Edgar watched the slinky brunette woman as she stood talking to a friend while on a smoking break. He stared as the young woman slowly lifted her right hand and lightly touched the cigarette to her lips, her crimson lipstick distinctively marking the white filter tip. Then as she inhaled, he could almost see the smoke curling into her mouth like the tongue of a lover. Her hand, with the cigarette gracefully tucked between two fingers, then dropped to her side flicking away the excess ash in the same movement.

Looking back up at her face, he watched as the white smoke trickled out of her mouth and vanished in a wisp of a breeze as she spoke. Later as she exhaled, the faint fog rolled down her body like a pair of hands. Then her hand once again returned to her mouth which opened slightly to touch the cigarette again.

Reaching down to his lap, Edgar adjusted his erection, just as he had each time he watched a woman smoking near him. Since seeing Lauren Bacall sensuously drawing the smoke out of a cigarette in the movies, he had been fascinated with women who smoked. Although Edgar never smoked, he always carried a pack of cigarettes since he was old enough to buy them. He spent a full two years after his eighteenth birthday trying to find the courage to, pull the cigarettes out of his pocket and offer it to a woman.

When he finally did get the opportunity, he learned he needed to carry a brand that women wanted to smoke. The old Marlboro Man (TM) may have enticed the ladies, but not to smoke his brand. After that he carried Virginia Slims (TM) almost exclusively.

Drawing his attention away from the woman's cigarette, Edgar let his eyes wander as she appreciated the hint of cleavage showing at the top of her blouse. He then visually caressed the curve of her breasts, slid downwards around her hips and then down to her legs. Suddenly, his attention returned to the woman's face as she tilted her head back and blew a ring of smoke into the air.

As the smoke ring slowly expanded Edgar let his mind drift back to a small café where he offered a cigarette to a woman and she accepted, asking him to sit at her table. His attraction to her, more specifically, to her smoking quickly became apparent so by the time their drinks were served, she was no longer politely blowing the smoke toward the floor, she was gently blowing it at him.

"You gave me a cigarette, but not one for yourself?"

"I don't smoke," he remembered replying.

"But you carry cigarettes?"

"To offer to you."

"So you like women who smoke?"

Feeling a tingle roll through his body he replied, "Yes, ah, yes I do."

Looking closer at her face he watched a wisp of smoke curl from her lips, roll around her nose, up past her jet back eyes and dissipate over the olive skin of her forehead. Her black hair cascaded down to her shoulders. Partially covered in her scarf, the hair looked soft and straight, with perhaps a slight curl at the end.

Watching her flick her cigarette into the ashtray, he noticed the smooth, dark skin of her neck and the hint of cleavage at the top of her blouse. Her breasts seemed nicely rounded, but his attention returned to her face as she held the cigarette to her lips and drew in her breath, closing her eyes as the smoke flowed into her. As she exhaled, he moved forward a bit feeling the moist smoke warm his face.

"I think we need to leave now," the woman said, dabbing her cigarette in the ashtray and letting the lipstick stained butt roll into the tray.


"A hotel?"

"Yes," he replied, adjusting his erection as he stood up, hoping it wouldn't be too apparent as he followed her out of the café.

The hotel was nearby and it had a bed, that was all they needed by that time. They hurried up to the room, and without a word they undressed and Edgar moved onto the bed. Standing over him she took a cigarette, lit it, took a long drag and then blew out the smoke so it cascaded down over Edgar's body. Feeling a trembling running through his body, he reached out and grabbed her ass, squeezing it.

Moving closer to the bed, she took another drag and blew a smoke ring. Edgar watched, completely enthralled, as the ring slowly descended and settled just above his hard cock. Taking another drag, she leaned forward and blew a second ring which descended down onto his cock in a perfect ringer. After ringing his cock twice more, she set her cigarette in the ashtray, she climbed onto the bed and straddled Edgar.

He watched as she took hold of his cock, guided it to her pussy and then lowered herself down on him. Feeling the wet softness surround him, he lifted his hips, pushing deeper into her. She continued moving up and down on hem, grinding herself against him until she moaned loudly and came.

As she recovered, she reached out and grabbed her cigarette and took a drag. Blowing the smoke down into Edgar's face she began moving again, sliding up and down on his cock. She continued blowing the smoke and moving up and down until Edgar lifted his hips up off the bed and came, spurting his cum deep into her pussy.

Edgar suddenly snapped back as the woman he was watching dropped her cigarette onto the sidewalk and stepped on it. She turned and walked with her friend back into the building. Only then did Edgar move his hands down to the wheels of his wheelchair and turn to face his nurse, who was sitting on a nearby bench reading.

"Are you ready to go back inside Edgar?"

"Yes Margie, I'm ready," he replied.

She got up and moved behind his wheelchair. Bending down she asked, "How's the oxygen? You getting enough?"

Moving his hand up to the tube in his nose he replied, "Yes, the oxygen is good."

Margie then grabbed the wheelchair back toward the entrance to the clinic. "This emphysema is just bad isn't it Edgar."

Nodding, he lifted his hand and waved, encouraging her to hurry up. There was a Lauren Bacall movie coming on the TV and he didn't want to miss any of it.

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