who had been watching them for 10 minutes.

After all my boss apologized and offered to settle the conflict at the table. We took our seats, drank a little.

However, we couldn't get on. Fiza went to bathroom and Mr.Shekh and I stayed there.

I started asking him about my mother-in-law, if liked her or not. He told me that he did.

Then I said, "Would you like to fuck her?"

He said, "Yes".

I said, "Then let's go to her place".

He asked, "Why"?

I said, "You'll do that".

He asked, "And what about you"?

I said, "I'll watch it".

He said, "How will she react?"

I said, "She is drunk. It's all right with her".

At the moment Fiza arrived. Party was going on and Minhaz was busy with one of my friends.

I followed Fiza and Mr.Shekh to her house. Approaching her house I could see Ballu was sleeping in the dining hall.

In the bed room Mr.Shekh laid beside Fiza. She kissed him and pulled his head below. He understood what she meant and started licking her.

It was very sweet. I heard the moaning. Shekh wanted to rise to enter her but she was holding his head tight.

He kept on. He moved to another hole. His tongue was working there hard. His hands were caressing her clitoris and vagina. They were close to each other.

I felt I was going to come myself. He moved to her again. She wasn't resisting Mr.Shekh.

Her bottom was so pleasant to touch. His finger was developing the second hole.

He continued two minutes only. His foreplay worked. She was having a great orgasm. So did he, too.

She made special movements as if she was a snake. Occasionally she clutched him with her legs and restrained the movement.

After stroking the hairy rod for a minute or two, Fiza realized that this was going to be one hell of a ride. Shekh's cock was about 7 inches long and 2 inches thick.

She knelt down to get a closer look at this tool. I leaned over and took it into my mouth.

She managed to get the head into her mouth, but going further was going to be difficult.

She licked the head, sticking her tongue into his pee hole. He shivered when her tongue brushed his sensitive area.

He kneaded and pinched her tits causing a sensation to build in her pussy. Finally she managed to slide that fat horse cock into her throat.

She began rapid up and down motions forcing the head of his cock in and out of her throat. Occasionally, she swallowed the entire cock.

Experiencing the feeling of having her mouth and throat fully packed with meat she trembled. She withdrew when it was time for a breath.

Fiza moved her head up and down on his cock. Mr.Shekh couldn't resist putting his hand on her head and forcing her to take it all.

He only released her when her gagging was uncontrollable. He wanted to taste her. Thus he motioned her into a 69 position and began eating her now dripping wet pussy.

As his tongue and fingers slid in and out of her, her moans of ecstasy began. He began rubbing her clit and slipping his fingering into her.

Fiza placed her pussy right over his cock and slowly moved her way down his 3 inches when Shekh placed his hands on her thighs and quickly pulled down and thrusted up with his hips diving his cock deep into her.

Fiza let out a shrill of pleasure and continued to do so with every thrust. After changing positions a few time they were back to where they started.

Fiza on top of Shekh. Fiza felt the swelling of Shekh's cock and the tightening of his body under her.

Shekh was cuming and so was she. Shekh knew he wasn't wearing any protection and tried to tell Fiza but she wasn't stopping.

She told him that she wanted to fell him explode in her and she wanted his cum deep in her. Fiza grabbed her tits and thrusted into her as he started to cum.

Fiza grabbed Shekh's dick squeezing it tightly so not to loose a drop of cum. She engulfed his cock into her pussy letting him cum in her.

I then saw her to grab his cock and tried to shake it. His dick was become harder. Shekh got power to start the game again.

Finally he knelt down between her legs and guided that meat into her wet cunt. It took about five minutes to get it all the way in.

She immediately began cumming. He fucked her hard and deep. I couldn't explain the way she was screaming as he fucked her.

Shekh and Fiza were sweating to beat hell and that was such a turn on to me.

Seeing his sweat drop on her face, her tits, seeing and hearing his belly slap with hers, his tongue in her mouth sucking the spit out of her, her legs wrapped around his back, pulling him in deeper.

He fucked her hard like that for 15 minutes or more till he really gave it to her hard and fast.

I could see his balls tighten, his big vein begin to pulse, I knew then he was going to fill her with his cream.

Shekh was still cumming and damn near to exhaustion. Fiza sucked his cock to clean it. his cum out of his dick head. All I can say is that it was wonderful to watch the whole sex game. Then Fiza went to the bathroom.

When she got back, she sat on his dick and fucked him, his hands on her big tits, pulling on her nipples, his hands all over her hard belly, grabbing her ass, smacking it, till he came again, filling her up once more.

Mr.Shekh gave his number to Fiza and I would like to say that she would call him again to fuck her.

Fiza made sure that he drained his balls enough so that not a single drop of cum was left.

Fiza said, "Honey, I can honestly say that I have tested different cocks inside of me before this. But now I know what I have been missing."

Mr.Shekh slowly raised his arm and teased her nipples with his fingers.

He kissed her passionately and promised her to give sexual pleasure when she required it from him.

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