tagIncest/TabooSize 8 Panties: A Story

Size 8 Panties: A Story


Author's Note: This is a love story about my true love of Size 8 panties. My love is a bit different than most of the stories I have read as the panties alone don't turn me on. I think of the panties as gift wrap and love caressing and kissing them while they are still on a beautiful woman and then kissing,

Caressing, and fucking what is revealed when the ladies "package is unwrapped. This is to be the first story paying homage to woman in size 8 panties.

To continue the series I need feedback from women who wear size 8 panties describing their favorite pair, not necessarily the sexiest, of briefs or bikinis (no thongs) as well as their ass and pussy along with any other pertinent information you wish to provide. Anonymous information is welcome. Other sized women are welcome to submit their information to convince me that they merit a story as I love all shapes and sizes as I believe all woman are gorgeous. This information will make these stories more realistic and hopefully more erotic for readers.

It was a few weeks after my 18th birthday while living in Denver, Colorado that my hormones had one of there first major turn ons it happened when I walked into the living room and saw my older sister standing in front of an ironing board getting the wrinkles out of a pair of pants. Evidently they were the pants she was going to wear on her date that night as all she had on her bottom half were a pair of knee high stockings and a pair of bright purple panties. These briefs were beautiful and seemed to shine as they were so silky.

I hung around watching her until she finished. Then, I ran back to my room and jacked off. After she left I looked through her hamper and admired the two other pair in there. I noticed the tags saying they were Size 8 and my life was forever changed.

The two pair I found were pretty enough. One pair was hot pink silky bikinis and the other was cotton briefs with little flowers all over it. But, they didn't give me a hard on like seeing Lucy in the other pair had.

The next week Lucy was again ironing dressed this time in the hot pink pair I had seen in the hamper and again I ogled her. I made sure as I carried on with the small talk to walk around the room so that I got views from all sides. Again, I ran back to my room and blasted a shot of cum in no time.

This went on for a long time. The only time I didn't get aroused was when she was in a thong. Even though more skin was showing it did nothing for me. I guess the mystery was gone, so it was not as fun imagining unwrapping her ass package. Lucy was two years older than me and had very nice boobs, about 36c, but her big beautiful ass was surely her most outstanding feature.

It was a week after my 19th birthday when I couldn't take it anymore. Something had to happen. I walked into the living room and there she was wearing those same purple panties but this time she had a garter belt on holding up her stockings. The small talk started as usual but I got closer and closer.

Her perfume was intoxicating.

Finally, I walked up behind her and placed my hand gently on the small of her back. She said nothing and just kept talking. I inched my palm down a couple of inches. Again, she made no move. So, I move to the top of her right ass cheek. She exhaled softly but again just kept talking. I slid my hand to cup her firm butt cheek. After a couple of minutes I began rubbing my hand all over the wonderful cheek.

I was not sure what to do. She was no longer ironing but just standing talking with me. I slipped my hand to her other cheek and was about to burst. Being bold I moved my hand into her crack and massaged up and down. She just kept talking although from time to time she would give out a sexy little exhale.

She placed the iron back on her pants and finished up never acknowledging what I had been doing, and walked off to finish getting ready.

These meetings became routine, sometimes two or three times a week. I was chicken of carrying things too far and ruining what I already had. It took over three months before my hands went around to the front side and played with her through the panties. While she still said nothing about what was happening our conversation stopped for a couple of minutes as her breathing got too heavy to talk until she came. The only time I was stopped was when I tried to pull down the panties. Again, nothing was said she just swatted my hand away and straightened out her underwear.

Things did progress a little more as one day she decided to iron her blouse so I was allowed to caress her boobs through her black lace bra. I was getting a bit frustrated that this game was at a dead end.

I decided to gamble. One evening I ran into the living room with my pants in hand beating her by two minutes. Sure enough, she returned the favor starting with my ass she softly caressed me and worked around to the front. She rubbed me through my briefs like a pro and I came in about three minutes. Unfortunately, two weeks later she left town for her last two years of nursing school in another state.

Four years passed with little contact other than family gatherings. She is working in Portland, Oregon as a registered nurse and I am the typical traveling salesman making very good money with a large expense account. My company is very generous because my sales numbers, for some reason, have been through the roof.

My travels took me to Portland so I decided to surprise Lucy with a visit. But, first things first as I check into a fancy hotel and make plans to call her the next day.

My hormones are running wild. In the bar I chat up the bartender and get the number of Portland's premier call girl service. Wasting no time, I race back to my room and make the call. I know my employer will let me charge this on the company card and reimburse them later so my wife doesn't find out. I arrange to have a lady spend the entire night specifying the type of girl I want and what I wanted to do together. My special requests included one that she throws her arms around me as soon as I open the door and passionately kiss me along with other trivial items. The wonderful thing was that my payment was handled during the phone call so that when the call girl showed up you didn't feel like you were with a hooker. She was due to arrive at 10:00 so at 9:30 I called my wife so that she wouldn't interrupt things.

My wife and I have a free flowing marriage and have had threesomes and foursomes so this wouldn't cause divorce but rather she would be jealous that she wasn't a part of it. When I called her she was horny and insisted we have phone sex. I pretended to cum with her as I didn't want to use myself up before the hooker got there.

Finally at 9:55 my wife hung up. There was a knock at the door promptly at 10:00.

I was ready as I had shaved and removed my shoes and socks. I couldn't get to the door fast enough. When I opened the door all I saw was a flash of beautiful dark brown hair. Her lips were on me instantly as she used her high heel to kick the door shut. The kiss was long and passionate. We broke apart just after our hands felt the curve of each other's ass cheeks. She stepped back to put her stuff down, Gene, it can't be!"

"Lucy, it is you! What the fuck, I hired my own Sister to sleep with me." After a few seconds to calm down from the shock of our situation we discussed how we got here. I told her that I only hired women on long business trips like this and my wife and I were still very happy together but that I have a very strong sex drive.

She explained that she had tried the call girl thing one night at the suggestion of a girl friend, more or less, on a dare. She was shocked at how much money she made. After a few months of working at the hospital and hooking on the side she quit the hospital. The call girl money was just too good as she made more in a month sleeping with men and some women than she did in a year of nursing. She still worked once every couple of weeks as a nurse to keep her skills there up as the sex business wouldn't last forever. She really loved this job as she dealt with high class customers and was treated like a queen and often didn't even end up having sex as some customers just wanted good company.

"You know Gene we have a problem."

"What is that?"

"The service won't give you your money back or me another customer tonight."

"That is a problem, sorry Sis."

"It isn't your fault. I need to use the bathroom, think about our options while I'm gone."

I already knew what I wanted to do but wasn't sure what she had in mind. She flushed and opened the door between us and standing in front of the mirror was straightening up as I walked over to her asking, "So, what are our options?"

"Well, I could go back home. Or, we could sit around and catch up on each other's lives. Then there is the fact that you paid for something that you must want badly which could still possibly be delivered." I wasn't entirely sure if she meant she would deliver what I paid for or if she would find one of her friends to deliver the goods. I pushed the door the rest of the way open.

I stood beside her admiring her in the mirror. She was as beautiful as ever. Placing my hand on her ass and softly caressing it I asked, "Remember this?"

These were the first two words ever spoken about our panty games. "How could I forget, it was some of the most erotic times I have ever had. It was so intense because it was so forbidden."

I found the bottom of her skirt and brought my hand up to her butt and resumed caressing her ass through her silky material. "I have wanted you for so long. Your ass is so fucking sexy. Will you be my Sister Lover?"

She turned toward me and crushed me against her saying just before deeply kissing me, "Oh, sweet Jesus, yes, I've never been more turned on."

Coming up for air while squeezing her mammoth ass I inquired, "What color of panties are these you have on?"

"You can look for yourself, after I take out my earrings." I sat down behind her on the toilet seat and watched her carefully take off her jewelry and lay it on the counter. Then I got the obvious idea as her ass wasn't more than two feet away. I reached up and found the zipper to her skirt and pulled it down allowing her skirt to fall to the floor, which she promptly stepped out of reached down picking it up and putting it on the counter. This caused her ass to practically touch me in the face. I was gazing at a pair of black silk briefs with red lace around the edges. My hands went back to caressing her butt. When I knew she was finished with the jewelry I pulled her to me and kissed all over her panty clad rear end.

Suddenly she stopped me saying, "I need to call my service and tell them I won't be available the rest of the week as I have family in town." She turned around and hugged my face to her crotch for a moment before swirling around and out of the bathroom. Of course, I followed her and found her laying on her stomach across the bed. As she dialed the phone I took off my shirt and pants and joined her on the bed. I planted myself between her legs and resumed kissing those sexy panties.

I first kissed the seams up and down and side to side then I followed all the areas of lace. At the same time Lucy was still talking with the service while playing footsie with my penis through my briefs. As I moved over the cheeks of her underwear she began to sway her ass seductively in all directions. My kissing was getting quicker and more passionate as I reached her ass crack. Now I could smell her scents of womanhood. I motioned for her to roll over just after she hung up the phone.

I followed the same pattern on the front side as I had in the back until Lucy was grinding her pubic bone in my face as if she were fucking my mouth. I had enough; it was time to unwrap this sexy package. I pulled off her panties with one good tug. She had the bushiest cunt I had ever seen. It was a deep rich brown haired forest that any man would enjoy traveling through, and travel I did.

I buried my face against her soft pubic hair and kissed her like a maniac. She had to signal to me once to calm down. She was right; after all, we had all night. But, it was a joyful moment when my tongue reached her clitoris; it was so excited that it looked like a small penis. This was genuine love making as she told me later that she came five times as I licked, sucked, and frigged her cunt. She told me to lay on my back so that she could pay me back.

Lucy shed herself of her bra and shirt then began teasing my cock. She was indeed skilled as I didn't even feel my underwear come off. Her tongue was magic on my prick. She combined techniques and managed to string me along in intense pleasure for a splendid forever. You could easily tell why she was making big bucks as a call girl. But, somehow, I could tell this wasn't being done for the pay but out of love for her little brother. After exploding into her gullet I laid over on my side. Lucy joined me and pulled my head to her boobs.

We smooched and petted for a long time before my prick was recovered enough to fuck. She gave me choice of positions and this time I chose doggie style as I really hadn't gotten the chance to fully admire her luscious ass yet. My cock slid into her silky depth like it was always meant to be there. I pistoned in and out slow and rhythmically as she met me thrust for thrust. I fondled her mighty ass hungrily occasionally sticking a finger into her asshole. One of her hands was busy playing with my balls and her own clit. I loved the way she tightened her pussy muscles around my cock as we fucked. When I came I was totally exhausted and just collapsed on the bed beside her. As we laid there she told me, "Be sure to get your money's worth."

So, after recovering a bit we started in again. We fucked and sucked all night. I couldn't let her go without giving her a load of my seed up her asshole. The next day she had me check out of the hotel and spend the rest of the week at her house. When I wasn't tending to the clients I had to see Lucy and I were making passionate wild love. And, it didn't take her long to understand and fully appreciate that I had a thing for playing with her through her panties before unwrapping her gifts of pleasure. It was a great week in Portland playing in Sissy's panties.

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