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I had just started seeing this guy about 4 weeks ago and we've been getting along great. We've already hit the sheets at my place several times. We're also great together sexually. Tonight I'm going to his place for the first time and we'll have several hours to spend alone before I have to get back home. He picked me up right on time and drove straight to his place. I can't wait, this is the first time neither of us will have to hold back because my kids might hear. He unlocks his apartment door and we settle on the couch.

We start kissing softly, just holding each other. As our tongues dance in each others mouths our hands carress each others backs. When our kissing becomes more intense he pulls back, looks into my eyes and asks if I want to try something new. I'm a little worried about what he has in mind. When he noticed I was hesitating to answer, he asked if I trusted him and he promised he would do nothing to hurt me. I was hoping I wouldn't regret it but I said ok. He got up and got something out of a drawer. He handed it to me and to my surprise it was a blindfold. I just looked at him, he smiled and asked me to put it on. I'm really not sure of this but I put the blindfold on. He pulls me to my feet and starts leading me somewhere telling me I can trust him.

I can feel that we walked into another room. He let go of my hand and I can hear him moving things and clicking noises and drawers opening but not a sound from him. I really want to take the blindfold off but I don't want him to think I don't trust him. Now he's next to me and taking my clothes off. I reach my hands out and I can feel that he already has his clothes off. He pulls me tight against him and kisses me intensely. I respond hungrily, running my hands up and down his body. He picked me up and started carrying me, but instead of putting me down on his bed, he put me down on a hard surface. He asked me to lie down and positioned me how he wanted me. Right now I'm feeling a combination of fear and excitement.

He positions himself on top of me straddling my waist. He bends down and starts kissing me again. I can feel his hard cock against my stomach. He runs his one hand along my arm and raises it above my head. He wraps something around my wrist with a click and quickly does the same with my other wrist. I can't move my arms and I'm about to start panicking when he begins kissing my neck and shoulders. He runs his mouth slowly down my body, and I'm getting very excited. He lingers at my navel as his hands squeeze my ass. He stops what he's doing and moves away from me. Now what?

I feel something near my face and when I turn my head he sticks his cock into my mouth, I suck on the head before taking the whole thing in my mouth. He thrusts it in and out of my mouth, face fucking me for several minutes. He stops and moves away from me again. Now he's down at my feet massaging them. He moves up to my calves and then my thighs. He starts kissing my thighs as his fingers play with my bush. He lightly brushes against my wet pussy as my hips raise slightly to meet him. He licks my clit softly at first, then harder. He shoves his tongue in and out of my hole and back to my clit. Everytime he could tell I was getting close he would move to a different area. "Let me come", I beg. He just laughed slightly and said not yet.

He moved away one more time and I heard him open another drawer. He came back to me and put something around my ankles, spread my legs wide and I heard more clicking as he fastened my legs to the table. Now what, I thought again. He started licking my ass, inside and out. I usually don't like that but this time it's turning me on big time. I feel a slight pressure against my ass and assumed it was his cock. I was about to say no, when he thrust it in me. It wasn't his cock, I heard another click and vibrations started deep inside my ass as he started licking my clit. As he was butt fucking me with the vibrator and sucking my clit I came with such a massive orgasm that I left out a scream of relief. He removed the vibrator from my ass and positioned himself between my legs.

He reached back and I could feel him undo my leg bindings. He raised my legs one at a time up in the air and back toward my head. I heard more clicking as he fastened my legs in that position with my ass slightly raised off the table. He proceeded to ram his cock deep inside my spread pussy. He leaned down and fiercely kissed me as he pounded me fast and hard until he exploded his ample supply of hot juices deep in my twitching hole. I gasped and moaned from the intensity. He pulled himself out of me and his juices ran over my asshole.

He undid all my bindings and laid down next to me. He kissed me and removed my blindfold. At first all I could see was his face smiling at me. Then I looked around at the room. It was a masters paradise. I never even considered doing bondage or letting myself be submissive before. After this day I think I'll be coming here more often for whatever fun he can come up with.

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