tagGroup SexSheila's Awakening Ch. 03

Sheila's Awakening Ch. 03


Dave couldn't believe that he was discussing this, such a personal matter, with someone who was a friend, yes, but not that close.

"So what do you have in mind Dave," Bill Nelson inquired, " I mean do you guys want to come to our next party, would you rather just get together with Donna and me or maybe another couple or two, what's your thoughts?"

"Mmmm, well, I guess we hadn't thought that far ahead Bill. Let me talk to Sheila about it. I'm thinking that we would probably prefer just a small group. While I'm at it Bill, just how does it all play out? I mean, you don't just walk in and start taking off your clothes do you?"

"No, no," Bill laughed, "Dave, it starts out just like any other party. We usually have a drink or two though no one drinks very much, doesn't help in the sex department, know what I mean? ", and with that he winked at Dave.

"Oh, ok," Dave replied, " so you just stand around and talk and get to know each other but how does anyone know that, well that it's time to get down to business?"

"Well, first of all Dave, don't think of it as some kind of routine. If you do that it will just seem like some sort of chore. We start out and usually a couple will get into a conversation and they just begin to gravitate away from the crowd and things just flow naturally."

"You mean everyone's not in the same room having sex together," Dave asked.

"Well, there are times when it's a little more like an orgy," Bill laughed, " I mean New Year's Eve was pretty wild but that is the exception.

"Well, if we're ready to do this, how soon would we get together with everyone," Dave asked.

"Oh, I don't know," Bill replied, I think we could get a few together for this weekend since it's only now just Monday. What kind of a number were you thinking of Dave, I mean how many couples?"

"Well, how about Sheila and I, you and Donna and well, I don't know, maybe two other couples."

"OK, that sounds good for a first session, now we should find out if there are any unusual rules or anything that the two of you do not want to do so I can tell our prospective party attendees."

Well," Dave answered, " the only things I can think of is that we don't do anal, pain or any golden showers or anything."

"OK, that sounds reasonable because we don't get into any watersports either. We also don't permit pain and no means NO. There's just one thing Dave, you said that you weren't interested in another woman but that you wanted to be with her. That means that you are probably talking about everyone in the same room then."

"Do you think there will be a problem with that," Dave asked.

"Oh no, it will just have to be explained to everyone and they can decide if that's OK with them or not."

Bill glanced at his watch, " oh man, I gotta get going. I've got an appointment in 20 minutes. I'll give Donna a call this afternoon and she can get the ball rolling. This will be fun for her, I know."

Dave and his friend Bill paid their lunch checks and left. Both were looking forward to what they felt sure would be a fun weekend.

Dave worked through the afternoon trying to concentrate on a brief that he needed in two days. He would be OK for awhile and then suddenly find himself thinking about the weekend and whether or not he and Sheila would actually go through with it. He had become so certain that this was what he wanted to do but now began to wonder if he was getting cold feet. Suddenly he was startled by the ringing of his telephone. It was Maxine, his secretary, telling him that Bill Nelson was on the line for him.

"That's fine Maxine, put him on."

"Hey Dave, it's Bill, were you hard at work," he asked with a chuckle.

"Oh just working on a brief and trying to keep my mind on things, if you know what I mean, " Dave answered.

"Yes, " Bill Nelson laughed, " I remember what it was like our first time. Well, Donna just called......"

Dave felt his breath catch.

"And she says that everything is all set. There will be you and Sheila, Donna and me and two other couples. Sound OK to you?"

"Yes, yes that sounds fine. I mean if Sheila is still really serious about everything I don't see how she can object to that," Dave said.

"Uh, there is just one thing Dave, I've got to run this past you. These are all people we've been with a number of times. Donna made sure that they were all the most respectful, low key, non-aggressive people that we know. There is just one thing though that I have to tell you. One of the couples is an inter-racial couple."

Dave didn't react at first, it was taking a few moments to register with him.

"You still with me Dave?", Bill inquired.

"Huh, oh yeah, just trying to think what you mean. You mean one of them is of another race?"

"Yes Dave, that's it. Sondra's husband Ben is black. I just thought that I should give you some advance warning in case you or Sheila would have an objection."

"Well," Dave said, "we have never talked about anything like that and I know she's never been with anyone of another race but she's not prejudiced so I don't suppose there will be any problem."

"Well, you run it by her Dave and be sure and let me know if there are any objections."

"OK Bill, I sure will, and I thank you very much for getting everything rolling so quickly," Dave replied.

"No problem buddy, take it easy and I'll talk to you later."

The drive home was an interesting one for Dave. He would force himself to think about something else but his thoughts kept drifting back to the coming weekend. He had learned from Bill that everything was set but now he had to talk to Sheila about it. He had been thinking off and on all afternoon about just how to bring it up to her.

He had opened up the sunroof on the BMW and was enjoying the ride on this very warm but pleasant day.

When he got home Sheila wasn't there. She had left a note to the effect that she had ordered and gone to pick up a pizza for their dinner and would fix them both a salad as soon as she got home.

Dave took the opportunity to jump into the shower for a quick wash and to get into something a little more comfortable.

"David," she shouted, "honey ,are you home?"

"Yeah babe, just got out of the shower, be down in a second."

Sheila busied herself preparing their salads and drinks. It had become a tradition that Monday night's dinner would be pizza and salad.

Dave walked quietly into the kitchen, walked over and embraced his wife from behind, placing his hands on her breasts and pushing himself up tightly against her ass. "Mmmm, you feel good. Is it OK if I feel you up till your husband gets home?"

"Sure," she said, " I love to play around when my husband's not here," she giggled.

"Maybe I can fuck you before he gets home," Dave suggested.

He could see Sheila blush when he said that. She had an adventuresome streak and had agreed that they would do some swinging but he was beginning to wonder if she would actually go through with it.

He released her, turned her around and kissed her firmly on the lips. " You look very fetching tonight Mrs. Phillips. Sure hope that husband of yours won't be home for a long time," he teased.

Sheila kissed him back, smiling, " Glad you're home sweetie, how was your day?"

"Oh, pretty good actually," Dave replied, " how was yours?"

Oh mine was fine," Sheila replied, " just the usual housework and Monday is wash day you know."

"I don't understand why we don't just hire someone to do the housework and everything. It's not like we can't afford it."

"I have to do something David, you don't want me getting bored do you?"

"No," Dave replied, " we can't have that."

They ate their pizza and salad, continuing the conversation, Dave not being able to get up the courage to tell his wife about their weekend plans. Finally after they had eaten their fill and had sat back relaxing he decided that the time was at hand.

"Uh honey, remember what we agreed we were going to do, I mean, you know, getting together with other people for a little physical enjoyment?"

He saw Sheila blush visibly as he posed the question.

"Yes, I remember, why?"

"Well Bill Nelson called me today and he said that there is an evening planned for this weekend at their house and they are expecting us. Is that OK?"

Sheila could feel her stomach doing flip flops. She couldn't say no. Not after they had discussed it and agreed that they wanted to do this. Actually, she had been thinking about it and decided that it really did sound exciting. It was just a little scary though.

She gulped and then said...."Sure, I guess that's OK. I know I'm gonna be nervous but, sure, that's OK."

Dave was inwardly celebrating, not knowing if when push came to shove she would actually go through with it and was a little surprised at how easily she had answered.

" Bill said it will just be a small group, no more than 2 or 3 other couples. He said that Donna picked them all because they are easy going, respectful and nice."

"Well, that's good, I'm glad they were selective," Sheila replied, " I just hope I won't freak out or anything."

"Don't worry Sheila," Dave said, " you'll be fine, we'll both be fine. It'll just be a nice relaxing evening. An exciting evening I hope, but relaxing."

After the dishes were done and the evening paper had been read, Dave decided an evening of lovemaking might be in order. He was really primed after all the day's planning. Shortly they were locked in an embrace.

"Are you going to be jealous if you see me with someone else David," Sheila asked.

"Jealous, no I don't think so. I'll probably be too turned on to be jealous."

"And are you going to enjoy one of the other ladies who come to the party?" she asked.

"No babe, I don't plan on it anyway. You see, I can't really explain it but I'm not turned on by the the thought of being with someone else. I'm incredibly turned on though at the thought of watching you with someone else."

"There's just one thing David, will you stay with me, I mean hold my hand or caress me or something while it's happening? I just don't think I could go off to another room or something."

"Well, I told Bill that you would want me to be with you and he said it was OK. He said they will just use one big room. They have a finished basement and it is one big room, all carpeted, furniture, TV, everything."

They were lying across the bed as they talked and at this point Sheila reached across, took Dave's hand and placed it on her left breast.

The remainder of the evening was spent in passionate lovemaking. Sheila had several orgasms which was not usual for her, and Dave came twice. He felt sure it was because of the evening's conversation and the pending weekend activity. He was spooning her as they both fell asleep, both of them thinking of the coming party.

It seemed to Dave that the week just crawled. He could not keep from thinking about the weekend and the way that Sheila fumbled around, dropping things, forgetting to do things, he was pretty sure that she too was having problems keeping her mind off of what they were about to experience.

Bill Nelson called him on Friday to make sure that everything was still a go.

"There will be a total of eight of us Dave," Bill stated, " you and Sheila, Donna and I, Tony and Nell Donaldson, and Ben and Sondra Tate. Ben is the black guy. You did tell Sheila about him didn't you?"

Dave hesitated for a moment before answering, " well ,no, actually I didn't."

"What," Bill asked incredulously, " are you just going to wait and let her see for herself?"

"Here's what I think," Dave said, " I think if I make a big deal out of it beforehand she might start to feel like it's something she shouldn't do. If it just happens, I think she will feel like it's no big deal."

"Well, l I sure hope you know what you're doing," Bill said.

Friday evening found both Dave and Sheila in anticipation of the next evening's activity. Sheila hinted that she would like to have sex but Dave was determined not to. He wanted both of them in a heightened state of excitement at the Nelson's party.

The trip to Bill and Donnas' was driven almost entirely in silence. Dave knew that he was a little nervous in anticipation of what was to come and he felt sure that Sheila was too.

Donna answered the doorbell with a smile and a "hello to the Phillips. Come on in kids."

Donna was dressed in a tight cotton top with a ton of cleavage showing. She had on a pair of tight shorts that left pretty much nothing to the imagination.

Bill approached from behind her with a giant smile on his face.

"Hi guys, glad you're here. I was just getting ready to head downstairs, c'mon. Donna can be the greeter up here. I'll show you the playroom."

Sheila had her arm on his and he could feel her stiffen a little at the word playroom but then she seemed to relax.

The basement family room was gorgeous. It was also big. It appeared to be about 20 ft. wide and nearly 30 ft. long. The entire area was carpeted with the kind of carpet that you felt would just let you sink in to your knees. The room was lighted with indirect lighting. There were three large couches placed in a half circle and there was a giant flat screen TV at the end of the room. There was a beautiful built-in bar at the other end.

"How about a drink you two?" Bill inquired.

"Maybe just a wine cooler or something," Dave replied. "Sheila's not much of a drinker and for that matter neither am I."

"That's another thing you will discover about our friends Sheila, you won't see any heavy drinking. For one thing, it doesn't help with the performance. You know what I mean? As he said that, Bill winked at Sheila. She could feel her face reddening. She sure hoped she could enjoy herself tonight without getting too embarrassed.

"Here you go Dave, and here's yours Sheila, and here comes our next guests. Guys, I want you to meet Tony and Nell Donaldson, Tony and Nell, this is David and Sheila Phillips."

The two men shook hands while the ladies embraced, then Nell planted her boobs, which were quite large, in Dave's chest and gave him a quick kiss on the lips. Dave was a little surprised and turned to see that Tony had embraced Sheila and planted a kiss on her lips. Tony lingered there for a moment or two and Dave was surprised to see that Sheila didn't object. He guessed that she was adjusting to the entire scene already. Nell and her husband each grabbed a wine cooler and relaxed on the other couch. Tony was short but very muscular with black hair. He appeared in great shape. Nell was dark haired also with almost an Italian look. She was a little curvy, not fat by any means, just voluptuous.

"So, now I don't want to be too forward but I hear that this is your first time, uh, getting together with others," Tony smiled as he spoke.

He was addressing Sheila but Dave started to speak as he was sure that Sheila was too backward to talk.

"Yes it is. We've talked about it though," Sheila continued, " and we decided that it was time we did something to keep the magic going. You know, a little excitement in our relationship."

Dave was shocked that Sheila was so outgoing with strangers like this particularly with the subject being discussed. It couldn't be the wine as she had only taken a couple of sips.

Just then Bill appeared on the stairway again.

"OK gang, here's our last couple. This is Ben and Sondra Tate. Ben and Sondra, this is Sheila and Dave Phillips," he continued, " and these other two bums you already know," he said chuckling.

Donna had followed them down the stairway and the eight of them settled in on the couches, each with a wine cooler in hand.

Dave had watched Sheila closely as she realized that one of the eight of them was a black man. He had hoped that he would not see panic on her face and was pleased to see her eyes sparkling as she looked Ben up and down. Ben was not extremely dark but was very obviously African-American. He was a little taller than Dave and Dave was six feet tall. He was also very well developed, as if he may have lifted weights regularly.

Ben moved gracefully over to where Dave and Sheila were sitting.

"Good evening Sheila, I'm pleased to meet you," he said as he took Sheila's hand softly in his. He then turned, reached out and shook Dave's hand.

"Dave, it's great to meet you," Ben said, " I understand that you are also an attorney. Hope that doesn't mean that I have to be careful what I do tonight."

"No way," Dave laughed, " I'm just here as Dave, wanting a good time, nothing else."

"Great," said Ben, " we usually have a very good time here at Bill and Donnas'."

"Dave, your wife is beautiful woman," Ben said, looking all the time at Sheila. This caused Sheila to blush like a schoolgirl.

"Thank you Ben," said Sheila, " that's very nice of you to say," she commented with a smile.

Dave was once again surprised that Sheila had reacted this way. For a moment Dave wondered if she was going to like this scene a little too much. He decided that she was just being social and that pleased him.

The pace was starting to quicken. Dave looked across the room and there was Tony embracing Donna from behind with his hands up under her shirt. It was obvious that Donna was not wearing a bra as her nipples were about to punch a hole in her top. She was smiling , with her eyes closed, moving her ass against the front of his pants.

Dave had to turn sharply to his left to see what Bill was doing and discovered that he was on his knees with his hand under Sondra's skirt. Sondra had relaxed back against the couch and now spread her legs wide.

Dave could see that she was not wearing panties and Bill now had open access to her pussy. Bill leaned forward and began to tongue her slit. Ben had wandered over and put his hands down his wife's top and was pinching her nipples.

He looked back to Donna and she had removed her shorts. Tony had taken off her top and began sucking on her nipples which were now enormous. He was surprised to see Nell walk over, get on her knees and begin licking Donnas' clit. "Oh Lord," he thought, " If Sheila sees this she will freak."

He glanced at his wife and discovered that Sheila was watching the action with interest. She seemed especially fascinated by Nell and Donna. He decided that she was mesmerized by all the action as she slowly moved her hand under her skirt. He could tell that she was lightly stimulating herself.

"Honey, let me do that for you," Ben said softly to Sheila. Sheila looked at him blankly for a second, then smiled and pulled her skirt up around her waist.

As Dave watched Ben moved to his knees and very gently started to massage Sheila's pussy through her panties. Sheila had worn the light blue ones that always drove Dave crazy. Dave raised up a bit and looked and could see that her panties were soaked thru.

He looked across the room and Tony had bent Donna over the arm of the couch and entered her from behind. He was pumping away forcefully as Nell sucked on her tits.

He turned toward Bill again and discovered that Bill was now completely nude as was Sondra. He was sitting on the couch with Sondra straddling him, impaled on his cock and pumping away. He decided that Sondra had one of the hottest asses he had seen in a long time.

He realized that in the cock department he was in good shape. Tony was about the same size as Dave and Bill was a little smaller though it was obvious that he knew what to do with it.

The room was beginning to fill with both the noises and aroma of unbridled sex. He felt his own cock through his trousers and realized that he was hard as a rock. He maneuvered it so that it would be a little more comfortable. The room was really starting to rock now. His friends, including his new friends, were banging away like crazy. Suddenly he realized that he hadn't checked on Sheila. He turned to look and actually gasped.

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