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Shared Vacation


We were tired, stressed, and overworked.

As we lay in bed after a busy day, cold rain beating on our bedroom window, Ann and I decided that we deserved a break from work, family and weather.

We searched the Internet, ski resorts were out, fishing not an option, but we came across a site promoting clothing optional clubs in Cancun. Jackpot this was it!

Then came three hectic weeks of rearranging our work schedule, canceling prior meetings, setting up a cover-up story and visiting our tanning salon.

The day finally came and we were off, as our plane touched down we smiled at each other and gloated at the realization that we were looking forward to a full week of sweet nothing! No work, no pressures, no deadlines.

Our first day was uneventful, we spent most of the day in the clothing optional pool and latter in the Jacuzzi, we met and talked to a series of interesting couples then left for dinner and a well-deserved rest.

While at dinner, Ann made a comment regarding a fellow she felt was interesting and had been exchanging glances with her all afternoon. This came as a surprise to me; I had been next to her all day and was unaware of the interaction. She then added "isn't this was you have been fantasizing about. "Her comment produced mixed feelings, I felt curious, excited and slightly jealous, while also happy that she was having a good time.

Next afternoon we were standing in waist high water talking to three recent arrivals from Belgium, when a tall, well built fellow walks behind Ann and starts whispering in her ear. She turned toward me, gave me a huge smile and proceeded to move off to one side of the pool where they engaged in a quiet conversation. After a few minutes I suddenly became aware that they were no longer talking but hugging, kissing as if oblivious to our presence.

The group became quiet, all eyes watching events unfold and as a party of voyeurs we watched them kiss, hug and make out underwater. It was a great show and I was caught between jealousy and a raging hard on.

After a good half hour I broke from the group and slowly walked up to them, her face told me everything; we have been together enough years for me to know she had reached the point of no return. I stared into her eyes and asked, "Do you want our room key?" In return a got a "Yessss and I love you". I watched her slowly get out of the pool, dry herself, wrap a pareo around her waist and leave, her buttocks and breasts swaying, hand in hand with her new found friend.

I stayed in the pool and kept up the charade, I followed the conversations but deep inside I was dying to know what she was doing. After about fifteen minutes I excused myself and slowly walked towards our room and was pleasantly surprised to find our front door and windows wide open. Interpreting this as an invitation, I went to the bar, got myself a glass of wine and proceeded to station myself in a chair just inside our front door,

In the past, we had played mind games, watched ourselves in the mirror while I had made believe she was making love to someone else; these sessions were intense but they had not prepared me for what I was about to witness.

The first thing realized was that this fellow was tall, Ann is petite, she is only five foot one and weighs ninety-five pounds sopping wet; this guy was way taller than my six foot two and he completely dwarfed her. The next impression is that he was huge; she was straddling him, slowly moving above him, unaware my presence. I could hear loud wet squishy sounds coming from the bed. She was completely stretched around a thick, engorged shinny cock. As she lifted, her inner lips would be dragged inside out till they only covered the bulbous tip, she would then push down so he was totally lost inside her and his balls were tight against her. This went on and on until I heard her say, "don't stop, I want you to come inside me now!" I watched his balls tighten, I saw her grind down on him, he grunted, she gasped then screamed while they joined in a convulsive embrace, then slowly becoming still, sharing wet kisses and moaning softly.

Still unaware of my presence I heard her say, " Now it is my turn" and as she rolled off, her eyes met mine; she hesitated, looked taken back but then smiled and mouthed, "I love you"

She laid back, he lifted her, and he placed a pillow below her buttocks, and gently separated her thighs. Even from a distance I could tell she was swollen, moist and gaping. And he must of taken some pill because I had just seen him orgasm, yet he knelt ready to enter her, still looking very threatening, stiff, throbbing and pointing towards the ceiling.

Far from looking worried she took him in her hand saying "you are still soooo hard", as an answer he laughed, pulled her towards him, rubbed his cock between her lips and both watched intently as he penetrated her again. He began to slowly push in and out of her; she threw her head back, her knees against her shoulders, pelvis pointing towards the ceiling, becoming one big warm pink funnel waiting to be flooded again. They unabashedly groaned, gasped and whispered as the most arousing sounds filled the room.

The increasing rhythm, her heels digging into his back, her hands pulling at his tightening buttocks while her anus contracted spasmodically told me that their mutual release was imminent, they then peaked, him grunting and grinding himself into her as she held on as if for dear life and moaned as another orgasm hit her. As they slowed down, the groans changed to whispers the movements to cuddling and they both fell into a post coital bliss. As they fell apart they acknowledged my presence, she turned towards me stared straight into my eyes and hoarsely thanked me.

After a while he got up mumbling something about having great time and thanking me awkwardly and quickly left the room.

As he left I slowly approached the bed and was greeted by the most erotic sight. Her hair was spread around the pillow, her skin flushed and coated with a thin layer of perspiration, nipples swollen and breasts reddened. The smell of recent sex permeated the room. As my gaze continued downward I saw that her pubic hair was matted, hairs and wet spots adorned the wrinkled sheets.

She smiled and asked; is this you fantasized? Do you like what you see? then exposed me to a view of her swollen gaping lips. I came closer, sat between her thighs and gently caressed her. She was stretched wide open, I could gaze inside her and see a stream of sperm running out her vagina, I bent over and kissed the inside of her thighs, and was gently nuzzling her lips when she took my face in both hands and pushed me into her wetness, erupting in another fierce orgasm. I could stand it no further, as I slipped into her I felt I was entering a well of warm soft custard, she held me tightly and I then lost myself in a wonderful well-deserved pent up orgasm.

It was only day two and it would get better!

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