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Sharing My Wife


I had used the fantasy of my wife being fucked by other men in our lovemaking for some time. At first she was hesitant about joining the fantasy, although she clearly 'got off' to it. I say 'lovemaking,' although Sam has never really been into what I would call lovemaking; - a good hard fuck, anywhere, anytime, certainly, but lovemaking, not my wife's style! I know plenty of men who would love to give her a good hard fuck too, - I only have to walk down the street with her to see that!

I would only have to put my fingers in her mouth while I was fucking her to send her into paroxysms of wild bucking. I would say "You like that don't you?" You like the thought of a cock in your mouth at the same time as I am fucking you?" She would respond by saying things like, "I'll do anything to please you" or "Only if you want me to." She was being tactful in case I thought bad of her for wanting other cocks. It would take further prompts and reassurances to get her to admit it. I would have to reassure her that I was secure and say things like, "Now come on, you're a very naughty girl, who just wants more than one cock; - admit it!" Eventually I would get her to admit that she was a slut who just wanted to be fucked by as many men as possible. We would then have the most marvelous sex as she got me hard time and time again, telling me how she'd like to fuck other men or how she would suck them off.

I began to wonder how I could make this dream come true. I wanted it to happen, but it had got to be right. I didn't have to wait long however, before the opportunity presented itself. We were out for a drink one night in a local bar. I was standing ordering drinks while my wife chose a table and sat down. Next to me was a young man, who I would say was about 20 years old, - 24 years younger than my wife and I. I noticed him looking at Sam in a way I had become familiar with; - he was mentally screwing her and who could blame him for doing so when she looked like she did.

Let me describe Sam. She is barely five foot one inch, but to look at she's a killer. The most beautiful face you will ever see with gray / green eyes and full lips, (you would just know that mouth was made for sucking cock!) Her shoulder length black hair was tonight held back by a headband, which further accentuated her beautiful features. She has 'full' 36 inch tits (which she was tonight showing off with a low cut, clinging black top), a slim waist and she was wearing tight fitting leggings which accentuated her gorgeous, nicely proportioned ass.

The guy at the bar was taking it all in and I decided to encourage him by saying, "She's fantastic isn't she?" He was taken aback and embarrassed that he had been caught out ogling my lovely lady. He turned red and said "Sorry, I didn't mean anything by it." I said, "it's ok it happens all the time. I look at it as a compliment." I explained that down the years, I've actually grown to enjoy it as much as she does." I saw his eyebrows raise at this remark and I thought I'd press my luck further. I offered him my hand and introduced myself. It turned out his name was Ian, a six foot tall student who was home from university for the holidays. He was a good looking, strong built lad who obviously worked out, just the type Sam likes. I asked him if he would like to sit and have a drink with us and I could introduce him to the object of his desire. He obviously still felt uncomfortable, but accepted anyway. As we both made our way across the quiet pub to Sam's table, I noticed the look of bemused curiosity spread across her face. Little did she know that if my plan worked out, she would shortly be enjoying this young stud's cock being rammed into every hole she possessed. As we sat at the table, a vision of Sam on her knees taking Ian's cock down her throat to the hilt flashed into my mind. It was perhaps a good thing that the pub was otherwise empty as the tent my cock was making in my trousers was now quite noticeable.

I introduced Ian to Sam and explained that he was studying engineering at university. Engineering is also something I have an interest in, so this was a valid reason to invite him to join us. We all chatted amiably for ten minutes and then Sam needed to go to the bathroom. It was obvious she and Ian liked each other, so while she was gone I pushed a little further by saying, "You really fancy her don't you."

"You are one lucky man." he replied

"How would you like to get lucky too," I asked.

He was visibly stunned. "what, you mean?"

"Yes. We have fantasized about it for a while and I think you are the one. Are you up for it?"

"Well, yes, but you mean while you watch?"

"Watch and take part."

"Wow man. You're telling me you want me to fuck that beautiful woman? The answer is yes."

Sam was an interminable amount of time in the bathroom, as all women are! This gave me the opportunity to leave Ian at the table and wait in the corridor for her to come out. As she did I grabbed her by the arm and drew her to me. "There's a young man out there who wants to fuck you, and I want to let him," I said. She looked shaken and replied for me not to be silly. In response to this I took her hand and placed it on my raging hard cock. "Who is being silly" I asked. A look of cheeky excitement now spread across her face. "You are really sure you want to make this happen." she asked.

"Dead sure," I've never wanted anything more than seeing you with two cocks stuffed in you." I said.

"Then if you are sure, let's go for it. I don't want any recriminations after though."

I understood her concern, but assured her there wouldn't be. We made our way back to the table hand in hand and told Ian that we would like him to come home with us. I thought his eyes were going to pop, he didn't say anything, he just stood up and walked to the exit with us toward the car park. As we left the bar and walked out onto the deserted car park, I said to Sam, "Why don't you give him a taster of what he's going to get back home? Sam, without hesitating, turned to Ian, stood in front of him and started to French kiss him. Ian responded by placing one hand on my wife's back, while the other began to gently massage her ass. The sound of their kissing was incredible as was the sight of my wife accepting another man's tongue into her mouth. She began to gently rub his manhood and then broke her kiss to turn to me and say, Let's take this home!

I was astounded that this had all happened so easily and so quickly. I had half expected Sam to back down faced with the imminent prospect of our fantasy coming true, or for Ian to balk at the last moment, but fortunately neither of them did. I couldn't believe my luck, after years of these thoughts going through my head of watching my wife get fucked by another man, I was finally going to see it happen.

I didn't have to suggest that Sam sat in the back of the car with him, she just did. I started the engine to begin the 10 minute drive home through the dark country lanes. Of course the lack of street-lighting meant I wouldn't be able to catch much of a glimpse of what the lustful couple in the back were up to, but I didn't need vision, I could hear. The fantastic sound of them kissing was there again and as we left the lighting of the car park, I was able to see Sam's hand rubbing his cock and then starting to undo his zip to reach inside and handle his meat. Apart from trying to slide his hungry tongue down my wife's throat, I noticed Ian was massaging my wife's ample tits. About halfway home I heard an "oh, God" come out of Ian and I surmised that Sam had found his cock and now had it in her mouth. This was soon confirmed by the muffled moaning coming from Sam. I knew the delightful feeling of having Sam's lips wrapped around your cock and felt a tinge of envy that I couldn't participate at the moment.

Within minutes I swung the car into the driveway of our home, which was lit by it's own lamplight. From that light I was able to clearly see that Sam indeed had his cock in her mouth. Ian was holding her gently by the back of her head and slowly thrusting his meat in to the hilt before almost withdrawing it completely. As if to purposely give me a better view, Sam slightly altered her position and pulled her hair out of the way. I was finally looking at the sight I had been waiting for, - another man's cock penetrating my wife. It looked so sexy, I almost creamed myself right there and then.

I watched for a few moments and then got out of the car. It was more difficult to break the happy couple apart but eventually I managed to convince them to take this inside. As we all hurriedly made our way in through the door, Sam took my hand and checked that I was still OK with what was happening and what was about to happen. As a response, I just placed her hand on my raging hard on, (which by now desperately needed relief) and gave her a wink. That was all the encouragement she needed. She sat on the sofa and motioned for us to sit either side of her. As we sat there she began to massage both our cocks and she started to kiss me deeply. Although I was enjoying the experience, I wanted to see more and so I said she was being rude towards our guest by leaving him out. She just smiled and leaned over to Ian and began to kiss him. By now she had freed both our cocks from their cages and I noticed just how well endowed Ian was. Not only was he a good inch bigger than me at about 8 – 9 inches, he had a thicker girth. How would my petite wife cope with being fucked by that monster?

I stood up, explaining that I wanted to be voyeur at the moment and settled into the chair opposite, to watch while I jacked myself off. Ian slowly pulled the shoulder straps of my wife's top down and exposed her beautiful breasts. One of the first things he had noticed this evening was that she was not wearing a bra and this now made it plain to see just how excited she was. My wife's nipples, were standing prouder than I have ever seen them. You could hang your clothes off those babies I thought to myself.

Ian went to work on her tits, slowly massaging them, kissing them and flicking his tongue across the nipples, which brought a gasp of sheer delight out of Sam. After a few minutes of this she motioned for him to stand up in front of her and she slowly undid his trousers, which fell to the floor. As he stepped out of them she took hold of his cock and began to kiss the entire length of his shaft. She then began to take his shaft into her soft beautiful mouth. I watched in awe as the entire length of his cock was slowly but surely taken down Sam's throat. He gently fucked her mouth for a few minutes then, obviously getting close, he withdrew. Sam, her eyes filled with pure lust, looked across at me and said "lets take this upstairs." She then stood up and led Ian by the cock upstairs to the bedroom. She wasted no time at all, positioning herself on her hands and knees on the bed. She was going to take him doggy style, her favorite position. Ian needed no prompting either, kneeling on the bed behind her, he slowly but surely inserted his cock into her pussy. I watched as the head of his well proportioned cock slipped into my wife, who up until this point in our 25 year marriage had only experienced the joys of my cock. Sam let out a deep, guttural groan as Ian slowly buried himself in her to the hilt. "Fuck me hard," she said to him as he slowly slid in and out of her. He immediately picked up the pace, leading to further moaning from Sam.

I couldn't believe what I was witnessing. It was like a scene out of the porno movie of my dreams. I had expected the green eyed monster to raise its head at some point, but no, here I was enjoying seeing this well endowed young stud screwing the ass off my wife. Sam looked across at me as she was being pounded and between catching her breath she said. "Is this what you wanted to see? - your wife being fucked by another man?"

"Yes, I replied."

"Good," She panted. "It's fucking fantastic."

With that I walked over to Sam and placed my cock next to her mouth. She greedily accepted it and Ian slowed down his pace slightly to allow Sam to take me in. Now we were both fucking her and she was in some kind of ecstasy. Her eyes rolled backwards as she slowly closed them, - she was in some kind of pre-orgasmic trance as she experienced two cocks fucking her at the same time. I gently massaged her swaying tits as I felt the tip of my cock touch the back of her throat. I knew that watching these scenes unfold had left me close to cumming and that I wouldn't be able to last long. I also knew from the noises Ian was making that he was close too. God only knows how many times Sam had orgasmed within the last ten minutes alone as shudder after shudder enveloped her beautiful body. With a few more hard thrusts, Ian began to unload his seed deep into my wife's belly and the sight of this pushed me over the edge. I began to unload what seemed like a quart of cum into my wife's accommodating mouth. We all three collapsed onto the bed exhausted. I think we were exhausted by the supercharged sexual atmosphere as much as any physical exertions. Ian and I lay there for a while, either side of Sam, just playing with her tits and rubbing against her gorgeous body.

A mixture of the spent sexual energy and the alcohol consumed ensured that we soon all drifted to sleep, but I woke a few hours later to find the bed empty. I wondered where the two playmates had got to and wandered downstairs. As I approached the kitchen I could hear the familiar sound of Sam moaning and surely enough as I stood at the door I was greeted with the most amazing view. Sam was on her back on the kitchen table with her ankles resting on Ian's shoulders and he was ramming his rock hard cock into her as if his life depended on it. I just stood and watched this amazing, sexy sight for a few minutes and felt my own manhood taking on a life of it's own. The sight of Sam's tits bouncing was just too sexy though and I wandered over to touch them. I was greeted with a smile by Ian who said, "Hope you don't mind, but she just looked too good as she walked out of the bedroom to get a drink, so I followed her down to help her out."

"No problem" I muttered as I cradled the back of my wife's neck and pushed my now erect manhood into my wife's mouth, yet again experiencing the delightful tactile experience of her soft, fleshy cheek. Sam just moaned. Ian continued to pump my wife's pussy and it was not long before he was again filling her full of cum. I decided to take his place, but instead of having her on the table, I stood her against the kitchen wall and pushed my dick into her from behind. I told her what a beautiful sexy little slut she was as I began to fuck her from behind, feeling the experience of 'sloppy seconds' for the first time. She responded to my words with a smile as I slowly sank my shaft into her, asking me if this was everything I had thought it would be.

"No," I replied, which wiped the smile off her face. "It's better!"

"Good," she said, her smile returning, "Because I think I could get used to it.

This remark ensured that I picked up my pace and soon I was adding to the belly full of cum Ian had dumped in her.

"what a beautiful breakfast" she said as my cock twitched for the last time, "What's for lunch?"

Unfortunately, as Ian had to leave and I had to drop him off in town, it would be just me Sam would be having for lunch, but hey, there's a lunchtime every day and I knew Ian would be back.

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Good story!

Great story - thanks for sharing!

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by Anonymous05/31/17

I believe my voyeur side was present in me since forever but it was was not aware of it until an event sent shock waves throughout my psyche

After about two years of marriage my hitherto shy wife became self-confident, outgoing & (which came as a surprise) flirty with men.
It coincided with the moment she hot her first full time permanent job.

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