I was headed out the door to have a few beers with my buddies when I heard my eighteen-year old daughter, Melanie, ask my wife, "Mom can I have a couple friends sleep over tonight?" She was seated at the little table in our dining room clicking away at her laptop with her cell phone pasted to her ear. I smiled at her and she blew me a kiss. From somewhere in the house, I heard my wife answer, "Sure, that would be great, your dad's going out and we could have a girl's night here." My daughter rolled her eyes and smirked. My wife was giving me a playful dig for leaving her at home on a warm summer night with a bunch of teenager girls.

"Bye," I yelled and grabbed the keys to my Porsche and headed out to the garage.

"Bye dad," Melanie remarked.


I drove off towards the 'Chum Bucket Eatery & Pub' which; was across town, with the top down and listening to my Bose stereo. My tech savvy daughter had hooked up my Nano to it and Oingo Boingo came blasting through with "Little Girls." I smiled to myself as the lead singer chimed how he liked little girls because "They make me feel so good." I murmured, "You know it," mimicking a hip teenager of this generation and smiled at my juvenile nature. My daughter had told me countless times I wasn't 'cool', I was just old and weird. She always did it with a smile and a shake of the head as if to say she wishes she could have picked her parents or at the very least her dad. I pulled my cell from my hip to see if I had any new voice mails. I don't like little girls in the pedophiliac sense. I just remember how young girlfriends made me feel so alive and virile, when I was growing up.

It had been a long time since I had a young girlfriend as my wife and I were working on our 21st year together. I still liked to look at the hot babes online and I lately had been drawn to petite teenager and the bevy of beauties there. Now don't get me wrong, I'm a MILF man, too. It's just that there is something so visceral about a young naïve girl. She takes you back to your first time and those wonderful feelings. It's also so fun teaching her for the first time what you like, what you want, and seeing her get off for one of the very first times. "Little girls" being so naïve and inexperienced, will do all your favorite things and not think anything of it, I laughed to myself

This line of thinking was giving me a chubby as I turned on the freeway and headed south to the outskirts of town and where the 'Chum Bucket' was located. My mind now wandered to my daughter and her planning a sleepover. I wondered whom she was inviting and I did an erotic police line up of the usual suspects as I drove. Little Mindy from down the street would get invited for sure. Mindy had been my Melanie's friend almost all of her life. When they were younger, we called them the M & M girls. Mindy was about 4'11 and 95 pounds. She was a little firecracker with her strawberry-blonde hair and sparkling jade eyes. At 18, her body seemed to be exploding before our very eyes. She was almost a C cup now and her soft smooth skin beneath her short jean skirts begged to be touched and massaged. "Mindy, I mean suspect A, could you turn around and bend over so we can see your tush," I said to myself as I drove.

Suspect number two was Hannah, a tall slender blonde, who because of the fact she was so much taller than the other girls tended to be shy and unassuming. My wife and I laugh that when she realizes how pretty she really is, she will be a real handful. At 18, she had a runway models' physique with deep blue eyes. "Suspect B, could you please lean back against the wall and spread your legs so we can pat you down from the front," "Yes, yes, I know it is not proper procedure but I want to bang you against this solid block wall," my mind played on.

The third gal was the cutest little Asian gal I had ever seen. Ming was a half inch shorter than Mindy and loved to wear this little jean skirt that showed off her flawless legs and made me beg for a strong upwind. Ming's English was weak but she had a wonderful disposition that caused her to giggle and apologize constantly, "So sowrree." Her long jet-black hair and the perfect apple-sized titties made her the perfect little package. She had just turned 18 two weeks prior and her poor dad had a bear of a time with the local police when their party got out of hand. "Suspect C, could you please spin around really fast so the force of your spinning will cause your skirt to rise and you'll get really dizzy and fall into my lap and say, 'So sowrree," I said with a tinge of racist guilt.

The fourth gal was 'Frank,' a little inside joke with my wife and I. Frances is a gorgeous brunette who doesn't know it and is so much a tomboy that my wife isn't sure if she has ever worn a bra, let alone a training bra. At 19, she has beautiful brunette hair and the body of a gymnast. Her pert little titties are always accented under her t-shirts. I love it when she comes over wearing her white Jacksonville Jaguars t-shirt. She has worn it so long that the fabric has got thinner and thinner over time and you can make out her wonderful nipples and areolas.

The exit for the 'Chum Bucket' broke me out of my playful erotic daydream and I followed the long loop around and turned right into the very crowded parking lot. I spotted my buddy Roger's car in the back corner of the lot and figured he must have just got here himself. I parked next to him, figuring if we both got totally smashed we only had to have one of us remember where we parked our vehicles and went inside. It seemed like everyone from town was there as the place was jumping and I headed for the pub.


Things went great at the pub as we chatted about old times and what was going on at work, at home, and with our families as we stood around a round table in the middle of the bar. From time to time, we stopped talking long enough to look at the eye candy gracing the pub. My buddies and I like to play a game I came up with when we were younger when we are there or out together. If we see a hot lady or girl that we would love to get with, we would utter the word 'cram'. Depending how drunk we are, it might be accompanied with slamming our beer mug down on the table, too. I don't really know why I came up with the word 'Cram', I think it had to do with when two of my buddies spotted a hot girl and said almost simultaneously, 'Crap' and 'Damn' but I can't really be sure.

We've had a lot of great laughs over the times we've played the game but set a new low when a family came in. They sat across the room at a table and seemed to be only in the pub as long as they waited for a table in the restaurant. The husband and wife had brought their two teenage daughters in and they were both very attractive. The oldest daughter looked to be about 18-19 with long blonde hair. She had to be about 5'6 or 5' 7 and had the tightest little body. She was wearing painted on blue jeans and a tan knitted halter-top. She was also wearing a diamond stud in her belly button that caused your eyes to drift down to her waist and below where she was sporting some serious camel toe.

The second daughter was younger, probably too young, as she appeared to be maybe 15-16. She was an almost carbon copy of the older sister although she was skinny, carried herself a little more gangly and was wearing braces and a green eye shadow that accented her gorgeous eyes.

Mom was a MILF goddess as she was decked out in a gorgeous black strapless sundress. Mom loved her cleavage as she accented it with gold glitter on her tan skin. She looked to be a strong C cup or better on a shapely 5'5 body. She was a natural brunette as you could make out her brunette roots under her blonde streaked hair. Mom topped or should I say bottomed off her hot little body with red knee high-strapped stilettos and a thin red collar around her neck.

All three girls looked like they had spent the day tanning and my mind drew a beautiful picture of them tanning in their backyard beside a pool. I pictured the mom for a bikini as small as possible, the top barely holding her nice set and covering her areolas. The bottoms were a razor, thin thong with ties at the hips. The thought of her tan lines came to mind making masterpiece all the sweeter. The two daughters bikinis would be less outrageous as mom wouldn't allow them to up stage her but they would accent their tight little bodies.

Tonight the mom and the older sister were definitely dressed to impress as they were constantly checking out everyone in the room to see who was looking at them. I caught eye contact with mom more than once and got one of those looks like maybe if her husband wasn't around, anything might happen. I smiled at her and she smiled in return.

I was the first to see them and chimed out "Cram, cram" for the mom and her eldest daughter as I'm not a total letch. My buddy, John Stover or Johnny Socks, as we like to call him because he never wore socks in his life, chimed, "Cram, cram, and cram," causing us all to laugh.

"Fuck That," Benny Mitchell, my buddy from before elementary school, who is a flaming heterosexual but loves to jokingly talk like a fag for God knows why added, "Cram to the fourth power." Causing us to all laugh a lot harder as we took a look at the dad for the first time.

Funny thing, the game has an upside to it we have come to learn. We learn really fast when one of us has had too much to drink. If one of us says 'cram' and there is no agreement, we cut them off immediately.

Mike Thompson, my buddy from high school who sells real estate and pretty much anything else he can get his hands on, got us all to huddle when he whispered, "listen to this." Mickey as we call him, bent forward and in a hushed tone asked, "How much will you give me if I bone the wife and bring you pictures of it?"

"Fuck dude," Benny said, as we were all thinking it.

"You'd never be able to pull it off," Johnny Socks challenged. He looked over to the mother and then back at Mickey. "How much time is involved? Until she is old and gray?" he quipped.

"No, no, I don't need but a week and it'll happen," Mickey said, sensing everyone else's disbelief too. "Each of you give me a case of beer if I'm able to pull it off," he said as he looked at each one of us.

"And what do you owe us if she doesn't give you the time of day," Benny said laughing.

"I'll buy each one of you two cases of beer," he answered back. His eyes went from each one of our faces to the family's table and then back.

"I love when you get drunk," Socks replied.

"One week from right now?" Benny sought to clarify.

"One week from tonight?" Mickey asked and you could see his mind working as he used his fingers to count the days.

"Seven days, moron," Socks laughed at Mickey working the days out in his head and rolled his eyes.

'I know that," Mickey said rolling his eyes back at him, "I'm working out how many days and times during the week I have. Can't exactly try this during the weekend."

"Only thing you're going to be working is this," Benny exclaimed as he took his right hand and made a loose fist with a hole and simulated 'jerking off'.

"Ha ha, who's in?" Mickey asked and looked confidently at each one of us at the table.

He had us all thinking and one by one, we looked at the mom and then back at Mickey. Johnny Socks went first and was the most assured of the bunch.

"She's all show, the moment you get her alone she'll turn real indignant and say 'I don't understand why would you think I'm be on the prowl, I love my husband, I do, I do" he asserted in a falsetto voice as he pretended to flip up long hair hanging at the back of his neck.

"Oh no, she's on the hunt," Benny countered, "The husband ain't too happy about it but I don't think they have been on the same page for years." His amateur psychology degree caused him to add, "She's already taught the first daughter how to bait the hook and trawl for cock, too"

"So are you in or not?" Mickey challenged him.

Benny hesitated and took a little longer to look over mom. She was in a conversation with the oldest daughter and seemed to be talking about her daughter's hair. He took a drink of his beer and smiled, "A real stud would be betting he could get with both the mom and oldest daughter."

"At the same time!" Socks added, and we all laughed.

"You in or not?" Mickey challenged, seemingly getting more belligerent about his bet and prowess as he waited.

"One week, right?" Benny said in a way that sounded like a 'stall'. He looked at his watch and took note of the time. "It's 7:37 pm so by this time next Saturday you'll be bringing me two cases of beer. You do know what type of beer I like right?" he goaded Mickey.

"C'mon, in or out?" Mickey replied.

"I'm in for a half bet," Benny said with a frown and added, "She looks like she's game but I don't think you can close the deal in a week."

"Half bet? A half bet?" Mickey repeated incredulously.

Johnny Socks laughed and called Benny a 'Wuss' to which Benny faked like he was going to punch him.

"Wuss, that's too mild for him," Mickey quipped, as he shook his head in disbelief.

Benny didn't flinch; he ignored the taunting and held to his offer as his eyes went from Mickey to the mom and back. Mickey shook his head in disbelief but wanting him in on the bet, he accepted the half wager and we went back to drinking. The bet was, by a little after 7:30 next Saturday, Mickey was to have bedded the hot little MILF sitting across the room. Mickey stood to win two and a half cases of his favorite beer or if he couldn't close the deal; lose five cases of our choice beverage. Funny but we always changed what we wanted beer-wise depending on what was the most expensive at the time.


Mickey got his opening to go over and introduce himself when the husband got up to either check on their reservation or to hit the head. He swooped in with a smile and a joke and it was entertaining to see him work the table of three cuties like I've seen him do countless times before. We obviously couldn't hear him from across the room with the jukebox playing 'Kashmir' by Led Zeppelin but really didn't need to. We knew pretty much what he was saying and by the way the three ladies laughed and responded, they were accepting his compliments and opening up to him. I watched as the ladies eyes flashed and sparkled as he held them captivated. Mickey gave seminars for real estate and he really had a way with speaking with people that grabbed them and held their attention and gained their interest. He used these powers for good but also for devilish matters like this.

Having heard him do it before, I figured his little speech went something like this; he complimented them all on how they looked. Picking out something unique about each girl's outfit or physical appearance and honing in on it. Women dress to impress and to show their fashion sense so they love having someone notice the little touch(es) they added to their outfit. The older daughter had on these shiny hoop earrings and I could tell Mickey said something about them as she smiled and turned her head both ways to show them off to him. She really knew how to catch a guy's attention and having caught Mickey's she wiggled in her seat nervously. The youngest daughter's eyes flashed and she smiled as he honed in on her eye shadow. It was probably on a little too thick but she cared enough to wear it so he complimented her on it.

Like any good salesman, he held the best for last or the object he most wanted for last. He wanted to score the mom so he left her last so as to not come on too strong. The art of the deal is to downplay what you really want to drive its' price down. In the case of the mom, she didn't need her price driven down as she was game but Mickey was playing on her need to be the hottest and most desirable woman in the room. He was making her feel like the third cutest gal at her own table and you could see it in her face. She laughed along with the girls as he flirted with them but you could tell she didn't like the attention diverted from her. What Mickey didn't know was he wasn't the object of her desire anyway. He chatted them all up and when he turned his attention to her, she was very interested in him coming by for a free Comparative Market Analysis but only if he brought me along. It was information he didn't divulge with the other two guys but with me later in the evening. He would improvise his plan to score with her in a threesome and pay me my bet while he collected on their bets.

He had given the mom one of his business cards which; she quickly deposited in her purse, before the husband came back to the table with an alarmed look on his face. He had seen us in the bar when they came in and he wasn't happy Mickey was at the table. He probably had been down this road before with his wayward wife and showed his distain when he came to the table.

Mickey saw him coming and fished out another business card from his wallet and offered it to him. The husband looked at him as if the card was toxic and waved his family up from the table. Their table must have become ready and they abruptly left for the restaurant side of the 'Chum Bucket.' Mickey said his goodbyes to the ladies as they slipped past him when they exited. We laughed, as he looked each girl over head to toe and took a long gander at their asses as they passed him. Knowing we were watching, he made lewd motions as he glanced back and forth at them and us. The husband was oblivious to Mickey as he marched them toward the restaurant and a young gal holding menus.

"Fuck man, I feel sorry for that dude, he's got three hot little things living under his roof and probably doesn't get to touch any of them," Mickey said with a laugh as he came back to the table.

"You're the man," Johnny Socks bellowed as he 'high-fived' him.

"Yeah but can he close?" Benny exclaimed, dismissing the two of them.

The rest of the evening was pretty much a gabfest about the mom and her two hot little daughters and our little bet. It was crude and got cruder until we all had our bellies full of beer. I said my goodbyes and told Mickey to call me the next day when he had a chance to talk to the mom and set something up. I didn't know about being in any threesome but was curious just how far this mom wanted to go with this. A little time to think could have her changing her tune.

The whole evening had kept my mind off my daughter's sleepover but when I got back in the car to head home, and even in my buzzed state, I remembered Mindy, Hannah, Ming, and Frankie. I got a chubby as I thought of them pillow fighting in assorted pjs and nighties. I don't really know if someone held a gun to my head who that I would rather have a little playtime with. They each got the blood pumping to my nether region. I could envision myself teaching each one my favorite positions and the things I'd like to make them do with me. I thought it would be great to find out what it took to make them pant and cum screaming. Mindy's tight little ass came to mind as I saw myself on my couch at home and her kneeling on the ground and her wonderful ass sticking back towards me as she peered over her shoulder to see if I approved. "Lift up your skirt slowly so I can see your little panty covered pussy and ass crack," I heard the pervert inside me utter.

Traffic was light so the trip home was easy and uneventful. Knowing the road and where the cops liked to hang out to catch speeders, I towed the line when I traveled through those areas. Arriving at my house, I parked my car in the garage and took a moment to check myself before entering my house. I was hammered but it was manageable I said to myself and laughed. My wife has always been a sound sleeper so I only had to worry about embarrassing myself in front of my daughter and her four little vixen friends. It was 2:35 am on the digital clock in our garage as I reached for the doorknob and twisted it.

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