tagLoving WivesSharing Suzanne with Her Husband Ch. 02

Sharing Suzanne with Her Husband Ch. 02


Chapter 02: Solo Date

The following true story details the second - and unfortunately the last - time I met up with Suzanne. This time however, her husband sent her to be with me alone...

In the weeks and months since our first encounter, emails with Suzanne had cooled off considerably. We still talked every week or two, but it was mostly small talk with a little flirting mixed in. Whenever I'd make reference to what we did over Thanksgiving weekend, she'd sort of clam up. I thought this might be a bad sign, so I stopped mentioning it.

Maybe she regretted it. Maybe her husband did too. In either case, I decided to leave well enough alone. Meeting up with Suzanne and her husband had been an amazing and surreal experience. It wasn't something I ever thought I'd be into, but it was also hotter than hell. I was totally game if they wanted it to happen again, but didn't want to push things, so I pretty much left the ball in Suzanne's court.

Eventually the emails died off. I still checked the hotwife site from time to time, to see if she'd reinstated her personal ad. She never did. I'd all but chalked it up to a nice memory when I got another email from Suzanne a few months later.

It was a good one. In it, Suzanne apologized for having lost touch. She also told me how sexually hot things had been between her and her husband since our threesome. This was the first time she'd mentioned this, so I was pretty psyched. She also asked me if I was still willing to go on our 'date', since we'd never really had one.

"Without your husband?" I asked, as this had been the original plan. She told me yes. She and Jon had discussed it, and he was willing to let me take her out alone. They felt safe with me, knew I would be cool about it, and most importantly, knew that anything we did together would enjoy full anonymity. Of course I agreed.

I was thrilled to be seeing her again. Suzanne was likewise excited. We emailed back and forth over a week or two, and then she offered up a concrete date. It was a Saturday, and Jon suggested we meet somewhere 'halfway between' their house and mine. This meant we'd each drive about an hour and a half, and meet in the middle. Her husband had even picked out a hotel.

I found out later that they'd picked the place to again make sure there was zero chance Suzanne would run into anyone she knew. That day her husband was going golfing with friends, and then out afterward, so Suzanne didn't have to be back until late. We pretty much had the whole day.

I had the same butterflies as last time as I drove out to the hotel. It was a nice place - again, part of a big hotel chain. I parked facing the entryway so I could watch as cars rolled in. Fifteen minutes went by, twenty... with no sign of the car she said she'd be driving. I started getting worried that maybe Suzanne had chickened out. It had happened last time, before we actually met up. If so, the ride home would absolutely suck.

My stomach rolled as her little green Honda suddenly pulled into the lot. Suzanne pulled up, parked in the spot next to me, and took her sweet time getting out of the car.

I distinctly remember how awesome she looked. Suzanne is short and blonde, very petite, and extremely pretty. If I had to compare her to a celebrity, she looks kind of like Kelly Ripa. This time she'd straightened her hair, and once she removed her sunglasses, I could see she'd done this very sexy 'upturn' thing with her eyeliner. But the best part: her dress. Suzanne wore a gray pleated skirt that only came halfway down her thighs. Kind of like a schoolgirl's skirt, but with a little more class and maturity.

She looked at me and instantly I could tell she was nervous. She was shy to begin with, but now suddenly here she was on her own. Miles and miles from home, with a guy she'd only met (and yes, fucked) one other time before. She looked at me and muttered a cute "hi", then sort of just stood there not really knowing what to do. It was adorable.

I flashed her a broad smile, reached down, and gave her a big hug. Suzanne hugged as well, a little awkwardly since I was almost a foot taller than her. Without hesitation I pulled back, made eye contact, and kissed her square on the lips. My arms went around her waist and held her firmly there while she paused, for only a second or two, before kissing me back.

That broke the ice. I didn't realize how much tension she had pent up in her body until she went almost limp in my arms. She sighed and told me "that was nice". Suzanne admitted she'd been crazy nervous driving up, and even more nervous about me being there and making the first move. I laughed and told her about my own butterflies, then said something like "considering how well we *really* know each other, you'd think things wouldn't be so awkward." She laughed.

She relaxed after that, and things seemed very cool. Suzanne retrieved her purse, we locked our cars, and both turned toward the hotel entrance. Before we took a step toward the doors however, she put a hand on my arm and stopped me.

"Wait, I'm supposed to give you this," she said, and her face instantly went about a thousand shades of red. She looked down at the ground, shyly. "Jon's orders."

In her hand, Suzanne held a folded piece of paper. I took it from her, opened it, and will always remember exactly what it said:

Hi Dave! Listen, three things:

1. Take good care of her. 2. Send her home happy. 3. She's not wearing any panties (you're welcome).

Have fun, Jon

Suzanne was still looking at the ground, blushing so badly I thought she might burst. "Oh, don't be embarrassed!" I laughed, putting my arms around her again. "This is the most awesome note ever!"

"Yeah," she chuckled nervously. "Real awesome. It's not your ass that's freezing!" I could tell Suzanne's sarcasm was her just being nervous so I pulled her to me and started kissing her again. This time I reached around, sliding my hands beneath her skirt to cup her tiny bare ass. Jon was absolutely right. She was wearing nothing down there.

Suzanne began squirming her way free. Apparently she didn't get much in the way of PDA, and wasn't used to it. She was also deathly scared someone in the parking lot might see her ass. I let her go and we walked to the hotel, where I'd already reserved the room. As I checked in Suzanne stood pretty far behind me, looking a lot like a frightened kitten. She was still blushing, still nervous. Honestly, it was endearing.

Our room was on the first floor. We walked down the hall, turned a corner, and there was our door. I handed her the key card so she could open it. No sooner had she taken it than I was standing behind her, both arms around her waist, my hands gliding beneath her skirt again. This time I slid my fingers slowly and carefully between her legs. Again her pussy was shaved and completely smooth. She gasped as my middle finger found her slit, but she didn't move to stop me. Instead she kept fumbling with the key card, which she had already tried swiping three times without luck.

I remember how nervous she was, but how excited too. She kept glancing over her shoulder, to see if anyone was coming up the hallway behind us. No one was. We were alone, and the hotel wasn't that crowded. I felt Suzanne's wetness coat the tip of my finger as I curled it in, putting firm pressure against her clit as she flipped the key card into one final configuration. The lock flashed green, beeped twice, and she quickly pushed the door open. We practically fell inside.

At this point I took over because it was something we'd talked about beforehand. Suzanne was totally into everything we were about to do, but she admitted being very shy about starting things off. "You're in charge of that," she'd told me through our emails. "Once we're in the room, I want you to take charge of everything, you know... sexually." No problem there, I told her, but I also wanted her to ask for things that she wanted. I really wanted to please her, I wanted to know what she liked and disliked - what fantasies she had, and what I could do to make her as hot as fucking possible. She promised she would, but said I needed to be the one to initially take the lead.

Once inside the room I practically picked her up and carried her next to the bed. She gasped as I set her down, kissed her roughly, then pushed on her shoulders until she was in a kneeling position. Suzanne obliged instantly, without hesitation. It was becoming more and more obvious that she liked a more submissive role.

I took my cock out. I'd been rock-hard since the parking lot, and by now I was bursting. I hadn't even placed my hand on her head before Suzanne had swallowed it, taking it all the way into the back of her throat. I let out a long sigh of genuine contentment, then glanced down to enjoy the sight of her beautiful face as she really began blowing me.

I knew wasn't going to last long. Suzanne got straight to business, giving me some wet, sloppy, down and dirty head. This was exactly what we'd talked about - that she'd fall to her knees and blow me as soon as we entered the room. An ice-breaker, so to speak. We also talked about her swallowing my cum, which was something she was hesitant to do and had only done a handful of times in the past. "We'll see," she had told me, and we'd left it at that.

Her eyes flashed up to meet mine, and that was it for me. One hand buried in her thick blonde hair, I announced that I was close to cumming. Suzanne continued sucking until she felt the first throbbing wave of my onrushing orgasm. Then, without warning, she pulled my cock from her mouth and jerked me off over her shoulder, shifting deftly to get out of the way. I came buckets... all over the carpeted floor of the hotel room. To her credit she never stopped jerking me off, but throughout my entire orgasm I was in total shock. What the hell?

"I'm so sorry," Suzanne apologized. "I wasn't ready... I didn't want to, not yet."

"I thought we talked about this?" I asked, smirking.

Once Suzanne realized I wasn't mad, she began to laugh herself. "Sorry!" she said again. "I'm so bad at this! I've only done it a few times, and that was a long time ago, and..."

Without warning I pulled her to her feet, silencing anything else she had to say, and pushed her back onto the bed. Suzanne's hair fell in big blonde fan, her skirt riding up her thighs as she now lay totally prone. I climbed on top and began kissing her, and this time I slowed down and really took my time. We kissed for like half an hour - just kissing - slowly, deeply. I have to say it was a lot different kissing Suzanne without her husband there. Like instead of putting on a show for someone, it was just for us. That's the best way to describe it. Even later, Suzanne would say something similar. Something like "last time was fun for him... but this time is just for me."

As we kissed I let my hands roam her body. I went up her shirt, feeling her tits, rolling her nipples. What Suzanne's breasts lacked in size they made up for in perkiness. I also enjoyed riding my hand up and down her delicious thighs, both of which were smooth and porcelean white. Her skirt was a rumpled mess up near her belly. My fingers made soft wet noises as they played gently along her glistening pussy.

Without saying a word I rolled off the bed and knelt between her legs. I hadn't gotten the chance to go down on her last time, and this was another thing I looked forward to. Eagerly I buried my face and began eating her out. I started with soft gentle licks along her swollen outer lips before working my way in. I remember her hands going right to my head once I started tonguing her clit, and I could feel her quivering beneath me. I sawed a finger gently in and out of Suzanne's twat while I continued going down on her. One finger became two, then three. She seemed to really get off on the fingering part, so I picked up the speed and intensity. I was rewarded not long afterward as she came all over my face, telling me "don't stop" about two dozen consecutive times right before she reached orgasm.

We lay there together for less than two minutes before she got up. Suzanne walked to her purse, pulled something out, and handed me a box of condoms.

"No," I told her. "Not now." She looked confused.

"We go out first," I said. "Then we fuck."

Here's where the cool part of the rendevous comes in, and strangely enough, the part I really remember. As much as I wanted to fuck her right then and there, I also knew we had all day long. So I'd checked out the area in advance, and found there was a small town not too far from the hotel. Nothing to write home about, but a place we could at least get some lunch and walk around a bit.

Grabbing my keys and pulling my pants up, I urged her to leave the condoms, leave her purse, and follow me.

"Really?" she said. "You want to leave here?"

"Just for a little while," I told her. "C'mon. Let's get something to eat and come back."

She looked hesitant, but not unwilling. "Um, Okay," was all she said.

I can remember her smoothing her skirt out (very cute) before we left. And again, the *second* we left the room Suzanne got all shy and quiet again. It was like she was one person while having sex, and a completely different person when not. Breaking her out of her shell was tough. I guess it was just in her nature to be shy. Nice as hell, but shy.

But hey, this was what she wanted. Suzanne's initial ad mentioned that her husband was "allowing her to date" other guys because she had no experience dating anyone other than him. She was looking for this type of thing - this type of experience. It was beyond sexual. It was more along the lines having some of the fun she'd missed. That's how it sounded in the emails at least, and that's what I wanted to give her.

Before we left the hotel, Suzanne stopped in the lobby to call Jon. Not sure why, but this excited me. I moved away to give her some privacy, but still stood close enough to hear what she was saying. She told him she'd made it there okay, and then I heard her say something like: "Yes. Yes. Okay. Yes, already. Sort of. (she looked at me as she said this) Okay, I will. Okay, love you bye." I asked if everything was good. She nodded, smiled, and a minute later we jumped into my truck.

The town was five minutes away and a lot smaller than it looked. We parked, got out, and started walking. We held hands. This, above everything else I think, made her relax. We were in the middle of fucking nowhere, just an unknown couple walking around, holding hands. Suzanne started talking more, and we made some good conversation. When the ball was rolling I started asking about Jon, and how he felt about her coming out to meet me. She told me he was oddly excited about it. I asked if she was excited too, and she said very much so.

Now I could tell you I took her dancing, to a fine restaurant, had a bottle of wine with her... but nah. We saw a movie. It was one of the stupidest of all shitty movies too: one of those 'Scary movie' parodies or something. But the cool part was hanging out together. Suzanne started to relax and unwind. We held hands the whole time. We laughed and had fun, threw popcorn at each other during the previews, and made out a little bit before the movie started. No, I didn't fuck her in the back row of the theater, or get a blowjob, or any of that stuff. But I did feel her up beneath the safety of her skirt. Suzanne even spread her legs apart for me at one point, letting me finger her pussy until she squirmed so much she couldn't take it anymore. I nibbled on her ear a few times too, telling her how hard I was going to fuck her when we got back to the hotel, plus a few other things I can't remember.

Afterward, we got pizza. Sitting across from each other we ate quickly... by this point I think we were both pretty juiced up and ready to go. We hurried back to the room, slipped through the door, and just started kissing again. This time we stripped each other naked before jumping into bed.

I guided Suzanne onto her back first, spreading her legs, feeling the warmth of our bodies as I ground myself between them. She glanced toward her purse (condoms) but I'd brought my own protection so I retrieved one and handed it to her. Condoms aren't very erotic, but I always liked letting the girl put it on. Suzanne did a smooth job, then pulled me back on top of her again.

Slowly, while still kissing, I slid into her. Instantly I remembered how tight she was. Her legs spread wide as she wrapped them around my waist, arms drawing me in, my ass tensing up and grinding in circles on every downstroke. We fucked missionary for a good long time, just digging each other out, enjoying the feeling, neither one of us ready to break the embrace. Suzanne would alternate between kissing my mouth, nibbling my neck... that sort of thing. It drove me wild, and I started speeding up. She bucked back against me, still pulling me in with her legs as if trying to tell me not to move, or change positions, or stop. It fucking rocked.

Eventually I couldn't hold out anymore. I pulled out, pulled off the condom, and stroked myself slowly as I blasted jet after jet of cum all over her tight little body. Most of it ended up on her tits and stomach, but a few shots reached her chin and cheek. Suzanne didn't seem to mind. Breathlessly she smiled back at me, still squirming her ass into the bed. That's when I realized she was touching herself... a huge turn on.

Not wanting to leave her hanging I lay down next to her and placed a hand over her own. We started kissing again, this time with me (and her) playing with her pussy. I'd push my fingers over her own, forcing her middle finger into her pussy and making her fuck herself with it. She seemed to LOVE this. Getting a little more daring I took her hand and brought her fingers to her mouth. She sucked them in - both mine and hers - licking each finger while staring at me. Then she went back to her pussy again.

Here's where I started thinking I could push some boundaries. I started fingering her again, this time with the intent to make her cum, all the while kissing my way to Suzanne's ear.

"You ever been fucked in the ass?" I whispered to her.

Her eyes were closed. She nodded. The whole time, she never stopped rubbing her clit.

"I want to do that."

Suzanne grinned wickedly then shook her head no. I shook mine yes.

"No," she said, "we can't do that. Sorry." Then, a little more sheepishly, "But I'll do whatever else you want."

Those words shot through me with a lightning bolt. You've never really lived until you've heard a naked girl say those magic words: "whatever you want". They come with such forbidden, indescribable promise. The second Suzanne said this, I was already getting hard again.

"Anything I want?" I asked.

She nodded. "Well, anything but that."

I paused in contemplation. "Okay," I told her. "I want to fuck you without a condom."

Suzanne's eyes went wide. For a split second, I thought she'd go for it. Then I saw the uncertainty in her eyes.

"I...I can't," she said apologetically. "Believe me, I'd love to. But... no, we shouldn't do that."

"Ask Jon," I told her. "Call him."

Now I'd been fairly serious about the no condom thing (I was dying to fuck her without one), but I was only half-kidding about Suzanne calling her husband. Instead, she took me seriously and actually considered it. For a split second I could picture her getting dressed, walking down to the lobby... making that phone call. Asking her husband if the guy pounding her cute little ass around a strange hotel room all day could, pretty please, fuck her bareback. In the end though, she didn't go for it. And out of respect of Jon, I didn't push it any further.

"You can fuck my mouth," Suzanne offered awkwardly. The words sounded so foreign coming from her own lips I think she even surprised herself. "And you can, you know... I'll swallow it for you."

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