tagGay MaleSissy Cuckold & The Old Bull Ch. 02

Sissy Cuckold & The Old Bull Ch. 02


"Now for your turn" leers the old bull, stroking the mushroomed head of his gnarled old cock.

The old man starts to get hard again and grabs the husband's head. He slams his cock back in the husband's mouth, brutally facefucking him. "Is that what you want Sissy? To be Daddies pantied cocksucker? "The husband chokes and gags on this vile old man's big cock, tears streaming down his face as he pounds his face. The husband feels the old man's potent cum-filled bull balls slapping his chin.

The husband wretches his bent old cock, completely in shock at the abuse he is receiving. "You nasty cock-sucking bitch sissy! I love using your soft pouty lips; they're just like a woman's." The old man yells lost in pleasure and lust. Everytime his pushes his cock in, the husband's face slams into his sweaty pubes which are soaked in his wife's pussy juices.

"You like that bitch? Can you taste your wife's cunt? The cunt this old daddy just impregnated with his baby? The husband tries to talk back but the old bull rams his cock in so deep, making him take it right to the base. Saliva dribbles out of the husbands mouth during this onslaught, deep-throat slime splattering onto the floor below. "Your gonna be my sissy cuckold, serving my cock and raising my baby. Soon all you care about is Daddies big cock stretching your pussyhole bitch! You get ready for this old bull's schlong to impregnate your sissycunt."

The wife sits up on the bed watching her husband getting orally raped by this dominant old man. She sees the power he has over him and looks on admiringly at the stud. The old man looks up to see the lustful wife watching her sissy husband getting abused.

"Make him eat you out while I take care of something else." The wife moves to the edge of the bed and the husband is grateful to be away from his attacker and back with his loving wife's pussy. "Can't you lick better than that, sissy?" snaps the wife. The husband freezes, did his wife really just say that too him? "That's right, eat me out properly, you'll call me Mistress from now on!"

The old man chuckles behind the husband, the husbands only ally is now on his side, he knows he can do whatever he wants with the both of them. While the husband obediently sucks on the wife's pussy, the old man starts to fondle his arse, spreading his cheeks and puling on his lacy panties.

The husband tries to ignore it until a feeling of complete pleasure runs from his arse right up his spine. He lets out a feeble whimper as the old man starts to lap at his hole. Pulling his lacy panties to one side, the old bull starts to tongue his hole expertly, hitting all the right spots.

"MMMPPPHHFFF" moans the husband its his wife's pussy. The old bull now knows this submissive young man is like putty in his hands. The old lecher slips down the panties and inserts a fat stubby finger in the husbands bung, pushing it in and out right up to the knuckle.

"Oh my! Your pussy is so wet sissy! He must be enjoying his old daddies attention so much." As creeped out by the term "daddy" as he was, the husband could not deny that he was feeling so good at the attentions of this old man. What had this man made him become?

The old man adds another finger until the husband's hole is stretched and open for him to use. The husband groans in pleasure until he feels something sliding up and down his hole, something heavy and warm. He turns to see the old bull slithering his disgusting old cock against his wet cuntlips.

"NO! NO! STOP, YOU CA-" The old man pushed his cockhead deep into the husband's pussy and rammed down hard. The husband's eyes rolled back in his head and his cock throbbed hard before spurting a tiny load cum to his panties.

The old man spanks his arse as he sinks his mammoth cock deep into his chute. "Dirty little bitch wet his panties with his clitty's spunk! Bad sissy!" before slapping another hand down hard on his cheeks. The husband doesn't care, the old man's cock sank straight into his prostate and he is ecstasy. His wife watches on as the old bull mounts her husband and starts to pound his huge cock in and out of his arse.

With every thrust, another dribble of cum soaks into the husband's panties as the old man starts to ravage him. "Yeeesssss Siissssyy, your cunt is to tight around my cock,, take it like a slut! Mmmmmm what a juicy little cunt you have! Ripe for Daddy to seed it." The old man rams his cock in hard until he is balls deep. The husband yells out in pain as his sphincter is stretched too far wide. The old man grabs his head and covering his mouth with his fat hand as he starts to pummel his pussy. "Thhhaaat'ss iitt boy! Let Daddy rape his sissyboi, he knows that he wants his cock really...

"MMMMMM!" the husband's muffled screams go unheard as the old bull pounds him like a ragdoll. The wife just laughs at him as his stubby clit dribbles more pathetic spunk as his prostate is milked. The sound of the old bulls balls slapping against his smooth arse cheeks fills the room.

After 10 minutes of solid fucking, the husband has completely given in to the old man "MMM oh yeah Daddy, just like that! Fuck your Sissy! Breed me Sir! Give me your baby in my sissycunt!" He squeezes his tight sphincter against the old man's shaft making him roars as cum boils in his orange sized balls.

He pulls out and throws the young man onto the bed. He flips him onto his back, lift his legs onto your shoulders and rams his cock in at full length. The husband moans as he feels full again, completely satisfied. "Look at your sissy clit, only 3 inches long, it's not even worthy of being called a cock. Now squeeze that boihole around Daddies dick again like a good sissy!" The husband does exactly as he says, intoxicated by the unparralled pleasure coursing through his body.

"You like being fucked like this bitch! Like a girl? You are a girl! Daddies sissygurl!" He starts to pound faster as his orgasm rises. "Oh you slut, you ready to take Daddies load in your cunt"

The husband wraps his leg tightly around his lover as he rams his cock one last time deep into his pussy. 'TAKE MY CUM YOU SISSY BIIIITTTTCCCHHHH!!!!! He feels the bull's cock swell stretching his hole to its maximum and then feels the torrent of spunk spurt out of his cock, filling his bowels with white hot molten spunk. He screams out in delight as cum spills past his overflowing cunt, trickling down his crack. His babydick starts to jerk as he drycums; his tiny little balls having no more spunk to give. The old bull collapse's on heavily on top of him as his sphincter continues to spasm and quiver.

The wife, who had been furiously fingering herself throughout the entire ordeal, grabs a bowl from the side and slides it under her husband's hole. After emptying his enormous balls, the old bull slowly pulls out his engorged cock. When the cock head finally pops out, a torrent of cum gushes out into the bowl and the husband moans as he empties his bowels of his master's potent seed. The bowl collects the precious milk as it escapes the husbands gaping hole.

When it finally stops the wife orders her husband to finger himself clean before putting the bowl on the floor for him to lap at like a dog. "That's it sissy! Eat up daddies' spunk you cunt! Can you taste how potent it is? I am definitely carrying his child now you impotent wimp" She sneers.

The old man grabs his wife, kissing her passionately before standing over the husband. "Your mine now sissy! Daddy owns you. I'm going to move into your house and sleep in the martial bed. You will have your own pink girly room, which you will live in as Daddy's personal sissycuck. As soon as my baby is born, it'll be up to you to look after it while Daddy works at impregnating your beautiful wife again. We will start an entire family while you do all the chores and service my every desire as my sex slave. We'll start you on hormone therapy right away to grow you a nice pair of titties and to make that tiny cock smaller, if that is even possible. You like the sound of that sissy?"

The husband looks up at the dominant couple before suckling on his master's cockhead and saying, " Yes master, that sounds perfect."

The End.

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by Anonymous02/11/18

Stupidity runs amok.

The bull forces Hubby to suck his cock? Dude - they're called teeth. Hubby used them and the bull never fucked another woman in his life. He had no dick after Hubby bit it off.

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by Anonymous11/15/17


Have had a similar experience. It lasted for three years, and we used to get it on twice weekly. Harold was a tall very large, very black man, with a huge cock. He never tired and had great stamina.more...

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