tagErotic CouplingsSexual Seduction My Way Ch. 02

Sexual Seduction My Way Ch. 02


CHAPTER 2: She Learns Fast On Giving Me Pleasure

Hi, my name is Mike. I'm now living in retirement at age of 71. Through out my life I have had the most outstanding sex with some of the finest young girls, women and older ladies that any man could ever want. This is the continuing chaptered story on how I played the sex game with these many wonderful women through out my life.

This is the true story of all the great of fun I have had with the opposite sex through the years. There is even a little bit on how I stared out enjoying my manly tool by myself and how I was told by my dear mother who caught me some 53-years ago, that we all did it and it was just natural for young boys and girls who were turning into adults to make themselves feel good in this way.

These sex escapades are all very true as I actually experienced them. Of course going back as far as almost 60 years, I have taken some liberty in telling what exactly people said to each other etc. However, overall, the facts of my deeds back then are as true as I can remember them.

This is chapter two in the tale where I tell all on how I had great sex. If you have not done so already, please read chapter one before reading this chapter. Please begin and enjoy!

* * * * *

I had just jacked-off to a big cum squirting climax in front of Julia. She was my very first private secretary. We were behind locked door of my private special sound proof office. She had licked up some of my cum off my belly and chest and expressed that it was delicious. She was masturbating too but had not climaxed.

After telling me how good I tasted, Julia finished up cleaning off my pearly creamy cum off of myself and also on her large breast where I had shot my first rope of man juice. Then she set back down on my desk edge in front of me, dangling her long shapely freckled covered legs over the side.

I got down on my knees in front of her and spread her legs out so I had easy access to her red haired covered cunt. I said to her, "Young lady you are now going to experience one of the finest things that a man can ever give his women. A cunt and clitoris super licking and mouthing. At the same time I have you aroused and swelled up clit between my lips, I am going to find and rub your magical place called a G-spot. I am going to give you a climax here today, maybe one of the best you have ever had".

"Oh boss man, please do me," Julia said. Do me with your mouth. Eat my pussy.

So I did. I got my mouth right up between her legs in her wooly orangey red hairy bush. I sucked up her clit which was swelled up to the size to my little finger. I then started moves on her sweet young cunt that I learned from my dear old aunt back I was eighteen and just starting out in the seduction of my fellow school girls and women.

I started to breathe very deep in and out through my mouth thus causing a big rush of air swirling around Julia's swelled up clit. At the same time I went feeling with two fingers up on the roof of her vagina about two inches in for her G-spot. And I found that nickel size spongy, almost magical spot that all women have but some never find.

I pressed very hard with my fingers on her G-spot and Julia yelled out, "Oh my God Michael, what are you doing to me? Oh man that feels good. It is putting a different great feeling in my pussy. Oh good, good, keep doing that."

All the while I was putting the move on her G-spot I had my mouth down on her clit. In maybe forty seconds this young lady started to go in to a climax. She fell back on my desk shaking and shuddering. She then started to squirt out an almost clear fluid from her cunt in a big arc between her legs. This caused her to scream out animal noises as she started to thrash out her arms. Files, paper, pencils and my calculator went flying off my desk.

Julia damn near passed out in her pleasure. This was not the first time I had seen a girl or woman react this way in a most intense orgasm that was caused by their first ejaculation ever of that womanly liquid they all had in their cunts.

God, it was so much fun giving a woman a squirting climax. I caught some of my young loving partner's juices as it arced out of her labia opening. As all my other girls had had in my past, Julia's flowing juices had the taste just like a spring rain and smelled like grass smelled while mowing it. I could drink a gallon of this sweet cocktail sauce that women produce.

Julia lay there back across my desk with her eyes close, gasping and all out of breath for maybe five minutes. Finally she came back to her senses and awareness then opened her eyes and said to me, "Oh Michael you dear, dear man. You just gave me the greatest climax by far that I have ever had.

My girlfriend's mother, the doctor, who sometime masturbates with us two kids every once in a while, has orgasm where she squirts out of her pussy. I never thought that I could do it too. Do you think that I can have more climaxes like the one I just had?"

I told her, "That was your first sweetheart but it is not going to be your last I can assure you. Yours was so super intense because my fingers were pushing up hard on your G-spot little girl. I will teach you how to find it with your own fingers so you can massage when you masturbate."

"When we fuck dear, in a little while over there on my overstuffed couch, I will try hard to see if I can give you another one of those squirting ones."

"Are we going to fuck now," she said to me? Are you going to put that big hard cock in my little pussy Michael? Oh, how I want you to fuck me man. I said it right didn't I Michael? You are such a good teacher. This school is so much more fun that any that I have ever attended."

I pulled her to the edge of the desk and started to open mouth kiss her. Our tongues danced together, enjoying the taste of each other. I then started down to her lovely turned up breasts, took one long hard nipple into my mouth, sucking ferociously, then worked my way to the other, giving it the same treatment.

She started to moan and told me, "Oh Michael! Don't stop! Don't stop! Bite down! Make it hurt!"

I had never gone fully deflated in the pecker department and I could feel my now almost fully hard cock pushing up against her flat belly.

I picked her up and carried her across the room to my office couch and stood her almost perfect naked body along side it. I then laid down on it on my back, my cock was anew and fully erect again. It stood straight up at attention like a flag pole out of my groin.

I pulled Julia over me, with her legs straddling my hips and said. "You're going to ride me now babe, on top of me. You'll take my shaft in your hand and slowly feed my cock into your pussy all by yourself."

"It won't hurt," I told her. "Just let yourself down slowly and allow yourself time to adjust to my big size. I will be holding you from going too deep or too fast with my hands on your shapely womanly hips."

I then said, "Since I've reached orgasm once and we're now in this position, you will do most of the movement. With you on top, I will not cum as quickly as before so I'll last much longer and give you a much better chance to climax."

With you on top, that means you're in charge and you can control how far my cock goes into you. Having you fuck me and ride me in this manner and having me go up in you slowly, your vagina walls will stretch and accommodate me and my size won't hurt you."

Julia was straddling over me. She took her thumbs and pulled her pussy lips apart as wide as she could and slid in about three inches. Her cunt was just flowing out her lubricating juices out her runny opening.

She settled down on me and my cock entered her, inch by slow inch. She shut her eyes and threw her head back then groaned out whimpers of pleasure as she descended slowly all the way down. In no time at all, her pussy completely engulfed my cock to its base. My balls were all the way up against her.

Julia then opened her eyes and looked down at me and said, "Oh Michael! I feel so full! It feels so good! I never would've believed that it could feel this good to have a man's super big cock in me. I'm on the verge of cumming already and we haven't done anything yet!"

She then rose up, almost completely off my shaft and plunged down slowly again. She again threw her head back, moaning in pleasure. I reached up and started to pinch and run my finger over her clitoris.

"Oh, oh, oh that feels so good, don't stop, don't stop," she squealed out. She moved up and down on my shaft while I played with her clit. Each movement she made became faster and harder than the last. My hips thrust up into her as she tried to push herself deeper onto my hard, throbbing cock.

Then about the forth or fifth time she made my ridged pecker thrust deep with in her she started something new. When she came to the end of my pecker with about three-inches inside of her cunt walls she would stop the withdrawing. Then she would wiggle back and forth on this one place in her cunt and squeal out in pleasure. Julia had found her long lost magical sex spot.

"Oh good God Michael," she said. "I think that I have finally found my G spot. Oh man your big headed cock end feels so good right there just inside of my pussy. Oh lordy, fucking has never felt this good before. Oh my, my, I can't take much more of this pleasure that your big thing is giving me."

Suddenly, her eyes rolled back and she started into her first man made climax. She screamed out, "Oh I am cumming, Oh dear mother of God I am cummingggg, aggggggg, aggggggg, fuckkkkkk meeeeeee!" Then she started to once again squirt out her fluid out her hot cunt around my cock shaft. She shook and shuddered, finally collapsing as her climax consumed her.

She rested on my chest, gasping for air. I allowed her recovery time. My cock was still rock hard and throbbing inside her. I hadn't yet reached my own climax. Julia raised her head up from my chest, looksEd into my eyes and said, "Michael that was as good as the last one you gave me with your mouth a little while ago. Oh thank you, thank you!" Then she started to roll off me.

I stopped her from moving and asked, "Do you want another climax? Then I asked her if she was multi-orgasmic.

Julia said, "I do not know. You mean that I can have more than one climax back to back in one time. I have read about women doing that but I never have done it."

"When I an unusually horny and lying masturbating in my bed at night with my six-inch rubber dildo, I have my first climax. But it has always been at least an hour before I got hot again and went after a second one. I never had any more than that, two in about an hour and half."

I said, "Dear girl, you and most women can have multiple orgasms. You just have to be trained young lady. And now that your G-spot has been activated, I bet you can have more than one climax per session young lady."

Then my still hard cock twitched and she felt me still deep with in her. "You haven't cum yet have you lover?" she said, "I can still feel how hard you are inside me. It is knocking there deep in my womb."

"I want you to keep riding my cock," I told her. Then maybe you will have another climax and I will have my own when you do."

She then sat straight up, still straddling me with my cock deep in her cunt and started to slide up and down with a renewed vigor. I reached up, took her flopping tits in my hands, pulling and squeezing on her nipples.

"Pinch them harder!" she cried.

"How much harder," I grunted out as she continued riding my shaft with enthusiasm?

"Let me show you," she replied.

She leaned over and took one of my own nipples into her mouth and bit down hard. I cried out under the pain and pleasure. She continued her pleasurable assault on my male nipples, all the while her slick, wet pussy was still gliding up and down on my rock hard cock, lubricating it further with her sweet nectar.

This was just too much and I fell off the edge of the mountain cliff and started to erupt in her pussy. I screamed out, "Oh baby, I cumming in your fantastic cunt girl, I am cummmmmmmmmming!"

She felt my hot jizz shooting deep within her. She reached her peak a few seconds later, crying out as another explosive orgasm rocked through her once again, "Oh Michael I am cumming too, oh dear it feels so fucking good, so gooddddddd, so goodddddddddddd!"

She collapsed on me again and was twitching and shuddering for several minutes. She then rolled off me and my now softening cock went pop like a champagne cork when it pulled out of her very tight pussy.

"Julia, you certainly got an A+ in your first day of school," I said.

She replied, "I never dreamed that I would get this much pleasure from a man's hard dick." She kissed me hard and added, "When are we going to do this again?"

I said, "Soon baby, real soon."

We went into my private bathroom to take a shower and wash the stickiness of our secretions off each other. I then surprised her by getting down on my knees in front of her with the hot water beating down on our backsides and substituted my tongue for soap and a wash cloth, licking her pussy clean of all my cum and our afternoon of passion.

I nibbled and sucked hard on her protruding clit. She took hold of the back of my head and pushed me deep into her groin. "That's so hot! Oh yes! God yes! Eat me!" she cried. I continued my assault on her clit and in no time at all Julia was thrown into her third wrenching climax by a man.

When we finished, we toweled each other off. As I dried of my beautiful new red-headed sex pet, I spoke. "How was school today?" Before she could answer, I added. "I love your big tits and all your beautiful freckles."

"Oh professor, this has been the best afternoon of schooling in my life! When am I going to get to study more with your glorious cock?" she replied. Then she wrapped her arms around my neck and pulled me to her for a sweet, passionate kiss, our tongues dancing together once more.

We locked up the office and headed out to our cars. I thought to myself, oh what a good looking future I was going to have in teaching this sweet and very young lady the delights of really good sex.

I hope this hot young cunt stays in my employment long enough to give her the full benefit of my sex education program. So far Julia is a great student but she has so much more to learn.

I thought on to how much fun is go to be to teach her many more positions that I can get into her runny pussy with my big cock. Or how I am going to show her how to properly suck on my cock and play with my nuts. And I certainly can not forget to give her the deluxe, almost too sexy for words, position of anal sex.

Yes, oh yes, I cannot wait to introduce sweet young Julia to asshole fucking. Oh GOD, what fun I am going to have sticking my hard cock in her tight rectum in my sex parlor of an office.

From that day forth, over the next five years, Julia and I had amazing sex in my office at least once a week, sometimes twice a week. She became very good at oral sex. She learned to give me the greatest pleasure. She wanted me to climax and to be satisfied.

To make her mouth sex by me better she let me shave and trim up her very hairy cunt. I trimmed her good and left a small triangle of her red orangey curly fluff on top of her shit. Of course after my barber job on her I licked her out good and she screamed her head off with the pleasure that I gave her.

When I told her I was going to cum, she would take as much of my cock down her throat as far as she could with out gagging. I would fill the back of her mouth with my sticky, white seed, and she would just smack her lips and swallow it all down.

I taught her how to give me snowballs. She thought it was so hot watching me lick my pearly cum from her snatch. Although, she thought it was unfair as she couldn't clean herself off of me when I performed oral sex on her.

I was the one to introduce her to mouth sex. Julia told me the she had started to masturbate at the age of 12, and now at age of 19, she did herself all most every day at home, in her bed, at night, just before going off to sleep. But she had never licked her fingers or tasted herself while jilling until we started doing the mouth thing.

So now Julia tasted her sweet pussy juices from her runny cunt almost every night. That girl just loved sucking on the finger that had been in her cunt or tasting of my creamy, tangerine flavored cum. Because of that, we were having some great oral sex in my office.

There were times that Julia didn't want to fuck or suck me off; she just wanted to jack me off to a climax. She would kneel on the floor in front of me, and with her hands, pump my big cock off to completion. When I came, she always managed to get her mouth over my cock to swallow my hot, thick liquid. She really enjoyed tasting my cock and my seed.

The sixty-nine position soon became one of Julia's favorite ways to get my cum in her mouth. We both would get totally naked. I would be on the bottom and stretched out with her sucking on my dick and her kneeling over me. Julia had her cute little butt sticking into my face, and I would bury my face in her ass cheeks with my mouth on her cunt.

Julia would take my cock all the way into her mouth, with my nine inches all the way down in her throat. We would always make sure the other achieved climax and tried hard to cum together. Like most of the women in my life, she truly loved oral sex: giving and receiving. She confessed that her climaxes during oral sex were her strongest by far as long as I did my thing to her G-spot.

About a year into our affair, I introduced Julia to anal sex. To my great joy, she took to anal sex like a duck to water with my long, thick member buried deep inside her sweet ass.

She started to give herself enemas at home. After her rectum flushing, Julia would come to the office prepared for more anal sex. While I pounded away in her ass, I would rub her clit and finger fuck her, finding her G spot and sending her screaming over the edge in a big climax.

We never became emotionally involved. It was simply sex and we were both in it for the pleasure. About two years after our very first sexual time together, I asked her, "How is your homework going, Julia?"

She replied, "What homework? What do you mean?"

"How is your masturbation at home going? Do you do yourself more often now at home? Do you still feel guilty after you have brought yourself off with your fingers? Do you still think that masturbation is something dirty like your mom told you?"

"No, no," Julia said. "Things are really going well at home. My mom now knows that I do it to myself. She admitted to me that she does herself too. Now my mother masturbates with me once in a while."

She went on about her home sex and said, "For over eight months now my mom has been doing mutual masturbation with my dad. Mom also said that in all their married life she has never seen him ejaculate until now."

"I told my mom and dad all about you, Michael, and how you're teaching me to be a great lover. Both my parents know about my boss with his massive cock. Mom and dad wanted to know the other night at the dinner table, when I was going bring you home with me so they could see how you serviced their little girl."

Julia went on to me about her new sexual home life. She said, "I have not told you yet boss man but I am now masturbating a couple times a month with both my parents. My dad wants to do me now and it is alright with my mother. But I don't know if that is right."

"Mom said if you came over to their house and after we put on a demonstration for them she could have the pleasure of your nine-incher. My dad's is only about five-inches long but as thick as you are Mike."

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