tagNonConsent/ReluctanceShipwrecked, Survivor, Slave Ch. 02

Shipwrecked, Survivor, Slave Ch. 02


Chapter 2 -- The Island Day 1

Despite having the luxury of a hotel suite Mollie was desperate for sleep by 9pm and so she woke bright and early the following morning. It was Monday and it was day one of her life as a Shipwrecked, survivor.

Mollie dragged herself out of bed, stretched and showered. It was while she was toweling her body that there was a knock at the door. Mollie fastened the big, white, fluffy towel around herself,

"Hello, who is it?"

"Good morning Mollie I'm Jessica the wardrobe mistress for the show."

'Wardrobe Mistress?' Mollie thought to herself, I hardly have any clothes!

Jessica entered. "I expect you're wondering why you need advice on your wardrobe Mollie aren't you?"

"Well yes, kind of."

"Don't worry; I'm here just to say that today you should dress in proper clothes, no bikini. The show likes to start off as if you are really being marooned."

"Oh," replied Mollie. Jessica moved towards her bag.

"May I?" Jessica began to open the zipper on Mollie's luggage case.

"Erm, yes of course."

Jessica started to look through Mollie's things. She soon pulled out a matching white lacy bra and panties set, a short denim skirt and a blue and white stripy vest top.

"Here, put these on for today and then from now on you just wear what you want, okay." Jessica smiled and Mollie smiled back.

"Oh, yes okay I will."

"So get dressed and have some breakfast. Make it a good one because it's island life from now on." Jessica laughed.

Mollie closed the door behind her as she the wardrobe lady left. Once her hair was dried she put on the clothes as she had been instructed. Mollie looked herself up and down in the mirror.

"Well honey ..." she spoke to herself, "you didn't want to become the guys' Sunday morning fantasy but you sure look good!"


It was 8:30am when Mollie dragged her case out of the lift to meet the waiting crew.

"Good morning Mollie ..." Tricia spoke, her voice almost too bright and breezy, "... so have you got sun block on."

"Yes I have, and good morning to you too," Mollie replied.

"Good, then let's be away to your new home.

Mollie had never felt so excited before in her entire life.

"There's just you traveling out on the small boat Mollie. Pete and Neil will arrive separately."

Mollie just nodded knowing that she was unlikely to be told any details about Neil's arrival and so might as well not ask. The hotel was on the shore line and so she simply had to pull her case down a jetty and onto the small motor boat that would take her to Potoma.

"Morning Miss Mollie," the captain said, "it's just a short journey, twenty minutes to Potoma."

Mollie nodded and smiled at his reference to her as 'Miss Mollie' -- it reminded her of the song which had now lodged itself immovably inside her head!

"... good golly Miss Molly ...you sure like to ..." Fuck it song, go away!

The boat's motor started up and soon they were pulling away from the hotel. The sound of the boat and the ocean was too loud too talk or be heard over so Mollie just quietly admired the gorgeous surroundings. Endless blue sea and skies and an island home designed to be paradise. She could hardly wait.

After fifteen minutes or so Mollie could see the island, it was about a quarter of a mile away. The boat ground to a halt.

"You can swim right?" the captain asked. Mollie laughed.

"I'm being serious. The show expects you to appear on the beach as if you really had been shipwrecked and so you swim from here on and I will deliver your luggage to the beach later."

"No way, no one said."

"Well that's the plan."

"Can I put on a bikini?"

The captain shook his head. "No you go just as you are. It's only a lagoon so although its' about twenty feet deep here in another 100 yards or so you should be able to stand up."

Mollie knew he was being serious and she could also appreciate the effect the show wanted to create, and she supposed that to tell her at this late hour made for better TV. So with shrug of her shoulders, Mollie moved to the side of the boat and jumped in.

The water was cold but soon became warm to her skin. In fact the sensation was lovely, had it not been for the fact that she was swimming fully clothed. The captain had been right and so after maybe 150 yards Mollie could stand on her tip toes. As she walked towards the shore and her body became more visible Mollie thought that she must look like the James Bond girl rising from the ocean, and she knew that her role as a Sunday morning masturbation object had started right here and right now. She chuckled to herself at the thought.

Mollie was surprisingly tired though when she finally arrived at the sand. It had been a long time since she had swum anywhere and to do so now with her clothes on and in the hot sunshine didn't make for an easy time. But she had made it and so to add to the effect Mollie collapsed onto the beach and for a few minutes she just lay there letting the sun kiss her body.

Suddenly she closed her spread legs. Mollie realized that she was undoubtedly being filmed and so did not want to give them a continuous 'up-skirt' shot. However it was not clear whether Pete the cameraman was here or whether she was currently being filmed from the boat. There was no sign of Pete but that didn't mean he wasn't around ... somewhere.

This burst of thought caused Mollie to jump up. She was soaking still and her clothes clung to her body. She knew what this would look like to the watching audience when the show was aired and she knew that her nipples were so hard that they were poking through her bra and her vest. But she was also aware that she could do nothing about it.

"The price of fame" she laughed to herself.

Mollie looked around at her surroundings. They were idyllic. Fifty yards of golden beach gave way to a dense forest area which was no doubt where they would be expected to make camp. She watched as the boat pulled away. Did that mean she was no longer being filmed? It was impossible to know. But one thing that Mollie did know was that the island was indeed paradise. She could hear absolutely nothing except for the natural sounds of the sea, the breeze and the birds. Beautiful!

Then she found herself wondering about Neil. Was he here already?

"Helloooooo!" she yelled breaking through the sounds of nature.

"Anybody else here?"

Silence. There was no reply.

"Helloooooo. Neeeeeil are you here?" Again, not a sound.

'Okay so he must be on the ten o'clock trip as opposed to the eight o'clock' Mollie thought to herself.

Thinking that she needed to do something, Mollie headed off into the trees. As she walked across the sand Mollie looked along the surf line. The lagoon was big. She had expected to see the entire coastline of the island but that too was bigger than she had expected.

She carried on through the trees and walked for maybe a hundred more yards until she came across a pond. In fact it was extension to the lagoon which of course in turn fed out into the ocean. It was a lovely sight. The surface of the water was so still that it hardly had a ripple except where the waterfall splashed down directly opposite her.

The water of the falls looked like an arch of silver where it flowed over the rock edge about fifteen feet above the pond, and then hung down the face of the rock before it splashed softly into the otherwise still waters. The rest of the pond was like a dark mirror casting a perfect image of the trees and rocks surrounding it.

Mollie stood for a while admiring the view, still not quite believing that she was on 'paradise island'. The only wildlife she could see was of a winged variety -- birds and bugs, nothing dangerous around so far. Despite having spent so long in the water, Mollie felt sticky and still very damp. The sand from the beach had stuck to her and seemed to have managed to get into every bodily crevice that she had!

She was desperate to shower under the waterfall. Fleetingly Mollie thought of the camera and whether she was being filmed or not. But then she relaxed thinking that she hadn't seen anyone so far and that if they only needed two hours of film a week it was unlikely that the camera was switched on even if it was here.

So without a further thought for her safety or anything else and still fully clothed, she dived in.


A pair of eyes watched Mollie as she glided through the still water. She created a sleek, slender shape with long black hair flowing behind her, almost effortlessly moving towards the fall. The eyes watched her make it to her destination and climb out onto the flat bedrock. They watched as Mollie took off her vest and wiped her face with it and they focused on her now transparent white bra and then the vest top again as Mollie rubbed it up and down an arm.

Nail Adams had been dropped off at the island at eight o clock that morning. He too had swum ashore and he had seen Mollie arrive and heard her shout out. But he wanted to retain an element of surprise and now, as he watched Mollie shower under the fall, he was glad that he had. Her pen picture had made her sound like a bit of a geek, but nerd or not she sure was hot!

Mollie continued to rub herself with the vest until after a while she took off her bra.

'Oh man," thought Neil to himself. She had her back to him as she placed the vest and the bra on the edge of a nearby rock to dry properly in the sun. Then, with apparent disregard for being seen, Mollie slipped off her skirt and panties and left them to dry also while she luxuriated naked under the cold natural water.

Neil was hooked, he couldn't look away. Even though she faced away from him, the sight of her bare back thrilled the young man; her delicate shoulder blades, the way she tapered to a slender waist and then flared out a little towards her hips. He could see the white, less tanned skin that formed her ass, her buttocks and the back of her thighs right at the very top. Fuck, he was getting hard. He wore only a dry again short sleeved button up shirt which was currently hanging loose and unbuttoned, and a pair of shorts and so there was nothing much to hide his developing erection.

She also had him hooked because she kept rubbing her breasts with her hands and then washing down between her legs. Oh man!

Then she turned to face him. Fuck yeah. Mollie was gorgeous. The waterfall splashed off her back as she put her head beneath the sheet of water making it look like she had been decapitated. Water ran down her chest over her breasts and nipples and down between her slender thighs. Neil saw her toned legs and thighs and then the small clipped triangle of curly black hair that topped her mound. This was the best show he had had in ages. Her breasts, he noted, were smallish but nice and firm it appeared and her nipples were standing out erect like bullets.

Neil wondered what it would be like to touch her. He hoped he would get the chance. He imagined pulling her wet body to him and kissing her. Then her lovely face emerged and she was done. Looking down to her side Mollie cried out.

"Fuck no!"

Whether they had simply slipped off the wet rock or whether a breeze had taken them didn't really matter, but whatever, Mollie's clothes that she had left drying in the sun were now floating in the pond and were once more wet through! And she had no idea when her luggage would be arriving or for that matter where it would be left. Shit!

Neil had not paid much attention to Mollie's clothes, not with Mollie's naked body available to be gloriously ogled, but now he looked down and saw what her problem was.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck!" shouted Mollie as she once more jumped into the freezing cold pond, only this time her naked body was even more streamlined than it was before as she cut through the short distance from the falls to where her clothes were gently floating away.

Neil enjoyed the view of her peach like ass just breaching the surface of the still sheen of water and then her naked breasts as she stopped swimming to collect her things. He watched her swim to the grassy bank and clamber out of the pond. Clearly Mollie believed that she was alone as she made no attempt to hide her deliciously naked body.

Should he make himself known or not, that was his dilemma? He quickly decided that he would. He stood up and started to run down the hill to the banking, making it look like he had just arrived.

"Hey, what's the matter, what's all the shouting about?"

Mollie turned to face the sound of his voice and screamed. Her hands immediately went to cover her bare breasts and groin.

"Who ... what the ..."

"Sorry to burst in on with you looking ... well, with you looking like you are, but I heard your screaming and ran towards the sound. You must be Mollie?"

"Erm, yes that's me, and you must be Neil?" Mollie had now hidden herself behind a rock.

"Look, you can't put the soaking wet stuff back on, so take this." He offered her his shirt.

"Oh, right thanks." Taking the shirt from him she said, "Would you mind turning around please?"

Neil had already glimpsed another sight of her erect nipples when handing his shirt over and so willingly obliged. Mollie slipped on the shirt which she fastened to cover her chest, but she was not comfortable with the length of it given that she was wearing no panties and so, despite them still being soaked, Mollie put her panties back on.

She looked up at Neil's muscled upper body and felt a lust fuelled stirring in her stomach. He was cute, there was no doubting that, and seemed quite chivalrous -- if only she had known that he had been watching her wash her naked body for at least twenty minutes before finally revealing himself.

"Ok I'm done." Mollie appeared from behind the rock. Neil looked at her and his mouth dropped.

"Wow, Mollie, I have to say you look so ... well you just look good, very good."

Mollie was a little embarrassed, but it was true, she wore Neil's shirt far better than he did and, even though she felt more dressed than she had just a few minutes ago, Mollie was still walking around in her wet panties.

They headed back towards the beach. Neil looked at the perfect, natural island habitat around him and the hot Asian, partially clothed girl next to him and wondered what he had done to be so lucky!


"Hey guys, look what I've got!"

Pete the cameraman headed towards them carrying two cases.

"Oh yes, my luggage. I was starting to think it had gone missing." Mollie was relieved. Neil was pleased to see his case too but was also regretting the fact that their arrival would mean that Mollie would soon change out of her skimpy clothing.

The two shipwreckers had been sitting and chatting since the events at the pond and had discovered quite a bit about one another. Even though they seemed to have little in common other than their current situation, Neil was left thinking that Mollie was no-where near to being the egg-head her profile had made her sound and in return Mollie though that Neil was okay and not a jerk at all.

They had not seen Pete before this moment and so neither Mollie nor Neil was sure when or even if they had been filmed already.

"Hey, how have you guys been doing?" His eyebrows became raised when he saw Mollie's state of attire. "You'll be ready for this Mollie I guess," he handed her case over to him.

"Thanks Pete, just what I need. See you guys later."

Mollie took her case and moved into her temporary sleeping area which was just a few yards from Neil's and was separated from his space by a long line of bamboo poles which they had found lying around. Such developments were the islanders' only concession to work so far. Mollie spread her sleeping bag onto the sand and suddenly her plot looked far more inviting.

Pete sat down next to Neil.

"So how you doing pal?"

"Fuck me, Pete I never expected to be shipwrecked with such a hot horny looker on my own for a whole week ... and you'll never guess what happened earlier ..."

Pete cut in, and taking a small hand held camera out of his pocket said, "You mean this."

Pete flipped open the small camera screen and played back the whole scene from the pond. Neil stared in awe at the screen as he watched Mollie once again swim out to the falls, strip herself naked and then cavort in the water as she attempted to retrieve her clothes.

"Fuck Pete, when did you get this?" She ... we had no idea you were even here never mind actually filming us!"

"Well, I have been doing this for a few years now," Pete was obviously proud of his stealth like achievement and was also enjoying Neil's reaction.

"She's fucking hot though isn't she?" The cameraman revealed his thoughts to shipwrecked boy number one. They both turned to watch Mollie who happened to be still rummaging inside her case and had her panties-covered ass sticking into the air and facing the guys.

"She sure is Pete, what I wouldn't give to be perched right between those peachy little Asian cheeks ... ha ha!"

"Hmmmm, I know what you mean pal."

Just then Mollie walked back towards them.

"Are you not unpacking Neil?"

Neil fell back onto the sand and looked up at his co-islander, who was now dressed in a black bikini and looked even cuter than she had before.

"Yeah I guess I should."

"But hey," Pete spoke once more, "I gotta tell you guys that you get a tinned food parcel every Monday morning and there is a large cold water store with a tap for you just 50 yards over there." He pointed in a direction opposite to the one they had come from earlier when leaving the pond. Neither of the islanders had so far found the water or the tins and in fact they had been so excited that they had not even thought about food and drink ... until now that is.

"I'm so thirsty all of a sudden," said Mollie tying her long black hair into a pony tail.

"Yeah so am I Mollie. Do me a favour and bring me a cup full of the cold water would you?"

Mollie looked down at Neil and feigned insult.

"What, you want me to bring you water? Don't expect me to be your slave around her, will you! Do you want a drink too Pete" Laughing she walked off in the direction that Pete had indicated.

"Did she say slave?" Neil said quietly to Pete.

"I think she did."

"Oh fuck, how I'd love to have her as my slave; I'd make her do so many things ..."

"We could you know ..." Pete smiled wryly.

"What ... how?"

"Well there's two of us and only one of her for starters, and then I already have this footage of her naked which could so easily find its way onto the internet unless she agrees to our terms and ..."

Suddenly Neil's ears pricked up "Go on,"

"... well there's only me here with you two for the next 5 and a bit days and so long as I get two hours of footage for Tricia then I can pretty much do what I want. So if we can get her into other compromising positions or situations then I can get more and more footage and we can force her to do more and more stuff."

This was very quickly beginning to sound achievable. "What kind of stuff?" asked Neil.

"I am sure that neither of us will have a problem thinking of things to make such a hot babe do ... will we?"

"No, I'm sure you're right."

Just them Mollie returned with a tray and 3 mugs of cool water for them to drink.

"There you are Masters please tell your slave what she should do next!" Mollie laughed and clipped the back of Neil's head with her hand.

"Oh, just sit down here with us and we'll think of something I'm sure!" Again Mollie laughed completely unaware of the recent conversation between her co-islanders.


Neil woke with a start. He turned in an almost shock-like state to see Pete standing over him.

"Hey buddy, shhhh don't wanna wake her do we?"

Neil smiled and shook his head, "No we don't," he whispered in reply.

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