tagNovels and NovellasSherry's Test Ch. 23

Sherry's Test Ch. 23


This is a continuation of the Sherry's Test Series. It will make more sense if it is read in order but each chapter stands on it's own.

This chapter contains light spanking and humiliation in a family as well as work environment. It does NOT contain any sex. It is mainly about submissive females and dominant males.

This story is meant as a completely fictional, unrealistic fantasy and the characters bear no resemblance to any real person.

Feedback, votes and comments greatly appreciated.

All copyrights for the series reserved.

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Sherry spent the week recovering emotionally from the Monday episode of being punished in front of her Dad. Thankfully there was no punishment session on Wednesday but Friday loomed large on her.

"Wonder what the bastard has in store for me," she wondered as Matt drove her over.

Mary, as usual, opened the door and Sherry could tell from her eyes that she was going to be surprised.

Matt and Sherry followed Mary down to the basement and were greeted with the usual suspects, Harvey and Nancy, Tim and Lara and of course, Principal Roberts.

Sensing the presence of others in the room, she turned around and started to see her future in-laws, Tom and Kate, Andy and Carol.

Sherry couldn't help be a little indignant and said, "Matt?"

Matt looked sheepish and whispered, "Oh come on Sweetheart. You have already been punished in front of them."

"But not like this," protested Sherry, indicating that the punishments in the Principal's dungeon were far more intense than what she had suffered in Matt's parents house.

"Yes. So it will be different. And fun!" exclaimed Matt excitedly.

Sherry, despite herself felt a rush of excitement course through her body. She found the prospect of abject humiliation in front of her new family strangely arousing and it made an animal out of Matt in bed.

"I I don't know if I can go through with it," said Sherry doubtfully.

Matt had recently obtained a lucrative part-time job at a private tuition place to augment his meager earnings as a school teacher and attempted to bribe Sherry with, "I will buy you a bracelet in addition to the pearl necklace I promised you."

More than the actual gift which he would have bought for her anyway, he was just giving Sherry a reason to accede to his kinky demands so that she could continue to play the hapless victim rather than someone who was turned on by public humiliation.

Sherry contemplated the situation as her onlookers waited patiently.

"And later I will kiss you all over from head to toe and lick your clit for three hours and make you orgasm three times," whispered Matt.

Sherry blushed and shook her head in disbelief that she was going to go through it after all and slipped into the role of the penitent transgressor.

She went and knelt before Roberts and said, "Sir. I am ready to be punished."

The audience clapped and Sherry curtsied before them.

"Stand on the podium and strip," said Roberts pointing to the stool in the center of the room that he had dressed up to be a stripping stage.

Sherry again felt a rush of excitement and embarrassment as she stood up and unzipped her light blue skirt. She was wearing a long light blue shirt that covered her panties and she unbuttoned it slowly pretending she was stripping for strangers at an unknown bar. And yet she realized that this was her new family and even though it was the third time she would be naked in front of them, it was not something she was going to get used to -- ever.

She unbuttoned the last of her buttons and the shirt opened up and clung around her shoulders exposing her matching light blue bra and panties.

She looked at Tom and Kate, Andy and Carol and felt her nipples hardening. She swiveled around to look at Harvey, Nancy Tim and Lara and as usual was at once humiliated and turned on at being made to disrobe in front of the sneering Harvey .

She looked at Roberts and he motioned her to continue.

Sherry perversely chose to take her panties off first. It always embarrassed her to no end to stand bottomless in just her bra but felt a thrill as she imposed this degradation on herself.

She noted her audience admiring her thin landing strip and her puffy pussy lips and on her own twirled to give everyone a nice long look.

She then seductively took off her bra, imagining some sexy song as she did so and stood before her audience in all her naked glory. She then collected all her clothes and presented it to her future father-in-law for safekeeping, much to his delight.

"I don't think Matt's family is aware as to why you are being punished, Sherry," said Roberts.

"Oh no. The bastard is going to embarrass me making me tell the whole story of the leaked test," thought Sherry helplessly and yet getting turned on by the prospect.

She went and knelt before her future in-laws, Tom, Kate, Andy and Carol and proceeded to tell the story of the leaked test.

"Tell them how you were punished in front of the whole staff," said Roberts.

And Sherry proceeded to tell he spellbound in-laws the story of how she was punished in front of the whole staff and then the board and then the parents and then the alumni association and then the school's donors, barely able to keep the excitement out of her voice despite the embarrassment.

"And tell them how you felt to be punished in front of your hated rival Harvey," said Roberts.

Sherry confessed how humiliated she felt that was punished in front of Harvey . She continued to describe how it felt to be spanked by her best friend Nancy and her step-sister Lara.

"Well looks like you have been a very naughty girl but seems like the Principal has a good plan for ensuring that you make amends," said Tom.

"And we are always happy to lend a hand so to speak. Just like we did with your credit card problem" said Tom.

Roberts looked quizzically at Tom and Tom asked Sherry to explain.

Sherry then went and knelt before her colleagues and told them all about her credit card related punishments and her audience listened with rapt attention and wide eyes. They had no idea that Matt was now that addicted to Sherry's punishments.

"Well looks like we are not going to run out of reasons to punish you," said Roberts looking very pleased and Sherry shook her head in disbelief that her audience showed no signs of diminishing interest.

"It's a kind of tradition to have Sherry beg everyone to participate in her punishment," said Harvey as he fastened a leash around Sherry's neck and motioned her to crawl.

Sherry grimaced at having to perform this act of utter submission in front of her in-laws but also felt excitement at the prospect. As usual her reaction to Harvey dominating her like this was a mix of anger and arousal.

Harvey led the naked Sherry over to Carol, whipping her ass as she crawled and Sherry raised her hands in the air like a dog and begged Carol, "Carol, my dear future sister-in-law, will you please participate in my punishment?"

"I would be delighted to train you to be a good doggie," said Carol, thrilled at being able to dominate her rival sister-in-law to-be.

"Why don't you lead her around the room?" inquired Harvey , intuiting that Sherry would find it more humiliating to be led by Carol than him.

Carol looked delighted and Sherry looked at once defiant and yet submissive.

Carol led her first to Andy who patted her head and agreed to participate. She then led her to Tom and Tom was delighted to have his future daughter-in-law again kneeling before him. He feasted his eyes on Sherry's naked form looking oh-so-demure as she held out and curled her hands in front of her like an obedient dog and waited patiently.

Tom too patted her head lovingly and Sherry crawled over to Kate. The audience admired her naked crawl, with Carol gently whipping her shapely ass and her breasts bouncing up and down. Sherry was mortified to notice Tom holding a camcorder and recording everything.

"Tom? Please? Don't" pleaded Sherry.

"Oh come on. This will be just part of our private collection! I promise!" said Tom.

Sherry looked pleadingly at Matt and Matt assured her that it was Ok.

Sherry was livid and yet insanely turned on. Instead of hiding from the camera, she decided to flaunt herself and began a running commentary of her crawl through her room, much to the delight of her audience.

"I am now being led like a dog to Nancy who is my best friend. Nancy , loves to see me humiliated like this and I love to be humiliated in front of her," said Sherry as she crawled over to her bff, who clapped her hands in delight.

The camera captured Sherry kneeling in front of Nancy and begging like a dog as Nancy looked on excited and Harvey smirked.

"Kiss my feet," commanded Nancy and Sherry bristled at this new humiliating command.

Sherry proceeded to bend her head and kiss Nancy 's stockinged feet and Carol was beside herself at having found new ways to torment her future sister-in-law.

Tom recorded the action from all around running all around like an excited teenager.

Sherry then moved over slightly to Harvey and again her face was a mix of anger and excitement at having to debase herself in front of her nemesis.

"How I wish I could wipe that smirk off his face with my slipper," fantasized Sherry as she waited for her rival to agree to participate in his punishment.

"Kiss my feet too," instructed Harvey and Sherry shot daggers at Nancy for planting ideas in Harvey 's head. She contemplated refusing but still something in her wanted to experience this latest degradation and there was this rush of submitting utterly to an enemy. In her mind she was a captured princess and Harvey was an evil, despicable general of the opposing army.

She had the dignity of a princess as she bowed and elegantly kissed Harvey 's socks-clad feet.

She then resumed her kneeling position with a defiant look that said, "Satisfied?"

But Harvey was not and said, "Now hold your breasts as if you are offering them to me and beg," said sherry.

"Well you can whip them but never suck them, loser," said Sherry angrily but decided to comply.

"Harvey, evil master, I offer my breasts for your punishment so that you can remember them when you are jerking off," hissed Sherry and the room guffawed and looked at Sherry with open admiration because once again despite her ludicrous predicament, she had turned the tables on her nemesis.

"You will regret your impertinence before the evening is over," said Harvey sternly and Sherry gave him the finger and again the audience laughed. Matt smiled because he intuited that Sherry was deliberately getting Harvey all riled up so that her eventual subjugation would be that much more humiliating.

"Well Harvey , would you care to be the master of ceremonies tonight?" inquired Roberts graciously and Sherry looked stunned.

"Sir please don't!" pleaded Sherry to no avail as an eager Harvey said, "It will be my honor, Sir. And if I may say so, Sherry's dishonor," and Sherry as she was wont to do, stuck out her tongue at him.

"Sherry kneel before your adversary and beg him to be your master for the evening" instructed Roberts.

Sherry looked at Matt wondering if she should refuse but Matt nodded and Sherry felt strangely aroused at having her rival humiliate her in public.

"Harvey, Sir, will you please be my master tonight and punish me for my transgressions?" said Sherry kneeling demurely before Harvey with her leash hanging between her boobs.

The audience clapped as Harvey patted her head and led her by the leash over to the punishment chair in front of the mirror.

Sherry knelt on the chair and looked in the mirror at her eager audience and despite her intense feelings of embarrassment felt strangely proud to be the cynosure of all eyes.

"Legs apart so that we can see your pussy from behind," instructed Harvey and Sherry bristled at his command but complied.

Sherry's new family admired the sight on offer with her breasts and pretty, blushing face displayed in the mirror, her ass on view directly and her scant bush and pussy lips visible between her spread legs.

"One, thank you, Master," said Sherry as the first spank landed.

Sherry's future in-laws were stunned that Harvey was cupping her breasts as he spanked her.

"Two, thank you, Master Harvey," said Sherry deliberately acknowledging Harvey to increase her own humiliation.

"Three, thank you, Harvey Sir my hated rival," said Sherry as the third spank landed.

"Four, thank you, for punishing me in front of my bff," said Sherry as the fourth spank landed and she made eye contact with Nancy and noted to her chagrin, Nancy making a 'Serve you right gesture.'

"Five, thank you, Harvey Sir, for punishing me in front of my sweetheart," said Sherry making eye contact with Matt and noted with satisfaction that Matt made an 'I love you' gesture.

She blushed when she made eye contact with Tom who was merrily prancing all around filming her from all directions and also recording the audience's reactions.

"Six, thank you, Master for humiliating me in front of my future sister-in-law," said Sherry making eye contact with the gloating Carol.

"Seven, thank you, Sir for punishing me in front of my future mother-in-law," said Sherry as she made eye contact with Kate. Kate looked excited that Sherry was being punished publicly but her husband was enjoying it way too much and running around with his video cam like a teenager exposed to nudity for the first time. She wondered with trepidation as to what was in store for her. He had already stripped and spanked her in front of Sherry and Carol. What would he do next, she contemplated.

Sherry meanwhile was getting increasingly aroused and wiggling her butt in between spanks.

Harvey caressed her butt and stroked her pussy between her legs and said, "Sherry you can't come tonight unless I give you permission. If you do, then your punishment period will be doubled."

Sherry winced at the prospect but decided to defy Harvey and asked innocently, "And what if I don't mind that?"

The room laughed at her audacity and poor Harvey managed to look silly despite being in charge and having the deck loaded in his favor.

"Ouch! Eight thank you, Master for spanking me in front of my future brother-in-law," yelped Sherry looking at Andy staring unabashedly at her, as Harvey was predictably provoked into spanking her a little harder.

"Nine, thank you, kind Sir for punishing me in front of my step-sister," said Sherry as she looked at Lara who was looking on enviously.

"Ten, thank you, Master for spanking my naked butt in front of my future father-in-law," said Sherry as Tom came and stood behind her.

"Now let's have all of Sherry's family members come over and do the honors," announced Harvey .

"Before we do that, clearly we are in need for some refreshments. Mary is going to be our hostess but she will need help. Nancy , would you care to volunteer?" asked Roberts.

"Sure," said Nancy puzzled as to why the Principal was making such a big deal of it.

"I forgot to add. You will be our naked hostesses," informed Roberts and a look of understanding dawned on Nancy . Mary looked a little taken aback. It had been a while since she had been subjected to public nudity and she was at once terrified at having a new audience but nevertheless excited by the prospect.

Nancy came and took her by the hand and moved to the center of the room and proceeded to stand on the stripping podium and strip. Tom, predictably was beside himself at this new turn of events and again galloped all around the disrobing women capturing the moment from all angles.

Soon Mary and Nancy were completely naked. Nancy clearly enjoyed her strip while Mary was a bit bashful and nervous that she was older and competing against two gorgeous younger women. Plus there was a new audience this time and what would they think of her. But the excitement and Nancy 's unabashed revelry carried her through and the two naked women picked up the clothes lying in a heap at their feet and moved it to a corner and went to the kitchen to commence their hostess duties.

Harvey gestured that it was time to get on with the program and invited Andy to come over to spank Sherry.

Andy stepped behind Sherry and placed his hand on her breast and looked at Carol who gestured that she did not mind and Andy happily cupped her breast and stroked her ass. He had spanked her before but being allowed to stroke her breast while doing so was a new experience and Andy was equal to it.

"Sherry, my dear future sister-in-law, would you like me to spank you?" inquired Andy needlessly.

"Yes Andy my dear future brother-in-law, I implore you to spank my naked butt in front of your family and my colleagues," said Sherry with mock earnestness.

Andy proceeded to slowly spank Sherry making her count and ask for the next one.

"One, thank you, Andy Sir, may I please have another," said Sherry.

"Two, thank you, future brother-in-law, may I please have another," said Sherry.

Soon to Andy's dismay, the ten spanks were over and it was Carol's turn.

"Sherry sweetheart how does it feel to have your future sister-in-law spank you in public?" inquired Carol.

"One thank you mistress Carol, it feels very humiliating," said Sherry.

"And you have to face all this people at work day in and day out. How embarrassing!" said Carol as she landed the second spank.

"Two, thank you, Mistress Carol, it is dreadfully embarrassing," conceded Sherry writhing as she was getting hopelessly turned on.

"And are you looking forward to all of us watching the video recording of this session?" inquired Carol as Tom stepped in front of Sherry to get a view from the front.

"Three, thank you, Mistress Carol, I am not looking forward to watching the video recording. It will be dreadfully embarrassing," said Sherry, mortified at the prospect of everyone at the next family get together watching the video.

"We will have you sit naked in front of us with your legs splayed open while we watch the video," said Carol, landing the fourth spank.

"Four, thank you, Mistress Carol. Please don't make me do that!" pleaded Sherry as she pictured the situation that Carol described.

Carol proceeded to tease her with various scenarios and Sherry played along and eventually her ten spanks were over.

Next was Kate and she completed her ten spanks without much fanfare. Tom made Harvey film the proceedings while he spanked her and made her promise over and over that she would be a good daughter-in-law.

Finally Matt spanked her and Sherry was at once incredibly embarrassed as well as hopelessly aroused by having her fiancée spank her in front of everyone. Matt worshipped Sherry for being able to blush despite all she had gone through in the past few months. Her proud defiance and eventual capitulation made her submission that much more special. He loved how her pretty face registered a whole range of expressions during these sessions -- shyness, anger, embarrassment, defiance, shame, submissiveness and pride. It made her even more beautiful.

Next was the turn of her colleagues. Tim, Lara, and Roberts proceeded to spank her and finally it was the turn of Nancy and Mary. The audience enjoyed the sight of the naked Nancy and Mary spanking Sherry. The sight of one naked woman spanking another naked woman was mind-blowingly erotic. Nancy , as was her wont, kept teasing and taunting Sherry about how it felt to be humiliated in front of her new family. Mary went about her business without much of a fuss.

Sherry was rubbing her bottom at the end of it because even though the spanks were mild, she had never been spanked by so many at the same time.

Harvey noted her glistening pussy from behind her legs and said, "Sherry! Are you actually turned on by this?"

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