tagLesbian SexSnowbound: Traci and Pam

Snowbound: Traci and Pam


Traci gripped the armrests until her fingers hurt. Outside the plane’s window was a grayness that appeared to have no beginning or end. The 23-year-old traveler lay her head back against the headrest and shut her eyes as the aircraft rocked in every direction.

“God, I hate flying in the winter,” she said softly in the undeniable tone of a non-frequent flyer.

“Me, too. We’ll be down in five minutes.” The voice beside Traci was reassuring. But, the woman who uttered the words clung to her magazine with moist palms.

“Yes, but in one piece?” Traci asked.

Both women laughed nervously. The friend Traci had made on the long flight, Pam, was a 28-year-old saleswoman for a clothing store. She was on her way to Chicago for a meeting, while Traci was being sent for corporate training. The landing in St. Louis that they were presently experiencing was for a one-hour layover.

Pam pointed to the window.

“There. We’re out of the clouds now. Just a couple more minutes,” she said.

Traci peered out at the buildings barely visible through the snow. Wind continued to buffet the plane as the ground rose toward her. Finally, she saw the lights at the end of a parallel runway. Then the gray surface of a runway under the window. Snow blew across it in a blur.

The plane’s wheels struck the pavement violently, but somehow comfortingly. In the rear of the plane someone applauded.

Pam looked at Traci. The girl’s eyes were shut again. Her mouth moved but no words came out. Pam smiled and patted Traci’s hand.

“You can breathe now,” Pam said, sliding the magazine into the flap on the back of the seat ahead of her.

“I may need a lot of drinks before we get to Chicago,” Traci said. She looked out the window one more time as the plane taxied. “Jesus, look at it snow. It would be pretty if we weren’t inside this damn plane.”

Pam chuckled. “You need to relax. And don’t buy those drinks in the terminal. It will cost you a fortune.”

A few minutes later the women were standing in front of a bank of monitors displaying arrivals and departures.

“I don’t believe it. I just…don’t…believe it,” Traci muttered.

They stared up at the line of type that read, “American Airlines, 516, 2:30 p.m., Chicago O’Hare, CANCELLED, A16.”

“C’mon. I’m buying,” Pam announced. Traci followed her new companion as they headed down the corridor. She caught back up just as they reached the lounge.

They dropped their carry-on luggage on the floor under a small, square table and sat. Dejected looks crossed their faces as they waited for a waitress. Eventually, they ordered.

“I’m gonna check for later flights. How about you?” Traci asked with a questioning glance across the table.

“We can try. But, if they shut everything down at O’Hare it probably won’t do any good. It could be a while,” Pam said.

She went on to explain to the less-traveled Traci how the temporary shutting down of O’Hare has a domino effect on flights all over the country.

Their drinks arrived and Pam did, indeed, pick up the hefty tab.

“Thanks, Pam. I owe you.”

“No problem,” Pam said.

They drank leisurely while watching the bustle of people in the terminal. At the same time, men in suits seated throughout the lounge were watching them. Traci was a tall, lean girl with dirty blonde hair who fell into the dreaded ‘cute’ category. She found it did little for her sex life and did her more harm than good in the business world. Pam was a brunette with neat, short hair and an innocent plain look that worked well for her in selling to other females.

They both wore comfortable pants suits—Traci with a buttoned blouse and Pam with a turtleneck. They were dressed for relaxed travel, not to be fashionable.

Pam talked about her husband of five years and how they planned to raise a family when she turned thirty. Traci sensed that Pam was bored at home. This could have been caused by her constant traveling or the simple fact she and her husband weren’t the greatest match.

Pam perceived Traci to be a fun loving, rather naïve new entry into the business world who wasn’t ready to settle down soon. All in all, she liked the younger girl and found her entertaining.

What Pam didn’t know about Traci was that she enjoyed women as much as men, in and out of bed. What Pam didn’t know about herself was that suppressed feelings about other women would someday surface.

She realized long ago that her sales presentations to female buyers were more energetic if the person across the table was attractive. She’d never sat on the plane after such a meeting wondering what sex with the woman would be like. But, she felt more…at ease.

Pam felt that way about Traci in the couple of hours they had known each other. Now they faced the dilemma of finding a way to Chicago as quickly as possible.

“Well, let’s go see what we can do,” Pam offered.

“Yeah. I guess.” Traci appreciated Pam’s take-charge attitude. She was now very glad they had met.

A trip to the airline ticket counter and subsequent wait in line provided the expected results. There were no flights available to Chicago and probably wouldn’t be for the rest of the night. They could wait it out…or find another way to get there. Both quickly ruled out the latter.

Traci stared down at the carry-on bag at her feet and thought silently.

“I really don’t have any desire to sleep in one of those chairs at a gate,” she whined. “I think I’ll find a room nearby.”

“If you do that, there’s a Holiday Inn about a mile away…with a shuttle. I’ve used it,” Pam suggested.

“OK.” Traci stared down the concourse at the mob. “This really sucks.”

Pam laughed to herself at the bluntness of the statement. And it’s reality.

“What are you going to do?” Traci asked.

“Probably the same. My boss will pay for it,” Pam said with a smile.

“I hope mine will. This wasn’t on the agenda. Or in my budget.”

Pam opened her mouth to answer, then stopped. Then said it. “We can share a room if it will help.”

A look of concern shot across Traci’s face. “Oh, no. That’s not what I meant. No. I didn’t mean…”

“It’s going to be about the same rate whether it’s just me or not. You are welcome to join me,” Pam said honestly.

Traci considered. If she paid for her own room she’d barely have enough left over to eat with. “You don’t have to…”

“C’mon,” Pam said, grabbing her bag. “I won’t snore.”

Once again, Traci found herself catching up to her cohort. Pam looked back over her shoulder and said, “We’ll call the airline from the room and get a flight for early tomorrow morning if we can.”

Traci nodded and acknowledged her friend with a weak “OK”. They descended an escalator to the baggage claim and ground transportation level. From there, they hopped on a shuttle to the Holiday Inn and watched more snow fall.

The hotel’s lobby was busy and noisy. There was a momentary fear that no rooms would be available, but Pam got checked in and was told the room would be ready in less than an hour.

The two weary travelers agreed it was time for lunch and stepped inside a restaurant off the lobby. With their plans a little more stable…and their stomachs growling…they sat and ordered. Smalltalk centered on favorite TV shows and movies. Traci listened politely to Pam’s complaints about her husband’s viewing habits, convincing her a few more years of being single was the right choice.

Their comfort level with each other grew by the hour as experiences passed. Pam’s acceptance of Traci’s lighthearted mannerisms was growing into actual fondness. More than once she found herself considering the girl as a little sister she seldom spent time with. And she liked Traci’s light gray eyes.

Traci always looked at female friends as possible partners. Pam was not stunningly beautiful, that was for sure. But there were other qualities she liked. Traci envied Pam’s calmness under pressure, her maturity, and her command of the obvious. OK, she admitted to herself she liked Pam’s cute little butt in those pants, too. And the way her turtleneck fell over her breasts.

Traci ate, smiled and half-listened as Pam talked. She paid just enough attention to respond appropriately. Her mind was wandering to the room they were to occupy.

After lunch the room was theirs. Traci threw her bag on the bed nearest the door after watching Pam walk into the room and lay her bag gently on the neighboring bed. The younger girl kicked off her shoes and flung herself onto the bed, her hair falling all about her head on the covered pillow.

“This better be some awesome training they give me after going through all this,” Traci said.

Pam already had her bag opened, pulling out the “emergency” outfit, underwear and nightgown she rarely ever had to use. “Think how nice it will be to get back to work.”

“Shit” was all she heard from the other bed. Pam smiled as Traci reached for the TV remote. It blared to life and was quickly subdued by the prone girl.

“What do you prefer?” Traci asked.

“Oh, it doesn’t matter. I’ll probably read anyway. Whatever you want.”

Traci settled on a soap opera and alternated between watching the TV and Pam unpack.

A few moments later, as Pam walked toward the bathroom with her plastic bag of bath supplies, she glanced at Traci. The girl’s eyes were closed.

Once inside the bathroom, Pam decided a hot bath sounded pretty good. She closed the drain, started the water and began to undress. It felt good to lift the bra off her shoulders and breasts. Even in a swimsuit the woman was not known to turn many male heads based on her breasts alone. But she worked hard on her waist, abs, hips and thighs. Her body, when naked, was adequate.

Her panties were dropped on the floor and Pam checked for soap. She lifted one leg over the side of the tub and into the rising water. Satisfied with the temperature, she slung her other leg over the side and began to sit. The water soothingly embraced her legs and ass as she lowered her body. Pam felt its warmth between her legs and on her waist as she leaned back.

Pam’s head came to rest on the top of the tub at one end. Water poured out of the faucet and between her ankles at the other. She closed her eyes, feeling the water as it rose above her stomach, over her ribs and toward her breasts.

The woman cupped water in both hands and pulled it up over her breasts. It felt good against her cool, hard nipples. Now the water was beginning to cover her up to her neck. She leaned forward to turn off the flow of water, then settled back down to her reclining position.

Pam could hear the sound of voices on the TV and the low rumble of the hotel’s furnaces pumping heat throughout the building. Occasionally a door slammed shut out in the hall.

After a few restful moments, Pam took the little bar of soap from its white enamel holder. She bent one knee, then the other, to wash her legs. She ran it over her stomach before moving up to her chest. Both breasts were wiped clean and she reached down again.

This time she put her hand between her legs and steadily moved it up and down over her pussy. A half dozen times she passed it over the opening to her vagina and up to her clit. Then she put the soap back in its holder.

The fingers of her right hand returned to her pussy, feeling under the water for the folds of skin leading up to her clit. She followed the fold upward until reaching the nub that was growing more sensitive by the minute.

Pam’s mouth opened almost imperceptibly as her middle finger slid back and forth. Her legs spread wider, bent at the knee. With her free hand she placed a nipple between her thumb and forefinger.

Fully aroused now, she worked both hands methodically. Her hips rose slightly to meet the action of the hand between her legs. Pam increased the pressure on her clit and instantly felt the response inside her vagina.

Her hand reached down, fingers extended. The middle finger found the opening to her vagina and bent upward. It slid in to the first knuckle. Then the second. Then the finger couldn’t be pushed in any further.

Pam grazed the finger along the top of her cunt and pulled it nearly all the way out. Soon, she was fucking herself with her hand. Steadily faster.

As the manipulation of her erect nipple sent waves of pleasure through her stomach to her pussy, Pam’s hand revisited her clit. The first contact made Pam shudder. Several strokes later she was on the verge of cumming. Her head was tilted back and her legs trembled with built-up sexual tension.

Outside the bathroom door, a rustling sound caught her ear. Then a drawer closing followed by footsteps at the door. Pam wanted to stop, but couldn’t move her hands away from her body. Something bumped against the wall just behind her head and Pam lurched forward.

Her hands fell to her side. She breathed quickly and heavily. Pam sat upright as her body--her entire body inside and out--attempted to return to normalcy.

She splashed water over her face and sat still. Slightly more composed and entirely unsatisfied, she lifted herself out of the tub. Pam flipped open the drain to the tub and reached for a towel.

She held it against her face, feeling somewhat unstable on legs that seconds ago were quivering. The back of her hair was wet in spots and she fluffed it up with the towel. The rest of her body got a swift once-over, leaving her chilly.

Pam picked up her clothes, wrapped the towel around her body and held it in place as she opened the bathroom door. Traci was sitting at the only table in the room, near the window, reading a magazine.

“Did you sleep at all?” Pam asked as she pulled out her clean clothes.

“Oh, maybe a couple minutes,” Traci said.

“I’ll be tired tonight, I’m sure,” Pam responded. With clothes in hand, she headed back into the bathroom and dressed.

Traci saw Pam emerge wearing designer jeans and a blouse. The woman looked younger in the less formal clothes and mussed up hair. A minute or two in front of the mirror with a blow dryer in hand resolved the hair issue.

Without makeup, Pam’s plain looks were amplified. But Traci was drawn to her, still, and the subtle curves of the body were not unappealing.

In due course Traci showered and dressed. They debated their evening entertainment options before choosing to take a cab to a nearby steak place for dinner. They ate leisurely, having beaten the bulk of the dinner crowd and not feeling obligated to hurriedly giving the table up for the next customer. The conversation was fairly mundane until Traci’s social life came up.

“Well, you may not…uh…approve of this, but I’ve been known to go out with both men AND women,” Traci declared. She put a forkful of salad in her mouth and waited for a response.

“Really?” Pam exclaimed. “Interesting. Which do you prefer?”

Pam was smiling and Traci accepted the question as sincere. “Depends on my mood at the time. Sometimes I want the soft touch of a girl and sometimes I want to be fucked.”

Traci almost caught herself before the word came out, but didn’t. “I’m sorry. I shouldn’t talk like that in front of strangers.”

Pam laughed. “It’s OK. Hopefully, after today we’re not total strangers any more.”

Traci thought about that for a moment. Did the woman mean what they had already been through…or the fact the day wasn’t over yet? She wasn’t sure and didn’t ask.

“You haven’t been with a girl?” Traci asked.

Pam flashed an embarrassed grin. “No. I’ve never thought about it. If it ever happened I suppose it would be with my husband involved as well.”

“Oooo. That would be fun, too,” Traci cooed. “Anyway, I bet you’ve had dealings with bi women before and didn’t realize it.”

“Apparently. I wouldn’t have known it about you,” Pam said between bites.

They both had desserts and well over an hour after they arrived they were finishing the last of their iced teas. The checks were paid, tips were laid on the table and they walked back out into the darkness after calling for a cab.

There really was little to do, so they headed back to the room, intent on just relaxing and getting ready for another day of travel tomorrow. TV and magazines filled a few hours as the women sat on separate beds. Traci was the first to declare her intentions of getting sleep.

She slipped into the bathroom and emerged a couple minutes later with her t-shirt hanging down to her bare legs, her jeans in hand. Pam’s first look at the girl’s long, lean legs made her wonder if her own legs ever looked that good. Traci lay the pants next to her bed and slid under the covers.

She managed to watch another half hour of TV before falling asleep. Pam, with three glasses of iced tea in her, lasted through the late news before taking the remote control off the table between the beds and turning the set off.

The quiet was soothing, but not necessarily as good as a sleeping pill. A half hour later Pam found herself continuing to toss in the bed, her mind replaying the day’s events and conversations. She lay on her side, facing Traci’s bed. The covers stopped at the girl’s hips. Traci’s shirt was raised far enough for Pam to see the tops of her white panties. The younger girl’s ass pressed against the thin cover, curving sensuously in the dim light.

Traci awoke. For a fleeting moment, she was lost. Then the arm resting on her ribs moved. A hand touched her right breast, and she felt something leaning against her back.

She didn’t know why, but she didn’t panic. She didn’t scream. The hand touched her nipple, gently and easily. Another body moved closer to hers.

An unseen hand lifted the covers and the body joined Traci’s underneath. Traci could feel bare skin against the backs of her thighs. The arm around her clutched more tightly. The hand on her breast expanded and wrapped around as much of the breast as it could engulf through the shirt.

Traci heard light breathing behind her ear. But no words were spoken. Traci was afraid to move, unsure of what to do. Previous experiences took control and the girl reached behind her with her right arm. She placed it on Pam’s hip, feeling the cool skin. As Traci’s hand slid lower, behind the other woman, it felt nothing but skin. When it reached Pam’s bare ass, Traci knew Pam was naked.

A sudden surge of excitement boiled through Traci’s entire body. She’d never been in bed with a woman without prior knowledge that it would happen. This unexpected encounter was producing new sensations. Good sensations.

Pam’s hand left the girl’s breast and touched her again at the waist. It rose until it was under the t-shirt, and then continued until contacting the bottom of Traci’s breast. Once again it cupped the breast, but this time Traci could feel the warmth of the palm.

Pam kneaded the skin and played with the nipple. Traci took in a deep breath as the nipple was squeezed tenderly. Pam’s fingers circled the breast before slipping down to Traci’s navel, drawing slow circles around the navel and the stomach.

Traci could feel her body tingle. She tried to breathe normally. But, instead, she alternated between deep intakes of air and equally long, silent breaths. Her heart raced uncontrollably.

Traci had not taken her hand off the other woman’s ass. She now squeezed it and pulled it closer to her. She wished she were naked, too, so she could feel Pam’s skin against hers.

She didn’t need to wait long. Hesitantly, Pam began to lift Traci’s t-shirt. She stopped when she reached Traci’s breasts. As a sign of submission, Traci lifted her arms over her head. Pam removed the shirt and dropped it behind her on the floor.

The first thing Traci felt were bare breasts on her back. She had felt this before and it was unmistakable. A hand swallowed up Traci’s right breast and wrapped around it. She felt warm air on her neck, followed by lips. The lips were parted and Pam’s tongue touched the neck. Pam licked Traci delicately before backing off.

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