tagFetishSisters in My Bath

Sisters in My Bath


I dressed in my borrowed (and kind of short) silk robe and walked straight back to the bathroom with the idea of filling the bath and having a soak prior to Sue's arrival. To my complete surprise when I entered the bathroom I found the bath already occupied by her naked little nineteen year old sister Traci smiling up at me from the far end of the tub.

The 'bath' was actually a hot-tub big enough for the whole family if they chose. The water was deep enough to lap Traci's neck as she sat on the tiled bottom. Looking down through the clear water I could see that like her elder sister this eager beauty who sat with her legs invitingly parted was also fully shaved.

"Hi, Mike," she purred, "I've been waiting for you." and she looked directly between my thighs where the sight of her was making me become fully aroused which was pushing my robe slightly out of shape.

Before I could make any comment on her being in the bath, Sue entered the bathroom dressed in a white bathrobe and looked straight at her sister sitting brazenly in the bath, and demanded, "What the hell do you think you're doing in there?"

"Waiting for Mikey," Traci answered sweetly.

"Oh no, you're not!" Sue growled, "I'm sharing this bath with him!"

"I was here first," her sister replied looking straight at me for support although for the moment I preferred to keep out of it.

"If you don't get out of that bath right now I'm going to hurt you!" Sue announced raising one fist.

Traci quickly got to her feet and also raised a fist as she faced her scowling sister and said, "If you hit me I'll hit you back, you bitch!"

"Why you little whore!" Sue snarled taking a step towards the bath. It was high time I got involved. I grabbed Sue by the arm to pull her back from the edge of the bath.

"Enough!" I said, "What the hell do you two think you're doing arguing over me like a couple of spoiled kids? Don't I have a say in this? You're sisters for gods' sake. If you both don't apologize right now I'm going to bed and you two can masturbate alone!"

Sue stared at me and then slowly turned to Traci and said quietly, "I'm sorry Traci."

"So I am I," Traci nodded, "I'll get out of here and let you have Mike's hard cock to yourself."

"There's no need," I grinned seeing the dejected look on her face, "Didn't your mother ever tell you to share your toys?"

There was a moment's silence as both girls looked at me and then at each other. Then huge grins of glee spread across their faces before Sue stripped out of her robe and stepped into the bath next to Traci.

She licked her lips with anticipation as she urged, "Well, come on, Mike, we're waiting!"

I slipped out of my bathrobe and joined the two naked girls in the water where we all knelt down close together with bodies rubbing erotically against each other. Two female hands reaching out to wrap round the shaft of my cock which brought it swiftly to full solid erection.

"Only one at a time?", Traci asked.

"No both together!" Sue answered eagerly.

"Take a big breath, Mike," she commanded, "It's underwater lovin' time!"

Since the day before when I had fucked Sue in the swimming pool, she just kept talking about underwater sex!

I gulped air and Sue pushed me backwards so that I slid beneath the surface of the water. She lifted my legs up and I sank all the way to the bottom of the deep tub. She promptly straddled my face to cover my mouth and nose with shaven pussy. I started to lick and lap at her hot little cavern before working directly on her clitoris - which was what I knew she wanted.

At the other end I felt Traci's submerged mouth close over my standing cock to take the head and half the shaft. She began sucking strongly for a few moments. The warmness of water sloshed against my shaft. She came up for air and without any hesitation straddled my hips and fully filled herself with my erect cock.

For almost a minute I was energetically ridden at both ends by two rampantly horny girls. I started to struggle and lose my breath which brushed against Sue's open pussy. She waited till I desperately needed to surface before bringing me up for a quick much-needed breath. Then she sent me straight back down again where I could do them both some good!

Sue came first - her body shaking with the force of her orgasm as she sat down hard and pressed her vagina directly against my mouth. My lips were forced open slightly by her weight. My mouth filling with sweet, musky juices which in that position I had more or less no choice but to swallow.

As soon as I had finished draining Sue, I felt Traci also bucking in the throes of her own orgasm. Sue wickedly kept me firmly held underwater until her sister had ceased quaking and moaning. By this time, streams of air bubbles were gushing out of me and I again urgently needed to breathe. I gagged underwater and fought not to drown! I blanketed my face with her cunt to help hold the water back.

They pulled me up and we all laughed for several minutes. I thought once I had more or less got my breath back that the two girls would be satisfied after both cumming. I found out that I was wrong.

Grinning broadly, the two girls changed ends of the bathtub. They had me in the middle to continue our love making. Down I went again - this time getting a lesson in underwater oral sex from Traci as Sue spread her legs and took in my rigid cock.

Once again they took a delight in making me stay submerged for as long as possible. Traci assumed the position that her sister had held previously of timekeeper and lifeguard. I tasted slippery juices from the younger girl's first cum I began to seriously wonder if this was indeed the first time they had ever done this with a guy in the bath.

It certainly didn't seem like it! Once again I was pulled up for a quick frantic gasp of air. The girl on top of me calculated that if she kept me under water any longer I would start drowning. Once again I was sent down rapidly to continue what I had started - receiving a second large intake of female cum as Traci exploded on top of my face.

She dragged me to the surface spitting water and her cum as Sue came to her second orgasm on top of me but this time with my cock. Her back arched and her head was thrown back as the climax ripped through her body. This caused her to dig her fingers into her sister's shoulders. Traci squealed!

I was drowning but all I could think that there were worse ways to go. At last both girls relaxed and pulled up my soggy carcass. They sat side-by-side in the bath and watched me lean on the edge of the bath breathing heavily as I sucked air into my deprived and aching lungs. I didn't think that I could take much more of this.

"That was wonderful!" Sue breathed, her eyes slightly glazed by her sexual exertions.

"Yes, but HE hasn't cum yet," Traci nodded.

"We'll have to do something about that then," Sue grinned, "We can't have him going back to bed big and hard, can we?"

"Two minutes each?" Traci asked. "

"Or until WE run out of air!" Sue answered with a gleam in her eyes, "And I go first."

"Bitch!" her sister grunted.

Sue lay down against the rear wall of the bath so that her face was just above the surface. She took a couple of deep breaths, then inhaled deeply and slid underwater to lie on her side on the bottom of the tub. The water was very clear and she looked beautiful laying there.

Traci told me, "Go down on her, Mike. Push your cock into her mouth and make her suck till she runs out of air. Make her fear that she is drowning. She likes that and it will vastly increase her pleasure."

I took a deep breath and did as I was told. I made sure Sue had a large, meaty mouthful then placed both hands on the back of her head to pump her back and forth. I was making sure she paid for my forced oral earlier by repeatedly thrusting deep into her mouth. I was close to the surface so I could sneak a breath whenever I needed it. Sue, on the other hand, could not!

At first Traci was content to kneel and watch the underwater action but soon she tired of this and decided to wickedly join in, placing both hands on the side of her sister's head ensuring that she was held firmly on the bottom of the bath.

At a minute and twenty seconds on the clock, Sue began to squirm and her face showed her need to breathe. Her hands flew to my cock and she tried to pull it out of her mouth. I held her firmly in place and continued thrusting determined to give her the same treatment I had received while being held underwater. Bursts of bubbles began to come from the side of Sue's mouth round the moving cock on every out stroke. Her eyes widened as her lungs gradually emptied of life sustaining air.

Traci was still holding her down and grinning as she watched her sister's legs kicking and we heard muffled gurgles for help coming up from her. I relented and pulled my cock out of her mouth accompanied by a huge eruption of bubbles as her lungs completely emptied. I dragged her to the surface. Sue hung over the side of the bath spitting water and gasping frantically as she gradually refilled her lungs. She had been underwater for one minute and forty four seconds!

She looked at her sister and announcing firmly, "Your turn, Traci. You know you can hold your breath longer than I can! I made it almost two minutes so let's see how you fair!"

"Don't hold me underwater too long," the younger girl said, "I'm not as used to underwater cock sucking as you are."

Sue merely grinned as Traci got into the position she had been in. Sue told Traci to go underwater. After her head was under she said, "I am going to hold her under for three minutes this time! We may have to revive her so get ready for that."

I submerged and felt Sue pulling at my hips so that she rolled me over slightly so that I was fully on top of Traci's open mouth. I was now over her thrusting down on her and I could see her eyes looking admiringly at my fairly large penis.

Sue moved down to the end of the bathtub and watched Traci underwater giving me a magnificent blow job. Her cheeks bulged slightly with every thrust. After 70 seconds she shook her head and her eyes widened which made me wonder what was happening.

She was nowhere near the limit of her breath holding abilities. Looking behind me with my face underwater I could see that Sue was kneeling and holding one of Traci's legs on either side of her body. Her cunt was wide open. She had two fingers of her right hand thrusting in and out of Traci's pussy to the knuckle while the middle finger of her left hand was gently but vigorously rubbing her clitoris.

Feeling a slight constriction in the base of my shaft I knew then that neither of us was going to last very long, which no doubt was precisely what Sue had in mind when she suggested going first. Traci was beginning to lose air when I felt the explosion building. I surfaced for much needed air and I noted that the clock said that Traci had been under for over 110 seconds. She still had over a minute to go!

I and knew that I had better pull out of Traci mouth soon unless I wished to force her to swallow a very large helping of cock cream. My intentions were altered by Sue breaking off her cuntly administrations for a moment to grab both my ankles. She pulled my legs up forcing me underwater on top of Traci. This was very effectively keeping us both in position.

Traci shook her head again and gave a loud gurgle as she realized what was happening. By then it was too late - my torrent bursting forth to fill her cheeks. It washed backwards into her throat giving her no choice but to uncontrollably swallow. A second later she screwed up her face and began losing the battle to hold her breath. Air came out along with large quantities of cum into the bath.

I heard Sue on the surface laugh and say, "Two minutes and twenty seconds Traci! Only forty seconds to go!"

Sue continued to masturbate Traci and brought her to a violent orgasm. Now a small cloud of cum rose from her crotch end and a column of air bubbles rose from the other as her lungs completely emptied. Both of us were badly in need of air. Her much worse than me!

I clawed my way to the surface but Traci was still underwater! I pulled my cock quickly out of Traci's mouth. The clock was approaching the two minute and forty five second mark so she was almost there. Sue scramble on her to hold her underwater as a giant eruption of bubbles boiled to the surface.

"Don't worry," she said, "Traci is can do it! She won't drown!"

Traci had been underwater for about fifteen seconds with no air in her lungs at all. She pushed and fought but suddenly, she went rigid as the water invaded her esophagus and raced for her lungs! A few more bubbles came up but she quit fighting us.

"We've drowned her," I cried.

"She will be all right," Sue said calmly. "Watch this."

She pulled the limp girl up and draped her over the edge of the tub. Traci wasn't breathing as Sue slapped her on the ass. Water poured out of her mouth onto the bathroom floor. She started gasping for breath as she collapsed over the side of the bath and kicked her feet out in the warm water.

"You almost drowned me in cum – and water!" she gasped as she tried to focus her glazed eyes, "I've never swallowed that much before!"

"You've always pulled it out before the guy finished shooting," Sue laughed as she stepped out of the bath and started to dry herself on a large, white bath towel, "About time you learned to swallow a full helping!"

Traci choked as she slowly stood up and got out of the bath to find another couple of towels for her and myself.

"Swallowing it all wasn't bad," she said. "I'd like to try it in the pool next week. That is if Mike wants to come over and teach me."

"I'd love to come over for the weekend and help you learn, both in the tub and underwater in the pool," I answered.

"I know plenty of games three people can play in the bath and pool," Sue announced with a lewd chuckle.

"Then maybe you'll have to teach me," I replied.

"You know, Mike, I think the three of us are going to have a whole lot of fun this summer, "Sue said quietly as we wrapped our towels around us and walked out of the bathroom together, "I know where to get some very interesting toys!"

"Oh, double endings all night!" Traci giggled giving my deflated cock a soft squeeze.

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I am just not into this kind of sex. Just reading about breathplay scares the crap out of me. I would never do that in a million years.

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