"We're quite a pair, I mean look at us," Melissa said after tossing her armload of branches into the huge pile covering their front yard.

"Yeah, pretty grungy, but hey this should be the last of it," Harry replied, dragging two garbage bags full of debris next to the large pile.

"Well, finished until the power comes on, then we've got to get the inside of the house straightened up."

"The inside looks good to me," Harry replied.

"Yeah, good if you are in the middle of a camping trip. I mean with all the ice chests, MREs, cans of tuna, crackers and that god-awful canned ravioli..."

"Canned ravioli? I grew up on that stuff, used to eat it every day for lunch."

"Well that explains a lot, I think I need to have a long talk with your mother," Melissa replied pulling off her gloves and wiping the sweat from her forehead. "I guess I need to wait until the phones are working again to do that."

Harry pulled her into his arms and said, "You know it has been nice. I mean in almost three week we haven't had a single coitus interruptus call. Doesn't your mom know we have taken other measures?"

"Hey, it's not just my mom interrupting us," Melissa said, squirming out of his arms. "Besides, I'm getting a bit tired of the hot sweaty thing, I mean it was different and kind of fun, but all I want to do now is feel the cool air blowing over my naked body as I come."

"And just how do you plan to do that?"

"Well, we do go to John and Mary's to take showers, they have power and air conditioning."

"Oh, and what do we do, 'Oh hi John, Melissa and I are gonna need a few extra minutes while we fuck on your bed.' I don't think that will work."

"You're right of course, but I've been thinking," Melissa said, pausing for a moment, "Mary has been out of town for about a week and well, we have been talking about..."

"Getting adventurous?"

"Well... yes, and we know John and Mary, even talked about them as possibilities," Melissa said in nearly a whisper.

"And so, what do we do? Just go in and say, 'Oh John, Melissa and I would like to borrow your shower and by the way, we'd like you to fuck her too.' Just like that?"

"Not just like that, but I was thinking, why not I get in the shower and maybe you have a beer with John and well, ask him if he would like to join us. Even if we just play around in the shower, you did say the thought of you watching another man touch me and me touch another man kind of turned you on," Melissa said, running her fingernails lightly up Harry's thigh.

"Okay, okay, we'll give it a try, but just this once."

They quickly put away their rakes, and other tools, tossing their gloves onto the workbench in the garage before rushing into the house and locking it up. Hurrying out to the car, they climbed in, gave each other a quick kiss and as Melissa snuggled up next to Harry like they were still in high school, they backed out and drove over to John and Mary's house.

John and Mary lived just two blocks away but it was like driving from a third world nation into the lap of luxury as they passed the houses still waiting for power, the traffic light and street lights all out into a neighborhood with power. It wasn't just the sound of the A/C units, the lights and activity, the mood suddenly seemed to change. The people working outside all smiled and didn't seem downtrodden like the people in the unpowered areas.

Harry pulled up into the driveway and nodded toward the porch light. Melissa smiled broadly as she climbed out of the car. When John answered the door Harry said, "I noticed the porch light on, was that just to rub it in."

John smiled and turned it off, "No, sorry. Back before I had power, I left the light on so if the power came on when I was at work I could have a nice surprise coming up the driveway. I guess I just left it on."

John stepped back from the door and motioned for Melissa and Harry to come in. "How's the cleanup going for you?"

Melissa said, "We finally got the yard all cleaned up, now as soon as we get power we can work on the house."

"Well, the shower's all yours Melissa, you want a beer Harry?" John replied heading toward the kitchen.

Harry looked back at Melissa who nodded and waved her hand at him encouragingly. Harry nodded back and watched her turn and prance out excitedly, before heading into the kitchen. Once in the kitchen he reached out, grabbed a cold beer from John and held it up to his head.

"Yeah nothing like a cold beer."

"I'd forgotten what these were like," Harry replied, opening the can and taking a long sip. He lowered the can from his lips, but before anything else was said, he took another long drink.

"You really do miss them," John noted.

"Yeah, you already had a few," Harry said, nodding to the empty cans in the trash.

"Well, with Mary gone I just guzzle beer and watch whatever sports are on."

"Pretty boring?"

"Well at first it was nice, but after a few days I got to missing her, a lot, if you know what I mean."

"Well, Melissa and I talked and ah, well... we talked about that, and ah, well I'll just say it... would you like to join us in the shower?"

"Oh right, just hop right in," John said laughing. When Harry didn't reply he stopped, looked right in Harry's eyes, looked toward his master bedroom and then back at Harry. "You were serious weren't you?"

Harry nodded.

"Melissa is okay..."

"She brought it up."

"And you're okay..."

"I asked you didn't I?"

"And you won't mind me touching and ah... ah... with Melissa?"

"That's the idea."

"And what will you do?"



"Jack-off, or maybe dive in when you finish, I don't know."

"Well, I don't know. I don't think I have any condoms around."

"Who needs those, I mean Melissa's on birth control," Harry replied.

"But what about..."

"Relax John, this is the first time Melissa and I have done anything like this. I mean twelve years of marriage and we've done just each other, boring as that may sound. And I know you and Mary have been married only four years, hell you're still newlyweds."

"I guess," John said, hesitating a bit. "Well okay, as long as you are good with this."

"One hundred percent John, one hundred percent," he said, standing and heading toward John's master bedroom.

John led the way through the master bedroom, peeling off clothes as he moved. Harry followed, planning to undress once he got into the bathroom. There was a bit of steam coming from the bathroom and they could hear the water running as they approached the shower.

Harry began unbuttoning his shirt as John, already naked and hard, stepped into the shower. He heard his wife's voice, "Oh my, what have we here. Why let's get you soaped up and do some scrubbing."

Harry eased his shorts and underwear over his hardening cock and then reached for the door. Feeling a tingling in the pit of his stomach, he took a deep breath and opened the shower door. He immediately saw his wife, her hands covered in soap, stroking John's cock with both hands. John's soapy hands were up at her breast, squeezing them and sliding around over them.

As he eased into the shower, the couple eased aside, giving him access to the water as they continued exploring each other's soapy bodies. Harry grabbed the soap and scrubbed his arms and legs, and then his stomach. Once he was thoroughly clean, he lathered up his hands and while watching his wife and John continue sliding their hands all over each other, he slowly stroked his nipples occasionally dropping his hand down and stroking his erection.

After a few minutes Melissa said, "Oh, I'm getting all wrinkly."

"Do you want to rinse off and move to the bed?" John asked.

"Oh I thought you'd never ask," Melissa replied.

John and Melissa rinsed each other off and slipped out of the shower first, while Harry moved under the water. By the time he stepped out and dried off, his wife and John were on the bed. Melissa was on her back with her legs spread while John ran his tongue up her right thigh. Harry stood at the door while he watched John's tongue work tiny circles as he moved from Melissa's thigh closer and closer to her pussy. Harry could see she was ready, her lips already swollen and opening by the time John's tongue slid over the pick curves and pushed into her wet opening. He felt a twinge in his gut as Melissa sighed loudly.

He moved over to the bed and crawled up next to them where he kneeled. Melissa opened her eyes and looked over at Harry, reaching out with her hand and gently caressing his balls. He reached down, took hold of his cock and while his wife gently kneaded his balls he began stroking. Melissa began moving her hips, lifting them as John's tongue pushed deep into her and then withdrew to move to her clit.

Her breathing quickened and just by the way she moved her lips Harry knew she was going to come. He was a bit surprised, not because she was about to come, he knew she would probably come several times, but he was surprised how quickly she got there. John had only been between her legs for perhaps a minute when Melissa released Harry's balls, moved her hand onto her breasts, and lifted her hips up in the air as she came.

Harry watched John plunge his fingers into his Melissa's pussy and remembered how it felt when she came, how the wet softness pulsated around him. Almost immediately John crawled upward over Melissa and Harry watched her take hold of the man's thin cock and guide it into herself. It slid in easily, Melissa was so wet.

Quickening his stroke, Harry felt his wife's fingers run over his balls again, but when he looked at her face her eyes were closed and she had a satisfied smile. John began to move his cock in and out of Melissa's pussy creating a loud slapping sound as he thrust into her and a gentle slurping sound as he withdrew. Harry squeezed his fingers and moved his fist up and down, hard and harder until it actually was beginning to hurt as much as feel good.

He looked down and saw the cock working in and out of his wife, her juices coating it, her pussy lips pursing out with each withdrawal, collapsing inward with each thrust. She moaned loudly and cried out, "Again, I'm coming again."

Harry could take no more and he arched his back, spurting his cum onto his wife's breasts in spurt after spurt. His cock was raw from his angry stroking, but he continued, working out every last drop and letting is fall onto his wife.

Apparently seeing Harry come all over Melissa's breasts excited John because he suddenly moaned, shoved his cock deep into the woman with one last massive thrust and remained shoved to the hilt as his ass and balls twitched, his cock dumping his strange, hot cum into Harry's wife.

Rolling over and sitting on the edge of the bed Harry looked down at his sore cock as it softened. He could feel his wife and John moving on the bed in the final throes of their mutual orgasm, hearing the quiet whispers and kisses and then the slurping sound as cock slipped out of pussy. Melissa giggled and Harry turned to see her bending over to kiss John's cum soaked cock. From his angle he could see her ass and pussy pointed directly at him as the wet froth ran from her cunt and down her thigh.

"Oops," she said, cupping her hand between her legs and turning and running to the shower. Harry heard her turn on the water to wash the cum off her body. He looked over at John who initially smiled but then seeing the rage in Harry's eyes, his expression changed.

"Harry, I thought..."

Harry held up his hand, silencing John. He then stood up and began getting dressed. John quickly did the same and headed back to his kitchen.

Melissa stepped out of the shower and asked, "Where did John go?"

"Into the kitchen," Harry replied.

"Wasn't that incredible Harry?"

"Yeah, incredible," he replied sarcastically.

"You didn't like it?"

"Let's just go okay," he replied.

As they passed the kitchen Mellissa said, "John, thank you for the shower, it was fun."

"You're welcome," John said, "I..." looking over at Harry, he paused. "Just let me know if you need to borrow the shower again."

The couple walked out and climbed in their car. Harry backed out of the drive and traveled back to their house in silence. As they pulled into their driveway they notice the porch light was on.

"Hey we have power," Melissa said excitedly, "No more sweaty nights."

"And no more borrowing showers," Harry replied.

"No more, but we...."

"No more," Harry replied loudly.


Harry reached out and his hand clasped on her face, his thumb and fingers pressing her cheeks inward. "We shower at home from now on, okay?"

"You're hurting me Harry."

He slowly relaxed his grip, took a deep breath and whispered, "I'm sorry."

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