tagGroup SexSpecial Bahamian Charter

Special Bahamian Charter


This is the story of a young charter boat captain introduced to the swinging lifestyle and to his own bisexuality by an older experienced couple.

Nick Morgan eased the boat heading to take advantage of the northerly current in the gulf stream. This heading would take his newest charter into Bimini Island for the evening. He'd been working as a charter boat captain for almost a year now for Sailing Adventures Inc., a bare boat charter company out of Fort Lauderdale. He was the youngest captain of the ten or so captains this company used. At twenty-eight he was no kid for sure, but compared to his co-workers he was definitely the youngster.

He'd been sailing on sailboats since he was ten, so although he was young, he was a very experienced sailor. He was thinking about this charter as the forty-seven foot fiberglass sailboat cleared the shallow water and headed into the deeper dark blue water of the gulf stream. It was remarkably different than the others. First, there was just one couple aboard for the ten day trip. Usually Nick was made a captain of the bare boats when the prospective charterers failed the short boat handling test before the charter company handed over the keys to their hundred thousand dollar boat. In this case there was originally two couples that had chartered Freewind. One of the couples and supposedly the couple with the most sailing experience had to cancel at the last minute. Apparently their daughter who was attending college got in a car accident and while she was OK, she was going to need some nursing back to health when she left the hospital.

That left the other couple Jeffrey and Rhonda Baldwin. They were an older couple compared to Nick since he was only twenty-eight.

Jeffrey seemed to be around mid fifties. He was just a few inches shorter than Nick's six foot frame and seemed to be in pretty good shape with just a small gut for a man that age. He had an engaging smile and dark blue eyes.

Rhonda Baldwin was around forty-five with dark hair and green eyes. She was about 5'4" tall with a voluptuous body. When they shook hands at the dock, Nick could hardly take his eyes off of her breasts and the cleavage her little sun dress was exposing.

When the Baldwins failed to pass the checkout test, the owner of the charter company felt bad about the car accident ruining their plans too. He offered them a rain check for when the other couple was available to go along. But they said they were generally very busy and didn't know when that might be. They had been planning this trip for over six months.

Nick found it sorta strange to be on the boat with just the one couple but he needed the money so he could go cruising on his own boat for a few months.

He sat at the wheel of the center cockpit ketch as the boat loped along towards Bimini. The Baldwins were down below storing their gear in the aft stateroom and then he heard them below preparing to come on deck.

They both sat in the cockpit and looked out over the water.

"How much sailing experience do you have?" asked Nick.

"We've been on several sailing trips," said Jeffrey, "but we have always been with more experienced couples who handled most of the difficult operations."

"Do you have a preference of where you'd like to go?" said Nick.

"What do you mean?" said Jeffrey.

"Well we can hit the tourist spots where there are casinos and resorts or we can cruise the out islands and see the real Bahamas," said Nick.

The two talked with each other and Nick noticed every few seconds Rhonda would glance up at him. They didn't seem to be arguing but they were discussing their preferences.

"We've been to the casinos and resorts. But we never really have in our other two trips really cruised in any remote places. So we think we'd like to try it this time," said Jeffrey.

"OK," said Nick, "we'll stop in Bimini for the night and then head to the farthest out island tomorrow and then kind of puddle jump our way back to Bimini and then home on the tenth day. That sound OK?"

Both of them nodded yes to Nick.

Rhonda grabbed her towel and went forward and removed her sun dress to reveal her bikini. For an older woman Nick was impressed with her body. She wasn't really petite but she wasn't fat either. She was quite proportional. He watched as she laid on her stomach and removed the straps of her top. He noticed the lack of tan lines too.

"You're awfully young to be a captain aren't you?" asked Jeffrey.

"Yeah I guess, in a way. Although I do have lots of years of sailing experience. Actually more than several of the older guys," answered Nick.

"I didn't mean it in a negative," explained Jeffrey, "I meant you must be a really good one to land a job like this so young."

"That's OK, you're not the first charterer to remark about my age," said Nick.

"So how long til we get to Bimini," asked Jeffrey.

"It will be around sunset," said Nick.

The two men had a few more minutes of small talk and then Jeffrey joined his wife on deck. Nick chuckled when the man stripped down to a pair of speedos. It wasn't that Jeffrey didn't wear the speedos well, it was just that Nick never understood why many older guys that came on the charter boats liked them. He himself preferred baggy sailing shorts or even sweat pants or a pair of khaki cargo pants. Used to sailing alone a lot he also rarely wore underwear at sea.

The rest of the trip was pretty routine and about thirty minutes before sunset Nick had the large sailboat in its slip with the lines securing it. He told the couple he had to walk to the customs office and check in. He was here so regularly that going through customs was pretty much an express operation unlike it was for many private yachts that cleared customs in Bimini.

The couple had asked Nick if they could treat him to dinner since most other meals would be on the boat for the rest of the week. Generally Nick did not mingle too much with the charterers on trips like this. He usually left them to their own devices perhaps sometimes recommending places to go. But he decided for some reason to take them up on their offer and told them he'd be back in a few minutes.

When he returned the couple were sitting in the cockpit waiting for him dressed and ready for dinner. For Nick and the usual places he hung out in Bimini they seemed to be a bit overdressed. Jeffrey had on a pair of khaki trousers with no socks and a new pair of topsiders on his feet. He was wearing a golf style shirt that was navy blue. He sort of reminded Nick of how some of the owners and guests dressed from the large motor yachts that came through Bimini.

Rhonda had on a long dress made of thin material, it was light blue, tan and a magenta type pink swirling design on the dress that almost touched the deck only exposing her feet and the sandals she was wearing. The back was cut low to her waist exposing her tanned back. The front was low cut showing cleavage but with a strap that went around her neck to hold up the dress. Nick could tell she wasn't wearing bra and although the color and design tended to hide them he thought he could see her nipples through the material.

"I'll be right with you guys," said Nick as he went below. He quickly grabbed some clean clothes and rushed into the head. He turned on the shower and rinsed the salt out of his long hair which normally was brown but was now almost blonde from a long season of sailing. He let the hot water rinse the salt off his body too as he quickly soaped up and rinsed off. He let the water hit his face as he washed his closely trimmed beard too. He used a big black towel to dry off after he shut the water off. He stepped from the compact stall and stood in front of the mirror. Normally he just let his hair hang to his shoulders but since it was wet and they would probably go someplace decent for dinner he combed his hair and tied it back in a pony tail. He always jokingly called this his smuggler look, after the smugglers that came from Florida everyday in their fast motorboats and could be seen screaming out of Bimini harbor just after dark, making a run for the US mainland with their cargo. Many of these guys sported pony tails too.

He applied some deodorant and examined his body in the mirror as he pulled on a pair of baggy dark green canvas sailing shorts. He looked at his tanned torso. His chest hair had been bleached blonde. His body looked OK, at 175 lbs and six foot he had a slim look. His stomach was flat but he wasn't sporting the six pack abs that many guys his age strived for. His arms were muscular from hauling sails and lines but not the chiseled look of a weightlifter or gym rat. He pulled on a light green long sleeved T-shirt. He slipped his wallet in his back pocket and slid his feet into his old comfortable topsiders and headed on deck.

"Ready?" asked Nick.

They both replied yes and they were soon walking the streets of Bimini. They were heading to North Bimini to a place called The Anchorage. This wasn't one of Nick's regular hangouts but he always recommended it to his charterers. There is a great view of the harbor there and they have a wide selection of food although Nick always got the conch chowder or cracked conch. They had a nice dinner and talked over a few beers. Nick found out that Rhonda was an editor for a large magazine. Jeffrey was some type of literary agent and from what Nick could gather, a very well known and successful one.

During dinner Rhonda kept touching Nick's hand as she said something. Nick wondered if she was just the touchy feely type or trying to send a message. He eventually blew it off, he was never the type to understand hints.

They returned to Freewind and bid each other good night as they were getting an early start in the morning. As Nick lay in his bunk on the starboard quarter he was happy to learn they were a quiet couple. Some of his charterers never got accustomed to how sounds travel on a sailboat.

"Our captain is a good looking little hunk, isn't he," whispered Rhonda to her husband as she placed her hand on his cock.

"That he is but be careful dear, our captain is young and seems a bit serious about his job,' answered Jeffrey.

"I so miss Janet and Carl," she said as her husband's cock came to life in her hand, "I was looking forward to ten days of orgies."

The next morning before sunrise Nick was up and already had his first cup of coffee. He decided to let the couple sleep in a little and he loosened the lines and motored the sailboat out of Bimini harbor by himself. He cleared the island and shallow water then pointed Freewind on a south southeasterly heading.

Jeffrey appeared on deck and Nick asked him if he'd like to help raise the sails.

"I'm not real well versed on that but sure," said Jeffrey.

Nick showed him the halyard for the mainsail and explained the difference between halyard and the mainsheet line. Then they raised the jib and Nick showed Jeffery how to do that also. He was a quick learner thought Nick. They went back to the cockpit and Nick explained how to trim sails for the proper heading. The wind was blowing pretty nice so Nick was satisfied with the amount of sail once he went aft and raised the mizzen leaving Jeffrey at the helm.

Rhonda came up on deck in her bikini and asked Nick if he wanted another cup of coffee when she made herself a cup. He handed her his travel mug, and in minutes she was back in the cockpit with his coffee and hers. Jeffrey went below and made himself a cup of tea.

"How did you sleep last night?" asked Nick.

"Oh just fine, after I got used to the motion," she answered.

What she really felt like telling him was she passed out after her husband made her cum eating her pussy and the whole time he was licking her wet snatch she was thinking of Nick. But that may ruin the trip so she just kept that to herself, at least for now.

Nick spent the morning talking with the Baldwins and teaching them a little about sailing. He told them he planned to sail all night. So he attached the autopilot to the wheel and explained if the wind changed how the sails would luff and told them to wake him.

He went below and laid down on his bunk and dozed off hearing the couple's muffled voices as they spoke with each other.

The couple really concentrated on what the boat was doing talking about what it would be like to sail all night.

Around four pm, Nick came up on deck to check things out and then told the couple he was going below to fix some dinner. He made snapper,with some pigeon peas and rice for dinner and a nice bottle of white wine. Before dinner he had brought a small tray of crackers and cheese for the couple to munch on. He noticed Rhonda drank the most wine during dinner and seemed to have a slight buzz on. Occasionally when she would move to reach something he also noticed her pussy got slightly exposed. He saw enough to realize she was shaved clean down there.

They talked some more and then Nick told them since he would be up all night one them would wake up later to sit watch with him. This was how he usually did this with charterers aboard. Most times they weren't much help sailing but they did keep him awake, although a few had fallen asleep on him. He sailed in the dark til about nine pm and with the boat on autopilot he went below and made a fresh pot of coffee which he poured into a big thermos. One of the Baldwins would be waking up soon. About twenty to ten no one had come up on deck. Nick was trying to decide to just let it go and let the couple sleep or to go check on them. Then he heard some noise below and Rhonda came up the ladder into the cockpit.

"I'm so sorry," she apologized to Nick as she came into the cockpit.

"No problem Rhonda," he said noticing all she had on was a thin pink dress that came about mid thigh on her legs and exposed a lot of her breasts.

"How late am I?" she asked with a look that said she hoped the answer wasn't going to be too bad.

"It's alright, just about thirty minutes. No harm no foul. Would you like some coffee?" said Nick.

"Yes please," she answered.

He handed her the cup and said, "You know it's gonna get chilly in about an hour up here. As good as you look in your outfit you may want to change into something a bit warmer."

"Yes I realized that when I stepped on deck," she said, "I'll be right back, OK?"

Nick nodded in the low light being cast by the compass and Rhonda put her coffee cup in a cockpit drink holder and hurried below.

She grabbed a pair of light pink sweat pants and a white tank top. She went into the head and turned on the light being careful to not wake Jeffrey. She slipped off her pink outfit and smiled as she looked at her body in the mirror. What was it he had said? As good as you look in that outfit... . At least he noticed and it made her feel good to know she could catch the eye of a man almost twenty years younger than her. She pulled the tank top on over her bare breasts and smiled at the outline her nipples made under the fabric. She gave her hair a brush and dabbed just a little perfume on her neck. As she walked out of the stateroom she grabbed a small hooded sweatshirt and slipped it on over the tank top but not zipping it up. She climbed the ladder and sat down next to Nick who was watching the autopilot steer the sailboat and using binoculars to look out over the ocean. She sipped her coffee and edged closer to the captain.

"Hey can you watch the helm for just a sec?" he said, "I need to go look at the chart."

"Sure," she said, wondering if getting so close made him nervous.

Less than a minute went by and he was back up in the cockpit sitting back down just as close to her as they were when he got up.

"What about you?" she said, "Aren't you cold in those shorts?"

"Nah, I spend most of the year at sea, I think I am use to it. Early in the morning I may need some pants but I try to keep from having to do laundry as much as possible. Besides I have hairy legs, a layer of fur," he chuckled.

"Yes I noticed the hair," she said as she touched his leg and ran her fingernails through the hair.

She asked him a lot of questions about sailing alone and some of the same stuff about his age as her husband had mentioned. They talked a little about her job too, how stressful it was etc. And she explained that is why they picked sailing for a vacation.

"Well I hope you're getting the relaxation you need on this trip," he said.

"It is very peaceful," she said, "But I miss Janet and Carl too, the trip would have been much different with them aboard."

"Yeah, I'm sorry about that and I understand too. I guess they are close friends huh?" he said.

Closer than you think she thought, and was wondering if she should say more.

"We've known them for years, and we are as close as two couples can be," she said, leaving it at that for now, "Of course had they come we never would have met a nice young handsome man like you."

"Thanks," he said as he poured the last coffee from the thermos and Rhonda noticed it was all gone.

"Would you like me to make a fresh pot?" she asked as he set the empty thermos down.

"Sure, we're gonna need some," he said, "Do you know how to work the stove?"

"Yes, it's like the one on the last boat we chartered," she said as she grabbed the empty thermos and went below.

A few moments later she walked up two steps so she could see him in the cockpit to ask where he kept the filters. She couldn't help but notice that his shorts were so baggy she could see his cock inside them as he sat there adjusting the mainsheet a little. She went back below and made the coffee. Thinking about that cock she could feel her nipples pushing against the tube top. She was so looking forward to Carl being on this trip. She loved her husband but she loved fucking other men too. She decided to ask if he needed anything else so she could get another look and she wasn't disappointed this time either. It looked rather large even now in it's normal state and thoughts began to race through her mind about what it looked like when it was hard. The coffee was done and she poured from the pot to the thermos and was back up on deck.

As she sat down Nick thought she must be cold, her nipples were really poking against her top and he caught himself briefly wondering what they looked like uncovered. She's a customer he told himself. And she's married to boot. He shook the thoughts he was having out of his mind.

"One bad thing about your friends not showing up," he said, "is that you and Jeffrey will have to stand some longer watches. Although they won't be as long as this leg of the trip."

"Oh I don't mind, spending extra time with you alone in the dark," she said, wondering if he'd get the bold hint she just laid out there.

He got the hint alright, he just didn't know what to do with it. Any way he looked at it, professionally it was going to cause turmoil if he gave in to his desires. The smell of her perfume wafted up to his nostrils and weakened his resistance even more.

She moved even closer to him and without thinking he put his arm around her. He kept his eye on the compass but he could feel her watching him.

"Mmmmmm, I could get used to this night sailing," she said in a low voice.

Nick turned his head and looked down at her wide open eyes looking at him trying to say something. He used his other hand and his fingers gently grazed across her face and pushed her hair back. He couldn't hold back any more, he leaned down and kissed her lips and opened her mouth with his tongue and locked his tongue with hers. He felt her arms wrap around his chest as his own hand was on the back of her neck pushing her mouth toward his.

She sucked his tongue deep in her mouth and then he did the same to hers and it seemed like they could kiss forever. They broke the kiss and stared into each others eyes. Nick had forgotten his rules about getting involved with customers. All he knew was he wanted this sexy older lady in the worst way. He bent down again but this time kissed the side of her neck and then gently bit it and nibbled on her ear. Rhonda moaned as his mouth hit a target that was sensitive for her. Nick broke that kiss and once again kissed her open mouth, their tongues playing a game with the other. He felt her hand on his leg, her nails scraping over his thigh in the direction of his crotch. As they kissed deeper he felt her hand slide in the leg of his shorts and her hand touching his now hard cock. Her finger stretched along the length as if she was measuring him and then he felt her fingers wrap around the shaft. They kept kissing with him occasionally moving to her neck to bite and suck but always coming back to her hungry mouth and tongue.

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