tagFetishSexual Harassment Ch. 02

Sexual Harassment Ch. 02

byCute Little Thing©

My instructions were explicit. I was to go home for the weekend and prepare myself for Mr. Anderson on Monday. I was to remove all obvious traces of my masculinity 'excluding your faggot sissy-stick of course' in order to prepare myself to be his fuck toy. This meant shaving my body hair, clipping and painting my nails, sanding my calluses, and waxing my eyelashes. Anderson wanted my ass especially smooth and gorgeous. 'I'm not interested in using any bitch with a hairy hole.' He said. 'I want your little pussy clean.'

I knew how my girlfriend Bella would react. It's enough that I don't deserve her, that she's a drop dead knockout, that she attracts stares from men who are much larger, stronger, and more successful than I am. She has to put up with all that and now I was going to ask her to date a drag queen? How could I expect her to ignore the men who catcall to her on the street when we walk arm and arm? The men who yell, 'Baby, why don't you leave that shrimpy faggot, and date a real man?' or 'My dick weighs more than your boyfriend baby!'. After all, its not like I was going to be a faggot, I already was a faggot. Just yesterday I had dropped to my knees and sucked another man's cock. I allowed him to cum on me. No, that's not right. Allowed is the wrong word. I had begged for it. I was eager for his spunk. Now, ostensibly to keep my job, I wanted her to put up with me shaved and dressed like a slut everyday. There was just no way.

Bella is a bombshell, just incredibly sexy. She's about 5'6" with long black hair; she's thin but with a ripe round ass and nice natural tits, big enough to look hot in a tank top but not so large that you think she has implants. She works as some sort of cocktail waitress, I don't really know, she dresses sexy and stays out late and she always tells me how much she appreciates me for understanding. Who knows? I was lucky to have her as a girlfriend. I was in no position to complain even if it was true that she virtually never allowed me to touch her anymore. It was always 'not tonight dear' or 'I think I have a cold, you better not kiss me'. I didn't ask many questions, I was happy just to be allowed in her presence. Given that I would soon be a painted little fuck whore for Anderson my only hope of keeping her was to simply avoid her. I figured she would dump me eventually, I was just hoping to postpone it as long as possible.

I'd managed to avoid Bella most of the weekend. Friday night she'd stayed out late again and didn't roll into bed until well after 5:00 am. She slept most of the day so that I hardly saw her. I managed to shave while she was at work Friday night. The most difficult part was finding a place to dispose of my pubic hair where Bella wouldn't see it. It felt strange to be hairless. I felt rubbery until I covered my body with powder, and my little penis felt overly sensitive to any touches. It was difficult to just walk around the house as without leg and arm hair my clothes strangely caressed my body in a way I was not accustomed to. Needless to say I had a constant hard on and internally I was ashamed of what turned me on.

In bed Saturday night, Bella long gone to her Bar to work I allowed my hands to touch my little sex. It was hard and erect, awake and at attention. I tried to reclaim my masculinity, at least psychologically speaking by visualizing sex with Bella. She had rejected my recent advances and we hadn't fucked in ages. I tried to imagine her as I saw her that first time she let me fuck her. She had been drunk and willing, her body taut and eager. She had offered herself to me on her knees with her face pressed against the carpet of our mutual friend's guest bedroom carpet. Her hands were behind her and she held her cheeks apart, pushing first one, then two fingers up her asshole. 'Fuck my cunt baby!' She panted 'Fuck my bitchy little cunt.' And what a cunt it was. Slick and shaven, it was hot and pink, and I could smell her musky odor. Everyone knew Bella was a whore, and I desired her even more because of it.

That night I moved to her, but in my fantasy as I now imagined it, it was no longer me that was entering her, it was Anderson. Anderson was strong and masculine, he was much larger than me in every imaginable way. I recalled his huge cock photographically and in my mind he was me, and I? Well I was Bella of course. It was now me on my hands and knees, whining like a bitch.

"Fuck me, fuck me Mr. Anderson." I whined. After that, there was no distinction in my minds eye between me and Bella there was just my ass which was open to his increasingly brutal thrusts. He fucked me viscously calling me names.

"Take it pussyboy. You like having a man's cock in you, don't you faggot?" And I did. I cried in my bed as I readied myself to ejaculated, the blanket pushed down, me on my back with my legs spread wide. The idea struck me, so I did it. In a flash I was hunched over on my shoulders my legs above me against the headboard and my dick pointed at my face.

"Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me." I thought as I whacked my dick. It didn't take long. I stared at my cockhead and watched it shoot hot strings of jizz onto my face. I opened my mouth and ate all I could, letting the rest coat my face, slicking me like a nasty porn star slut. God that was hot, I thought. That was before I realized what was really happening.

"You really are a faggot, aren't you?" It was Bella standing in the doorway, hot as always, hotter by far than in my fantasy. As usual she was dressed like a slut. Short shorts pulled up to show the bottom of her ass cheeks, ribbed white knee socks, and a tight white tank top with a pink bra underneath. Slavic looking, maybe Bulgarian in descent, her hair was parted in the middle and pulled back into pigtails. She was dressed like a stripper or maybe a prostitute, and for the first time it occurred to me to wonder that maybe she was one of those things.

The part on her forehead aligned perfectly with the obscene gap between her two front teeth. The gap always made her look bemused, like she was leering only tonight she really was leering at me, and she had good reason. I just looked at her with cum on my face what could I say? She was such a bitch, but so fucking sexy, and she had no mercy on me. The thought of sparing me my embarrassment never even crossed her mind as she flicked on the light switch, brutally leaving no doubt about what I had done, or that she had seen me do it.

"You didn't just do that did you? I mean I just saw you cum on your face like some girly faggot, but did you actually shave your body before you did that?" Its not like I could deny it, I was hairless like a girl so I nodded.

"All our friends said so. They said, 'He's a faggot, he just won't admit it yet. How can you go out with him, how can you share an apartment with such a closet queer?' That's what they said. I tried to deny it, I tried to stand up for you. I told them you were just sensitive but of course they were right." She had walked to the side of the bed and was staring me in the face.

"To think I let you fuck me with that little dick." I must have looked shocked, maybe even hurt.

"You don't think . . . you don't think your dick is actually big do you!?!" I didn't know how to respond. Was this a rhetorical question? I considered her statement in my mind. No, I never considered my dick big. I mean, I'm a realist. I've seen men's penises at the gym and usually they were bigger than mine. A man like Anderson of course, his penis was at least twice the size of mine. I felt embarrassed even thinking about it. Anderson had a cock, not a penis. If anyone had a penis it was me. No I never thought I was big like Anderson.

"Well I didn't think I was small." I croaked, defeated and saddened by her attack, but also to my humiliation aroused to be told what I was so directly.

"Oh god, how pathetic." Bella said. "You hid behind that average size thing didn't you? You must have grunted and masturbated, held back your cum, and stretched that little sissy dick of your to its absolute longest, then measured it over and over until you convinced yourself that you had an average sized little dick, didn't you? That must have been very reassuring to a little faggot like you I'm sure. But I guess you never considered how that dick feels inside a woman? I bet you never considered what a drag it is to have you cum two fucking minutes after you enter me?" I had no idea how I was supposed to respond to her. I was embarrassed by how I always came to quickly with Bella, but I usually tried to put it out of my mind.

"You know how small you dick is?" She hesitated to make sure every word sank in. "When you fuck me, I . . . can't . . . even . . . fucking . . . feel . . . you." She took my t-shirt and wiped the cum off my face, climbing the bed and straddling my chest. She smelled of perfume, cigarettes, sweat and musky armpits, maybe pot smoke too. As she pushed her shorts encased pussy toward my face I also smelled sex. It dawned on me, Bella was fucking someone else. She looked at me knowing that I knew she had been untrue.

"I certainly hope you never expected me to be faithful to you. You are pathetic enough as it is, but the thought of you imagining that your pathetic little dick could ever be enough for me, could ever satisfy me . . . now that is pathetic. You didn't think your little faggot dick was enough for me, did you?" She was cooing at me in a new evil but sexy way, I didn't know what she was up to. Was she teasing me? Whatever she was doing, she was making me hard. I watched as she eased down the fly of her short shorts and peeled them off her long sexy legs. She placed her gauzy panties right above my lips pushing her pussy into my face, nearly smothering me with her odor. I could smell her strong sexy odor. Her panties were hot and wet. She pulled her panties to the side exposing her slick pussy.

"Lick me you faggot cunt." She said, and I did. I eagerly licked at her hole. "You can't be a total faggot. You still love licking my hot nasty cunt don't you." God she made me hard all over again. She made me almost cry with embarrassment, but there was nothing I wanted more than lick Bella. I felt a slimy ooze coming from her, that I knew wasn't pussy juice. I almost stopped, startled by the new but familiar taste, it was another man's cum. She grabbed the hair on my head and pulled my face into her cunt. She was laughing and grinding herself against me.

"Oh don't be a prude. You mean, you'll eat his cum strait from his cock, but not after he's dumped it inside of me?"She dropped my head letting her message sink in.

"That's right bitch. Its Anderson's cum. He's been fucking me this whole time. In fact you're our little joke. We talk about what a pathetic little fuck you are all the time, and share our jokes with all our friends. Everyone knows how I let your boss fuck me with his huge hot cock and none of them blame me. You know why of course. Because everybody knows that you're not a man, just a little sissy faggot. I'm glad Anderson finally marked you as his bitch. I've been begging him to do it for months." She hovered over me and a big gob of Anderson's spunk fell from her pussy splashing onto my lips. Bella giggled.

"Look at how hard your little dick is. It must turn you on knowing you're a cuckolded bitch, doesn't it?" I nodded and she started fingering herself still suspended over my face. "Ohhh fuck that feels good, it feels good to finger myself. Sometimes I think I can cum ten times in a day." Still fingering herself she place her other hand on her flat stomach right bellow her pierced navel and pressed on the soft area above her mound.

"Oh fuck!" I yelled as her piss hit me in my face. She was laughing uncontrollably, bucking her hips, covering my face and chest with her piss.

"Fuck you little fairy faggot, eat my piss, drink it like a little fuck cunt slut you are. You sucked a real man's dick and ate his cum, now all you deserve from me is my piss you fucking faggot. Fuck yes!" And she was right. That did it. Sitting there under her powerful confident stream I thought of Anderson fucking her, them both laughing at me as he came in her pussy. Thinking of him telling her how he humiliated me, thinking of them talking about how she would make me lick his cum out of her later that evening, thinking of how I eagerly did it, just as I had eagerly sucked his cock the day before, just as I desperately, eagerly, pathetically needed Bella to keep pissing all over me. Of course I came. I came and came and came and came. This was what I deserved.

When it was over, Bella rolled off me.

"Fuck that was hot she said." As she walked toward the bathroom, she looked over her shoulder at me ruined on the bed. "I'm talking a shower. This place is a fucking pigsty. I expect it to be cleaned up when I get back." When I didn't move she added, "C'mon already, get to it. You're not nearly hot enough yet to meet Anderson on Moday. We've got a lot of work to do."

To be continued . . .

I write these stories in order to get feedback and meet new people. If you enjoyed reading this, please take one second to vote on this story and send me a some of your thoughts. Something like what you liked about the story, and what you'd like to see next. Thanks! Cute.

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