tagExhibitionist & VoyeurSharing a Room Ch. 02

Sharing a Room Ch. 02


There is more talking and character development in this episode, setting up other action for later. Sorry if it moves a little slowly.


"So what are you thinking about last night?" I asked the following morning as Lisa and I sat down with our selections from the breakfast buffet. We had both showered and dressed for the day while our young guests slept in. Trying not to wake them, we hadn't talked much and I wanted to be sure my wife was comfortable with what had happened.

"It was fun. Why do you ask?" she responded, oh-so-innocently.

"Oh, I don't know. Maybe because you've always said you would do me great bodily harm if I ever cheated on you, even a little bit. And I did fondle another woman last night and I'd like to know if you're in the market for a hit man or a good divorce lawyer."

She laughed. "I've got you that worried, huh?"

"No, not really because I don't think it was cheating; I just want to make sure you feel the same way. I love you like crazy and don't want anything at all to give you a moment's worry. I mean, Terri is cute in her own way but you are the love of my life and I am not at all tempted to stray or anything."

"I do feel the same way. It really felt like a different and very erotic way to share my love with you. I saw the way you looked at her (she is beautiful) and I realized I enjoyed you enjoying her. I like making you happy. It was like giving you a gift and enjoying your pleasure with it."

I smiled at my wife as my love for her swelled inside me. "And I was surprised at how much I enjoyed you showing off in your skimpy lingerie. It made me so proud and my love for you just grows and grows. Even though another man was looking lustfully at you and even though you were obviously leading him on, it was okay. You're mine."

"He did have quite a reaction," she giggled.

"I told you you have the most beautiful breasts in the world," I grinned.

"So you don't mind if I 'show off' a little more?" she asked.

"I imagine it is unavoidable; did you see the state of the lobby when we came past? There are still people everywhere and I just saw another bus pull up. I don't think our guests are going to go anywhere soon."

"I'd kind of like to do it with the lights on next time," she continued.


"Yeah, I enjoyed my role as mentor to Terri last night. It made me feel 'experienced' and sexy. I think we can teach them something about how to enjoy sex. Ron can certainly learn a thing or two about how to please a woman!"

"At least not leaving her unfulfilled... oops, there they are," I noticed the couple entering the dining room.

"Good morning," we greeted them as they found us and approached our table. "Please grab some food and come join us!"

Both appeared refreshed, showered and cheery.

Conversation was surprisingly comfortable at breakfast, missing the awkwardness I expected given that we all shared a sexual experience the night before. Although no one openly referred to what had transpired, the sexual tension and innuendo between the couples, so evident during dinner the night before, was still present. There was a bit of wrangling over them finding another room, but we could all tell from the crowd swarming in and out of the resort that finding other accommodations was unlikely. Eventually, we all came to the agreement that the current arrangement was the only one that worked.

"Well, we'd best get moving if we are to make our tee time," I remarked to Lisa, finishing off the last of my omelet.

"You're golfing today?" Ron asked, looking envious.

"Yeah, she loves me and gave in to let me take one golf outing while we're here. So we've got a 10:30 tee at the Buccaneer."

"You know, baby," Lisa smiled sweetly at me, "it looks a little like rain." She pointed vaguely over to the horizon where dark clouds were, in fact, gathering. "I know I said I'd go, but I really don't feel like it today. Maybe you and Ron could go and Terri and I will do some shopping down at that little marketplace we saw on the way in. Unless you guys have other plans...."

"Actually sounds like fun," Terri chipped in. Ron didn't need to say anything; his face told the whole story. He might have been actually holding his breath waiting for me to agree.

"They say that some of the best views on the island are from that course," I made one last attempt to entice her.

"Ruined by the fact that I've got to chase that stupid white ball around and worry about getting soaked through in a tropical thunderstorm," she countered.

"You up for it, Ron?" I gave in.

"Absolutely!" he exhaled, beaming.

We left the ladies conspiratorially trading shopping strategies by the concierge desk and arranged transportation to the clubhouse. After renting clubs, the predicted rain started. Damn, did she always have to be right? At least we weren't on the course yet and it really was just a light sprinkle. But since there was a chance of lightning, they sent us to the bar for a bit. It was forecast as just a quick shower rolling through and they'd let us on as soon as it let up. We found a quiet corner with a view of the 18th green and sat down to wait it out.

"Thank you for last night, by the way," Ron said sincerely.

"No problem. We couldn't leave you stranded in the lobby. It seems to be working out fine to share the room," I replied.

"No, I mean with Terri; after I fell asleep."

"Oh. You weren't really asleep then?"

"Well, I woke up at some point when she was over in your bed."

"Oh. Hey, I'm sorry. I hope you're not mad..."

"No, no. Actually, I appreciate it. We've had a little trouble in bed and I usually end up finishing too quickly and she gets frustrated with me. I'm glad she was taken care of."

Interesting twist! I had wondered what would have happened if he had caught us groping and frigging his wife. Now I knew; he'd be fine with it!

"Well, you're welcome, I guess," I fumbled.

"We talked it over this morning after you guys went down to breakfast. Last night was pretty intense. When you guys started going at it? Wow, I have never heard anything sexier in my life. And that just made it okay for us to enjoy ourselves, too. But then, typical me, I couldn't hold off long enough for her to get what she needed. Anyway, I'm glad you guys were able to help out."

"Listen, it's none of my business but you need to find a way to get on the same page with your wife sexually," I said, feeling like I was intruding in his private life.

"Yeah, tell me about it. I love my wife. Our life together is great. This really is a case of: 'I married my best friend'." I nodded appreciatively; I feel the same way about Lisa. "But in the bedroom...." he continued, "I don't know, we've just struggled. We've started seeing a sex therapist and that's been pretty much a waste."

Whoa, so much for intruding. Looks like this guy really had a pent up need to talk.

"Lisa and I would love to help but ultimately, this needs to be about communication between you and Terri. Maybe we can help facilitate that. I mean, Lisa and I talked this morning, too, and we were turned on by last night. She liked playing the role of teacher for your wife and we'd like to see a way where we can help but we don't want to become a stumbling block in your marriage."

"Actually, I think you've helped already. We talked more honestly this morning than we have in a while. I think reducing her sexual frustration helped make it easier to talk."

"Good. What kinds of things are problems for you?" I asked.

"For example, she is real interested in anal sex. I don't know; that just kind of grosses me out. I'm just not interested. And I think sexy boobs are the most arousing thing in the world and, well, you've seen Terri..."

"Okay, but there are other things you like, too," I tried to coach him, a little taken aback at how freely he was discussing intimate details of his marital relationship.

"I have always thought that having a woman sit on my face would be sexy. You know, I, like, want to be tied down and just have her straddle me. But Terri's got so much hair down there."

"Have you told her that? Maybe she'd shave," I pressed.

"Well, no, I haven't really explained why I don't like to go down on her," he admitted. "But early in our marriage, when I licked her there, she said my mustache irritated her skin."

I paused a moment. "Ron, you don't have a mustache."

"Well, I said that was a while ago," he countered, lamely.

"Have you tried it since you shaved it off?" I asked.

He shook his head.

"Okay, so here's a place to start. When we meet up with the girls later, you can have an honest talk with Terri about what you and she like. Maybe it is time to try some things again," I suggested. I glanced outside -- the rain had pretty much stopped and it looked like the sun might peak through any minute. "Tell me what the sex therapist had to say."

Ron rolled his eyes. "So far, he had us take a survey of our likes and dislikes and our fantasies and he came back and told us that we're both submissives and that we'll just have to take turns dominating each other. Well, I just can't do that."

"Submissive? You mean, like spanking and bondage stuff?" I prodded him along.

"Yeah, or blindfolded even. I've always thought that being tied up, blindfolded and ridden hard would be erotic. The spanking? That's for Terri. She really does have an ass fixation."

Wow, if he could have hit on exactly Lisa and my own private fantasies, he could have not been more spot on. Blindfolds have never done anything for me but Lisa? Big time fantasy. And for me, to come across someone interested in being spanked and butt fucked? Unreal.

The conversation continued a bit longer, Ron freely sharing the most intimate details of his and Terri's sex life, or at least their fantasized sex life, until someone came over and introduced us to the other two in our foursome. Ron turned out to be a better golfer than I am, but both of us were better than the two older gentlemen that we shared the course with. Ron had a couple of tips for me and I think my game improved as we went along because of his advice.

I called Lisa on my cell phone on our way back to the hotel.

"We're having a great time!" she told me cheerily. "We've found some great bargains and saved you all kinds of money."

I groaned. "Great. Don't tell me the damage; just let me know where you're at so we can meet up."

We met the ladies at a nifty little ice cream shop, admired their purchases and made them promise to model everything for us later (they had some swimsuits and sleepwear we were interested in seeing). Then we split into couples to do some sightseeing for the afternoon, promising to meet up again for dinner somewhere. Lisa seemed eager to talk with me alone.

"I guess Ron kind of overheard us last night," she launched into it as soon as the younger couple had left.

"I know. He actually thanked me for taking care of Terri last night," I laughed. "I was worried he would be pissed at us."

"You and me both! But they seem totally cool being so open with us. They are so much in love but really struggling with their intimate time."

"Yes, Ron was pretty honest and really forthcoming with a lot of detail about that. What did Terri have to say?"

"She is pretty frustrated sexually. Ron is very 'slam, bang, thank you ma'am' and she wants to explore some different things. She really likes anal sex (she's got some previous experience from before they were married) but Ron refuses to try it." She paused. "I don't know what you would think about this, but I know you've always wanted to try anal but it just doesn't appeal to me. I know it is a huge stretch in our relationship, but if you really want that experience, this might be the only way I can give it to you."

"Wow. Honey, are you sure that's okay?" I grinned. "I don't want any hit men waiting around the corner for me."

She laughed. "I know. This is wild, isn't it? I never thought I would suggest this in a million years. But it feels like an opportunity that you might never get again."

"Okay, I'll consider it under two conditions. First, they've got to be totally cool with it. This is a relationship badly in need of some intimate communication. If only he'd talk to her the way he opened up to me at the clubhouse. I think we can help force them to have some conversations that will really help their marriage. Or if we do this wrong, we could cause some serious damage to their relationship or ours."

"I agree. I really think they'll be okay with it. We'll have to build up to it slowly somehow," she replied. "You said there were two things; what's the second?"

"That you agree to make Ron's number one fantasy come true -- being tied down, blindfolded and ridden to orgasm," I smiled at her.

She stared at me in wonder a second and then her eyes glazed with a lust-filled smoldering. I just lingered, savoring her expression. A moment later she roused from her reverie. "Wow, he did share a lot with you."

"Yeah, I have a lot to tell you. And he has a lot that he HAS to tell Terri. We'll have to bring that about. But right now, we've got some planning to do before we meet up with them again."


"Apparently, we had similar conversations this morning while you girls were shopping and we were golfing," I said when we met up with the younger couple several hours later. It was late afternoon.

Ron and Terri glanced at each other and nodded to me.

"I think all of us understand that you have had some struggles with the sexual side of your relationship. It is apparent, though, through all our conversations, even back to the airport, that you love each other very much and have a very happy marriage except for this one area. We want to help and that may mean a more open relationship for all of us. Quite frankly, Lisa and I are in somewhat new territory ourselves. Last night we ventured into sharing some private moments. Are you comfortable with us sharing even more actively with both of you?"

Both nodded enthusiastically.

Lisa continued, "We don't want to become a substitute for anything that you need from each other but we want to help fill needs that you might not be able to otherwise. If either of you feel uncomfortable at any time with what is going on, speak up right away and we'll stop with no hard feelings or anything. Okay?"

They glanced at each other again, seeking final confirmation on something that had obviously already been discussed. "Yes," they agreed together, turning back to us. Good. It was working, if they had already started communicating together.

Ron explained, "We want you to teach us to have the kind of relationship that you have, where you can be confident satisfying each other in front of us."

"Okay, then, to start: Ron, did you talk about what I said you needed to share this morning?"

"No, not really," he conceded.

"Well..... This would be a really good time," I prompted.

Terri and Lisa looked quizzically back and forth between us.

"Okay. Here goes," Ron started, embarrassed. "Terri, it's like this: I would like to try more oral sex as a way to satisfy you more but you are so hairy down there..."

"Ask nicely..." I interjected.

"Terri, would you consider shaving your pubic area for me?" he finally mustered the balls to ask.

Terri flushed, flustered. "Oh, yeah, sorry, of course!"

"It's not your fault, honey! Don't be sorry. I could never bring myself to ask," he apologized blushing as well. "You said you didn't really like oral when we tried it..."

"That was just because of your mustache. I'm sure it will be lots better. I'd like that a lot," she grinned shyly.

"Great!" Lisa burst in. "And, Terri, do you have something to ask Ron?"

"Um, yeah." Pause. "Ron, I know my breasts are, like, really tiny, but I still really like them to be sucked and played with. Maybe sometimes, like when I'm on top, you could play with my nipples?"

He responded immediately, sincerely. "Of course, sweetie. You seem self-conscious about them and I didn't want to make a big deal out of it."

"But by ignoring them, you ARE making a big deal out of it," she explained.

"Now we're getting somewhere!" Lisa grinned.

Terri spoke up. "I already feel like we've made more progress here than with that quack the 'sexual therapist' and his clinical survey to classify us into categories."

"Well, well, well. All this sex talk has got my engine running," I interrupted, "but I also think we are going to need some dinner before the strenuous evening I envision. I think a break for dinner to build the suspense is in order."

"Oh, boo!" Lisa pouted. "You're always thinking with your stomach. What about the spontaneity of the moment?"

"You know I'm right! You'll love it that much more if we prolong it."

Although they all continued to protest, the wisdom of it was obvious. We all needed some time to adjust our brains to the new relationships and to come to terms with what we had just bought into.

I know for me, my comfort with the situation grew and the extra time served to help me appreciate just how much my bride loved me to have helped set this evening in motion.

As we crossed the lobby on the way to dinner, Lisa grabbed Terri's arm and promptly pulled her into the gift shop. Ron and I trailed along behind, puzzled. With the younger girl in tow, she veered over to the small section of toiletries.

As we came up behind, Lisa leaned in and whispered in her ear, "Pick out a razor and shaving cream."

"But I have a razor I use on my legs..." she protested.

"But this is the one we are ALL going to use on you. Pick out a special one to sacrifice your bush to on the altar of love," she whispered theatrically.

The poor thing flushed furiously as Ron and I stifled snickers. To her credit, she did take a moment to seriously consider the few options she had in the small shop and then picked a razor and a can of cream.

Before we could move from the section, I nudged Ron forward. "And you pick a package of condoms."

Startled, he gave me an uncomprehending look. "Terri is on the pill; there's no need..."

"It will dull your sensations slightly and help you last longer," I explained. "And don't pick anything ribbed or ultra-sheer or something."

Arm in arm, Lisa and I turned and left the two mortified lovebirds to check out with their purchases.

Again, dinner was fabulous and filled with delightful conversation and sly, knowing glances in the sexually charged atmosphere. Of course we all ate too much and so I dragged the reluctant group to the lounge and the active dance floor -- another delay that was frustrating but necessary given our full tummies.

Okay, I'm not the best dancer, but we all had fun and the ladies seemed especially pleased with the touch of romance instead of proceeding directly to the "main event." As the evening progressed, however, our dancing became raunchier and our repartee more blatant and we mutually agreed it was time to move upstairs or risk really embarrassing ourselves in public.

Lisa took charge of the situation back in the room. "Okay, missy, we've got to trim you up a bit," she directed Terri to the arm chair in the corner.

"You don't want me to just go shower and shave?" she queried, hopefully.

"Nope, I meant it downstairs -- this is going to be an event and we're all invited," she grinned back at her lasciviously.

I'm not sure I had ever seen this sexually charged, confident, almost dominatrix side of my wife. But I liked it! Meekly, Terri turned to Ron and me for support. I tried to look stern and determined in support of my better half, but the way my excited heart was racing, I'm not sure how successful I was. For his part, Ron merely shrugged and looked to Lisa for direction -- apparently very ready to share his wife with us.

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