tagLesbian SexSomething Old, Something New Ch. 02

Something Old, Something New Ch. 02


The next morning brought clear skies and a clear head for me, which I was extremely grateful for. As usual, work was thrilling and this particular day, I welcomed three new employees to our stable of great sales performers. Michael Davies was brash and arrogant but had a stellar record, Darcy Moss was great at reeling in the older clients and Mariana Verdu came with fantastic references from her last two jobs.

I was happy to have Bob's company for dinner since Tom was out of town on a business trip and it was he who suggested that we go out to a 'ladybar' called Candies. I wanted to say no but I knew that avoiding the problem was not going to provide a solution to my lonely masturbation sessions so I pulled on some jeans and a polo shirt, spritzed on some perfume and we headed out.

The atmosphere of the bar was very different. The vibe was clearly woman-oriented and I worried a moment for Bob. But that was before he screamed out the bartender's name and twirled her around. "Bambi! Where have you been?"

"I went to New Jersey to take care of my mother for a few months. Did you miss me that much?"

"Of course! You should have called me."

"Sorry." Bambi turned her eyes onto me and smiled seductively. "And who's your friend?"

"Alexa, this is my good friend, Bambi. Bambi, meet Alexa." I shook hands with the woman, a jolt going through my body at the warmth of her hand and the firm grip she gave me, her eyes searching mine. "But she is not for you."

"Why not?" We both asked together, looking at Bob.

"Bambi does not like to be tied down, Alexa, and if you're looking for a relationship, it would be heartbreak city from the start."

"Ah, well." Bambi pulled her hand back, giving me a sad but knowing look. "Better to have a friend than to break a heart." She smiled at Bob. "What can I get y'all?"

A few stiff Jack and Cokes later and Bob and I hit the circuit. It was very strange. The vibes were very different and I found myself very uncomfortable. The butches seemed to be extra-butch and the lipsticks seemed to leer at me with a ferocity that made my stomach turn – and not with lust. I just wanted a regular tomboyish girl-next-door type and it seemed that none of them fit the bill.

"You're too picky."

I gave him a sloppy hug, nearly spilling both of our drinks. "Why is it so hard?"

"Because we care."

It took a moment for his words to burrow into the depths of my brain but by then tears had already pricked my eyes. Because we care. A large part of me wished that I was twenty again, learning about my sexuality. It was so easy to be free then. Much harder to face the censure of young women who weren't interested in an older lover nor lesbian community members that didn't like newbies like me.

"Then maybe I shouldn't care."

"No," He pressed a quick kiss to my cheek. "Don't ever stop caring."

He was right. I gave him a sloppy hug and went back to Bambi for another round of drinks. While I was standing at the counter, I saw the most beautiful face I'd ever seen in my life. Sweet and sad dark blue eyes were framed by a shimmering fall of blonde hair, almost iridescent in the light. Her mouth was soft and rounded by two plump lips and a tiny chin finished her oval face. Her face looked familiar but I couldn't place her right away. I waved Bambi over with a twenty.

"Whatever she's drinking, it's on me. Give me another round and keep the change."

I watched Bambi make the drinks and the young woman was drinking a Seabreeze. She accepted the glass from the bartender and tried to pay for it, looking confused while Bambi explained that I had already paid for it. She turned those mesmerizing eyes on me and I raised my glass, giving a gentle nod. Her eyes widened and she quickly turned away, leaving the drink and scurrying away like a frightened animal.

"What the hell did I do?"

Bambi didn't get a chance to answer because Bob was right behind me. "Do you know who that was?"


"That was Jessica Torres, our neighbor."

"Jessica, the model? From the second floor?"


"Why'd she run off like that?"

Bob sighed. "She should tell that to you."

"Well, how can she tell me if she runs away?"

I watched Bob's face as he warred with his emotions, wondering if I qualified as a confidante in his book. "Jess is a beautiful woman but she's had some troubles."


Again, Bob sighed. "I would feel much more comfortable if she told you."


A few more drinks and the mystery of second-floor Jessica was forgotten. Bob and I caught a cab back home and said good night, dropping into bed and sweet dreams of my elusive blonde neighbor.

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