tagNonHumanShe'll Beg

She'll Beg


All characters in the story are 18+. This is my first story so feedback would be appreciated. Enjoy!! :)


"I don't know. What if park patrol comes around?" Tyler shuffled his feet, kicking up dead leaves which had gathered in the parking lot. He and I had met today at our usual park to hang out, talk, maybe kiss a bit. Today I wanted to try something new.

"Don't be a pussy!" I laughed, pushing him gently toward the woods. "No one will see us. Park patrol doesn't come around until much later at night and it's too cold for any families to show up to push little Jimmy on the swing or whatever. Don't tell me you're not horny, babe. We've been all but groping each other for an hour!" I leaned against him, kissing his neck in just the right place, letting my tongue trace a small heart right under his ear. I heard him moan and slid my hand down to feel the bulge in his pants. God I loved doing that, feeling how hard I make him and knowing it would be inside me if I played my cards right.

"We don't even have a blanket, Vanessa. We'll get dirty." I could tell he was going to give in. Who cares about getting dirty while writhing around naked, feeling the warmth of orgasm growing second by second with every thrust?

"Yes, we will." I smiled toothily at him, pushing my breasts into his chest. "Dirty and wet and sticky and messy... you'll love it." Taking his hand, I led him into the woods, down a barely-there trail I had explored earlier in the week. "It's right around this bend, sweetheart."

And there it was. The small clearing was grassy, without any rocks or many twigs. It was completely surrounded by trees and dense shrubbery that had nearly hidden the trail leading into it. The falling leaves had made a sort of blanket over the dying grass, reds and browns overlaying to form a quilt. With every gust of wind, a few more leaves would gently twirl to the ground. It was beautiful, it was magical, and it was ours.

Slowly, I turned to see Tyler in the fading light which sifted through the nearly bare tree limbs. There was a hunger in his eyes and as I strode closer to him, he licked his lips. Raising my arms, I winked up him. Knowing what to do, he slowly tugged my shirt over my head, kissing my neck with a nip of teeth. I sighed, and in a rush pulled his shirt off so we could be skin on skin after removing my bra as well. My nipples brushed his chest, immediately hardening, begging to be touched.

Tyler pulled me to the ground, both of us on our knees, kissing with a desperation that made our tongues dance and battle for control of the other's mouth. Sensing his hands in my hair, I braced myself knowing what was to come. Still, knowing didn't prepare me enough as he pulled my hair hard, forcing my head back to get a better angle at my throat. He bit there, making me yelp and moan loudly, and sucked, leaving a beautiful purple mark which declared me his.

With a ferocity growing from the warmth between my legs, I crawled on top of him, grinding myself against the hard bulge in his pants, even harder than before. Shimmying down him, I pulled his pants down, revealing the gorgeous, huge red cock. Not bothering to take his pants completely off, I leaned over and licked from base to head, savoring the salty taste. Slowly, my mouth closed over him and I forced my mouth down, engulfing his cock in my throat. Gagging, I pulled back a bit and used my hand for more friction at the base while I bobbed up and down over the head. I heard him groan and it gave me a strong feeling of power, knowing it was me making him feel this way. Twirling my tongue around the head, I remove my mouth to much disappointment from Tyler. Smiling, and looking him in the eye, I gently suck his balls into my mouth. So softly, I run my tongue over them and watch as his eyes close.

"Sweet Jesus, you're going to make me cum baby. Don't stop." But I do. I release his balls from my mouth, replacing it with my hand and deep throat him again. The taste of pre-cum makes me moan and sets my pussy on fire with arousal. With my free hand, I grab his ass cheek in an attempt to get him even deeper in my mouth. As my nails dig in, Tyler lets out a loud grunt and his seed erupts in my mouth.

"Fuck yes baby. Yeah swallow it, ugh, yeah. Suck that dick. Oh fuck." He bucks beneath me as he finishes spurting the huge load and a bit leaks out of my mouth. I sit up and wipe it off my chin, sucking it off my fingers with fervor.

"Holy hell you're delicious." I love the taste of his salty jizz, but now I'm hornier than ever. "I need you hard again sweetie. I need you inside me. Fuck me 'til I scream." My hand as found its way down my jeans and I feel myself soaking through my panties.

"Let me play with those titties. Get over here, Vanessa." He roughly pulls me to the ground beneath him and immediately his mouth his on my breasts. Dancing over my diamond nipples, his tongue feels like fire and I moan for him not to stop. He starts nipping at one, using his hand to pinch and pull the other while I shudder and beg for more as I feel his hardness pushing against my thigh.

"Take my fucking pants off. I need you. Oh fuck, I want you deep." He hears my desperation and must know I'm on the verge of cumming as he nearly rips my pants and panties off in one swift motion. I put my knees over his shoulders as he leans down over me. Finally, I feel his cock pushing against the outer folds of my wetness. "Fuck yes, oh God, do me hard baby, put it in." But suddenly he stops, looking into the woods above me.

"Did you hear that?" I grab his shoulders and throw my head back in desperation.

"ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING??" He wiggles off of me even as I try to impale myself on his cock.

"No, I'm serious. I heard something. Who's there?" He stands and starts to pull up his pants.

"Get back down here. There's no one out here, just me and you and my sadly empty pussy. Come fuck me, lover." I give him my best come-hither look but he's paying no attention to me. I officially start to pout and feel my face flush with anger as he keeps walking away.

"Vanessa there is someone out there. Get your clothes on." At this point I'm incredulous. I stand and walk over to him still completely nude.

"No! I haven't cum yet! Get back here! I don't care if its Jesus himself come to say shame on us for fucking like animals in the woods. I need your cock. Now." With that I reach down to rub him through his pants.

Instead of turning to me, he pushed me aside. With the loss of balance and the uneven ground, I fell on my ass. Now to the point of fury, I start to stand to scream at him. But then I notice movement in the woods ahead of us.

Thinking it was park patrol, I turn to run for my clothes.

"Don't move, little one." I freeze. The voice doesn't sound natural. It's low and gravelly. I'm afraid to turn and look.

"What the hell are you?" I hear Tyler whisper shakily. Next thing I know, I hear a sickening crunch and suddenly Tyler is quiet. Finally able to move, I turn to see him slumped on the ground, bleeding. Unmoving.

"You killed him! What are you??" My eyes shift from Tyler's broken body to the form standing beside him. It has dark skin. It looks rough, like broken stone laid over flesh. It's wearing black slacks and not much else. Its eyes are horribly dark, not black, but nearly so, such a shade of red as they are. I realize it's male as I comprehend the low voice... and the frighteningly large bulge in the front of its trousers.

"Well, little one, I'm certainly not Jesus." It laughs, a grating, mocking sound, as it references my earlier frustration at Tyler. "But I'm here to help with your sickness, such as I see pride. I saw your surge of power while you were with him, manipulating him, ordering him about. Do you know how wrong it is for a woman to demand anything from a man? Don't you know you creatures were made to be beneath the male of your species? Not that the pathetic creature you were with was much of a male." He laughed again, moving toward me.

"Please. Please don't hurt me." I look at Tyler's body and feel a tear move down my face. My earlier fury and indignation is gone, horror and fear in its place. "Look, you're right, okay? I'm not proper. But I'll do better. Just let me go, please. I won't tell anyone about you. Please." I can't move even as every muscle in my body screams for me to run. Suddenly it occurs to me that I'm still nude and I see his eyes roam over my body. It seems to appreciate my long red hair, large perky breasts, rounded tummy and hips, and neatly trim pussy. A bright forked tongue flicks out from between his lips.

"It's cute when you beg; makes it all the more exciting." He's even closer now and I can feel the scorching heat coming from his body. "My name is Grigori. I tell you this only so you know what name to scream while I use your body for what it is meant for." With that, he grabs me, breaking the spell keeping me frozen in place. Immediately, I cry and scream and wiggle and try to get away from him but he simply holds me more firmly and presses his firm, hot mouth to mine. My lips are on fire from the heat his presents but I fight to keep them closed against the assault of his tongue. I fail and it snakes in, tickling my teeth and the roof of my mouth. The pleasant taste of cinnamon assaults my tongue and I fight not to vomit. Nothing about this creature should be pleasant.

While he kisses me, his hands begin to roam. His fingertips scorch trails along my shoulders, my back, my arms. He eventually finds my hands and forces them to his own body. They seem to move of their own volition, exploring the rocky hardness of his abs and his pectorals. I can feel myself getting wet in spite of myself.

"Mmm, you're hands are so soft on my skin, little one. It's been centuries since I've slipped up from my home of rock and magma to play with one of your kind. But your power... I could taste it from miles away." He flicks his tongue to my neck as if to prove it and I feel a tingling where his saliva touches my flesh. "I won't be having you marked by someone else, little one. No, you're bruises and marks shall come from me alone." He had healed the small hickey Tyler had left on my throat. A few tears slide down my cheeks as I realize Grigori erased the one thing I had left of my mortal lover.

"You heal me just to bruise me again?" I ask, choking on fear and sadness.

"The bruises and marks I give you will be begged for, little one. You'll desire nothing else, I assure you." To seal his promise, he dips his mouth to my nipples. Alternating left and right, his burning tongue teases my nipples in ways I didn't think were possible. As his sharp teeth nip at me, I feel my skin breaking open slightly just so his saliva can heal them closed again. He repeats the sensations, burning and tingling on my breasts, and with every tug the pleasure resonates lower, between my legs and I begin to moan aloud.

Even as his mouth tempts me to orgasm, I feel his fingertips making their way lower and lower still. They stop briefly on my tummy and it brings to my mind a vision of a husband caressing his wife's belly, ripe with child. I look down at Grigori quickly, but his hands have moved lower and are brushing the trim curls between my legs. They're wet with arousal and I hear him chuckle as I sigh.

Involuntarily, my legs part slightly and his fingers are within the folds of my wetness. So slowly, I feel him move in circles closer and closer to my clit.

"Please." The orgasm welling within me is burning heat and I can't help but beg for release. With a bite on my nipple, his fingers brush my clit and I come crashing down with a scream. Pleasure rides through me in waves and I shake on his hand as he manipulates me into three in succession. Finally, he pauses, letting me breathe just when I was approaching the blackness of unconsciousness.

"I told you you would beg, little one." I nod, not caring from what pit of hell that he came from, knowing only I had just ridden out the best orgasms of my life...

To Be Continued

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