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Skin to Skin


18 year old Ravi was in great thrill. His Mother, Malathi, who was working as a Nurse in Kuwait was coming on vacation that day, after 3 long years. He was ready in early morning itself to go to the airport to receive her. His Father, an Army man, was working in Kashmir. Ravi, the only Son of his parents, was staying with his Paternal Grandfather, a 75 year old man. Ravi was in his second year of college.

Seeing Ravi's excitement his Grandfather commented, "Ravi, don't you even want to have breakfast?"

Ravi said "I am so excited to see my Mother and to see the gifts my Mother will be bringing for me, that I don't feel any hunger at all".

His Grandfather said lovingly, "Malathi is really lucky to have such a loving Son who loves his Mother more than anything in the world".

But only Ravi was knowing the REAL REASON behind his excitement. His own Mother Malathi, a 46 year old plump woman, with big boobs, large thighs and bulging buttocks, was the sole object for his jack off fantasies since he was 15, for the past three years. The last time his Mother came on leave, by chance Ravi had seen his Mother in a state of semi undress, in bra and underskirt, and even though the accidental view lasted only a few seconds, and that too without his Mother knowing it, his Mother's voluptuous body was deeply rooted in his mind and since then his every day jack off was fuelled by erotic and perverted thoughts about his Mother.

Ravi had a picture of his Mother dressed in saree, standing with one of her colleagues, taken at Kuwait, in his table top. That picture was sent by his Mother last year. Ravi had persuaded his Grandfather to enlarge the photo, and to frame it for keeping in his table top. His Grandfather immediately obliged, thinking about the love Ravi was having for his Mother. But little did his Grand Father know the real purpose behind enlarging the photo. Every day Ravi used to look at his Mother's picture and fantasize while jerking off. He would imagine his Mother standing in front of him in light green saree and same coloured blouse, the same dress she was wearing in the photo and he standing beside his Mother, one hand squeezing his Mother's big buttocks and the other hand feeling his Mother's cunt through the saree. In other fantasy his Mother will be standing with her back to him and he will stand behind his Mother, lift his Mother's saree, lower her panties and fuck his Mother in her asshole. One of his favourite fantasies was to imagine his Mother, dressed in saree, but with it raised to her hips, panties lowered to her knees, standing and pissing strongly and he watching his Mother's piss gushing out of her cunt, close-up. The perverted fantasies which he had about his own Mother, and that too looking at his Mother's fully dressed innocent photo, really made him get mad with lust and he would madly jack off his cock, and when his cum squirted out of his cock, he would utter utmost indecent obscenities about his own Mother. His Grandfather would have died on the spot with a heart attack if he had ever heard his Grand Son saying the unthinkable dirty words about his own Mother, looking at her photo and jerking his cock so wildly, like it will come off.

The flight had landed when Ravi and his Grandfather reached the airport. While waiting for his Mother to check out and come, Ravi's heart was beating fast. He was slightly sweating with anticipation. At last, his object of lust, his own Mother, is coming to him. When the first passengers started coming out, Ravi edged forward, close to the way they are coming out.

His Grandfather patted on his back and said, "My Dear, your Mother will certainly come out, she will not go back, don't you worry".

The old man was thinking about the Son's love to see his Mother. Little did he know about the feelings going on inside Ravi's perverted mind about his own Mother. After some time, Ravi's impatient wait ended. He saw his Mother Malathi walking out, pushing a trolley, in which her luggage was stacked. Immediately Ravi noticed that his Mother had become more plump and voluptuous. The rich, luxurious food she used to have at Kuwait, had done its job. His Mother's boobs had become more fat, her hips had sexy rolls on both sides, and his Mother's ass was thrusting out more. Ravi rushed forward and pushing the trolley out of his way, he hugged his Mother. The smell of the perfume which his Mother had sprayed on her body, plus his Mother's own sweet smell made him crazy. His Mother lovingly hugged Ravi to her in a purely Motherly way. Putting his right hand through his Mother's shoulders, Ravi led her to the car. The car driver put the luggage in the dickey and they started their way to their house.

Ravi sat with his Mother in the back of the car and his Grandfather sat at the front. Just being close to his voluptuous Mother made Ravi's cock throb inside his pants. All the way to their house, his Mother enquired about his studies and other things. Ravi replied to his Mother as if in a trance, his mind too much occupied with his constant lust towards his own Mother. He was staring at his Mother without anyone's notice. The way his Mother's big boobs jutting out, his Mother's fleshy hip with its rolls, her big thighs rubbing along his thighs, all made Ravi's cock throb like mad inside his pants.

Within one hour they reached their house. On reaching, his Grandfather told Ravi's Mother to have a bath and get fresh. When she went to her room, Ravi rushed to his room. His mind was full of his Mother's sexy image. Closing his door, Ravi took out his jerking cock and stared masturbating madly, thinking about his own Mother. He did not took long. Being with his voluptuous Mother for a short period itself had the effect on him that his cock started jetting cum. When his boiling cum jetted out, he moaned out, "Aahhhh!!!! I am spreading Mother's big ass, aaahhhhh!!!! Mother's asshole, ughhhh!!! I am licking Mother's asshole, licking, licking, fucking Mother's buttery asshole, fucking deep into Mother's hot asshole, AAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!". The dirty words about his own Mother made his climax more mind-blowing and his cum jetted out long.

Within a short time his Mother came out of her room fresh, dressed in a light blue gown and in that gown his Mother looked more sexy. They all had breakfast together. Ravi purposefully sat opposite his Mother, so that he can look at his Mother's body. He kept the expression in his face that of a loving Son looking at his Mother with pure love. But nobody knew that behind that 'loving Son' look Ravi was having a lust crazed look at his Mother. His Mother's big boobs straining inside her black bra, was clearly visible through the blue nightgown she was wearing. Ravi, keeping the innocent look on his face, feasted his eyes on his Mother's big boobs.

All the while they were having breakfast, Ravi was thinking about his Mother's big boobs, her fleshy thighs and mostly about her cunt, his own birthplace. He wondered whether his Mother's cunt would be having hair or not. When he imagined about his Mother's cunt snuggled between her thighs, his cock again started hardening inside his underwear.

After breakfast, his Mother started her Kuwaiti news. Ravi, still with the look of the loving Son on his face, listened to his Mother's words and at the same time was looking all over her body with sharp eyes. During the rest of the day, Ravi was full time with his Mother. Whenever she was walking inside the house, Ravi continuously followed her. His main purpose of being with his Mother around the house was to watch his Mother's big asscheeks moving and rolling sexily inside her gown. His Mother's ass was plump and it was thrusting out and straining against the gown so much that Ravi could clearly see the outline of his Mother's panties through the silky gown. The way his Mother's big ass was moving inside her gown made Ravi's cock throb strongly inside his underwear. Ravi felt jealousy towards his Mother's panties for being able to cover that butter-like big ass in the backside and also to cover his Mother's cunt at the front. Judging by his Mother's large proportions, Ravi was sure that his Mother's lovely cunt would be plump and fat. His hands itched to squeeze his Mother's fat cunt, his tongue longed to taste his Mother's cunt juices and his cock throbbed with desire to fuck his own Mother's cunt.

After having lunch, when everyone retired to their rooms for a short nap, Ravi jacked off again thinking about his own Mother. He thought that if spending hardly half day with his Mother can make him jack off twice, by the time his Mother goes back after her leave, he would have to masturbate a thousand times. Ravi decided to look around for ways to at least see his Mother in the nude. Ravi's and his Mother's rooms were on the first floor and his Grandfather was living on the ground floor. Ravi worked out different ideas to see his Mother naked. He almost decided to peep through the keyhole of his Mother's room, but again decided it would be too risky. Finally he decided to go ahead and try a seemingly successful idea.

The bathroom-cum-toilet on the first floor where Ravi and his Mother was staying was having a two-piece door and Ravi decided to make a small gap near to the bottom of the door in between the two pieces. When decided, Ravi could not just stay in his room. Making sure that everyone is having their afternoon sleep; Ravi immediately went to the storeroom and found out a screw driver. He quickly began working on the door hardly two feet from the floor and within half an hour Ravi managed to make a small gap in between the two-piece door of the bathroom. He kneeled down and peeped through the small gap. He could clearly see the inside of the bathroom, both the bath area and the adjacent Indian style closet. To make sure whether the gap is visible from the inside, Ravi double-checked from the inside and was relieved to note that the gap is not at all visible either from the inside or from the outside, since it was very much down and to notice that anyone had to kneel down.

Once the gap was made, Ravi just could not wait till night, so that his Mother will have a body bath at night before sleep. During the evening, Ravi was again with his Mother, feasting on her body without anyone's notice. During dinner, Ravi could hardly have any food because his mind was keen and eager to watch his Mother's naked body. He managed to eat something. After dinner and watching some TV, Ravi retired to his room upstairs, closed his door, but his ears was keenly listening to the sound of his Mother coming up. His wait did not last long. After some chat with his Grandfather, Ravi's Mother came up. When he listened to his Mother's footsteps climbing up, Ravi's heart started beating fast in anticipation.

He listened eagerly for signs that his Mother is about to have her bath. After hardly about 10 minutes, Ravi heard his Mother's door opening and he understood that his Mother is going for her bath. Waiting for one more minute to let his Mother enter and lock the bathroom, Ravi silently opened his door and slipped out. He could not hear any sound from the bathroom. Within seconds Ravi was kneeling in front of the bathroom door and with his heart beating wildly, he peeped through the gap he had made. Holding his breath he looked. Inside light was on and in the bright light he saw that his Mother has just started removing her gown. Ravi just could not believe that at last he was going to see his own Mother naked. Inside the bathroom, not knowing that her own Son is looking at her, Ravi's Mother was undressing.

With lust-crazed eyes, Ravi watched his Mother remove her blue nightgown. Now his Mother had a white underskirt and a black bra, which was straining out with her big boobs. By this time itself, Ravi's cock was jerking wildly inside his pyjama. His Mother now reached back, unhooked and removed her black bra and her big boobs sprang forward and then with its weight, dropped down slightly. Ravi watched eagerly through the gap. His Mother hanged the bra along with the gown in the cloth rod and then untied the knot of her underskirt and removed it by pulling it over her head. Good God!!!!. Ravi shivered with lust on seeing his plump Mother standing in just white panties. Her asscheeks thrust out and her plump belly had a slight roll. Her fleshy hips had a few rolls on both sides, which Ravi found very much sexy. She turned to Ravi's side before removing her panties and Ravi saw his Mother's plump, fat cunt filling out her panties at the front. His Mother's panty covered cunt was just like what he saw in his numerous fantasies. Seconds later, his Mother hooked her fingers in her panties and removed the panties down. When she removed her panties and straightened up, Ravi saw for the first time, with wide-open eyes, his own Mother's cunt. His own Mother's, plump, fat cunt!!!. His Mother's cunt was clean-shaven and it swelled out from between her thighs. In the kneeling position, Ravi took out his rock hard cock and slowly caressed it watching his own Mother's naked body. He was afraid to even slightly jerk on his cock for fear of cumming immediately. Such was the effect his Mother's naked body was having on Ravi. Hanging her panties also along with other cloths, Ravi's Mother turned her back towards him. Just when Ravi thought his direct view of his Mother's cunt is over, to his sheer delight, he saw his Mother moving towards the closet.

The few steps to the closet, his view of his naked Mother was from side ways. Still, the sight of his Mother's slightly protruding belly, and her out thrust ass was very erotic to Ravi. Reaching the toilet, his Mother again turned toward him and sat down on the toilet. Watching this Ravi understood that his Mother is about to piss. Countless times Ravi had fantasized about watching his Mother piss. Now his fantasy was about to become reality. Because his Mother was sitting in the Indian style closet, in squatting position, Ravi could see in the bright light that his Mother's shaven cunt had opened up, revealing a bright red cunt slit.

Breathless, Ravi watched with sharp eyes. Within seconds urine started gushing out of his Mother's open cunt. Because of the pin drop silence, Ravi could clearly hear the hissing sound of his Mother's urine gushing out from her cunt lips. Ravi went mad with lust, watching his Mother sitting in the closet and pissing. His Mother's pissing went on for some time and then her piss dribbled to a thin flow, then finally stopping. Even after finishing pissing, his Mother did not get up from the closet. Ravi's mind was racing with perverted thoughts. When he saw his Mother holding her breath and applying pressure on her stomach, Ravi understood that his Mother had to shit also.

"My God!!! Mother is going to shit in front of me!!!!. I am going to watch my own Mother shit close up!!!!" his thoughts came out of his mouth in a slow, quick whisper.

Ravi's Mother held her breath and continued applying pressure on her stomach and open mouthed, Ravi watched his beautiful Mother's asshole open up and a long, loud fart came out of his Mother's asshole, followed by the first turd. His Mother's asshole opened up more and the turd came out for a full six inches long, before breaking up and falling down to the closet. Another long fart came out from his Mother's asshole. A few more long turds came out of his Mother's asshole. Watching his own Mother shit in front of him in tight close up, seeing the golden turds coming out of his Mother's most private place and hearing his own Mother fart loudly, was too much for Ravi. Never before in his life was he excited this much. A scene, which he couldn't even imagine he will ever see in his life, was happening right before his eyes. His own plump, sexy beautiful Mother, sitting and taking a shit in front of him!!!. By the time his Mother finished shitting, without even jacking, Ravi's cock jerked wildly and his thick cum started jetting out. When he felt himself cumming, Ravi jacked off madly and he felt like he will die out of pleasure. Even though that was his third cum of the day, his cock spewed out cum like he had not cum for a whole week.

Ravi felt as if his life itself had gone out through his cock, and he rested for a while and quickly cleaned up the cum from the front of the bathroom door. Dead tired he was, but still he remained there till his Mother washed up her asshole and then had a body bath. He remained there watching, until his Mother finished her body bath and again put on fresh cloths. Just before his Mother came out of the bathroom, Ravi quickly came back to his room and silently closed the door. His mind was full of the images of his own Mother's plump, naked body. He decided to find out a way to fuck his Mother. He realized that if he doesn't fuck his Mother, he would go mad with his lust for her.

Ravi's days and nights went ahead as if he was born to masturbate. His Mother Malathi's presence was having such an electrifying effect on him that every moment he spent was fantasizing about his sexy, plump, Mother. Every day he jacked off fantasizing about his sexy Mother.

Every day he peeked his own Mother Malathi having bath, pissing and shitting and his lust for his Mother tripled day by day. One day his Grand Father went to his native place, leaving Ravi and his Mother alone in their house. Ravi was ecstatic in knowing that for the next 10 days he shall be alone with his own sexy Mother Malathi. He decided to try the ultimate; to try and fuck his own Mother.

While leaving, his Grand Father told Ravi to take care of his Mother. Ravi replied eagerly that he will take care of his Mother by all means. Both his Grand Father and his Mother laughed at his eagerness in replying. His Mother looked lovingly at her Son.

Ravi spent the first day alone with his Mother thinking of different ways to approach his Mother. But he could not come to a decision. How can a Son approach his Mother in any way to try to fuck her?? Ravi's mind worked hard. But however hard he tried, he could not find a way to even try to seduce his Mother. He felt sure that his Mother, spending long years in Kuwait alone, might be really longing for a fuck. Finding no way, he again resorted to peeking into his Mother's bathroom and jacking off. The next morning, when his Mother went to the bathroom for having her bath, Ravi got into his Mother's room. This time, he wanted to try something new. He wanted to try to get one of the used panties of his Mother and smell his own Mother's panties and enjoy the smell of his Mother's cunt juices. He was not sure whether his Mother will leave her panties in the bedroom and go to the bathroom with a fresh one. He had indeed seen, while peeking through the hole in the bathroom door, that sometimes his Mother left her used panties in the bedroom and take a fresh one inside, to wear after bath.

Slowly he entered into the bedroom and searched among the used cloths dumped in the corner for washing. Even though he could hear the sound of water falling into the bucket from inside the bathroom, his heart was beating rapidly and he looked nervously towards the bathroom door. Within a minute of searching, to his delight, Ravi found what he was looking for. A blue panties, lying under an underskirt. With trembling fingers Ravi took his Mother's used blue panties and brought it to his nose. He inhaled deeply. Aaahhh!!! The sweet, erotic smell of his Mother's cunt juices was coming strongly from the panties. His cock rose its head immediately and started to throb inside his pyjamas. Holding his Mother's panties in his left hand and smelling the same, Ravi took out his cock with his right hand and started jacking off. He was so involved in jacking off, that he did not heard the bathroom door open and his Mother coming in to the bedroom.

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