tagLoving WivesSexual Desires Ch. 02

Sexual Desires Ch. 02


Around 11:00AM I called Sally on her cell and invited her to come over my house and have lunch with me; I wanted to relax by the swimming pool area together. Sally said she would meet me for lunch as soon as she finish some things she had to do for her husband Tom and she estimated that she was going to be at my house around 11:30AM.

She arrived at 11:45AM and by then I already had served lunch on the table and told me she appreciated the gesture of inviting her over for lunch. We had our lunch and talked a bit before I asked her if she would like to have some margaritas by the pool area.

I prepare a big jar of margarita that I placed on a small tabled between our extension chairs. It was sunny afternoon and I removed my blouse, shorts and panties and lay on my back on the extension chair while telling Sally to feel free and join me; she hesitated for a minute but then removed her blouse, bra, jeans shorts and her panties and for the first time she was standing nude in front of me.

Sally had seen me topless a few times and two or three time completely nude while I relaxed on my back yard; she also knew that Rick and I like to go often to a nude beach here in Miami. I looked at her well round 36C breasts, she had small areolas like me but the nipples were just a little larger than mine, her pussy lips were tight and she had a little strip line of hair on the top; she kept it around well shaven. She notice I was looking at her and asked me with a smile if she had passed the inspection while she turned around and showed me her ass. I smiled at her and said yes while I notice that her ass was smaller than mine but her ass chicks were also round and firm.

She grabbed a reclining chair and lay on her back beside me and talked for a few minutes before we jumped together in the pool. After a few minutes we got out of the pool and as I walked in front of her towards the reclining chair she told me that my ass seemed to be very firm and grabbed one of my ass chicks and squeezed it firmly. She said that I had a nice ass and told me to grab her ass and asked me how I felt about it. It was the first time I had touched another woman, I told her that she had a great firm ass. I felt a little awkward, but did not see much harm on doing it.

I asked Sally about what had happened the second time she went to the club, the curiosity was killing me. Sally started by telling me that she arrived at the club after 3:00PM and once inside the club she found out Dave was not working that day; that it was his day off. She sat at the bar and was asking the guy behind the bar for a coke when two guys with towels around their waist approached her and invited her to have some drinks with them while all engaged in a conversation She noticed that there was no one else around the lounge area while the guys told her that there were only two couples and a punch of guys having sex in the sex area and that they already had shared sex with one of the two couples. The two guys also said that they were not interested in joining the other couple because that couple was only interested in guys that will do the wife anally. Sally got curious and told the two guys she wanted to go and watch the action.

The two guys refilled their drinks while Sally went to the locker room, got undress and got her towel and walked out the lounge with the towel covering her body. The three of them walked together into the sex room where she saw that one of the couples was the same couple she had seen her first time at the club; she lay on her back while she sucked a guy and the guy on top of her fucked her and her husband lay beside her while some guys watched and waited their turn to fuck her or receive oral from her.

A few feet away; on another bed, was a Japanese woman in her early forties; she was on the edge of the bed with her chest and face on the bed while her ass was up in the air; her husband sat beside her on the edge of the bed telling the guys to only fuck her in the ass, no pussy and no oral. She saw the guy fucking her grabbing her hard by the waist; almost lifting her from the bed, when he started to cum inside her asshole. Her husband sat beside her and masturbated and watched how this guy was fucking and dumping his load in his wife ass.

The guy fucking her stepped back and told her husband to stand up and see his wife fucked asshole while he slapped her ass. Her husband smiled and grabbed his small cock and pushed it into her pussy and pumped her a few times before dumping his seed in his wife pussy. The guy told Sally that is what the husband liked to do.

The Japanese man sat again beside his wife and another guy got into position behind her and pushed his cock inside her fucked ass and started to pump his cock inside of her. Sally walked towards them and stood beside the guy him and watched him fuck the woman's ass; she saw how the guy's cock went in and out of this woman ass while with her hands she spread her own ass chicks apart and her husband rubbed her clit and pussy with his left hand. Then the guy doing the Japanese woman anally grabbed one of Sally's hands and placed it on the Japanese woman's ass chicks and told Sally to move her hands around the woman's ass, to squeeze it and to feel her which made Sally's pussy wet.

Sally touched the Japanese woman hands and helped her spread her ass chicks while she rubbed her hands on this woman's ass. Sally then inserted a finger in her ass hole while the guy kept pumping his cock in this woman ass; she could feel the guys cock against her finger while she pushed her finger in her ass; her husband told Sally to insert one of her fingers in her pussy and with no hesitation she did and felt the cum inside of her.

Sally felt one the guys behind her removed her towel and left her nude for everyone to see her naked body; she did not pay much attention to it and kept touching the woman's ass and fingering her ass and pussy while the guy fucked her anally and her husband rubbed her clitoris and fingered her pussy. Sally said that she felt some guys coming on to her, some of them touching her tits, pussy and ass while she touched some of the guy's cock with one hand and jerked some of their cocks.

Sally felt a guy behind touch her pussy and clit and he inserted his finger inside her pussy; she liked the feeling of the guy behind her fingering her and kissing her neck while she had a finger in the woman's pussy and masturbated another guy. She then recognized that there were too many guys around her masturbating and watching and touching and made the decision that it was time to go back to the lounge area.

Sally did not recover her towel and walked out nude with some guys behind her, following her. On her way down to the lounge area, she notice a married couple in their mid forties relaxing in the Jacuzzi, having a drink and talking between themselves and decided to join them hoping the guys behind her would leave her alone. Once in the Jacuzzi she sat beside the woman and established a conversation with them while seeing two of the guys getting into the Jacuzzi behind her and another three guys sitting on chairs outside the Jacuzzi.

The couple told Sally that they had just arrived and were relaxing in the Jacuzzi. During the conversation they said that they rarely go to the club during the day and that they prefer to visit the club on Friday or Saturdays nights which is couples night only. The woman told Sally that Saturday nights the club gets packed with couples and easily they would find over forty couples at the club; she also told Sally that a lot of the married women on Saturdays at the club were bi.

Sally felt the woman's hand on her leg while she kept talking to Sally about the club; she felt her hand move between her legs until she reached Sally's pussy and began to touch her pussy softly and massaged her clit. Sally felt a finger in her pussy while she massaged her clit and had her husband moved and sat beside Sally. Sally felt her husband body close to hers and felt his hand joining his wife hand on her pussy and clit. She closed her eyes and felt his hand spreading her legs apart to allow them a better access of her pussy; she felt the excitement got thru her body while they both masturbated her in the Jacuzzi. The woman was kissing her mouth and realized while responding to her kisses that she was being kissed by a woman for the first time in her life and she as enjoying it. She felt her tongue in her mouth, her hand in her pussy and on her breasts and found herself to be very excited and responded by touching back the woman's body and grabbing her breasts and touching this woman shaven pussy. Sally could not help it any longer and inserted a finger inside of her while she held the husband cock with the other hand and masturbated him under the water. Sally felt very exited being between this couple and being kiss, touched and fingered by them simultaneously and she just wanted to respond to their desires.

After a few minutes of kissing and touching among the three of them, the woman told Sally and her husband that she wanted to go to a private room where they could be more comfortable and grabbed Sally's hand and walked together out of the Jacuzzi and towards the rooms.

Sally said that the wife name was Gaby and his name was John, she was approximate 40 or 41 years old, 5'6", 130 lbs and blonde, she had a shaved pussy and her breast were big, maybe a DD cup. John was approximate 45 years old, 5'11", 200 lbs and a shaven 7" cock. While they walked to the rooms Gaby kept holding Sally's hand and she thought on the way to the rooms what was going to happen and she was ready to accept it.

Once in the room Gaby and Sally lay on the bed beside each other her while John sat at the edge of the bed and watched Gaby moving closer to Sally and started to kiss her and touch her body. Sally responded to her kisses and touched and touched and kissed her back while both women were now on their side facing each other. John got behind Sally and started to touch her butt and kiss her neck; he med close to Sally and she felt his cock pressing against her ass chicks; Sally moved her hand behind her and rubbed his cock with one hand while Gaby started to slide herself down Sally's body, kissing her breasts and licking Sally' nipples; Gaby pressed her nipples had with her lips before continuing moving down to lick Sally's pussy, when Sally felt Gabby licking and kissing her pussy lips, she moved and lay on her back spreading her legs apart allowing Gaby a better access to her pussy.

Gaby was now between Sally's legs licking and sucking her pussy and clit while John kissed her and licked her breasts. Gaby kept licking Sally's pussy and fingering her for a few minutes when she felt Sally having her first orgasm; Gaby then moved on top of Sally and kissed her again for a couple of minutes until she felt John's being squeezed between both women's mouth. They both stopped kissing and began to kiss and suck on John's cock until he got really hard.

Gaby moved herself on top of Sally in a 69 position and Sally found herself with Gaby's pussy on her face. She did not hesitated licking and kissing Gaby's pussy and ass just as Gaby was doing to her on the other side. She had never stock her tongue inside a woman vagina, but she did; she had never licked a woman ass, but she did and she liked it.

Both women were licking and kissing each other pussies when Gaby grabbed Sally's legs and spread them apart while lifting them in the air. Gaby sat on Sally's face so her entire vision as obstructed by Gaby's ass; she felt John getting into position and inserting his cock in her pussy and hearing Gaby telling John to fuck her pussy hard.

She had second orgasm once she felt that John had his cock in her pussy and Gaby kept licking her clit. She felt John pumping her harder making her had another orgasm and made lick Gaby's pussy and ass harder by pressing her tongue into Gaby's pussy and ass. She could not see John but could feel him inside of her while Gaby kept licking her clit. Sally wanted to get fuck hard and was moving her hips to encounter John's cock at each of his movement.

Sally felt John's cock tense deep inside of her pussy and felt his cum being dump deep inside of her. Sally moved her hips upwards while feeling the full length of John's cock deep inside of her pussy and dumping his cum deep inside. A few seconds later he dismounted Sally and she felt the cum dripping out her pussy down her butt crack but Gaby licked her pussy until she got most of it clean; she felt Gaby spreading her pussy lips apart and inserting her tongue all the way inside her pussy hole; then Gaby stopped and she felt empty, she needed to be licked and fucked again and then she felt John again moving between her legs and inserting his cock in her already well fucked pussy.

She felt John pushing his hard cock inside her fucked pussy; he was pumping her hard again when she saw a cock sliding into Gaby pussy while she licked Gaby's pussy. She tried to raise her head and find out what was going on, but her vision was blocked by Gaby's body and the guy fucking Gaby from behind. Sally and Gaby kept doing the 69 while both of them were being fucked in their pussies. The guy fucking Gaby switched holes from Gaby's pussy to Sally's mouth making her taste Gaby's juices from his cock. Sally knew then that John was not the guy fucking her; it was another guy that she could not even see, she was being fucked by another guy and she could his voice talking to Gaby while he fucked her.

The guy kept pumping his cock into Gaby's pussy and switching holes from Gaby's pussy to Sally's mouth until Sally saw the guy pressing hard into Gaby's pussy and dumping his cum inside of her. Sally saw cum dripping out of Gaby's pussy and when the guy took his cock out some cum drops landed on her face. While Sally was licking and sucking the guy's cock and then licking Gaby's fucked pussy she felt the guy fucking her cum inside of her pussy. Gaby lifted her legs and allowed the guy a better and to get deeper inside.

Sally saw another guy moving behind Gaby and decided to tell Gaby that she was tiered and that she wanted to leave and then saw six guys standing around with a hard on and masturbating. Gaby told Sally to get on her hands and knees beside her, it was easier that way. Sally saw Gaby get on her hands and knees and then a guy moved behind her and started to fuck her. The rest of the guys were telling Sally not to let them hanging. Sally told the guys that it was late and that she had to go home and cook for her husband. She said she just walked out of the room, got dressed and headed home where she took a long shower and relaxed bit before Tom got home.

By the time Sally finished telling me what had happen that day, I found myself speechless and my mouth as dry and notice we had finish the jar of Margarita; well, Sally had finished the jar of Margarita, I only had two drinks. I stood up and told her I was going to prepare another jar of Margarita and walked towards the house. When I came back out with the jar of Margarita I found Sally on her stomach sleeping on the extension chair. I placed the jar of Margarita on the table and notice her smooth naked ass and could not resist the sensation of touching it.

I sat on her chair and touched her legs and then her ass; her skin was smooth and her ass was hard and firm. I stated to imagine on what she had done at the club, her experience with Gaby and John and then with the other guys in the room. I touched myself and realized that I was very wet; then spreading my pussy and fingering myself while with the other hand I kept touching softly Sally's ass and legs, I did not wanted to wake her up, I did not want her to see me touching her like that. I could not resist it and I touched her pussy lips, I was getting ready to place my finger in her pussy when I heard Rick's truck outside. I decided to lay on my stomach too and make him believe that I was also sleeping. I know Rick was going to be surprised seeing me and Sally nude side by side on the extension chairs.

I felt Rick's hand on my leg and acted as he had just woken me up. I made signals to him to be quite and to go inside the house with me. I know he had a good look at Sally's ass when he approached me and I asked him why was he so early at home but I had not realize it was already 4:15PM and I was not aware of the time.

'I am going to wake her up," I told my husband.

Tom usually gets home between 4:30 PM or 5:00 PM.

'I want to see her naked ass honey,' my husband told me.

He asked me jokingly if it was ok for him to look at her naked ass. I realized I wanted to play his game and told him to go with me to our bedroom so he could watch her closely from our bedroom window.

A few feet away we both could Sally naked on the extension chair and Rick had his eyes fixed on her ass while he touched and felt my ass. He was very exited while telling me and describing to me how her ass most of felt in a man's hand and that it was to bad she did not had her legs a little bit more spread apart so he could have a better look her pussy.

I do not why but I got on my knees and pooled his pants down to his knees and started to give him a blow job while he watched Sally nude on the extension chair and fantasies stated to run on my head. 'Tell me how you would like to lick and fuck Sally in the ass,' I asked my husband.

I heard Rick telling me how he would fuck Sally until I felt his cum deep in my throat, his explosion in my mouth was so big I could not keep up swallowing all his cum. He kept both hands on the back of my head and pushed his cock deep down my throat. I massaged his balls and sucked him until I knew his balls were empty.

I stood up and kissed him deep and I told him he better be ready again for tonight. I then told Rick to get on his truck and to drive around the block for five minutes, I did not want Sally to know that he was or he had been at home and had seen her naked. Rick did as I requested and then I went out the pool area and woke Sally up and told her it was pass 4:30 PM and that it was time for her get dress and go home before Tom did. She got up and got dressed and on her way out she asked me if it was ok for her to come over again the following day. I told her that I had to go out in the morning but that I should be back home around 10:00 AM or 10:30 AM and that she could come over any time after. She said bye to me and touched her lips with mine and told me that she will see me the next day.

Rick did not drive around the block for a long time; he was just driving into our drive way when Sally was walking out of the front door of our house. I couldn't go out and meet him outside due to my nakedness at the time. Sally yelled hi to Rick while she walked towards her house and when Rick walked into our house, he kissed me and slapped my ass chicks twice telling me I had not been a good girl and asked me what had happened that afternoon. I told Rick that I invited Sally to have lunch with me then I prepared some margaritas, headed out to the pool area and we talk, got relaxed and took a nap and that was it. Rick asked me how I got her to get undress; that she had never done that before. I told him that this time I took off all my clothes and she just felt like joining me and she did.

Rick got undress and we both went out to the pool area and lay beside each other on the extension chairs, he had a beer on his hand and we both relaxed together by the pool. We talked for a while and made plans to go to the nude beach again on Saturday. The afternoon temperature was great and before he had finished his beer he had fallen to sleep. It was around 7:00PM and I approached Rick while he was sleeping, I knelt beside him and stated to touch and lick his cock, I did that until he opened his eyes and smiled at me. I told him that dinner was ready and showed him the plates served on the patio table. We both were nude while we ate and talked about what went on at work; we always update each other on what each one of us did and what the plan and activities for both us the following working day.

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