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Spanking Clause


Sarah was sitting in her apartment, bored out of her mind. She had been trying to find herself some work for the better part of 4 months, with little success. As she scanned the papers, she saw a help wanted add for a holiday display at the mall. The add was for a helper elf, and promised some good pay, for the time worked. It wasn't much, but at least she would have some money coming in. She called the number, and was asked some basic questions, then told to come to the mall, to be outfitted with her costume.

Sarah went to the mall office, and was met by the display manager. "The job is for a Helper Elf, dear. Your job is going to be to help make the kids laugh for their pictures, as well as setup and cleanup after hours. It isn't going to be easy work, we've had 10 girls already quit the job without reason, but we do need the position filled." So saying, the manager passed Sarah 5 pairs of green tights and a green one piece skating dress and a green elf hat. "This is your uniform. You won't need anything beside this, as it may show thru the outfit. You also get one hour for lunch. Good luck missy."

Sarah was expecting a little more, but it seemed the need was great, so she went to a changing room, stripped out of her street clothes, and got into her outfit. The tights were a bit unusual to her, but then, most elves clothing was. She slipped on the skating dress, and zipped up the back, then donned the hat. "Well, at least it is money" she kept repeating to herself.

Sarah walked out to the Santa display, and introduced herself to the other workers, then got busy making sure some stuffed animals and other distractions were ready to go. She knew sometimes kids could be difficult to get pictures from, but she was going to try. The first day wasn't that bad, however, and Sarah often found herself daydreaming, as the customer load wasn't so bad. Finally, the mall announced closing time, and the manager and the staff came together for the after hours meeting.

"We didn't do too badly, today. The week of thanksgiving, at least before the holiday, isn't too difficult. It is usually black Friday that gets to be dangerous. Anyhow, let's clean up here, and then we can call it a night."

Sarah helped the rest of the workers clean, and then had an idea. She walked over to the man playing Santa, and asked if she could sit on Santa's lap for a min, and make a wish list for Santa herself. The man gave a jolly laugh and said of course, but not till everyone else had left the mall. Sarah grinned to herself, and made sure to clean up as fast as she could.

As everyone else left, Sarah sat on Santa's lap, and said "I've been a naughty elf. At least, I think I have. How does a naughty elf get to be a good elf again?"

"Like this, you naughty elf." So saying, Santa picked up Sarah and pulled her over his lap, bottom up. He reached down and flipped the short skirt up, exposing her panty covered bottom, and began to rain down swat after swat on Sarah's ass.

Sarah yelped and squirmed at each swat, and before long, she was sobbing. Sarah was thinking of something entirely different happening to her that night, but Santa obviously had other ideas.

"OWWW, OUCH, Stop, OHH, OOWWWW, PLEASE!!" Sarah yelped and squirmed, each swat making her bottom hurt more and more, and making Santa laugh with delight. Then, Sarah felt something changing. Her body was becoming plastic. She tried screaming in fright, but all that came out were the pained yelps she had been making before. Then, the world went dark.

The next morning, the store manager came in, and saw a new display up, a naughty elf being spanked by none other than Santa. He knew it probably would have to come down, but then the idea came to him, to make a sign and put it out front. So he made a sign which read "Naughty elves beware, the spanking clause is in effect till New Years." Sarah, meanwhile could only wiggle and squirm inside her plastic shell, as the mechanical Santa continued spanking her ass, which she felt, despite everyone else only seeing plastic.

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