tagErotic Poetryhands on job

hands on job


my hands are wrapped around your dick
and my fingers are locked
you look so good
with your stiff, hard cock
my grip is firm
i stroke at a sexy pace
i can tell you're enjoying it
by the look on your face
i remove one hand
so it can cup your balls
your dick's standing straight up
poking through the hole in your draws
i'm stroking the whole shaft
it's entire length
hoping my grip's not too tight
i don't always know my own strength
out comes your pre-cum
all shiny and wet
this is as arousing
as a hand job can get
i start rubbing faster
you begin panting quicker
you're about to cum from a hand job
ain't that a kicker
you shoot your semen
right into my palm
and even though you're out of breath
you manage to tell me i'm the bomb

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