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spread 'em


let me explore your ass
with my curious tongue
on your knees baby
i'm gonna rim your bung

from your crack to your sac
is where i'll lick
reach my arm around you
and with my hand, work that dick

your face in the pillow
my face in your butt
your hands on your balls
massaging your nuts

spit from my mouth
has your asshole so wet
my stiffened tongue up your pucker
as far as it can get

i love licking your ass
i dig the way it tastes
but now, i must remove my tongue
and put a finger in its place

i watch my finger disappear
into your spit-soaked rear
your reaction tells me
an orgasm is near

quickly, from your back
to your front, i move
to recieve my gift of sperm
and down my throat let it ooze

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