tagNonConsent/ReluctanceSilenced Ch. 01

Silenced Ch. 01


Alli idly twirled a strand of her sleek ebony hair around her finger, racking her brain for ideas on her Thesis paper. Prospective ideas and plans streamed through her mind like a movie on fast-forward, and Alli was slowly making the connections before a high pitched voice interrupted her train of thought.

"Alli! I have the PERFECT idea! You want to finish researching drugs in America, well talk to an actual drug dealer so that the research is more original!" Sarah beamed at Alli, confident in her idea. By no means was Sarah a graduate student like Alli, in fact Sarah was a former drug addict that Alli had been interviewing for her Thesis.

"That sounds a bit dangerous, Sarah.." Alli drawled, white teeth nibbling down on her carefully glossed lower lip. However, Sarah did have a point, most grad students didn't have the balls to actually immerse themselves in drug culture and merely cultivated ideas from books and articles. "And even if I did, I wouldn't know where to find any.. At least not the big ones." Alli continued on, thoughtful eyes drifting from Sarah's scar embedded face.

Sarah's normal smiling face was briefly twinged by guilt, but unnoticed by Alli. "I know this one drug dealer.. He's the biggest supplier in Houston for straight coke, and I can bring you to him..." Sarah's girlish voice trailed on, becoming slightly meeker. Alli's eyes suspiciously narrowed on Sarah's healthy face before softening her gaze, knowing that Sarah had left that life behind. "Is it safe to just question one of the wealthiest and renown drug dealers in all of Texas?" Alli asked with her normal skepticism, nervousness but curiosity boiling inside of her.

Sarah's cheerful facade fully returned, any guilt she was once feeling was fully masked. "Of course! This man is quite the socialite, you have nothing to worry about, promise! I'll set everything up for you, and I'll call you with the details.." Sarah stood up and leaned over to kiss Alli on the cheek, skipping out of Alli's small student apartment. "Talk to you soon!" Alli chimed after Sarah, but the door was already shut.


Sarah walked a few blocks from Alli's apartment where she was met by a black limo, without hesitating Sarah slid in the backseat. It took all of Sarah's will to not scowl at the two large men that sat on either end of the limo, Sarah had been working for the damned prick for nearly five years and he still didn't trust her enough to meet her without bodyguards.

"Afternoon, Sarah.." A deep masculine voice rumbled, an inviting smile playing on his normally stern mouth. Sarah involuntarily shivered as her attention was brought to Alexander, the young Russian playboy of the drug world. "Afternoon, sir." Sarah spoke curtly, disliking the formalities.

"Report?" Alexander's kind voice was quickly replaced by firmness.

Sarah hesitated for a moment, she was about to sellout the one person in her fucked up life that actually showed her an ounce of genuine kindness. Alexander was a cruel bastard, but he had helped her off the drugs Sarah was once hooked on and gave her a job as an informant. Sarah knew that if Alexander hadn't stepped in her life that she'd still be working the streets just to get her fix. However, Alexander never showed kindness without a price, she was now forever in debt to him and Sarah could never forget that.

Clearing her voice, Sarah continued on, achingly reluctant to betray the sweet Alli. "Alli is still writing her thesis on drug culture in Texas.. She has already named several Houston police officers that you have paid off for legal protection, but she isn't aware they are directly connected to you." Sarah tacked on the last bit in hopes to earn Alli some mercy. "Alli has also named several politicians in her thesis that both buy from you and protect your business from prosecution and investigation." Sarah's voice became softer as she noticed Alexander's visible anger. Sarah knew Alexander was young, but he worked tirelessly to build up his drug empire and Alli threatened everything he had worked for if her thesis were to be published.

Frustration nearly boiling over, Alexander straightened his tie, smoothing it down his defined chest. "I imagine you have made the arrangements.." It wasn't a question.

"I have.. But, Alexander.. Alli is a good person, she's naive and isn't aware what she's meddling in.." Sarah's voice trailed off when Alexander's smoldering gaze devoured Sarah's words.

The lush black limo stopped in front of Sarah's high rise condos, the magnificent structure bordering the gulf. "Don't forget who you work for, Sarah." Alexander spoke pleasantly, but his words were an unmistakable threat.

Nodding, Sarah stepped out of the limo and walked to the gates of the condo that Alexander bought for her in full. No matter how guilty Sarah felt, she owed everything to the drug lord.


Alexander flipped out his Blackberry once Sarah had left and conducted some research of his own. Google was a miraculous thing. Having found Alli on several social networking websites, it was difficult for Alexander to gauge exactly how to muzzle the fuckin' spy. However, he hadn't anticipated that the little bookworm would be such a looker. That could definitely be used to his advantage..

Rapid Russian filled the limo as Alexander rehearsed the plan to his two most trusted bodyguards. Both bulky men remained expressionless but attentive as Alexander streamed out the orders, the boss's face relentlessly cruel. The little bitch isn't going to tear down the business Alexander spent nearly all of his life building.


The familiar clacking of Alli's laptop permeated through her tiny apartment, working feverishly on her Thesis, adding in some more research to some bare paragraphs. Sprawled out on her twin bed with her laptop at the foot of the bed, Alli was already in her pajamas even though the sun had just set. Wearing nothing but a tight black tank-top and hip hugging pajama shorts that hardly concealed the curve of her pert ass, Alli still had the window cracked. Texas heat was vicious at this time of the year.

Pausing for a moment, Alli minimized her Word document and pulled up the erotica she had been reading, eyes scanning the crude words. Rubbing a hand above her cleavage, her thoughts trailed off to the brutal male character of the erotica, wishing that her life had been filled with the same excitement as these enthralling characters. Sex, scandal, and revenge. Alli's life was anything but, her life consisted of work, research, and school without much in-between. Sighing in frustration for becoming so distracted, she pulled back up her Word document and continued on paraphrasing some interesting research she pulled up from an online article.

Before Alli could even begin typing, the startling ring of her phone grasped her attention. Hopping out of bed, she padded over to the end of her room and picked up the phone from the receiver. "Hello?"

"Alli! Hi there!" Sarah's squeaky voice was unmistakable.

"Ooh, hey Sarah! How are you?"

Sarah hesitated, which was odd because she normally talked a mile a minute. "I'm well! I set up that appointment you wanted me to make. I'll pick you up tomorrow at noon, sweetie."

"Well, Sarah.. I was thinking-"

Sarah cut Alli off before she could vocalize her second thoughts. "I'll see you tomorrow, Alli! Don't worry, it's perfectly safe!"

The line went dead before Alli could rebut. Wanting to groan out, Alli knew that this was probably a sign she should go through with this. Always living life on the safe side, she needed a serious change of pace for once and this research could be extremely beneficial. Deciding that she wouldn't back out at the last minute like she usually did when she was skeptical, Alli returned to her erotica, getting lost in her fantasies.


Sarah promptly arrived at Alli's apartment, the steady ache in her chest practically throbbing from guilt. Considering walking away, Sarah knew that if she turned her back on Alexander and the family that she would be hunted down and killed. Swallowing her guilt, Sarah plastered on a smile and knocked heavily on Alli's poorly painted door.

Hearing the click of Alli's shoes, Sarah beamed up at her friend as she opened the door. If Alli were nervous, she did a hell of a job of masking it. Alli's young face was warm and inviting, high cheek bones accenting the slight flush of her normally porcelain skin. Sleek black hair tumbled down Alli's curved back, which was a nice contrast to her tightly fitted silken scarlet blouse. Red, always the color of power. Form fitting black pants nicely clung to her plump ass, emphasizing her endlessly long legs. It looked as though Alli were going to a job interview, not a meeting with a viscous drug lord.

Sarah greeted Alli as normal with a hug, squeezing Alli a bit tighter than usual, wishing she could hold on to her one true friend forever. Laughing at the extra affectionate Sarah, Alli pulled back and smiled kindly. "Good afternoon to you too, Sarah. All ready?"

Nodding, Sarah remained silent in fear that her voice would crack and merely led Alli to her Pontiac GTO, eyes lowered in shame.


As soon as Sarah's car peeled out of site, one of Alexander's most precise bodyguards, Christoffel walked a few blocks from his car to Alli's apartment. Christoffel was incredibly bulky, the hard contours of his muscles straining against his Underarmour, his black jeans uncomfortable tight on his marble thighs. However, his task this afternoon required no strength at all. Fluidly walking up the stairs to Alli's empty apartment, Christoffel simply swiped the lock and stalked into the tiny apartment, making Christoffel look like a hulk in a doll house.

Pulling out a linen bag, Christoffel began collecting Alli's laptop, hard drives, floppy discs, flash drives, Ipods, and everything else Alli could store files on. The spacious bag was nearly full before Christoffel retreated from the now emptier apartment, taking the devices with him for the boss to inspect, wanting to find out just how much the little cunt knew, and how the fuck she found out. After Alexander was done, Alli's possessions be destroyed just like Alexander intended on making Alli his possession.


Alli couldn't believe how silent the car ride was with Sarah, normally the little chatterbox talked Alli's ear off. Looking thoughtfully at Sarah's scarred face nicely bordered by mousy brown hair, Alli had always wondered where the woman's scars had came from. Sarah would have been perfect aesthetically if it weren't for those deeply carved scars marking her sweet face. Anger boiled up inside of Alli, she always had wanted to be left alone in the room with Sarah's attacker to bring some well deserved justice.

"I love you, Alli." The trembling words poured from Sarah's pretty pink mouth.

Tearing away from her thoughts, Alli stared at Sarah with a confused smile. It was probably difficult for Sarah to contact those who had once played a role in her unraveling. Alli was appreciative that Sarah went to such lengths to help support her research, and it warmed her heart that Sarah could still be so openly affectionate after everything terrible she's had to endure in the past. "I love you too, girl. If you're nervous, I can go in alone." Alli offered earnestly.

Sarah forced a smile to her face and blinked away any tears that happened to be obscuring her pretty blue eyes. Stopping the car, Sarah turned to Alli and nodded with pseudo excitement. "We're here."

Alli ripped her gaze from Sarah's glittering eyes and turned to the structure where they had stopped. Gasping, hazel eyes widened as Alli took in the beautiful Russian architecture, candy painted domes topping the cylinder rooms protruding from the castle-esque mansion. Unbuckling her seatbelt, Alli slid from the car and allowed her legs to carry her to the gorgeous structure, having the childish urge to run her hands over the beautifully painted structure. Forcing her gaze to leave the magnificent architecture, Alli looked over her shoulder to Sarah, who still happened to be firmly seated inside the car. "I'll meet you in soon, Alli. I need to make a quick errand." Sarah announced, lingering for a moment before putting her car in drive and riding off.

Heart pounding out of her chest, Alli dipped her hand inside of her purse and turned her voice recorder on, not wanting to forget a word of conversation. Walking up the winding pathway leading to the front door, Alli wanted to linger and absorb the beauty of the colorful garden. However, she wasn't going to delay the encounter, it probably wasn't good to keep a drug mogul waiting.

Reaching the rich mahogany door, Alli pressed the button on the intercom, expecting a voice to emit immediately. Instead, the heavy door swung open and a ridiculously tall, well muscled man stood in front of her wearing a nicely tailored black Armani suit. "Are you.." Alli began to drawl out the words.

"I'm one of the many guards. Come in." The voice was gruff and dripping with a Russian accent. Swallowing nervously, Alli stepped inside, and nearly gasped out again, the interior of the house was nothing less than culturally extravagant. It must be furnished with some of the most exquisite imports from around the world. Eyes feasting on the beauty, Alli nearly jumped when the guard placed both of his large hands on her arm, sliding down her bicep then down her forearm.

"What are you doing?!" Alli squeaked out, a hot blush rousing her cheeks.

The guard moved both of his huge hands to the other arm, repeating the movements. "A pat down. Do you know how many people want to kill the boss?" The guard spoke as though it were obvious, his hands now on top of her shoulders and moving down her sides, his large palms skimming over her perky bust. "Intrusive, much?!" Alli complained, trying to control the blush painting her defined face.

Ignoring the pesky American's complaints, the guard moved past her waist and over the woman's wide hips, patting over her front and back pockets. Preparing himself for more high-pitched complaints, the guard shoved his hand between the American's thighs, quickly skimming over her clothed cunt, ensuring she wasn't hiding anything.

"What the fuck are you doing! That's extremely inappropriate, I have nothing to hide!" Alli nearly screamed out the words, any embarrassment was quickly replaced with haughty anger. Again, the guard ignored the complaints and rubbed down her legs, squeezing at the sides of her heels to ensure absolutely nothing was hidden. Standing back up straight, the guard grabbed at Alli's purse, unzipping it and emptying the contents on the front table.

Unable to vocalize her objections before the guard practically roared out at her. "What the fuck is this?!" The guard pushed around and wallet and cellphone, grabbing the only other thing in her purse, the voice recorder. Throwing it on the ground, the guard demolished it under his giant boot, only taking one stomp to crumble it. Picking up Alli's old cellphone and sliding it in his breast pocket, he gave Alli a soulless smile. "Now we're ready to meet the boss."

Alli was absolutely speechless, her precious voice recorder was now scattered in pieces on the intricate rug, countless hours of previous interviews now lost. Teeth grinding together to keep from cursing out the terrifying man, she merely followed his large back down a long hallway, a single beautifully deceiving door waiting for her at the end.


Alexander sat in his lush leather chair, seated comfortably in front of his custom made desk. Laughing to himself at the sound of the approaching American, her futile complaints made him bubble with amusement. One bodyguard stationed at the corner of the room, his other most trusted guard would soon be joining him with the American. Protection wasn't necessary with the weak little girl, but an audience would really send his message home.

"I want no hesitation when it comes to the girl, no compassion or vigilant thoughts." Alexander informed his bodyguard, knowing that the men in his house had a weakness for pretty American girls. The expressionless guard merely nodded in full understanding, Alexander had nothing to worry about.


Alli was led through the last door in the hallway, eyes downcast before fixing her gaze on the man behind the desk. Breath caught in her throat, Alli had never laid eyes on a more gorgeous man. Completely unaware of her surroundings, Alli merely stared, taking in the stern features of his chiseled face, intense espresso eyes absolutely smoldering. The drug lord's rich brown hair was cut short, but long enough that she could grab a fistful. Wide shoulders and the hard planes of his chest were nicely complimented by his designer suit, Alli imagined what his body were to look like with just the royal blue tie on..

Shaking her head, Alli forced all sexual thoughts out of her mind, realizing that she was staring at one of the most dangerous men in Texas like a dick deprived school girl. However, it was very difficult to ignore the heat pooling between her thighs. Throat clearing, Alli extended a hand over the wide desk. "Hi there. My name is Alli."

Alexander had to force himself to keep from laughing as the American woman stared at him like a piece of meat. He had to admit, he was extremely impressed with the American's appearance. The woman was fiery and beautiful, the perfect combination to sate his interests. Yes, Alli will make the perfect little pet.

Staring at the woman's extended hand, Alexander gently wrapped his fingers around hers, brushing his lips over the back of her hand, inwardly admiring her soft, fragrant skin. "Pleasure to meet you, Alli. You may call me Alexander for now. Please, sit." He kept his voice level and polite, showing Alli his rare kindness, wanting the bitch to know exactly what she's going to be missing once he turned on her.

Smiling a bit too invitingly, Alli obediently sat down in the one chair centered in front of the man's desk. "I hope it's alright if I ask you a few questions for my research, Alexander. You will be anonymous and no names, locations, or anything else personal will be disclosed in my Thesis."

Alexander gave a rare smile, and nodded to the bodyguard who had manhandled her earlier. "Of course.. As long as we take a few more precautionary measures." His voice was practically oozing with cruel intent.

Not giving Alli a chance to respond, his bodyguard walked up behind Alli and grasped at the collar of her shirt. In one fluid motion, the guard ripped apart the American's silken blouse, pearly buttons flying across the room. Shoving the remnants of the blouse down her elbows, the tight material effectively trapped Alli's arms behind her back. The woman's bountiful breasts were barely contained by the the black cups, her creamy cleavage spilling over, the tops of her pink nipples peeking through.

"What do you think you're doing!" Alli screamed out, slender arms struggling against the silken material of her shirt, but her struggles only served to jiggle her perky tits, more cleavage escaping the skimpy lingerie.

Calmly, Alexander stood up from his desk and walked over to the distressed woman, stopping in front of her defiant body. "Just checking for a wire." Alexander spoke calmly, his strong fingers curling around the material between the cups of her bra and yanking down, Alli's breasts bouncing free. "I'm guessing they're real from the way they bounce.." speaking nonchalantly, he took a moment to admire the way her tight pink nipples hardened for him, such a nice contrast to her creamy flesh. Reaching out, Alexander firmly slapped her right breast, loving the way it jiggled for him.

"Motherfucker! Don't fucking touch me, you sick bastard!" Alli groaned out the words, her sensitive nipple stinging from the slap. Kicking out at Alexander, the damn man didn't even wince as her heel stomped at his shin.

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