tagLoving WivesShare by Phone Ch. 01

Share by Phone Ch. 01


"Hi, hon," Steve answers his cell. "Things don't look good for getting home tonight. They pushed back our flight another hour and the snow shows no sign of letting up."

"Aww, man! And I had such plans for you tonight," Jennifer whines, genuinely disappointed.

"I know," he responds, equally disappointed. She has been texting lewd messages to him throughout the day alluding to their imminent reunion after his business trip. "It shouldn't be too bad, though, they're predicting it to end tonight, so I should be out tomorrow easily."

"But there's something I've got to tell you...."

"Okay..." Steve doesn't like the sound of this.

"I told Janet you would be willing to do the Scout overnight with the boys again this year."

"What!? Jenn! You know I hate that. I said I'd never do it again. It's unorganized, they don't know what they're doing and I never get to spend a moment with my own kids because Carla Younk manipulates it so I spend the whole time in that stuffy kitchen."

Jennifer snickers, "That's because she likes staring at your cute butt."

"Not funny! Probably true, but still not funny. Jenn, you knew I didn't want to do this."

"I know, I know, but Janet was about to cancel it because they didn't have enough guys. I thought I could bribe you with exotic sexual favors tonight."

"But now I'm stuck here and exotic... and, uh, things... will have to wait," Steve says, suddenly worried about how far his voice is carrying in the crowded airport terminal full of grumpy, delayed, business travelers. Specifically, he glances at the college coed sitting next to him. Just before his cell rang, they were in conversation and he was in the process of removing a virus from her laptop which is still sitting on his knees even as they talk. Another message box has popped up on the screen, needing attention.

"Hang on a sec; I was working on a laptop. Here, talk to Mandy for a second." He hands the phone to the startled young girl and turns his attention to the troubled hardware.

"Uh, hi," the young blonde cautiously says into the phone.

"Hi. Mandy, is it?" Jennifer smiles. "I'm afraid my husband gets a little tunnel focused when working on a computer problem and doesn't always think through the introductions so well. I'm Jennifer; my friends call me Jenn."

Mandy's giggle is a beautiful sound. "Steve has been just awesome. We were sitting here stuck in the terminal and he said I could use his mi-fi thingy to connect to the internet like he was but then all of a sudden my computer, like, freaks out. He looked at it and said I've got a virus that he's seen before. He is amazing. It looks like he's got it all back but he said he had to do something else so it doesn't come back."

"Yeah, that sounds like him."

Steve frowns in deep concentration at the laptop screen so Mandy continues chatting. "I can't tell you how much I appreciate this. I would be like, screwed, if my laptop was messed up. I wish there was some way I could show my appreciation but being on a student budget I've got, like, no money or anything."

"He really isn't a money-driven kind of guy anyway," Jennifer smiles into the phone, amused by the bright chatter from the young girl. "I'm sure adoration and thanks from a young, nubile woman will be more than enough to boost his middle-age ego. If you really want to go there, give him a peck on the cheek and watch him blush."

The beautiful laugh again contrasts with the bleak, travel weary atmosphere in the terminal. "Okay, if that will work!"

"What will work?" Steve looks up from the keyboard. "I think you're all back now." He hands the laptop over and holds his hand out for the phone.

"Oh, my gosh! You are amazing, Steve!" The megawatt smile is a ray of sunshine in the midst of the blizzard blustering around them on the other side of the plate glass.

"It was one I had seen before and I already had the clean-up tools on a CD," he shrugs. "Be a little more careful about opening things in your email inbox that you don't know who it is from."

"Yes, sir," she beams at him.

Steve grins at the beautiful young woman before turning his attention back to the phone. "What are you two cooking up? You've just met and already I think there is a conspiracy of some sort going on."

Jennifer laughs lightly. She really enjoys this playful, flirtatious side of her relationship with Steve. And it had only gotten better during their recent heart to heart conversations about trust, fidelity and their complete commitment to each other.

"Oh, we were just talking about rewards one could earn for doing a good deed," she says.

"About what?" Steve is unclear entirely what has just transpired.

Suddenly the softest, most delicate sensation brushes his cheek accompanied by that distinctive sound of an innocent kiss.

"Thank you so much, Steve. You are simply amazing. I can't thank you enough," Mandy coos, her adoring eyes lidded by seductively long lashes.

"Buh, uh, yeah, no problem," Steve suavely replies.

"Hand the phone back to Mandy," Jennifer demands. His eyes never moving from the blonde's sparkling blue irises, he silently passes the phone to his admirer.

"Uh-huh?" Mandy says.

"Did he blush?" Jennifer asks.

"Oh, yeah," Mandy laughs out loud. "You know that color of the inner most petal of a pink rose? That's about where he is."

"Hey!" Steve glances around, the hustle at this end of the terminal has pretty much come to a standstill as bemused business men find an entertaining distraction from their own growing travel worries. A touch of color now graces Mandy's cheeks also as she realizes her kiss has become the center of attention.

"Give me that!" Steve snatches back his phone but it is clear that he is not actually mad. In fact, if anything he is enormously pleased.

"Did you put her up to that?" he demands into the phone.

"Of course," Jennifer is laughing at his blustery confusion. "You've got one more adoring female panting after your prodigious technical prowess. It makes me wet knowing Mandy is coming on to you."

"Ulp," Steve is doubly tongue-tied now. He had zero belief that Mandy was "coming on" to him; plus, that kind of evocative talk is uncharacteristic of his normally polite wife. Somehow their frank conversation about trust when he was on the road and his assurances that though he may look, he has never, ever been remotely interested in any other woman has boosted Jennifer's confidence that he is hers and hers alone.

From under her lowered eyes, and with the cutest nibble of her lower lip, Mandy frets, "Did I embarrass you, Stevie? I'm sorry. Forgive me?"

"Psh. Whatever. Of course," Steve surrenders, seriously outgunned in this exchange.

"Okay, let me talk to Jenn, again," Mandy flounces, beaming with self-satisfaction. Without a word, Steve relinquishes his phone, apparently terms of the surrender.

He turns his attention back to his own laptop, somewhat relieved to get back to familiar territory where he is more comfortable. Besides, from the corner of his eye, he has been monitoring the exchange between the ticket agent at the gate and the baggage handler that has come to the top of the stairs to talk with her. He has seen this stuff a thousand times before. Even though nobody is officially announcing it and he can't hear any of the words being spoken, their body language and their glances at the blowing snow indicate that nobody is getting out tonight. A few clicks on his travel agent's website verifies the transaction he started about an hour ago has been confirmed -- he has a room for the night at the airport hotel. A few more clicks proves that he was right to do it early; there are zero rooms now in the entire surrounding area.

"...I don't know what to do. I'm sure they're there but I can't reach them if they don't turn their phone on." Mandy is talking on the phone. "Uh-huh? Uh-huh? Okay. Thanks so much." And she hangs up.

"Oh, so I don't get to say good bye to my wife?" Steve asks.

"Oh my gosh! I'm sorry, Steve," Mandy is dismayed at her own thoughtlessness. "Jennifer said she was going to somehow get in touch with my grandparents waiting for me at the other end. I'm sure they're sitting there waiting and won't think to check incoming flights to see that we've been delayed. I've left messages, but ... What's the point of having a cell if you never turn it on, right?"

"I know, my dad is the same way," Steve laughs as he redials his wife. It goes straight to voice mail. "Great. She's calling someone else now."

Mandy is now gazing around the terminal with an expression bordering on panic. "We are just delayed, right? We're still going to make it out tonight."

"That's the 'official line' but look at it, kid. The reality is that we're stuck here; they just haven't announced it yet."

Mandy clutches Steve's arm in panic. "Don't say that, Steve! I don't have money. I mean, they'll give me a certificate or something for a room. Won't they? I won't have to stay here, will I? Will you be here?"

"Whoa, whoa, hold on there, don't come unglued," Steve tries to calm her but in reality, her situation is pretty bleak. "Um, yeah. The airlines will probably issue stranded traveler vouchers for money off a hotel room. Maybe not though, sometimes they'll call a storm like this an 'act of God' beyond their control so they aren't responsible. It will create a ton of arguing either way and the airlines hate to do it. That's why they've waited so long to make an official call on it. Not that it really matters because a voucher is only good if you can actually find a room which I've just confirmed there aren't any of for miles around."

Obviously, speaking the truth so bluntly was a stupid idea since that fuels the rising alarm in the young coed. Belatedly, Steve recognizes the wild-eyed terror as all color drains from the girl's stricken face.

He lamely tries to recover. "But I'm sure that they'll have something for you..."

"Steve, I can't get stranded here alone. I'm terrified of falling asleep in the open and getting attacked. Ever since I was a little girl..."

"Hold on. Hold on. I've got a room. I had my travel agent reserve me a room here about an hour ago because I could see this coming. Let me run over there and double check that they haven't sold it out from under me but with the relationship that my agent has with the hotel here, I'd be surprised if they didn't hold it."

"That's great for you, Steve, but doesn't help me very much. What am I supposed to do?" Tears are now welling up in her brilliant blue eyes.

"Hush, now. It's okay. It'll work out. I've slept in an airport lounge chair before..."

"No! You can't give up your room! I can't make you sleep out here when you have a room!"

"Okay, then. We'll share. Two double beds; we're both adults, right?"

Relief floods her face. "You sure? I mean, you're a married man and all."

"You seem to have a pretty good rapport with my wife. You call her and explain the situation," he says, handing her the phone again.

Mandy smiles. "You think that will go better than you calling to tell her you want to share a hotel room with a girl you met in the airport?"

"I'll go check on our room."

Steve has no sooner left than two significant things happen. First, the dreaded announcement about the cancellation of all flights is made, setting off pandemonium as stranded travelers search for either alternate travel arrangements or overnight accommodations and second, Mandy's grandparents call her cell. Apparently, Jennifer has somehow got the staff at the other airport to page them and convince them to call her. She gets assurance that they'll turn the phone on tomorrow so she can contact them with an updated arrival time.

Then, she calls Jennifer to break then news. She takes it remarkably well, coming as it does from someone she hardly even knows.

"Yeah, it'd be stupid for one of you to sleep out in the terminal when you would be a lot safer in a room. I love my husband and he loves me. I'm not worried."

"Thanks for being so understanding. He has been so wonderful. I really wish there were something I could do to thank him for rescuing me: twice now -- my laptop and a place to sleep tonight."

"Don't worry about it. He is loving all the female attention, trust me."

"But I really want to do something special to thank him." She giggles. "And what I was thinking of really is inappropriate."

"Mandy! Are you suggesting you were going to try to give my husband some 'special favors' for his services?" Although she knows she should be scandalized and telling off the little tramp, Jennifer realizes she is surprisingly okay with this revelation. It isn't like Steve was out to cheat on her. Nor is Mandy out to "steal" him or come between them. She only really wants to express her appreciation in a way that she knows any man would be pleased with. In fact, she finds that she is actually kind of turned on by the idea. She knows Steve is keyed up and horny from all the texting she was doing earlier and there isn't a thing she can do about it from four states away. Could this be a way to love her man from afar?

"Um, yeah, maybe. Not that I think it would do me much good. He is pretty oblivious to suggestion and pretty obviously completed devoted to you."

Jennifer laughs at that. "You're right. He doesn't pick up on the sexual clues very quickly. He doesn't see himself that way so much. And he would never do it unless I explicitly gave my okay."

Mandy pauses. Although she has a healthy sex life and more than enough opportunity, she had never pushed the envelope like this, never really considered something this audacious. "Would you? Give your okay, I mean?"

"It would probably have to be more than just an okay. Knowing Steve, I'd have to push him into it. What did you have in mind?" Am I seriously considering this? Encouraging another woman to have sex with Steve?

"Actually, I was thinking about this before the whole hotel thing so I was thinking something pretty quick, like oral in the unisex, 'family' restroom -- about the only place in the whole airport with any privacy. But I absolutely wouldn't do it unless you're 100% okay with it."

A vision of Steve getting sucked off by a nineteen year-old on her knees, her grateful eyes staring up adoringly at his joyous face while his powerful manhood dominates her mouth fills Jennifer's mind. Jennifer adores Steve; why shouldn't other women do the same? Pride for her man surges in her and her heart melts in love as her vision of Steve pumps surge after powerful surge into the vision girl's devoted throat.

"This may sound crazy, but I think I am. I want this for Steve. You're right that he is more man than sometimes he believes. I want it if you really want to do it in appreciation of Steve, not because you can seduce a married guy but because he is a great guy that deserves to get sex if he wants it."

"Oh, Jenn, that's it. You are so great; you understand. This would be about thanking him for being a special guy, not like being intimate with him in the way you guys are. Is there such a thing as 'thank-you sex?'"

Jennifer laughs again. "I've never thought about it before but maybe there should be."

"Well, I'd like to give you some, too. How did you ever get through to my grandparents and get them to call my cell?"

"Oh, that! I've got a friend that works in admin over at the airport. They usually won't page people for you unless it is an emergency of some kind but Angela is a sweetheart and will let me bend the rules sometimes."

"How can I ever possibly thank you?"


"Anything, Jenn. You just name it. You and Steve have been life savers today."

"I'm ashamed to ask and feel free to say no if you don't, but... do you do anal?"

It is Mandy's turn to be shocked. "What? Jennifer!"

Embarrassed, Jennifer tries to cover. "Oh, well, see, it's really not my thing. It's just really unsexy to me and well, it is a huge turn-on for Steve. So it is something he brings up sometimes but I always shut him down. He's too nice to force the issue but I know he fantasizes about it a lot because he still brings it up even though he knows I can't bring myself to do it, even for him. And, well, I've always wanted to find a way to give it to him even if I can't."

The initial shock having worn off, Mandy is actually intrigued. "You know, Jenn, this might be perfect. I mean, I've done it back there a couple of times. It is kinda hot in a nasty sort of way and it can get me off but it isn't very intimate. I mean, it is something I share for the sexiness of it, not the loving, connection of it. In other words, it is perfect for thank-you sex -- giving and sexy but not intimate and relationship building."

"Mandy, don't let me push you into something you don't want to do."

"No, no, it's good. You just sort of caught me by surprise. It's sweet that you want to give this to him. I want to help you do that, especially if this is a fantasy for him. I want this to show my appreciation to the two of you, so whatever I can do to make it special for both of you is what I want."

"Okay, now I've got to convince Steve that this is okay."

"Well, here he comes now." Steve's eyes brighten as he picks out the perky blonde amidst the crowded terminal and navigates his way through the thronging flow of travelers clogging the terminal.

"You still talking to my wife?" he asks, good naturedly. "You've had more to share with her than I have today."

Mandy snickers, "You have no idea," handing his cellphone back to him.

"Hey, beautiful, what are you two cooking up?" he asks.

"Oh, you never know."

Mandy pipes in, "Hey, I'm gonna duck over to the restroom over there; be back in a few."

Steve nods to the young girl and speaks into the phone while admiring the cute girl's behind as she disappears into the throng. "We're all set on the room, if you're positive you're okay with this. You are the only one for me, you know, and so if you're the slightest bit uncomfortable..."

"No, absolutely not. I insist that she spend the night with you. It makes no sense to have one of you sleeping on the concourse; that's just not safe."

"Thanks, honey, for being so understanding."

"Mandy and I talked it over; everything is fine. I want you to stop worrying. Enjoy her company. I am the teeniest bit jealous that she gets to spend the night with you instead of me but I want you to relax and know that I trust our love completely."

"You know I have eyes only for you, lover. I promise not even to look."

"No! I want the exact opposite. I know you love only me but I'm not there for you to look at. You have my permission to look all you want. In fact, if you want to take it further, you've got my permission for that, too."

"Huh?" These are words Steve didn't expect to hear.

"I've been teasing you all day and promised you exotic sexual favors tonight and even got you tied up in the Boy Scout overnight tomorrow night. I've made promises I can't deliver on and I owe you. So, you get a free pass tonight. You have my permission, no my insistence, that you look to your heart's content. If there are perky little breasts or tight little tushies for you to fantasize about traipsing up and down the halls there or in your hotel room tonight, you go right ahead and stare. My only requirement is that you pay close enough attention to remember every detail because I want you to describe it all to me in graphic detail so I know what makes my man hot."

"Oh, Jenn, you are a naughty, naughty girl, teasing me like that."

"Hee, hee, that's what I want, big boy. I want you so wrought up that you can hardly stand it. I want you bursting at the seams. So, tell me, right now, what do you see? Are there any hotties there in the airport with you?"

"Here in the middle of the week it is mostly business travelers, mostly men. The few women are pretty conservatively dressed. It's so bloody cold here that everyone is bundled pretty well."

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