We chatted online fairly regularly but had only been able to get together once for the hot sex we both wanted and it had been everything we both hoped it would.

In a previous chat, as usual, our talk had gone from mildly suggestive to blatantly sexual. We'd been going on about what we'd done the first time we were together and how much we enjoyed touching and pleasing each other, which inevitably led to what we wanted to do next time. There were quite a few things that only one of us had ever done and a few that neither of us had done. One thing I'd mentioned to her that that I'd never done was go down on a woman after I'd filled her with my cum and she said she'd never experienced that either. I described to her what it could be like having sex on the couch with a porn flick running until I came and then licking and sucking on her cum filled pussy until I had enough of my own cum in my mouth to kiss her and share it. As her tongue snaked the cum from my mouth, I'd be fingering her slick pussy with my fingers.

As usual, she said I was bad for teasing her that way but for some reason, this time I asked her what she was going to do about it and she quickly replied that she just might spank me. Now I've never been spanked sexually, nor have I spanked anyone and I really hadn't thought of it before but as soon as I read her response on the screen, I could feel myself getting even harder than I had been. I told her that the thought had really aroused me and I might just be willing to try it. I asked her if she liked the thought of me lying across her lap with my erection between her legs so she could spank me but she said she'd likely end up jerking me off on her chest so we could both clean it up. Even though she really hadn't answered my question, I had the feeling that she was interested too.

The thought stayed with me that night as I stroked myself in bed until I came and the next day I went onto my favourite erotic story site – Literotica – to see what they had for spanking stories. Most of them were too strong for my taste but a few were very appealing - and arousing! From there I went online and downloaded a few spanking video clips but none of them had the kind of erotic spanking in them that I was looking for. As our online conversations continued, so did our teasing and several times spanking was mentioned but neither of us came right out and said we wanted to try it.

It was almost 2 weeks later that we were able to both have a day off at the same time and planned to get together. Seeing as it was only our second time together, even though it was only mid morning we both wanted a drink to calm our nerves. I was slowly rubbing her leg and thigh as we sipped our drinks, sharing ever hotter kisses in between sips. After a few minutes of this she accused me of just teasing her again to which I replied, "ya, ya, what are you going to do, spank me?"

I was expecting her to laugh it off, but instead she said that she said I deserved it for all the teasing I'd done there and online. I was already a little hard just from the kissing but when she said that I quickly hardened the rest of the way. I still wasn't 100% sure she was serious, so I thought I'd see where she'd go with it and admitted I'd been bad by teasing her and was she going to take me across her lap. By now I could see the look of excitement on her face as well and I knew that soon I was going to actually find out what it was like to be spanked. She said she thought I'd be too heavy on her lap so we finally decided I'd kneel on the couch with my chest on the padded arm and my head over the end. The pre-cum was already leaking from the end of my shaft as I pulled my shorts down and assumed the position on the couch.

Because my head was down over the arm of the couch, I couldn't see what she was doing and was braced for the first smack of her hand. Instead she started by gently caressing my ass with the right hand and reaching between my legs to fondle my hard on with the left one. Just as I was enjoying the feeling of her hands stroking me, her right hand lifted and came down on my ass with a loud smack. It surprised me more than it hurt, but the sting was certainly there as well. For the next few minutes, the swats kept coming – slower, faster, harder or softer, sometimes on the same cheek, sometimes moving from side to side. Between swats, her hand would rub my quickly heating ass, as her left hand continued slowly stroking my shaft creating a connection between the mild pain of the spanking and the pleasure of her touch.

At one point, her left hand left my shaft and just as I was wondering what she was doing; I felt a warm, slick finger of her left hand trace its way down my crack and start gently probing my asshole - she'd obviously noticed the lube I'd brought out ahead of time in case we needed it. The swats on my ass cheeks continued as her finger worked its way inside me, until I was relaxed enough to accept 2 well lubed fingers in my ass. Seeing as both her hands were busy, I reached back to stroke myself until the combination of her fingers in my ass, her hand stroking then slapping my cheeks and my hand stroking my shaft brought me to the point of cumming.

As soon as I told her I was going to cum, she stopped spanking me, guided me into a sitting position and took my entire shaft into her mouth. Pulse after pulse of cum erupted from me into her mouth in what had to be one of the most intense orgasms I've ever had.

Surprisingly, I stayed hard so I got up and led her to the bedroom so we could continue our pleasure there. As we walked down the hall, her hand cupped my hot ass cheek and she said with a lusty look, "If I tease you online, can I expect the same treatment next time?"

"Definitely!" I replied as I started undressing her, "definitely!"

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