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She Wants to Become a Doctor


My husband, Ted, asks me to write for Literotica from time to time. "It's good for you," he keeps telling me.

Ted is a College instructor at a local Massage Therapy School. He also has a nice home practice, all women, averaging 6 to 7 clients a week.

I will tell you a little about him so you will understand this story better, without having to read everything he has written.

Ted is 6 foot tall, 230 pounds, with shoulders and arms to match. Years of working on people have built him up, yet his hands are soft.

He has some kind of instinct, a ESP that I don't understand, I just accept. I have seen him turn and glance at the telephone, saying, "It's for you!", seconds before it rings!

I have seen him rubbing his hands after a massage session with someone who had pain. His hands seem to suck up the pain, they get hot and tingle. They do it during lovemaking, too. Making love to this man is like the first time, every time. He just 'knows" every trigger and every mood.

But a few weeks ago, I came home from my internship week exhausted. Some of the days are 30 hours and more long, with a few hours sleep here and there, and back to it. As a result, Ted has been neglected by me, our lovemaking sessions were little more than a quickie two or three times a month.

I know that normal for us before I went back to school was at least twice a week, and sometimes when a situation came up that was exciting, it would be much more.

Ted will give a client satisfaction while on his table if they wish, he uses his hands, sometimes oral, it is all completely normal to him. He simply sees it as someone in need, so he gives them what they need, it's that instinct of his. I long ago realized it, and never really gave it much thought.

But in the last 5 years or so, Ted and I got into several sexual situations, we did a few swaps, visited a swinger's resort, and tried some exhibitionist fantasies. They were exciting, and while I enjoyed them all, the truth is that none of them could make me feel like he does!

I thought I was completely past any kind of jealously, until I came home for a few days, and Ted related his experiences with the two girls next door. I was exhausted, feeling old, knowing that my life wasn't exactly perfect, and here was Ted relating to me in his matter of fact manner how the girls had come over, and he had had sex with Lisa!

Now I knew they were coming over, I expected one or both would give him a hand job or blow job, but for some silly reason, I hadn't expected that.

Ted misread me, I blew my stack! It was a few hours before I got over it, Ted and I made love, his magic again, and I suddenly felt loved and complete again. The next weekend, when I came home, Ted seemed normal except for being more quiet than usual. He normally shares his whole week, I could tell that he was holding back. This is totally out of character for him.

I wanted to tell him of a couple of experiences I had, but I didn't, until the week before Thanksgiving.

I drove into the driveway Friday evening right on schedule, and the minute I walked in the door, I knew something was up. Ted had dinner prepared like always, we sat and ate together, just making small talk.

Finally I couldn't stand it any more, I asked him straight out, what was wrong? He told me about interupting the guy over at Donna's house, and about the police coming, all of that. It seems he had managed to stop an attempted rape, and got himself shot in the process. I made him pull up his shirt, and took a look. The wound had burned right across his ribcage, there would be a nasty scar but no lasting harm.

"There's more!" he said.

"You and Donna?" I replied, with a smile. He nodded, then spilled out the whole story. He seemed to slip back into the Ted I knew, and I found myself becoming arroused as he related the events.

"Sounds like you got taken care of nicely!" I laughed. Ted then looked at me, his eyes knowing. "And how was YOUR week?" he asked.

Comfortable now, I told him of my first experience since I started the internship.

Most of the patients that come in are sick, and I mean sick! So anything really sexual at the hospital is rare, except for a couple of the nurses would end up in an empty room with one of the Doctors from time to time.

I was assigned to Cardiac for the week, this means I have a bank of monitors that I watch. If one of the patients shows some signs of distress, I have to deal with it or get a Doctor on it.

On Monday a patient came in, gray as a sheet, the blood tests showed a mild heart attack. The odd thing about this patient was the chart showed him as only 29 years old! I went in to check on him, he was obviously scared. Here lay this young man, good looking, about 5' 8", slender and in shape. I adjusted his oxygen, checked the monitors, and went back to my office.

A few minutes later, the Cardiologist arrived, and came in and asked me to do the Angiogram prep. This involves washing the genitals, and shaving alongside them for the incision to insert the cathetor.

I went in, looked at the chart, his name was David. I explained the procedure, he looked a bit embarrassed, but said "Go ahead."

I pulled back the sheet, and had him remove the bottom half of the two piece hospital outfit he was wearing. I placed a warm towel on his scrotum, and washed him up. I noticed he was uncircumsized, rare at his age. He was trying to control himself, but his penis started to fill with blood. "I am sorry!" he exclaimed, red faced.

"No problem, this is perfectly normal" I replied. "In fact, it is a good sign!"

I placed a dry towel over his penis, now out to it's full length of close to 8 inches. I couldn't help but think, "Nice!"

I reached down with the fingertips of my left hand and lifted his testicles, adding some lather and swiftly shaved the area. I felt his penis twitch under my hand, and I let my fingers wrap around his length. Then I gave it a small pull, and spent more time than necessary cleaning up the lather.

Just then the Cardioligist came in, and told me I was the attending.

We got him loaded on the cart, stark naked except for the towel over his genitals.

I explained to him it would be cold, it had to be. The room is kept at around 60° for the procedure.

I watched the screen as the probe went in, and looked at his heart displayed on the screen. A small feeder vessel had pinched off for some reason, this was his distress.

But he was in luck, everything else was clear and healthy.

I rolled him back into his room, helped him get dressed, and told him the cardioligist would give him a report. He thanked me, then asked me, "How does it look, what is wrong?" with fear in his voice.

"Well, I am not a Doctor yet," I told him. "But you are going to be just fine in no time, it's really a tiny little attack!" He seemed relieved, so I left and went back to the monitors.

I couldn't get him out of my mind, though. I kept seeing that beautiful penis fill and grow in my hand. Later on, on my short break, I asked Mary, one of the other interns, to take over the monitors for awhile. She agreed readily, without a thought, we often swapped positions. As she took over my station, I got a washpan and some towels and went into David's room. I pulled the drapes around his bed, as he looked up at me with a smile.

"Rubdown and a washup" I told him. I stripped him naked and had him lay on his stomach, and began to massage his legs gently. I went rather quickly, knowing I had just about 30 minutes between rounds.

He moaned slightly as I worked out his back and shoulders, then I had him turn over, placing a tiny towel over his genitals. I did his chest and stomach first, letting my fingers brush lightly against his already hard penis. Then I worked his feet, and up his legs.

As I got to the upper thighs, his mouth was open, his eyes closed. I glanced down, the head of his cock was poking out past the top of the towel. The vein on the underside stood out firm, his foreskin was rolled back halfway.

"Do you need relief?" I asked him sweetly.

His eyes flashed open, he looked right at me. "Can you do that?" he asked.

"I am your nurse, I can't let you be in stress." I told him.

"Oh!" was all he said, and he lay back and closed his eyes.

I reached down and took him in my hands, feeling the silky smoothness of the young male skin. His erection was like a rock, I began to work his length, pulling his forskin all the way back, exposing the head completely.

Then I couldn't help myself, I leaned down and slipped my mouth over him, slowly at first, then more and more. I felt he head of his penis slip into my throat, I relaxed and let it in further. Finally he was all the way in me, I began to work him in and out. The sensation was wonderful, I felt my own orgasm building, then I came with a shudder.

This young man's cock was beautiful, suddenly he was coming and coming. I felt the force of his blast into my throat, I continued to suck and work him.

Finally, I pulled back, working his softening penis gently with my hands. "My god!" was all he said.

I quickly cleaned him up, and went back to the monitoring station.

Mary looked up with a grin, and said "Off the charts!" We both had a good laugh at that, she knew of course.

Ted never changed expression as I related the story, then he grinned at me. "I guess things are OK now," he said as he reached for me. The first touch of his hands slipping up my blouse made me shudder, I let my hand slide over the bulge in his pants.

"One more thing" I said. "I gave David our home phone number, and explained that you wouldn't mind a visit"......

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