tagFetishSlave Ch. 09

Slave Ch. 09



Note: This is about a bisexual submissive man and his journey as he explores his sexuality. I put it in the fetish section because that seems to be the best fit. There is piss and scat. There is bondage and crossdressing. There is fisting. There is group, gay and bisexual sex. There is non-consensual and reluctant sex. There are even elements of reality, based on my own personal experiences with Mistress Kay. Yes, there really is a Mistress Kay. I'm writing this story with her approval. Mistress Kay, who fucks my ass sooooo good, and has the tastiest pussy and ass, and buys me pretty lingerie to wear. And I probably just overshared...


This man's journey is just beginning, much like my own. And I can't wait to see where both our journeys take us.

To all those who have commented, Thank You! To those who have been rather vocal about your dislike of this story, why are you still reading it?

On with the depravity...

Chapter the Ninth

I woke up the next morning, sore all over, in ways I hadn't hurt since I'd wrecked my car in high school. When I tried to roll out of bed, I started cursing. The pain was fairly bad, and I was instantly dizzy.

Mistress Kay came running into the room. "Dammit, you just lay right back down! You don't need to be moving around!"

"But I need to pee."

She grabbed my shoulders and pushed me back down. "I'm pretty sure you have a concussion, and probably some tearing in your rectum. Your ribs are at the very least bruised, maybe cracked. I don't want you moving until I check you out."

"Ok, fine. I still need to pee, though."

"Lay still." She knelt down and pulled the covers off my naked body. I looked down and saw I was a mass of bruises. She took my cock in her hand and smiled up at me. "Been a while since I've done this."

She took my dick in her mouth and waved her hand, indicating that I should start. I relaxed and let go into her mouth, feeling relieved as she gulped down my piss. When I finished, she stood up and wiped her mouth with the back of her hand. "See? Who needs a bed pan?"

I laughed. It hurt.

She disappeared back into the kitchen, then returned with an ice pack and a mirror. "Here, take a look at your face."

I took the mirror and studied my reflection. Both eyes were black and swollen. My bottom lip was split and also quite swollen. There was a sizable bruise on my right cheek and a small cut above my right eyebrow.

I silently handed her the mirror and took the ice pack, gingerly putting it against the right side of my face. She sat down on the edge of the bed. "See why I'm worried about a concussion?"

"Yeah. The way my vision is blurring, it's a safe bet. I didn't think he hit me that hard. It didn't look this bad last night."

"Usually doesn't. I also brought a scope from the hospital. I want to make sure that sonuvabitch didn't cause any major damage up your backside."

I snorted. "Sure as hell feels like he did. I wasn't this sore after the horse cocks."

She nodded, obviously reining in her anger. She handed me a pill and held a glass of water with a straw for me to wash it down with. "Vicodin. Once it takes the edge off, I'll do the rectal exam."

I swallowed the pill. "Oh, joy." This was one of the very few times in my life that I wasn't looking forward to having something shoved up my ass. She gently examined my ribs. Lots of bruising, but nothing broken, fortunately.

An hour and two refills of the ice pack later, she had me roll onto my stomach. "This'll pinch a bit." She injected lidocaine carefully around my anus. The feeling as it took effect can only be described as strange.

Once she was sure I was numb, she lubed my asshole up and slowly inserted the scope. An inch or two inside got it past the numbing effect and it started to hurt. I groaned, but managed to hold still.

"I know it hurts. I'm only going as deep as those night sticks went. We need to be sure there isn't any tearing." I nodded and gripped the pillow tighter. A few minutes later, she eased the scope out and set it on a towel.

"Ok. Good. No tearing inside, just a bit right at the entrance. Lots of bruising, though. It'll be sore for a few days, but you'll be fine. We'll keep some ointment on your anus for three or four days, it'll help the cuts heal and help avoid infection. So for the rest of the week, no butt-fucking for you, slave."

I rolled back over, half asleep as the painkillers took hold. "Oh, alright. If you insist."

She patted my shoulder. "Go back to sleep. I'll check on you in a bit."

I was asleep before she cleared the door.

I found out later how she dealt with Sid and Frank.

The way she knew them was through the hospital, of course. Sid and Frank were well known as being the cops that would do favors for favors. They also had a rep for being unpleasant. Turns out their little outing with me wasn't the first time they'd taken things too far.

Kay was also friends with their boss, Lieutenant Kyle Harris. He kept the corruption in his department to a minimum, but was always aware of arrangements such as the one Kay had with Sid. In fact, he's the one that had set the whole thing up.

But when Kay called him to fill him in on what had transpired, Kyle was furious. This was the fifth time in less than a year Sid and Frank had fucked up like this. Just the day before he'd found out that they'd double-anal raped and severely beaten a 19 year old college girl they were supposed to be protecting from a gang. She was in the hospital in the midst of a nervous breakdown.

Protection agreements didn't exactly work if people weren't protected, after all.

Enough was damned well enough.

So Kyle set up a little surprise for the two abusive bastards. He had some old biker buddies of his grab Sid and Frank as they left their favorite bar one night. They were taken out into the country, stripped naked, beaten with their own belts and raped with their own night sticks.

When it was done, they were given a choice: Retire and get the hell out of town, or spend the next week getting more of the same.

They were both gone inside of three days.

Lt. Harris and four other officers that he trusted took over the 'protection details'. The town got a whole lot safer.

And Kyle, the two other men and two women who became our 'protectors'? Goddamn, they all could fuck! Not that I found that out right away, mind you. We've had a lot of fun over the years, though.

That was a long week, though. No sex. None. Mistress insisted that I rest and heal up. She called into work, extending my flu excuse by saying I had developed a severe case of bronchitis. I didn't mind, as this meant my bruises had time to heal, saving me having to explain them at work.

By Saturday, I felt human again. I also was horny as fuck. Mistress was even hornier. I had the feeling she was planning something. Happily, I was right. After lunch, she stood up from the table. "slave, get your ass naked and in the bathroom! Now!"

I think I might have broken the sound barrier about halfway to the john.

She followed me in, arriving naked herself. She lubed the tip of the enema nozzle, then slid it home. As the warm water filled my bowels, she played with my stiffening member. "I hope you're good and fucking rested, bitch, 'cause I'm about to destroy that fucking ass. I'm gonna fucking spend the rest of the fucking day fucking that fucking ass 'til it's fucking stretched out enough to shove a fucking basketball up there."

She was in full on Mistress mode. I loved it. As I sat on the toilet, she shoved my face into her pussy and pissed all over me. I stood there dripping as she repeated the enema process three more times, eating her cunt and ass through multiple orgasms as I sat on the toilet each time.

She dragged me into the bedroom, still covered in her piss. Good thing we kept a plastic sheet on the bed. She shoved me to my knees and had me lean over the bed, then tied my hands to the restraints that were permanently attached to the four corners.

She blindfolded me, then put the spreader bar on my ankles. I felt the cold of lube being dripped on my asshole. She shoved the biggest butt-plug we had up my ass, hard.

My Mistress spent the next hour beating me with her favorite flogger.

She spent the hour after that slam-fucking my ass with the John Holmes strapon while whipping me with a riding crop.

She spent the hour after that fist and foot-fucking my slave ass.

When she finished with that, she untied me. "Here, bitch. Put on a show for me while I catch my breath." She handed me the giant dildo she had fucked me with at Lori's party.

"Yes, Mistress." I slammed the suction cup base down on the hardwood floor, then straddled it facing her.

I popped the head into my stretched out asshole and slammed myself down, not stopping until I was sitting on the floor. I started fucking myself up and down, running nearly the whole length of that massive toy in and out of my ass. It felt fucking amazing. I don't think my dick could've gotten any harder if it was made of steel.

Mistress was reclining on the bed, watching the show with a smile, lazily fucking herself with the Holmes dildo that had just been in my ass. "That's it, bitch. Fuck that horse cock. Mmmmm, that's right. I've created the perfect fuckin' cock-whore. Maybe I should start peddling that ass. Would you like that, bitch? Would you like it if I whored your faggot ass out to the highest bidder? Cock-slut like you, I could probably retire rich."

My legs were on fire. I didn't care. I just wanted the feeling of that cock fucking my ass to go on forever. "Whatever my Mistress desires."

She stood up, playing with her pussy right in front of my face. "You'd let me do it, wouldn't you? You'd whore yourself out if I told you to."

"Yes, Mistress. I'll fuck whoever you tell me to. I'll whore myself out if you want me to." God, I was so close to cumming.

She came, loudly, squirting all over me. "Oh, GODDAMN, yesssss!"

I kept right on fucking the dildo. She hadn't told me to stop yet. She put a hand on top of my head and pushed down, making sure the dildo was fully buried in my ass and held me there.

"Jack off, bitch!"

I did. She loved watching. And as I came, actually shooting up and hitting her breasts, she let loose and pissed right in my face. I kept my mouth open, gulping down what I could, the rest running down my body and puddling around the base of the dildo and my feet.

It was one of the most intense orgasms I've ever had.

When we were both done, she pushed me over, the dildo popping loose from the floor but still buried up my ass. "Lick it up, faggot." She knelt behind me and fucked me with that beast as I licked up as much cum and piss as I could.

"On the bed." I clambered up onto the bed with her still holding that horse cock in my ass. "On your back." I laid down as she placed two pillows under my butt. She tied my hands and feet to the corners, stretching me out. She took a piece of silk ribbon and tied the massive toy in place, fully imbedded up my shit-chute.

She put the nipple clamps on me, then tied the chain attached to the clamps to the silk ribbon holding the dildo, stretching my nips out painfully. She slid a cock ring onto my erection, then took a tiny vibe and taped it to my cock, turning it up as high as it would go. She took a small egg vibrator and slid it into my stuffed rectum and cranked it up, too. The giant cock up my ass transferred the vibrations all the way up my spine.

And then, with an evil grin, she got out the feather tickler. She straddled my head and ordered me to start eating her ass. I buried my tongue as deep as I could as she began running that damn feather all over my body, paying extra attention to my already over-stimulated cock and balls.

I wanted to cum, needed to cum, but that damnable cock ring stopped me just short.

It actually became painful.

Add to that the fact that Mistress was riding my face, actually sitting back and smothering me for long stretches, grinding her ass on my tongue, only letting up long enough for me to gulp down some air occasionally, well...

Lordy, but I loved every second of it.

I'd live like this every second of every day if I could. To be utterly used like this, to be an object to be used for somebody's pleasure, this was what I craved.

I was in agony, I needed to cum so bad. Mistress had probably had a dozen orgasms with my tongue in her sweaty ass. I felt her lean forward. She ripped the ring off my cock.

I exploded, screaming, right in her face, coating her with cum.

When I'd finished, she lifted her ass off my face and twisted around. I was gasping for breath, staring at her dripping visage through blurry eyes.

She leaned in and kissed me, tasting her ass on my tongue and feeding me my cum, then making me lick her face clean. I was still twitching, the two vibes still running, my body massively overstimulated.

That would be when I heard the back door open.

"Yo, Kay, we're here!"

She smirked down at me. "Surprise." She raised her voice. "In here, we're in the bedroom!"

I could hear footsteps, then Javier, Bob and Tracy walked in, still in their scrubs. Tracy laughed. "Holy shit, girl! You leave anything for us?"

Kay laughed and tugged on the nipple clamps, eliciting a groan from me. "This bitch got the whole week off. I intend to make up for that in spades. You guys ready to use this fuckin' slut up?"

Javy was peeling out of his scrubs. "Oh, hell yes!"

Bob dropped his bottoms and underwear in one move, then climbed onto the bed. "Kay, I been savin' this all night. You mind?"

"Feel free."

"Thanks babe." He shoved his semi-hard cock in my mouth. "Better start swallowing, bitch!" He cut loose with a flood of piss, fueled by countless cups of coffee. I gulped for all I was worth, but I couldn't keep up, the overflow gushing out of my mouth and soaking the bed.

I smiled around the hardening dong in my mouth. This night was gonna get messy.

Tracy clambered on board and took my cock, vibe and all, in her cunt. She started riding me hard, making out with Bob who was skull-fucking me at that point.

Javy slid in behind Tracy and jammed his dick up my ass alongside the massive toy that was still in there. Mistress was lying on the piss soaked bed, stroking her pussy with one hand and fingering Javy's ass with the other.

As Tracy rode up and down, it was pulling on the chain attached to my nipple clamps. My nips hurt like hell. It was exquisite. Bob would bury himself in my throat, cutting off my air, making me gag. The drool was running down the side of my face.

Tracy yanked the clamps off roughly, laughing as I screamed around the cock in my throat. She then started slapping and twisting my nipples, causing even more pain.

Javy, still fucking my ass, took a cue from Tracy and reached around and mauled her tits, quickly turning them red. She loved it, and ground even harder onto my dick, the vibe taped to it hitting her g-spot almost dead on. She let out a happy groan as Javier clipped the nipple clamps she'd just pulled off me to her eraser sized nipples.

Mistress Kay had slipped on the strapon harness with the Purple Emperor. She lubed Javy's asshole, slipped behind him and rammed it home, burying it up his ass in one stroke. This had the effect of making him buck into me that much harder, which also caused the giant dildo in my ass to go that much deeper.

Bob's movements became erratic, then he froze, balls deep down my gullet, and came. And came. And came.

Oxygen became an issue.

As I passed out, all the stimulation caught up to me and I had a powerful orgasm. I'd heard of full-body orgasms, but this was the first time I experienced one.

Wasn't the last, I'm happy to say.

When I came to moments later, there were four very concerned nurses standing over me.

Bob looked especially relieved. "Shit, dude, you scared me for a second there. Thought maybe I held that in there a little too long."

I love choking games as much as the next perv, but that one was a tad close. But, I realized, also totally worth it. "Don't worry about it. I'm fine, and that was fucking amazing!"

Javier snorted. "Goddamn. Is there anything this lil' fucker ain't up for trying?"

Kay laughed as she untied me. "Not much. And the list of what my bitch will do just keeps growing." She helped me sit up and handed me a glass of water, which I gulped down gratefully.

She gave me a once over. I smiled, I hoped, reassuringly. "Seriously. I'm fine."

"You sure? 'Cause, you're in for a long, rough night if we keep going. I know you want to push yourself, but you did just pass out from air deprivation."

I took a deep breath, assessing myself. "I'm ready for more, Mistress. What can your slave do for you next?"

Mistress Kay smiled, then leaned back against the headboard. "You can start by cleaning my cock."

"Yes, Mistress!" I got on all fours and lowered my head to her strapon. The strapon fresh out of Javier's ass. Javier's, sweaty, dirty, fresh from work ass. There was definitely more on that dildo than just lube. Quite a bit more. I looked up at Mistress. She was staring back at me, curious, waiting to see if I'd cross this line.

Not taking my eyes from hers, I took her soiled cock in my mouth, not stopping until I bottomed out. I held myself there for several seconds, the satisfied grin she was wearing making the foul taste worth it. She reached up and grabbed my hair, then started fucking her shit-stained cock in and out of my drooling mouth.

"That's right, bitch. Swallow it down. I want that cock spotless."

As I deep-throated Mistress' cock, Tracy undid the ribbon holding the dildo in my ass, then started slam-fucking my butt with the huge toy. "See, Kay? I told you you owned this bitch. I told you you could make him eat shit."

"I know. I never had a doubt." She shoved my head down, forcing the Emperor all the way in. "Oh, the things I'm gonna do to your ass..."

Not just my ass, I hoped.

Actually, cleaning that shitty cock wasn't as bad as I feared it would be. To be fair, there wasn't a huge amount on it. It was good to know that I could do that much, especially with my weekend at Janine and Jamal's coming up. I knew damn well I'd be cleaning at least some scat with my mouth. I was still pretty sure that more significant scat play was not something I'd ever be into, though. Honestly, it was the smell more than the taste. Instant gag factor.

Mistress pulled me off her cock. "Good job, fag-boi. Nice and clean." She stood up and stepped out of the harness. "Bob, Javy, do me a favor and double fuck this slut's ass."

Javier laid down. I sat down on his cock, reverse cowgirl, then lay back against his chest. Bob pushed my legs back, folding me in half, and rammed his raging hardon up my ass beside Javy's. They both started fucking me viciously, jack-hammering into my shit-chute.

Javy reached up and abused my tender nipples, while Bob wrapped a hand around my throat and choked me, just enough for me to love it. Mistress had told them to treat me as a piece of fuck-meat, and that's exactly what they did.

Damn, I love my life!

While they fucked me, Mistress and Tracy were walking around the bed, videoing and photographing the whole thing. Kay got in tight, getting a close-up of the two cocks sawing in and out of my gaping rectum. She'd been threatening to post some of our videos to an amateur site. I was still on the fence about it. I actually loved the idea of strangers watching the videos, masturbating or having sex while witnessing my depraved adventures. But I also worried about someone I knew finding out about what I did in my private time. My family and most of my friends would never accept my sexuality.

Something to worry about later. But right now...

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