tagIncest/TabooSleep Together to Stay Together

Sleep Together to Stay Together


It was that boy again, thumping tennis balls on the sidewall. Well, not quite a boy. May be eighteen; may be more. Six-footer undoubtedly, slim and graceful in movements. A natural athlete, and a handsome one too. After my husband leaves early to the city watching him became my morning pre-bath routine. He had marked an 'X' on the wall, with a circle round it, and he hit the ball every time right at the intersection of the lines of the 'X'. With difficulty I resisted the temptation to applaud when he made a difficult return. I wanted to get friendly with him. I knew I did not have to wait long, for good though he was with his returns one day the ball was sure to land in my compound. That morning it happened. It was a difficult return, and the ball caught the frame of the racquet and thudding with some force on my garage door.

I hurried in and freshened myself. I changed into a thinner nightie and undid the top button to show a decent valley. I had to make a good impression. Soon I could hear him undo the latch of our gate. He rang the bell.



"I am your neighbour. I have come to retrieve my tennis ball that fell in."

"Welcome," said. "I have been watching you play. You return so well that I was surprised when the ball fell in."


"Please come in. You are winded. You can take some rest, and I can get to know my neighbour."


"May I get you some cold water?"


"I am sure you can do more than thank me Mr...?"

"Dean, but please call me Deno."

"Juice perhaps?"

"I'll have just cold water Aunty."

"Please call me Silvia." He thought for a while before answering.

"I feel more comfortable calling you Aunty. May I?"

"You may." She laughed. He sipped as if it was something else other than water, and then suddenly gulped the whole lot."

"Want more?"

"No thanks."

"Having something on your mind?"

"Well, yes.'

"You can tell me, after all I am a neighbour. Unless of course it is a very personal matter."

"Well it is not personal." He paused. "Well it is something you would know soon." He paused again and then he made a gesture as if to say, 'To hell with it. I'll tell all.'

"Well, Aunty, I like peace. Hey! Why am I telling family secrets to a stranger?"

"Well I am not quite a stranger. I am tell you that you are not the first to confide in me. There is something in me that makes even total stranger speak out their inner most secrets.

"OK Aunty. Sorry for having called you a stranger. I'll lay bare all. I like peace. I don't get it at home, and I don't get it in college. I come from a very unhappy family. My father you must have seen, tall, handsome and behaves very polished to others. At home he is very nasty. To my mother principally. She incidentally is my stepmother, my father's second wife. My mother took my younger sister and disappeared with another man. My sister is my mother's daughter by her first husband. My father and his current wife of five years have no children. They were all right for a couple of years, and then they started fighting. When they are not throwing things they snipe at each other. No physical abuse. Never. My mother and my sister are always at loggerheads, and nothing that I do my father approves of. My sister and I fight like cats and dogs."

"A complete circle. Tragic. On the surface it seems such a lovely family. Your father is a regular Adonis and you are such a strapping young man."

"My mother won a beauty contest and it was then that my father fell for her."

"You sister can win many beauty contests too."

"With a face like that, yes. But she is a bit too fat for beauty contests. He paused and then continued. "My father and mother are not living like man and wife."

"You mean this sex thing."


"How do you know?"

"Lenny, that is my sister, told me."

"How does she know?"

"That is what I asked her. She said women know these things. I think mother must have told her."

"But they are not separated."

"I wonder why," said Deno.

"I think it must be some sort of love hate relationship. And you are unhappy in college?"


"Why? You must be popular in college, especially with the girls."

"I am not. My friends tease me no end. They call me elephant."

"Elephant? An Arabian steed, maybe, but elephant?" Deno blushed furiously.

"I can't tell you Aunty."


"It is such a personal matter."

"But you can to aunty, can't you?"

"No Aunty."

"Can I guess?"

"You can't in a hundred tries."

"Any bet?"

"No bet Aunty, but you may try."

"Your cock is big." Deno blushed scarlet as he nodded.

"Jealousy. Rank jealousy. All men want bigger and bigger cocks, and please take it from me women too. How many women have seen your elephant trunk?

"Not trunk," said Deno and laughed. "Elephant's cock."

"OK, cock. How many girls have seen it."


"You mean you have not had sex."

"No. I am just past eighteen."

"Time enough. Have the boys seen it when big."

"That's the problem. They bully me to get into the loo and they make me strip and make me do all sorts of things.


"They make me rub it to make it big. It seems they want to see how big it can be. It does become big, but they say it can become bigger. And then they say this thing. They say the first time I fuck I will burst the girl and I would go to jail."

"And you believe?" Deno nodded.

"Arrant nonsense. They are scared that once your prowess gets known in the campus they would not be able to get any girl."

"Why that mischievous smile Aunty?"

"Have you seen a naked woman?"



"Very wicked Aunty."

"Wicked? Anyway what is the answer?"

"Brief glimpses once or twice?"

"Key hole?"

"There are no key holes in my house."

"That's bad. Sister?"

"Nope." His face was so sad that aunty burst out laughing.


"Once or twice. Brief glimpses."


"Never. Sex is not the first thing on my mind Aunty. Only thing that will make me happy is peace at home. Can you do that?"

"Request or challenge?"

"Take it anyway you want. Can you?"

"You bet I can. I like challenges. Any challenge to make your college life peaceful?"

"I don't know how you can help there."

"I can."


"Easy. That's all I can say now."

"I have classes to attend, Aunty. I like talking to you."

"I expect you tomorrow morning."

The boy left and Silvia indrawn lips registered determination. A plan had already formed in her mind to make him popular in college, and it was pippin.

Deno gave up wall tennis. Instead he visited his neighbour. He came the next day and the next and the next. He said that being with aunty soothed his troubled mind. Aunty liked him too, with quiet passion. She had to have him; she was biding her time. When it did, it came in a platter.

On day five Deno was in a state of misery.

"War at home?" asked Aunty.

"No aunty, I want to give up college."


"I can't stand the boys teasing me."

"You mean the elephant thing?"

"Yes, and others things too, but mainly that. They say I can never fuck with a cock the size of mine."

"I have been hearing a lot about this cock of yours. Don't you think it is time I see it and judge whether it is too big as they say?" Deno blushed to a scarlet red.

"I don't think I will."

"Look here Deno. You are making yourself miserable when you must be jumping with joy that you are so generously endowed. I am aunty and I know a thing or two about cocks. I will tell you what it is worth. Now unzip." Dino looked at her uncertainly and then he unzipped it half way and then zipped up. Aunty encouraged him to go ahead, and he unzipped. Silvia could see the bulge under the jock. Then suddenly Dino pulled down the jocks and unhooked his cock and hung it out. Aunty gasped. It as really large, and it was hanging limply over the stretched elastic of the jock.

"Marvellous, absolutely marvellous," she said. "Pull down the pant and the jocks. You are strangulating your precious cock." Dino pulled both down to the ankles. Aunty saw it whole. It was hanging like a large banana. The public hair was luxuriant and curly, and his balls were big and hanging loose. Aunty came closer and touched the cock with one finger. It as large, really large. She ran the finger from the base to the tip and then she held the foreskin and peeled it back to expose the red rose. She loved its cigar shape with the thick middle. She knelt down kissed the rose. For the first time cock showed signs of activity. She rubbed it and kissed it again. She did it several times till the cock was now big and throbbing. Dino was staring at aunty but otherwise he stood rock still like a statue.

"It can become bigger. I know how to do that." She removed her tops and bared her breasts. Dino still stood like a statue staring at her impressive sagging breasts; his organ was rising.

"That's good," said aunty as she tapped the organ as if complimenting it on the promptness of the response. Then she suddenly dropped her pyjamas. She stood stark naked smiling mischievously at the boy. He stood stunned, but his organ was not. It was now large, angry and pointing upwards. Enormous veins coursed over and it was gently waving up and down with each heartbeat.

"Come closer." He did not move, but she did. She knelt down and with both hands tenderly rubbed his cock, and then she took it in her mouth. She plopped the rose in and out making slurping noises. She took it in but gagged when it was less than half way in. He stood still looking down, eyes wide open and unblinking.

"I will lie on the sofa. You kiss my pussy and lick my clit." She took him by the hand and led him to the sofa. She lay down and spread her thighs. He was kneeling in front on the carpet. With finger of one hand she opened her pussy and pulled his head with the other hand. She brought his mouth to her clit. For her while noting nothing happened and then he started licking, describing wide swathes with is long tongue, giving an excellent imitation of a hungry cat licking milk off a saucer. She moved her hips to get into some sort of rhythm. Then she decided that the rookie was not up to the task. She embraced him and then gently slid down.

"Fuck me," she said. Her hips were spread wide. She held him by the shoulders and as he came close she caught his penis, now large and quite monstrous. She guided it in. She was so wet that the cock was sucked in. She gasped. The tight stretch was just out of this world.

"Darling, it's wonderful." And then they moved in rhythm, slowly at first and then the tempo gradually increased till both had orgasms at the same time. Silvia's muffled moans became a scream as she reached the climax.

"Wait," she said. And then he had it again and then again. He slid off on to the carpet and both were in a tight embrace. They got up and they washed.

"Go, tell your mates that you fucked a married woman in her home, and she did not have to go to hospital. Say this to them loud and clear: 'I warn you buddies, if your girls get to know the size of my cock they would leave you for me in droves."

With such monster to working for her Silvia knew she would not fail.


Brother and sister will do anything for the family

For the next three days Dino presented himself every morning and they fucked. Silvia set him through the paces. From missionary they progressed to woman on top, and then doggie, and then the side on. With his long cock he penetrated in all postures with ease, but it was the missionary that he liked the best. 'I want to hug you as I do it Aunty darling,' he would say. Weekends he could not come for husband was at home. On Monday again Deno came. They were relaxing in each other's arms after a very satisfactory union when Deno, who was not that day at his chirpiest, came out with his new worry.

"Is fantasising sinful."

"Certainly not."

"Even if the object of the fantasy is your sister."

"No, it is not a sin to fantasy about sister."


"No again. You do both?"

"Yes Aunty."

"All brothers do have fantasies of their sister. It is not sin. Neither is having a fantasy of your Mom. All women, when I say all I mean all without exception have or have had fantasies about their father. Well we will come to that later, but now I must tell you that your sister Lenny has a very beautiful face, and a smile to go with it."

"Yes aunty she is. Even when she is angry her face remains beautiful."

"I met her in the mall the other day. I have invited her and she said she would come. Why don't you come with her?"

"That would be a good. Is that your idea to make us quarrel less?"

"Not quarrel less Deno. I want to make you both great friends. Not only you two but also the whole family. You remember I took up the challenge. I do not lightly take up challenges, but when I do I go all out to win. This is step two."

"What is or was step one?"

"Step one is to make your happy in school. I have done that haven't I?"

"You have. I told them I fuck a married lady in her home every day. To my former tormenters I am now a king. They say that fucking a married lady who is living with her husband, and that too in her home is the highest thing in macho. The respect I get is unimaginable."

Lenny and Silvia got on famously. In the next two weeks she visited her neighbour several times, often by herself. Dino's visits were in the mornings and that of course was special. Dino did not seem to feel left off when he was with his sister in aunty's house. He tagged on to them even when they were in the kitchen preparing sandwiches and cold coffee with lemon. This was favourite with all three of them.

"What do you see in my brother?" asked Lenny one day.

"What's wrong with him?" Silvia wanted to know.

"He is so dull. In school is at the bottom of the class. Has he said anything interesting that you remember?" Silvia had to admit that his conversation has never been sparkling.

"But I assure you Lenny that he not without talent."

"Well hidden, I suppose," she said.

'Under two layers of cloth,' said Silvia, but to herself.

It was a Saturday afternoon when Dino and Lenny were visiting. Silvia had prepared Deno for action. She was not too sure that he would be able to keep to the script. Even before his sister had directed her attention to it Silvia had formed her own impression of Deno's intelligence. She hoped for the best.

They sat on the carpet watching TV. Silvia switched on a porno tape specially selected for the occasion. All three watched engrossed.

"Aunty I am getting hot," said Deno hoarsely. This was as per the script.

"Cool off," said aunt. Silvia and Lenny were seated side by side on the carpet with their backs against the longer sofa. Deno was also on the carpet against one of the side sofas. He moved closer to aunt. Aunty as now between brother and sister. He took hold of her hand and with the other hand gently rubbed her forearm and then the arm. He came closer and kissed her on the cheek.

"Hold my hand Lenny. Your brother is frightening me," she said. Her hand sought Lenny's and she grasped it firmly. Deno did not need the script any more. He was on his own and he was in frenzy. He hugged and kissed her on the lips and then he held the hem of her short skirt and with some helpful wriggling from aunty he pulled it off. He gasped for she did have neither bra nor knickers.

"Give me that cushion, Lenny. I have to cover myself," she said. Before Lenny could do that Deno slipped off his shorts and shirt. He stood and leaned backwards. His sister's eyes were round and large as she drank in the sight of the immense organ of her brother. Aunty was lying back on the carpet still holding one hand of Lenny and Deno went down on his knees licking her pussy nosily.

"I want to get away," said Lenny and she tried to wriggle free of the hold Silvia had of her arm, but she could not. Silvia was on her back, leg raised and spread and Deno was on top with his dangling cock waving in front of the pussy. Lenny had stopped trying to get free. She was a watching engrossed as her brother entered Silvia.

The cock went in easily for Silvia was pouring her juices till they spilled. They fucked as Lenny watched, thrilled. As he pumped Deno lifted his body off her so that his sister can see the cock go in and out of the pussy. As she had orgasm Silvia screamed.

"Deno darling it's devine," she said, and Deno as he ejaculated grasped his sister and drew her towards himself and kissed her all over her face. His hands pulled off her tops and he fondled her breasts. All three lay in a huddle with Deno still holding his sister against aunty and stroking her breasts while Lenny with eyes closed enjoying her brother's fondle.

Silvia got up and when for a wash. Deno boldly removed his sisters knickers, and she did not protest. He hugged her and kissed, and she responded. Silvia came back and joined them. All three lay feeling each other's bare bodies. Deno snoozed for may be an hour. He got up and went to the fridge and drank a full bottle was water. He came back and stood in front of the girls. He cock was limp and then it started rising. They watched as it hardened and hardened till it was in all its glory, pulsating, and waving, and pointing to the sky.

"I want to fuck you Lenny," he said. Lenny turned and looked with pleading eyes at Silvia. Silvia smiled and held her hand as if to say that she would support her. She gently pushed Lenny till she lay flat on the carpet. Deno came over her. He held his cock and gently inserted it. Silvia noted that the nineteen year old was no virgin.

"Push gently, dear," Silvia said. Gently he inserted till he was fully in.

"How is the stretch?" Silvia asked. Lenny closed her eyes and shook her head in a manner that said more than words can ever do. "Do you now know agree that he is talented too?" continued Silvia. Lenny nodded vigorously, for by this time she was reaching a crescendo.

They had it together and Lenny screamed, as no doubt any woman who experiences the monster stretch would

"Oh! Brother darling it is so good," she said in a quavering voice. Silvia left brother and sister to enjoy each other in seclusion.

The next morning Deno was back at aunty's house.

"Did you try to go into Lenny's room last night," asked aunt.

"I wanted to, but you had warned me and I did not."

"Good boy," said aunty. "If you are caught our plans will vaporise. Be careful. Act as if nothing has happened. Have some mock quarrels. My scheme will collapse if your parents get wind of what happened last afternoon."

Soon Deno and Lenny met regularly in aunty's house. It was almost always a FMF threesome. After two weeks Silvia judged that the time was ripe for phase three.


Daddy plays his part with élan

Anyone watching Lenny would have thought that she was practising some form of new aerobic routine. The apparatus for this exercise appeared to be the sofa. For a while she had her feet up on the backrest, and then she lay on the carpet with feet on the hand rest, and so it went on till she investigated a hundred ways of using a sofa. Dad came in to watch morning news on TV. Lenny greeted him briefly and went up, had a wash and changed to short skirts and T-shirt. She came down and sat on the double sofa. Dad sat in front of her and was soon to be treated to a demonstration that he would never forget.

Lenny sat with a textbook and was deep in study for a while. Then she slid down and lay with her back on the sofa seat with knees on the arm rest. She tired of this after a while and then she lay on the carpet with legs on the sofa seat.

"Why are you doing all this," asked Dad. His voice was tremulous for daughter was exposing a lot during these manoeuvres.

"I have come to a part that I do not understand. I read somewhere that getting the feet up would drive more blood to the brain and I would be able to grasp better."

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