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Something Dirty


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You want me to whisper something dirty in your ear, baby?

I'm not that kind of girl! You know that!

You want me to tell you that I want your big cock to plough into me, and ride me until I scream?

You want me to call you over here, and tell you to lie back, so that I can sit on your face, and spread my pussy juice all over your greedy mouth? Does that really sound like me? Like something I would tell you to do? Would you do it if I did?

Yes, I am always hungry for you. In fact, I was just thinking that I'm going to eat you alive when you get home.

You like hearing me say that, don't you? You like it when I suck your cock?

I know Sweetie, you like being inside me. Believe me, I love that too.

No, don't move, play with your cock for me. Don't be shy. You're beautiful. I want to watch you touch yourself... Yes, like that... play with your cock.


Yes, I know should be there doing that for you... I know... I miss you too. It's okay, my love, you'll soon come home to me. I promise, I'll make the wait worth it. Play with your cock some more. Yes, I really miss you tonight, baby.

No, I'm trying not to think about that. I'd drive myself crazy. This cam is all we have right now, so let's make the most of it, okay? Take your clothes off...everything. Let me see you. I want you naked.

You are so beautiful to me; do you know that? You have a beautiful body, baby. No, I don't need glasses; I can see you just fine. You're a very sexy man! No, I'm not just saying that. You should see what I see; your kissable lips. And I love your shoulders, and your arms, and your chest. You've got great legs! So strong. And you have a fantastic ass! I keep telling you that. I keep telling you that you can't afford to go to prison! I know; I'm naughty, I know, I know.... I wish I could rub my hands on the plain of your belly, right now. Hmmm, so hard; your abs, oooohh, your cock is harder too! It just pulsed when I said that! Do you want me to rub my hands over your abs like this?


You need to be inside me right now, my love? You need to nail me to our bed? You need me to lick your ear, and beg you to fuck me? Yes, (kiss) I would beg. I love feeling you inside me, I love it when you hold me down, and force my legs apart, and make me feel your weight. I love the burn when you're stretching me; making me take you; making me beg you to do it harder. I love it when your cock feels like steel pestle. I like to know how hard you are, and to know that you're punishing me for making you feel that way. I love it when you're punishing me because you had to wait to get into my body.

I love it when you bury your face between my breasts, and when you kiss and nibble them all over; and when you suck my nipples until I really do beg you to fuck me. I love it when you eat my pussy. I love it when you tell me that I'm your slut. I love it most when you nibble me all over! I love those little bites, and kisses and licks! Promise me you'll do that when you get home.

What will I do for you in return? Ahhh...

I dunno. I was thinking that I'd be waiting for you in my black see-through teddy, my silk stockings with the naughty little bows and my heels. Yes, the hooker heels, because I know what it does to you to see me dressed like a slut. I've seen the way you look at me when I walk in those shoes... What else? Well, then I'd take your jacket from you, and take your hand, and lead you to your comfy chair and help you to put your feet up and fix you a drink. What else? Well, while you have your drink, I'd dance for you... You'd be surprised at what sort of dances I know. You might have to spank me when you see how naughty I've been in learning to move like that! What else? Well, then I'd have you follow me to the warm bath that I've drawn for you; and I'd strip you myself, and wash the road and the tiredness and all the cares in the world away from that beautiful body of yours. And then I'd dry you off and lead you to our bed and give you one of those massages that you like so much. Yes, that's my reward; I get to rub my hands and kiss and nibble my way all over that delectable swath of skin. And then I'd climb up, and impale myself on your staff... yes, yes, reverse cowgirl... this is your night, remember? I'd ride you until you screamed, baby. And then, when you woke up, yes, you'd faint when I was done with you... This is my fantasy, so you'd faint! I'd have your favourite dinner waiting...and then, I'd be dessert... I'd be your chocolate covered, Jamaican cinnamon bun... just oozing all kinds of sticky honey when you lick me.

So no, I'm not that kind of girl! I don't whisper dirty things into men's ears...no I don't! You'll just have to wait until you get home tomorrow to hear what I really have in mind for you... So think of me while you deliver your speech to the shareholders; but don't you dare have an erection. I don't want anyone to speculate about what I plan to do to you when you get home. Good night baby. I love you.

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