Sommer Loven


"That's just it, Thyne. It wasn't making love. Not to you anyway. It was sex. Just sex. Hot sex maybe, but just sex all the same," she whispered as she tried to push his fingers away.

Instead Thyne moved them higher still, unbuttoning her shorts and pulling the zipper down. "Does it matter, Princess?"

"It does to me, Thyne. Because I'm in love with you," she whispered. His heart soared at her admission. She loved him. Sommer loved him.

His lips captured hers as his hands tugged the jean shorts down those long legs. He took the tiny scrap of lace that passed for underwear with them. But he was not done yet. He hands tugged at the t-shirt as he pulled it over her head. His fingers ripped at the ties that held up her bikini top. They gave quickly as he pulled his own shirt over his head. He bent for a second to capture her lips. Once more tasting heaven.

But it was another kind of heaven he wanted to taste this night, he thought as he trailed his tongue down her neck. He could not resist the generous swell of her breasts as he weighed and softly kneaded them. He bent his head and tugged one turgid nipple inside his mouth.

"Did you breast feed Jackie?" he whispered.

"Yes," she purred as she arched into his caress.

He moaned as he continued to play with her nipple between his lips. "Next time damn it, I'm going to taste your sweet milk, Maddie. You'll let me, won't you baby?" he whispered as he matched action to words, suckling deeply at her breasts. Her fingers wrapped through his hair as she arched against him.

He toyed and played at their soft fullness for several more minutes until he traveled lower. His tongue circled around her belly button.

"God, I want to feel my baby growing inside of you," he whispered against her hot skin. "Damn it, I need you, Princess. I need you so fucking bad."

His tongue trailed lower over the smooth, shaven skin of her mound. "Open for me, baby. Let me taste that sweet, hot pussy before I fuck it," he commanded. She whimpered and for a moment he feared that she would deny him, would turn him away.

He looked up at her. Her arms were above her head, those breath-taking tits jutted out high and proud as they jiggled softly with each rapid breath. She was a goddess, life and sex itself. And she had never been more beautiful.

His hands ran slowly up and down her thighs as he placed a tender kiss at the top of her mound. "Please, Maddie," he pleaded. "Please open for me, Princess. I want to taste your pussy so fucking bad," his gaze met hers in the darkness.

"Thyne," she heaved as if still deciding. But when his hands pressed the insides of her thighs, this time they gave, spreading open like flower petals for the morning sun. He did not hesitate, fearful that she might change her mind, her brilliant fucking mind that had always captivated him as much as her lush, curves ever did.

"That's right, Sommer," he whispered as he bent his head. His tongue zeroed in quickly on the prize it sought, lapping across the swollen bud. He was glad that his hands were still on her thighs as he used them to hold her down when she arched upwards.

But that only served to aid his pursuits, his teeth lightly bit the tender flesh for just a moment before he flattened his tongue and licked from the hard nub all the way to another soft rosebud. He took more time on the return journey. This time he used his tongue like he would his cock, he fucked her sweet cunt and taste the salty, sweetness direct from the fountain of love from which it sprang.

It was getting harder and harder for his hands on her thighs to quiet her thrashing. He knew he was driving her insane, pushing her closer, higher and higher. He wanted to toy with her. Hold her there on the cliff high above the soothing waves of her orgasm. Make her beg and plead for the release that only he could give her.

"Say yes, Sommer," he whispered across the tender flesh. He gave it another soft lick and looked up as her eyes closed, her head rested against the back of the couch, her arms thrown across it. He knew that she was close, so fucking close.

So was he. He could feel it. Her surrender, her total and complete fucking surrender. It was what he wanted like no other victory. Not in the courtroom. Not in negotiations. Hell, not even in the fighting cage. This was a victory that he needed as much as he needed his next breath. "Damn it, Maddie, say yes," he pleaded his case. "Say you'll marry me."

He heard her whimper, felt the frustration that strummed through her ripe and ready flesh. He could feel each beat of the powerful drums of need that vibrated through her. He was tempted, so fucking tempted, to just give her what she wanted from him.

But he knew it would not be enough. What she wanted of him was the one thing he could not give. She wanted his surrender. She wanted love. Something he had sworn he would never again give another woman. And as much as he wanted this one. Hell, as much as he fucking needed her. He would not give that surrender. Never again.

No, he would use other things. His money. Their bodies that craved one another. Their child, hell, a dozen more of them. Anything and everything at his disposal. He would use it all. He would bind her to him. Make sure she never escaped again. He could never live if he lost her again. But he could not. He would not give her that one thing.

His tongue feasted upon her. He licked and suckled at her sensitive bud. He bit it. He blew across the flesh that was hotter and wetter than the Houston summer. He saw her fingers clutching the back of the couch. He watched as her knuckles turned white from the effort. His hands on her thighs moved around to cup the firm globes of her ass and lift her even closer.

"Now, Maddie. Come for me, baby. Come all over my face," he commanded as he lapped at the well of her womanhood like a man who had spent a week in the West Texas desert without water. "Fucking come for me, Sommer," he said as he blew hot air across her clitoris.

"Thyne," she screamed as he felt the tremors begin to consume her body. His tongue flattened against the surface of her wet cunt. He felt each contraction as her body surrender to his mastery. He drank in the victory even as he drank in the salty sweetness of her cream. He lapped it up like a kitten until she collapsed back against the cushions.

Only then did he release his hold on her. But even then he needed to exact his final victory as he gave one more long lick from the top of her reddened clitoris all the way back to the tender flesh that he would save for another day. He turned along the same path but continued upwards across the shaven flesh of her mound and the soft roundness of her belly.

He had been hard most of the day, but his cock throbbed with new need as his tongue playfully encircled her belly button. God damn it, he cursed, as he imagined how ripe and beautiful she must have looked with his daughter growing inside of her. "Pictures. I want to see the photographs of you when you were pregnant with Jackie. All of them, Sommer," his tone broke no disobedience.

Her fingers laced through his hair as he felt the low rumble of laughter. "What if I said they weren't any?"

His fingers tugged surely at the button on his shorts. It gave way instantly and the zipper even more quickly as he pushed them down his legs. "There will be this time, Princess. Lots of them. I'll take dozens of them ever fucking day," he said as he rose above her. "Wrap your legs around me, Sommer."

"Thyne, we really shouldn't," she pleaded as she held up her hand. "We need to talk. Nothing is settled between us. This could only complicate things."

But he was not listening as he lifted her legs and did what she refused. "Nothing is complicated. You are mine. That little girl is mine. And god damn it, Maddie, I'm not settling for some half cocked part-time father. You are going to marry me."

He surged forward, filling her completely in a single thrust. He felt the resistance of her muscles. His pride roared in victory of what that tightness told him, things the damned detectives report only eluded to.

His fingers wrapped through those golden blond strands as he began the ancient dance of life, matching his tempo to her body as he pushed them both higher and higher. "Say yes, god damn it. Say fucking yes, Madison." He pushed as deeply into as he could and held still. His eyes watched her face as the pleasure and edge of pain were reflected there. "Look at me, Sommer." Her eyes opened slowly. He felt her tremble as she looked up at him.

He knew what she must see. Alpha. Dominance. The one who always had to win. This time especially. This was his mate. He knew that. Hell, truth be known he had known that from the first kiss that night. She was the only woman that had ever come close to being his equal. From her delicious body to her magnificent brain to the tender way she loved and cared for their young. She was his destiny. His. And it was about time she admitted that.

"Say yes," he pushed even further inside of her and watched as her back arched off the couch. He felt her hips try to move away but he held her against him. He forced her to feel ever inch of his cock buried deep inside of her. "You will marry me, Sommer. You'll marry me and have my babies. You'll marry me and warm my bed every fucking night for the rest of our lives. And you know why, sweetheart?"

He watched the play of fear and need in her eyes. He felt her tremble. "Because you're my alpha female. You always were. Whether strutting your stuff and controlling them all on that stage or putting the other interns to shame with that beautiful little mind, you are the only woman that comes close to being my equal."

His lips captured hers as he sucked on her tongue and bit them until they were swollen. He began to move slowly inside her tight sheath. Torturing them both with the waltz when their bodies craved a Texas two-step.

"And that's what's real in this world, Princess. Two bodies that crave each other. Can't keep their hands off one another." He tilted her hips upwards and plunged inside her, taking her over the edge.

"You couldn't have stopped your body from responding to mine if you wanted to, Maddie. Not even that brilliant little mind of yours can find a way to keep me out. So you rationalize it with sweet words of love, but the truth is, sweetheart, we are animals. Just like all the others on this planet. And in the grand scheme of things, we don't matter diddly squat."

"And just like all the other animals, we want one thing, Sommer. To mate. To find our perfect match. The strongest. The smartest. Then to fuck. Fuck our brains out until this lush little body of your's ripens with my seed. To create that perfect life form. To pass on our superior genes. And to ensure its survival by forming a tight bond that protects our young. We arrogant humans call that bond marriage, but it is no better than the packs that the wolves form or the prides of lions."

He quickened his pace as he felt her body tighten around his hard cock. His intent was clear. He was going to match action to words. He was going to dominate his mate. Bind her to him and breed her again, just as he that perfect night four years ago. Except this time there would be no escape. Not for her. Or for him. But he didn't want to escape. He wanted to plunge right over the edge and take her with him.

"So, Princess, if you need your sweet words of love to justify how you surrender this perfect body to me, go ahead. Hell, I'll be honest, I love it. I eat it up. It feeds my ego to know that I own not only this amazing body, but your heart as well. But don't kid yourself, Maddie. This is about something far more powerful than your sweet love. It's about a need so deep that it's as old as time. A need to pro-create. A need to protect what's mine. And that's what you'll get from me, Sommer. My loyalty. My protection. And this," he said as he pounded harder and faster inside of his mate.

He felt her arch to meet each of his downward thrusts. Her body tensed as he felt the muscles inside of her begin to squeeze and milk his hard flesh. "God, yes, Sommer. Just like that, baby," he moaned as he pounded away at her like the animals they were.

"That's right, Princess. Take me. Take all of me," he roared as he lunged deeper inside of her. He felt his seed rise with each pounding beat of his heart. "Look at me, damn it. Say yes, god damn it. Fuck, Maddie, say yes."

He watched the way her chest heaved and sighed. He could almost see the power of her heart pounding wildly beneath her breasts. Breasts that not only drove him mad with desire but that would nurse their children.

"Say yes, fucking hell, Sommer," he said through gritted teeth. His hands wound through her long blond hair and drew her face up until it was only inches from his. He knew he could not hold out much longer. He needed to flood her unprotected womb with his life giving seed as surely as he needed to breath, to eat, as much as he needed cooling, refreshing water itself.

"Yes," the single word was so quiet that for a moment he thought he had imagined it. He looked deep into her eyes.

"Say it again, Sommer. Tell me you want this as much as I do," he pleaded as he felt his body approaching the point of no return.

"Yes, Thyne," she said as she arched her hips drawing him deeper inside her sweet body. Offering him that life giving respite of an oasis. "Yes, yes, I'll marry you," he felt her short finger nails dig into the hard flesh of his shoulders as her body tightened its vice like grip on his cock.

"Yes," he roared as he lunged forward, feeling the first spurt erupt like lava from a volcano. His hands held her beneath him as rode out the intense sensation of his orgasm. The feeling of her wet warmth was almost overpowering without a condom. He was sweating, his heart ringing with every beat in his ears, his chest heaving with each labored breath as he emptied himself inside her.

By the time, it was over he felt as if his life force itself was drained completely from his body. He collapsed forward. His head banged against the back of the couch, he winced at the pain caused by the hard wood beneath the soft cloth covering. But even that failed to diminish the sense of utter and complete rightness. Something he had only felt once before. In her arms. That night four years ago.

He chuckled and felt his still hard cock thrust inside of her once more. The wetness of their lovemaking cushioned his thrust. His mind imagined the erotic imagine of that thrust pushing his seed deeper into her fertile body, sending it on its way racing towards the ultimate goal, her egg waiting there, cushioned and protected by her soft body.

"God," he spat in frustration. He had just had her. Totally and completely. And he wanted her again already. Needed her. "You're driving me insane, Sommer. I can't get enough," he whispered as he captured her swollen lips in another erotic kiss. Their tongues parried and thrust against one another like equal opponents in a world class fencing match.

Until he drew back. "You need to get some sleep, Maddie. And I don't think either of us would get much if I stayed the night," he bent and kissed her upturned nose. "Besides I don't think it would be a good idea for Jackie to wake up to her parents naked in bed. Just not quite yet. Not until we're married at least anyway."

She chuckled and he felt her muscles tighten and squeeze him. For a moment, he reconsidered his decision.

"You are so fucking old-fashioned, councilor," she said as her hands ran across his chest, playing and toying, igniting fires afresh. He knew they would get nowhere if he allowed this to continue. He pulled back slowly. He groaned and she whimpered when his cock sprang free of her sweet body. "Like I said, you need sleep and I have plans to make."

As if confirming his assessment, she stretched and yawned beneath him. "What plans? I thought we finished the preparations for tomorrow's negotiation yesterday?"

He smiled as he scooped her up in his arms. "Not those plans, silly. Wedding plans, remember?"

"There's no hurry. We should wait at least until I finish my internship. A couple months after that maybe," she pleaded as she wrapped her arms about his neck.

"No, afraid not. Friday. I'll give you five days. It'll take me that long to make all the arrangements anyway," he pronounced as he stood up and headed down the short hall to her bedroom.

"Why the rush? Please, Thyne. Think about my position. What will people say if I marry you now?"

"They'll say you slept your way to the top. But does that fucking matter?" he asked as he bent over and tossed back the covers on her bed. "Since when have we ever given a shit about what other people thought, Sommer? I taught you, it doesn't matter how you win as long as you do. There are very few real rules in this world. So what if they think that? So what if you did? All that matters is that you got to the top. Don't forget that, Princess." He laid her down against the cool sheets and watched as she stretched. His cock twitched at the sight.

He kissed her nose once more and pulled the covers up to hide that amazing body before his hard cock got the better of his judgment and he climbed into the bed next to her. "I'll see you tomorrow," he could not resist one last taste of her sweet lips though. This kiss was slow and almost tender, at least some of his hunger and passion expended for now.

"And don't let me see you in the office before nine. I mean it. You need your sleep," he smiled. "And no more coffee either."

She laughed as she drew him back down for another kiss. This time it was she that led the dance, a slow and sensual display of her feminine wiles that had him hard and throbbing in seconds.

"I swear, Thyne, you are obsessed with getting me pregnant," she purred as she pulled back from his lips.

"Again. Getting you pregnant again, Sommer. And hell, yeah, I'm obsessed. I missed it all. Your pregnancy. The birth. Watching you nurse our child. The first three years of Jackie's life," he hoped his voice did not reveal the depths of his pain that the revelation tore from his soul. "You owe me this, Maddie. I need all those things. Need them with you, Princess."

He saw her nod at his plea in the pale moonlight. "But know this, Thyne. I am completing this internship. I'm finishing law school too. And taking the bar. You aren't going to be the only brilliant lawyer in this family."

He grinned at her use of the word 'family.' "I wouldn't have it any other way, Sommer. I always said you were the smartest business woman I had ever met. And my best damned closer ever. You will be again too, sweetheart. We were a hell of a team, you know that," he promised. "Of course, those ridiculous long skirts and blouses buttoned all the way to your ears will have to go, sweetheart."

"Hey, I'm just being a professional," she protested.

"No, you're being silly and living your life by other people's rules. I taught you to use your assets. All of them," he said as he playfully swatted at her backside. "But we can continue this argument later. You go to sleep. I'll let my self out."

He bent for what he swore would be the last kiss, but it seemed to last forever, a heady mixture of need and want that he feared would never be fully satiated.

"Good night, Sommer," he whispered.

"Maddie," she corrected. "You can't call me that around other people."

He laughed, "Just watch me. If they ask, I'll just tell them it's my nickname for you because you were my summer intern."

She laughed and shook her head. "Get out of here before I decide to seduce your hot ass again."

He brushed another kiss, this one more chaste, across her lips. "You seduce me? This I can't wait to see. Seems to me, it has always been me that does the seducing."

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