tagInterracial LoveSidni Learns a Lesson

Sidni Learns a Lesson


I grew up in a city in the deep south that still believed that interracial couples were not proper, including my family. My father is a politician that came from money.

Being a politician he kept his racist remarks about interracial couples, and people strictly at home. Growing up hearing my father going off at home about how could that white slut shame herself hanging out with, kissing, holding hands with that nigger, spook or porch monkey. I got the lectures of how he didn't want me hanging out with lower class citizens and all he wanted was the best for his little girl.

In my senior year of high school I had received a letter of a full acedemic scholarship to my fathers alma matter for cheerleading. He was so happy that on my 18th birthday he gave me a red convertible sports car.

I spent that summer hanging out with my girlfriends shopping, swimming, and partying. My mother who was not a foolish person had started me on the pill when I was 15, just incase. She always stressed that it was a precaution and I should worry about my education and remain a virgin until I was married.

I had been dating the same boy for the last two years and he never tried to go all the way. He was a perfect gentleman at all times and we often talked about the possibility of us getting married after college.

I loved him so much just for being such a gentleman. I gave him my virginity a week before I left for college. Even though I was on the pill I asked him to wear a condom.

We had a long talk afterwards about the next four years apart. Except for holidays and vacations we decided to break up just incase we met someone at college. We talked about how we would get back together after graduating if no one else came along. This was the best thing to do for both of us.

I left for college the next week. I went to the cheerleader tryouts and did very well making the varsity squad as a freshman.

By Thanksgiving break I had made friends with the upper class students on the squad and some from my classes. We were all snobs who looked down on all the people less fortunate than ourselves.

We were all invited to the best parties and started experimenting with the drugs and alcohol. I found I did not like many of the drugs or consuming a lot of alcohol. I did however like to smoke some pot to relax occasionally.

I had slept with a couple of the young men in our social class and always made them use a condom because of all the diseases out there. The sex was not very exciting and didn't last long.

My first year of college was almost over and I had a terrible winter/spring semester with bouts of pneumonia and recurring bronchitus.

I had two weeks left at college and was just getting over the latest case of bronchitus when my life changed forever. The summer formal was this weekend and I needed a new dress but didn't know where to get one.

I asked the captain of the cheerleading squad where I could go. She gave me directions and the address which I programmed into the GPS.

On Friday I headed out after classes ended at noon to get a dress. It was a nice day in the 80's with a slight breeze. I wore a skin tight dress that accentuated my 5'6", 125 pound, 34C-24-34 figure with my brunette hair up in a pony tail.

I hit the highway and started driving and got off the exit indicated. The area was run down which I didn't give a thought to just yet. At the first stop light a homeless black man came out of nowhere asking if he could wash my windshield, "Don't touch my car loser, get away."

I looked at the GPS and it indicated a right turn in half a mile. The light turned green and I sped away from the bum with a squeal, almost hitting the him.

I had to constantly check the GPS and noticed that it had stopped working. I made several turns and figuring I was lost I called my friend Cindi.

She asked what I was doing, I told her that I was going to buy a dress for the formal and got lost when my GPS stopped working. We started chatting about what a fun year it had been while I looked for the freeway. I pushed my gucci sun glasses to the top of my head and started noticing that the people were of color and I started getting scared, "Cindi I'm really lost and can't find the highway."

"Where are you?"

"I don't know."

"Is there a street sign?"

"31st and Elm."

"Girl did you read your school brochure, you're in the ghetto."

"My GPS stopped working, I don't know how to get out of here."

"Hold on I'll go to google maps and get you back here."

I pulled over and waited a minute, Cindi came back a minute later with directions to the highway, I said thanks and hung up.

Pulling away from the curb I hit a red light when all of a sudden their was another homeless black man with a bucket and squeegee coming towards me, "Miss, wash your window?"

"Get away from me scumbag, don't touch the car."

"All I wanted...."

"I don't care, get away loser."

I heard a snicker and looked to see a large greasy looking black man leaning against a pole shaking his head, "Shouldn't talk like that missy, get yourself in trouble."

The light turned green and I sped off with a squeal, turning left. Looking over my shoulder I flipped the man off and yelled, "FUCK YOU."

I turned back just as I was catapulted into the air bag.

I don't know how long I was out, but as I was coming to I heard my name, "Sidni Jennings."

I was laying on the pavement looking up at an overpass, "Where am I?"

"Well Sidni Jennings you a long way from that richy rich address of yours."

I started to get up but had to stop, I had a terrible headache. I looked around and saw my car on top of a pile of debris with the front smashed in, steam coming from the hood. I wasn't going anywhere now.

I looked around and saw a couple of whores coming our way. The man that was leaning on the pole, and the bum were leering at me. One of the whores asked, "She okay?"

"Just a bump on the head, she's fine."

There was another large black man going through my car, "What have we got here?" holding up a baggie.

The man holding my bag and license grabbed the baggie and opened it, "Smells like pot, you high ho?"

"No I'm not, where's my phone?" I finally stood up.

"I think we got to call the cops."

"There's no need for that, let me call my dad he's a politician."

"I think the cops be more interested in questiong you missy, what would daddy say if precious were to get busted?"

"No, no I got money I'll pay you, just don't call the cops."

"I see that you've got money, but that's not what I'm looking for." He threw my cash on the ground.

"Anything you want, just don't get the cops involved."

Of coarse only being 18 I was still a little naive, I din't realize what I just offered.

"Anything?" he said eyeing me up and down.

I was never very good at cotrolling my anger looking at his wandering eyes I lost it, "Anything but that nigger."

I knew immediatly my mouth got the better of me when his smirk went to a look of anger, "Fuck the bitch, call the cops, wait until they hear how the bitch tried to run down Billy here, wrecked her car and tried to get rid of her stash."

"No please don't." I saw the man at the car holding my cell phone.

"You know it isn't often a white ho is in the ghetto, give us a piece of that fine white ass and we might reconsider."

"What about my car?"

"Got a brother that will come and get it and fix it in a couple hours, after...." trailling off his meaning.

"If I do this, my car gets fixed and no one finds out and no cops?"

"That's the deal, otherwise Mamba pushes send and you can explain it to the cops."

My lack of ability to control my temper and my big mouth has put me between a rock and a hard place. What am I going to do? This goes against all my principles of interracial couples. It isn't right, what would daddy do if he knew? I had to do it no matter how much it disgusted me, I might go to jail.

"Ho, what's it gonna be yes or send?"

"My car gets fixed and no one will ever know?"

"That's what I said."


"Girls get her ready to ho her fine white ass."

I was led over to a shop by the whores. The shop was filled with some of the skimpiest outfits and highest stillettos I had ever seen. When they were done I was led out to hoots and whistles from the bums. I was in a lttle red dress that barely covered my ass, red garter belt and stockings minus my bra and panties and 5 inch heels.

I walked over to the small group of men with the hookers. The greasy man that I was talking to still towered over me by 6 or 7 inches, "Show us your titties." I controlled myself before getting into anymore trouble and just looked at him with disdain. Slowly I slid the straps of the dress off my shouldesrs to bare my chest.

Billy shouted, "How much daddy pay for those?"

The group started laughing. I pulled the top of the dress back up. I was led into a homeless town mede up of cardboard boxes, tarps and tin sheets, "You live here?"

"Don't knock it til you've tried it."

"This place is disgusting and smells."

"It's home to a lot of us, here is good."

Looking down there was an old beat up mattress with springs popping out and all kinds of stains, I could only imagine being. I turned to say something when the greasy man kissed me. I don't know what just happened but I started getting moist. Pulling away I hiked up my skirt and flopped on the mattress, "Lets get this over with."

The man looked down at me and then down toward my pussy, it was glistening, "Rich ho getting excited."

"I am not, lets get this over with," spreading my thighs.

"Why not suck on this black cock some?" I was pulled up to a sitting position and he pulled out his dick. The top of my dress was pulled down to bare my tits.

I started to say something but that was short lived when he stuffed his cock in my mouth. It was disgusting, with a musky aroma. He grabbed the sides of my head and started moving his cock in my mouth and pulled out when it hit my throat and I started to gag. This went on until his pubic hair tickled my nose and his balls bounced off my chin. He pulled his cock from my mouth, I drooled onto my bared tits and gasped for breath. I looked up,"Say, Daddy you got some of that big black cock for me?"

I knew he was in complete control. In the sexist voice I could, "Daddy, you got some of that big black cock for me?"

I was pushed back onto the mattress with my legs spread. He knealt between my thighs and that's when I first noticed the size of his cock. My eyes bugged out, "Impressive huh ho, bigger than the white boys from college?"

I was to stunned to say anything and could only stare and nod. When he moved in and ran his cock head up and down my pussy, "Do you have a condom?" I was going to say something about disease but I could already see I was in big trouble, no need pissing them off anymore.

"Afraid of something ho?" I felt the head enter my love canal.

"Ohh, pregnancy."

"Nope, can't afford one."

I looked down and saw my white pussy mound with the big black cock head embedded in it, I shivered. My pussy dampened, "Stop, what's your name?"

"Mojo they call me, what do you care?"

"I'm no slut, nobody's going to know I was ever here, right nigger," he slammed into me showing his dominance.

"That hurt dearie, not unless you tell them."

"Go slow please."

He started rocking back and forth driving in a little faster each time. He hoisted my legs straight up and soon his balls were slapping my thighs when he bottomed out, "Tight little bitch, ain't gonna last long."

"Uhh, Uhh, not in me, uhh, uhh."

He didn't say anything and his pace started getting faster, "Oh my god, oh my god, uhh, uhh," was all I could get out.

Out of nowhere I felt something I never have before, my body betrayed me. It was the greatest feeling I have ever felt, I saw stars, "Bitch is cumming all over my cock, milk it honey."

My pussy muscles started contracting and releasing I couldn't stop it. Mojo planted his cock deep into my pussy and held still. I felt my pussy squeezing his cock, his cock was pulsing. I felt something funny, it was wonderful. Mojo stayed motionless for a couple of minutes as a warmth spread into my pussy and throughout my body.

When he knelt up he pulled out, "You nutted the ho." I looked around and the three men and two hookers where all smiling. I pushed up on my elbows with my thighs spread waiting for the next one.

Mamba they called him came over and yanked the dress completly off and Billy, as he was called, moved between my thighs. Billy drove his cock into my pussy and started fucking me. Mamba moved over, "Suck on this awhile ho," stuffing his cock in my mouth smearing my make up.

It didn't take Bill long to bust a nut in me. He leaned down to add insult to injury, "Luckiest day of my life nutting in a white rich ho."

Mamba pulled his cock from my mouth so I could catch my breath, drooling more onto my tits.

"White ho getting the shit banged outta her over here," I heard from a distance.

I looked at the fourth man "I've seen you before."

"Bitch you about run me down," it was the first loser. How could I still be having these thoughts, look where I am.

Mamba flipped me to my hands and knees and entered me doggie style. I saw Mojo playing with my phone, and then pointing it toward us. I didn't think he knew it had a video camera, "Contacts send to all."

"No," My mouth was stuffed with a cock before I could shout anymore.

Mamba pulled out and rolled me onto my back and let the first bum finish nutting me. Mamba moved in and started fucking me again. I was losing all control by now my orgasms were becoming more frequent and were soon just one on top of the other.

I was glad I was on the pill and took it religeously when the chants started, "Mamba, Mamba knock the bitch up."

My head was rocking side to side in orgasmic bliss when I saw Mojo again, "What are you doing with my phone?"

"Sending movies to your contacts to show them what a good little black cock slut you are."

"No, you promised you wouldn't tell."

"I keep my promises I haven't told a soul, you have."

Mamba planted his cock so hard I swear he punctured my cervix, "Owwwww!" Then I felt it, Mamba's cock started ejaculating into me a feeling of warmth spread in my snatch and into my body. He pulled out before he was done and showered me with semen splattering my belly, tits, and face.

True to his word Mojo called his brother. Mojo lay beside me as I recuperated. I got up to my knees and started to reach for the dress, "Where you going ho? We aren't done."

"I did what we agreed to."

"Look what you did to me," he said pointing to his engorged cock.

I lay beside him and spread my thighs thinking he would mount me, "Bitch climb on and do the work."

I climbed over Mojo looking at him, "Turn the other way reverse cowgirl."

I did as he said and as soon as I had impaled myself on his shaft he started playing with my ass. I started by rotating my hips on his cock and soon began rocking up and down. His cock was rubbing my clit, the feeling was incredible. When my orgasm hit I tossed my head back, "Ohhhhhh, shit."

"Cum on my cock bitch, what would daddy say if he knew you got off on a nigger cock?"

When my orgasm subsided I brought my head forward. Mamba's cock was there, I opened my mouth to engulf it. I continued riding Mojo and working Mamba's cock with my mouth. When my nose hit his pubic hairs he grabbed my ears and started fucking my mouth. I could not ride up and down on Mojo and just rotated my hips around.

This continued for what seemed like an eternity. Then I felt Mojo's cock expanded in my sensitive pussy. I started grinding faster and was struck by another orgasm. That warmth I felt earlier spread into my pussy and throughout my body again, I knew Mojo was expelling his potant black baby seed into me again.

I was delirious when he was done and rolled over to the side. Mamba's cock fell from my aching jaw. He was not done with me yet and spread my thighs to enter me again, "Bitch going out of her mind with love."

The group all laughed when Mamba drove his cock into me. Mamba had me cumming again and he too made my pussy and body feel all warm when he added copious amounts of his baby seed to my battered pussy. He leaned down and whispered in my ear, "Doesn't matter if you on birth control, nigger seed seems to knock up every white bitch with an attitude."

I lay there for a minute or two thinking I'm safe. I gathered the dress and slid it on.

The whores brought me back to the shop so I could change. I had a hard time doing so, I was sore, "Should clean all that nasty nigger cum outta your pussy before your totaly ruined and knocked up."

"I'm on the pill, no chance of that."

They both snickered at that. I started putting on my panties, "You won't need those, bra neither."

I pulled my dress back on putting my under garments in my bag and walked out just in time to go with the tow truck. I could not deny the fact that I came numerous times and this had been the greatest sexual experience I have ever had, even though it was unwanted at the time.

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