tagNovels and NovellasSpreading Seeds Ch. 31

Spreading Seeds Ch. 31


Chapter 31 Thursday Treat

On Monday at lunch Serge announced that I would take the fast track to Topock starting Friday. "Mercer is adamant Josh so let's get the gear together and you go pick out the mules and get them up here in the corrals."

"What's the rush Sarge?" I asked.

"The Administration has decided to send an Ambassador to Davis. I don't know who but Mercer told me and she's the boss." Sarge frowned, "I'll ask her to tell you why. You just go pick your twenty mules and come see me in the Post when you get them set up."

"Twenty Mules and how many people on this trip?" I asked.

"Mercer'll tell you."

I left the Kiva, saddled Barb and rode out to the mule pasture. I met Gloria coming back with the morning shift as I pulled off the main road.

I waved her over and said, "Gloria, I need to move twenty mules up to the village."

Gloria looked at me and frowned, "Shit Josh we just got off."

"Come back and help me move them and I'll authorize the overtime."

"What's that mean?"

"Another dollar today if you help me," I said and the five girls all turned around and galloped back to the mule pasture. It took a while to round up and sort out the mules in the best condition but we picked twenty and they all appeared to be sound and groomed. The mules had been in the fields for months but moved in a line down the road following the sound of the bell mare and by mid afternoon were in the corrals.

I put Barb up and went to see Sarge.

Sarge was sorting panniers and looking at a list when I came in and made my way to the back of the Post. He asked, "Josh, The mules up?"

"Yeah Sarge the mules are ready. You want me to check the pack saddles?"

"Let's go talk to Mercer; she just got back from up town." Sarge and I went to Chief Mercer's office and knocked on the open door.

"Come in Sarge," the Chief said, looking up from the papers on her desk.

Sarge walked in and said, "Chief, Josh is ready with the mules and we can get the goods packed up tomorrow. You said you wanted to brief Josh?"

"Come in Josh," she said and pushed her chair back. Her hair was nice and loose now, her smile at me friendly, "Have a seat."

Sarge and I sat in the chairs in front of her desk and I had the old grizzly bear feeling in my bowels as I looked at her.

"I suppose you're wondering why I wanted you to go on this little expedition." She said grinning at me.

"Yes Ma'am. I suppose you have your reasons."

Mercer nodded, "Yes and I'll explain them to you. First this trip has to be fast and I wanted someone who really knows mules to go along. Second you were requested by the new ambassador to Davis by name. Since I see no reason to object, you are it, as they say."

I nodded to her, "And who is the ambassador, if I may ask?"

Mercer smiled and said, "Major Amelia De Soto. I guess you know her too, Mr. Ever-ready?"

I smiled and said, "I do, but why didn't she ask for Able?"

Mercer grinned at me, "Able is going to be the new Liaison Officer to the Administration. He has to stay here. Amelia knew that."

"Oh," I said. "So who all is going to make this trip? With 20 mules I'm going to need help."

The chief nodded, "Yes you will but I'm sending Sue to be Major De Soto's liaison in Davis along with…" Mercer checked the papers on her desk, "Along with Captain Linda Marston, who is Major De Soto's aid and the head Sunshine Girl, Gloria Bitterwater. That makes five of you. Sue, Major De Soto and her aid will go on to Davis from Topock then you and Ms. Bitterwater will guide a trade team back here. The trade team should be waiting for you by the time you get to Topock. I want you to make sure that the water holes are still good on the way to Topock so that the trade team doesn't have problems on the way back. It's high summer now and I don't know if the water holes we used last spring will still be running."

I thought about it and realized that many of the streams we crossed would be dust by now. I asked, "Chief, can I study the maps?"

Mercer smiled, "Sure Josh, I want you and Sue in here in the morning to go over the maps. I expect that Sue will give you the maps once you get to Topock, but I will check you both out tomorrow afternoon."

"Okay Chief, I'm sure Sue will have already been checking them out."

Mercer nodded, "Yes she has. Sarge is all the tack ready?"

Sarge who had said nothing nodded, "Yes Ma'am. Everything is in good shape and I have the panniers stacked waiting loading. I'll have Mike and Steve help me load and weigh the goods tomorrow so we should be done by supper time tomorrow."

"Very well so we should be able to get the team on the trail by first light Friday?" Mercer said.

"Oh yes Ma'am. Friday morning before daybreak they will be on their way." Sarge confirmed.

"Good," Mercer nodded. "Sarge could you close the door on your way out? I want a word with Josh alone."

"Yes Ma'am," Sarge got up and left closing the door.

Mercer waited until Sarge had closed the door then she got up, came around to the front of her desk and sat on the edge of it looking at me. She was smiling at me just a little amused, maybe. "Josh, I wanted to thank you for the hair brush," she said.

"You're welcome Chief."

"I was a little surprised when it arrived. I thought you only gave presents after an insemination?" She said ginning at me. "I'm much too old to be getting pregnant."

"Well Chief, you needed it and I thought you'd like it." I was wondering if she was going to ask for a second round.

"Oh I do like it Josh but I'm a little concerned that you might be thinking that we have something of a relationship going on." Her face got serious she leaned toward me and looked hard at me.

Now I was confused and said, "Oh no Chief I just wanted to give you a little something to show how much I appreciate all you've done for me and all the guys."

She leaned back and smiled, "Alright then." She got up and went back to her chair. "I want you to understand that getting Major De Soto to Davis is the most important part of this trip. I don't care if the goods get through, just so the Ambassador gets to Topock and on her way to Davis."

"Understood Chief," I answered.

The next three days were filled with preparing for the trip. I got in a few massages and a couple of good bye fucks but held off for Lauren who was due to be on the list on Thursday before we were to leave. I wanted to be loaded for bear, or puma on Thursday.


Betty had invited me, Able and Sarge up to her house on Thursday night. After four days rest I was feeling pretty good. My balls had stopped aching and I felt like I could take what ever the De Soto's could dish out.

Sarge had gotten over the hangover and sore muscles he had worked up at the Greater Burney Clusterfuck. He was laughing about Lauren's Puma as the three of us knocked on the door of Betty's apartment just before sundown.

Betty greeted us and said "We are having an entertainment and I wonder if you gentlemen would take part? You will be Gods and sit in the key quadrants. You have to dress the parts, but you'll be much more comfortable if you take off your clothes and wear the raiment of the Gods.

Wini came out of the back with a red robe of cashmere and took Sarge's hand and said, "You will be the God of the East, you can change in Betty's room," and led him off.

Amelia came out of the back with a blue robe and handed it to Able, "Able you will be the Blue God of the North, You can change in here." She took Able's hand and pulled him from the room.

Lauren came in and took my hand, "You Josh, will be the God of the West." She giggled and kissed me. "Come on and I'll get you dressed for the part."

I followed Lauren into her room, she undressed me and gave me a yellow robe with a setting sun embroidered on the chest. She wrapped it tight around me and gave me a kiss. I put my arms around her and held her for a moment. She was dressed in a wrap around sort of dress and I could feel that she was naked under it. She felt warm, sort of soft and junior came up fast.

She laughed, "Now I've got you in character, Josh. Let's go in the front room and we can start the play."

By the time we got into the front room Able was sitting on one side in a loveseat with Amelia and April on either side of him. April held a cup of beer and Amelia was holding a pipe to Able's face. He took a big hit and held it.

Sarge was likewise sitting on the couch between Wini and Betty and they were sharing another pipe and sipping beer.

Vera was sitting on the other side of the room and she jumped up, dragging me to the love seat on the west side of the room, pushed me down and sat on my lap. "Josh, you are the God of the West," she said and giggled at Lauren. "You only have one line," Vera said and kissed me.

I smiled at Vera, "And what's my line?"

She kissed me again and smiled at me, "When Lauren asks you a question you just say, 'Yes,' Okay?" She grinned at me and kissed me again.

Reba and Astral were sitting on chairs in the corner of the room and had their guitars. They began to play a light tune and Lauren smiled at me and went back in the hallway.

Betty got up and said, "Ladies and Gentlemen tonight Lauren will perform a part of her play, 'The Gift of the Western Gods.' Astral wrote the music with collaboration by Reba." Bette looked over at Vera and I saying, "Vera dear, you have to get off Josh's lap. Get him a beer and give him some smoke to get in character."

Vera kissed me and hopped up. She handed me a beer and started packing a pipe. It looked like the Western God was going to be drunk and stoned before he got a chance to agree to what ever Lauren was going to ask. It sounded good to me so I held my tongue and sipped the beer as Astral and Reba began to play a mournful tune with a heavy base line.

April and Amelia were kissing Able and had their hands in his robe as the prelude played. Sarge was getting a right good working over from Betty and Winnie and Vera was helping by holding a pipe to my lips and throttling the bong for me.

It was very pleasant to be catered to by Vera and I noticed that Able and Sarge were enjoying themselves as well. April had Able by the cock and was stroking him while Amelia was kissing him. Sarge was nibbling on Betty's ear and Winnie was repacking the pipe when Lauren came out and the music changed.

"What am I to do," Lauren asked. "I am a woman of Burney. There are no men. I am without a mate." She hung her head and sobbed.

April pried herself off Able and came to Lauren's side, "Don't cry dear." April took her arm and put her hand on Lauren's back. "The Administration can give you a baby. We have men in our fortress and we can impregnate you."

Lauren looked up, hope in her eyes, "You can?"

"Yes dear you just wait until your time is right and come see me." April said and Lauren kissed her.

April held her to her breasts, and kissed Lauren on the ear. "In the mean time, go forth, find affection and be happy."

April sat down, pulled Amelia off Able and kissed him lasciviously stroking his cock and moaning in his mouth. Amelia got up and went to Lauren. "Don't you see the Admin has all the men and they lay around all day giving the men what they really want and you only get the spill over's."

Lauren looked at April sprawled over Able and frowned. "Hey why can't I go up there and let a man do that to me?"

Amelia smiled at her, "If you were Bahia, you could. Just think if you pledge your troth to the Admin. They will let you have what you want." Come join the Bahia and you too can feel the quickening."

Lauren looked at Able and said to Amelia, "So I just have to join the Bahia? I have to swear that I will obey and then I too can feel the strong arms of a man?"

"Yes, although at first you have to wait your turn, but in the mean time, come and let me give you the affection you need to wait." Amelia took Lauren in her arms and kissed Lauren deeply. When the kiss was over Lauren looked over Amelia's shoulder at April humping Able's lap and she grasped Amelia's supporting lush body. Lauren cried one single tear and it fell on Amelia's shoulder and ran down Amelia's back.

"I'll do it. I'll join the Bahia," Lauren said. She clutched at Amelia and nodded her head. "Yes to feel the hand of a man someday, anything."

Amelia pulled Lauren back by the hair and gently kissed her. They stood there for a while as the music changed to a lighter mood the trilling of Reba's high notes with the strumming of Astral's midrange gave a sense of calm to the smooth groping Amelia gave Lauren. The melody was in perfect syncopation to Amelia's hands as they roamed all over Lauren's perfect curves.

All at once Able pushed Aprils luscious body off his lap and said, "No If I can't fuck everyone you can just suck my dick!"

I thought "What the Hell, I get one word and Able gets twelve?"

April stood and pulled down her robe and pulled her Robe back over her breasts, "If that is the way you want it. But I'll never suck your dick, Stud!" April joined Lauren and Amelia and said, "Bad news Sisters, the men are on strike."

Lauren pulled away from Amelia and faced April, "What you mean now we can't even get pregnant now?"

April shook her head, "Just wait them out. They're men, they will give in," she laughed then frowned a little, " In time, just wait them out."

Lauren stepped out and said, "Damn! I just joined up to get laid and now no men?"

April gathered Amelia up in her arms and left Lauren alone.

Lauren looked at Able who by now had covered himself up and was drinking a beer, "Oh what have I done? I have to obey them. I swore on my motherhood to serve and now there is no option."

Lauren took one more look at Able and then joined April and Amelia in a musical interlude that included April and Amelia opening Lauren's dress and kissing her all over. The music was masterful and the older Desoto cousins had Lauren smoking in moments. It was particularly nice when April knelt and licked Laurens pussy and thighs as Amelia massaged her breasts and kissed her.

Vera took that occasion to slip her hand in my robe and gave my cock a bit of a squeeze, "It always make me wet to watch April make love," she whispered in my ear.

I was almost cumin' myself watching Aprils tongue in Laurens sweet pussy. I said,"Please don't do that Vera. I've been saving all week for Lauren."

Vera's hand jumped back, "Sorry Josh, you are irresistible I swear." She laughed a little and relit the pipe and after taking a big hit, offered it to me.

April had Lauren really moving when she stood and gave Lauren a big wet kiss, clutching Lauren's breasts, "Now you do me and Amelia."

Lauren went to her knees, lifted Aprils robe and began to suck April's business. She reached over and began to massage Amelia's cunt and soon she had two fingers in Amelia and two in April.

I almost shit myself it was so hot. I glanced at Sarge and he was bug eyed at the three of them, while Winnie and Betty worked him over. I noticed that Betty had her hand on Sarge's dick, but she was watching her daughter.

April made a big deal of climaxing and I was convinced that she wasn't faking it. April pushed Lauren away from her and guided Lauren's face to Amelia's crotch. Amelia took moments before she too gave a supreme acting job to her climax. I think she was faking but it was hard to tell.

April took Amelia in her arms and they left Lauren on her knees as the music changed to a lament.

Laure was on her knees now. Her dress hung open and let me see all her virtues. She moaned and rubbed her clit, willing the climax to come, but she stopped and sobbed, her hands on her knees.

Winnie got up and knelt beside her, "What's wrong dear?"

Lauren clutched at Winnie and cried on her shoulder, "Oh Ms. Black, they left me alone without a baby or even a climax." Lauren sobbed and held Winnie tight.

Vera whispered in my ear, "That's Gloria Black, she broke the impasse."

Winnie patted Lauren on the shoulder, "Don't worry honey, I can get you a baby if that is what you want?" Winnie wiped Laurens face and kissed her in a motherly way, "Of course I'll have to suck his cock for it but for my sisters, I'll do it."

"You will, you'll suck their cocks for me?"

"Yes, I have a deal with them, just don't tell the Admin and we'll get you pregnant too." Winnie helped Lauren up, buttoned her dress for her and patted her on the cheek. "You just tell me when you are in season and sneak into the fortress and I'll impregnate you."

Lauren smiled but shook her head, "That wouldn't be right. I mean there are principles involved. To give in to their demands would mean they would win."

Winnie shrugged, "I don't know about principles, seems to me that a little cock sucking is kind of fun. If you could get inside you could fuck one, but only us keepers get inside."

Lauren looked at Winnie and sighed, "I'll wait for them to give in Ms. Black. If I don't I'll have gone back on my oath."

Winnie patted Lauren on the shoulder and nodded, "I understand, but If you change your mind?" Winnie left Lauren center stage and sat next to Sarge as Betty got up and went to Lauren.

Betty looked at Lauren and took her in her arms, "There, there don't cry dear. The men will come around. It's only been two years since they went on strike."

"But mother I could have had a two year old now. To see her beginning to walk and talk, all the stinky stuff mostly over, But now I have nothing but women friends and no baby!" Lauren cried on her mothers shoulder. The music went into a lullaby as the mother consoled the Daughter's barren womb.

Winnie wasted no time but slid down between Sarge's legs and began to lick his dick. Sarge was watching as Winnie slurped his cock.

Laruen turned her eyes away from "Ms. Black's" cock sucking and gazed off over my head, "Oh there has to be hope out there somewhere Mother."

"Yes dear, if only you hadn't sworn the oath? We could have children together. I'll go see Ms Black and we can raise it together." Betty held Lauren and the two women comforted one another as the music changed from the lullaby to a more purposeful rhythm and they smiled at one another.

Winnie pulled her head back from Sarge's lap, "Hurry Betty he's going to blow!" Winnie got up as Betty left Lauren and climbed onto Sarge's lap and slipped his cock into her pussy slick as snot. She rode him hard for a moment or two.

April and Amelia were back next to Able, and Amelia had her hand on his cock. Able had his head back, eyes closed and one of Aprils succulent titties in his hand. He appeared to be well past his fortieth weasel now, his Adams apple was bobbing in his throat.

Sarge and Betty were hard at it and while I couldn't see Sarge's face, his legs showed the tension he was under. He was on his toes and his legs were driving against Betty's pounding ass. I think he was saying something but all that slapping kind of drowned out whatever the hell he was saying

Vera had her hand in my robe and was sliding her hands along my side and over my chest as she watched her cousins and Aunt getting down and dirty. I glanced at Reba. Reba had her head down and concentrated on the music she was playing, a high heart beat rhythm while plucking high responses to counter point phrases Astral added while holding a deep heart beat with her thumb and plucked chords to fill in around Reba.

The music got faster and faster. Vera and I had our hands busy and our eyes on the others. I was so stoned! I had my finger in Vera's pussy and she was rubbing my belly and chest. Her head against my bare chest and she would give me a kiss on the nipple from time to time. I lifted her up onto my lap and her hip captured my cock. She was warm and soft and she was light as a feather. I looked at Lauren and saw she was smiling back at Astral and Reba.

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