tagMatureSquirting Hot Cougar & Her Sexy Cub

Squirting Hot Cougar & Her Sexy Cub


Theresa adds the finishing touch to her makeup by applying the ruby lipstick to her full soft lips. She blots it with a tissue and takes a last look in the mirror. Her white satin blouse hugs her full breasts, the buttons opened showing a great amount of cleavage with just a peek of her white lace push up bra. Her black skirt is short enough to show her fantastic legs, while not too short. She adjusts her black thigh highs with the lace tops and slips into her black stiletto high heels. Grabbing her little black purse and adding her room card into it, she smiles her great smile into the mirror and knows she's ready to knock 'em dead.

She moves into the hallway from her hotel room, and walking with the graceful sway of her hips, attracts attention from each man she passes. She has that self assured smile of a lady who knows what she wants and knows how to get it. Making her way into the dimly lit hotel bar, she heads for a bar stool close to the bar tender. Sliding up into the stool with graceful movements, she crosses her right leg over the other and sets her purse on the bar top.

Glancing nonchalantly about the room, she notices it filled mostly with businessmen dressed in finely tailored suits, the most common being dark blue. She knows that many are aware of her presence and will approach her shortly. She loves the feel that her sexuality exudes, the power and excitement rising within her.

The sexy bar tender of under thirty takes her drink order for her chocolate martini and returns with it quickly. She flashes him her best smile, pays him, and brings it to her lips, taking a small sip, and makes small talk with him as she peruses the counter to her right. A man of about forty winks and tips his glass to her, to which she returns it with a small smile and turns her head.

The man is not deterred and wanders over, making small talk, but she isn't overly talkative with him, so he eventually retreats back to his chosen spot to hold up the bar when she doesn't give him the reaction he was counting on.

As she uncrosses her legs and recrosses them, the men admire their nice shape and the silkiness of the nylons as her legs are slightly to the side and within full view. Her skirt slides up some to reveal the slight hint of the lacy top of her thigh highs, which only serves to entice the interest even more as the men imagine those legs wrapped around their necks as they fill her deeply with their hard cocks, pumping her hard.

A drink arrives from a man as the bar tender points out the nearby table and she nods her head to him in a thank you, knowing he will arrive soon as well. Just as expected, the handsome man is there within moments and she talks with him a little, but not enough to assure him of more of her attention.

As he leaves, John the bar tender smiles at her, admiring her classiness and sexiness - thinking she has to be one of the hottest older women he's seen in some time. Hmmmmm is she in her late forties, he wonders and admires her striking looks and the great body she has evidently worked hard to maintain. He always appreciates a woman who takes such good care of herself. She could pass even for late 30's he ponders. He loves the way her full rounded breasts almost spilled out of her bra, creamy white breasts he'd love to get his hands and mouth on, he'd make her beautiful nipples hard as rocks, his hard cock would make a great path as he'd drive back and forth between those lovely mounds, then he'd cover them with his hot creamy cum... oh yes what a sight!

A few minutes later a young guy walks in and asks if anyone is sitting beside her, to which she says no they aren't. He has dark hair, beautiful eyes, and a very sexy body. He flashes her his great smile, to which she admires his dimples and smiles her lovely smile in return.

Admiring her full lips and imagining how they'd feel around his thick cock, he asks if she's having a nice evening. She replies yes and gives him another great smile, making the other men wonder why she is smiling and responding so well to this kid that can't be over 28. He introduces himself as Shawn and she responds that she's Theresa. She sees his eyes traveling into her blouse, admiring the swell of her breasts and she wonders what it would feel like to have his soft lips around her hardened nipples and can feel them throbbing even now at the thought.

She starts on her second drink as they learn about each other. He loves her legs, hell, he loves everything about this sensuous creature beside him! He wants to fuck her bad and can feel his cock growing larger and notices that she has noticed it as well. She smiles at him knowing the affect she is having on him.

Sensing his thoughts of wanting to take her with much passion, she decides that he will be the one. The evening will be filled with much pleasure with this one. He excuses himself to go to the restroom. As he returns, she admires the fullness in the front of his pants, to which he sees her examining and notices that she isn't hiding that she's checking him out. As her eyes slowly slide up his body to meet his eyes, they smile at each other knowing what will soon transpire. Both know that words are not needed. The look has sealed it.

They finish their drink and she rises and whispers into his ear that she'll see him soon and tells him her room number. He agrees and all eyes watch as she leaves the room, her hips swaying sensually in a slow rhythmic dance of their own.

Shawn leaves shortly after to join her near the elevator. They stand as strangers waiting for the elevator to arrive. When it opens many people file out leaving it empty as the two of them enter it. She presses the tenth floor and the doors close. Shawn closes the gap between them and moves his hands to hold her head as their lips touch and the kiss turns much more passionate as their tongues dance the mating ritual. He moves closer with his extremely hard cock pressing against her stomach, wanting her to know exactly what is awaiting her.

Her curvy ass hits against the stop button on the elevator as he lowers his head to run his tongue down her cleavage and moves each thumb inside both cups of her lacy bra, teasing her nipples with circular motions of his fingers, making the peaks grow much harder. Removing one hand, he reaches under her skirt as she moves her feet a little wider apart as his knee spreads them more, allowing him easy access. His face lights up when he feels the smoothness of her totally smooth pussy and realizes she has no panties on. He dips his finger between her legs into her hot pussy, finding her quite juicy and wet already. He moves his finger to his mouth tasting her wonderful sweet flavor and can't wait to take her completely!

Pushing the lacy bra cup aside, he moves his mouth to her breast and nips at it gently with his teeth, eliciting a moan from her as her head tips back, her blonde hair falling down her back. Working his fingers in her pussy and now sucking hard at her very firm nipple, he feels her riding his hand and leg and her breathing increases as she explodes with an intense orgasm and moans loudly.

He lowers to his knees before her and guides her legs apart more, as he slips his tongue into her pussy, licking every bit of sweet cum from her and working his magic again with his fingers and tongue. On the brink of another orgasm, he reaches up and pulls her nipple, twisting it back and forth and she yells, "Fuck me right now baby!" He continues sucking her clit and she squirts her hot cum into his mouth as her body quivers with another intense climax. He loves how hot she is and how she reacts so intensely to his touch and mouth.

Shawn pushes her skirt back down and holds her close, allowing her to catch her breath again as he presses the Tenth floor button and kisses her deeply, her sweet cum still on his tongue as their tongues mingle and dance again. They arrive at her floor and make their way down to the room.

After the door is shut, she drops her purse to the floor as he presses her against the wall, undoing the last few buttons of her blouse. Admiring her lacy bra, he opens the front clasp, releasing her full breasts, to partake of their creamy fullness, giving them his undivided attention. He is amazed at how perfect they are, perfect mounds with the nipples so hard and erect! Holding her arms above her head on the wall, he moves back a step and admires her exquisite body, "Baby you're so fuckin' hot!" He then captures one nipple and then the other in his mouth as he had pushed her nipples closer together, making slurping noises as he changes back and forth making her nipples so very hard and sensitive. She loves the tingling feeling that goes right to her pussy as he licks and sucks her breasts harder and her back arches offering him more of her breasts. She wants to touch him but can't move her arms.

Finally he releases her arms and unzips her skirt, which drops to the floor, revealing the creamy skin of her thighs, above the black lace tops of her thigh highs. He pulls her shirt off her shoulders and slips her bra off as well, leaving her only in thigh highs and spiky black heels. She reaches out and captures his hard cock in her hand through his pants, admiring it's great size and hardness. "Baby I want you in my mouth now!"

She unzips his pants and going to her knees, releases his cock and makes little licks up and down the rock hard shaft with her wonderful soft tongue. Licking her lips and smiling big as their eyes meet for many seconds, she brings his lovely cock into her mouth, taking him deeply into her throat. His breath catches as he can't believe how fucking good her mouth feels on his cock! "Oh baby you're great!" She smiles up at him and starts to move her moth up and down his cock following her lips with her hand, moving in a corkscrew movement, twisting slightly on the up stroke as her mouth goes off the tip followed by her hand and then slurping back down again, hand then mouth. "Baby you suck my cock so fuckin' good! Oh my god!"

She can feel him tensing and getting harder, and not wanting him to blow his load yet, she stops and stands up, but keeps her hand on his cock, guiding him to the bed. She pushes him slightly onto the bed and removes his shoes and socks, then his pants and boxers. Unbuttoning his shirt, she joins her lips to his as she darts her tongue in his mouth, his tongue joining hers, and then his shirt is removed to reveal his hard body. She moves her long manicured nails down his chest grazing his skin then back up with her palms feeling each firm part of his abs and chest.

She climbs on top of him, dressed only in her black silky thigh highs and her spiky black heels and straddling him, slides down his hard cock, feeling it enter easily inch by inch into her dripping wet pussy. She rides him hard and soon her clear watery cum is squirting from her as she screams, "Oh my god Shawn!" The hot cum gushes out of her and runs down him, and down his hips, warming his balls. What a feeling! Shawn can't get enough of her squirting all over him.

He moves her aside and stands up pulling her up with him. He moves toward the wall and motions come up baby as she faces him and he grabs her ass and lifts her up to his hips, her legs wrap tightly around him. With her ass against the wall, he pounds her hard, each deep thrust filling her more and more. "Theresa your pussy is so fuckin' sweet and wet!" Then he slows down to barely a movement, yet this slight movement hits her g spot just right and another climax takes her over the edge of pleasure again and she falls limply against his chest. "Baby your cock is the best I've ever had!" He feels the wet cum running from her pussy and down his legs and he loves how much she covers him with her juices!

He walks over to the bed and sets her ass on the edge, guiding her to lie back as he spreads her legs very wide, her knees bent. Admiring her smooth pussy and her now swollen lips and clit, he can see slightly within her as her lips open to his view, inviting him in, as she glistens with her hot cum dripping out and down her pinkness.

Pulling her ass to the very edge of the bed, he kneels before her and moves her knees of her bent legs over his shoulders and begins to eat her delicious pussy. He just can't get enough of her sweet feast. Licking every bit of her cum, he darts his tongue deep inside her pussy, in and out tonguing her good and hard, exciting her so much that her hips start bucking back and forth. He has to hold her thighs down so he can stay within her pussy, alternating from the deep thrusts of his tongue into her pussy to sliding up and down the soft swollen lips up to suck her clit in hard in his mouth and back down again. He rubs circles around her clit with one hand and the other hand pulls at her nipples. "Fuck me baby, fuck me hard!", she yells. The feast arrives as he suspects with a huge gush and he gulps down as much as he can while the remainder flows out of his mouth and down his cheeks. Mmmmm so sweet!

He stands up with a huge smile, her juices dripping from his face, and with one fast thrust his hard cock enters her hot swollen pussy, it's so fucking wet he can't stand it! Shawn feels it tightly around him as it pulsates with movements milking his cock, as she lies on her back. Her ankles are at his neck as he pushes deeply into her, his cock thrusting hard in and out of her. He alternates between fast and slow, causing her to cum again and again, one barely ending before another begins as her moans increase with the beginning of each climax. He loves that she squirts so much cum with each orgasm! How does her body make so much watery liquid! What a squirter! How did he find this hot older woman who not only cums a ton of times but also squirts so much! Classy and a squirter!

He pulls out of her and she demands, "No, fuck me harder Shawn! Put your cock in me now!" He smiles at her and flips her over onto her stomach, her legs down the side of the bed and her ass at the bed edge, right where he wants her! He kneels down and spreads her legs wider with her lovely curvy ass cheeks apart, and licks her swollen hot pussy from behind, licking up more of her hot sweet cum, and says, "God baby you taste so fuckin' good, I could eat you all night long!" He darts his hot tongue deeply in and out of her a couple times as she begins to squirm beneath him and he know what's soon to arrive and gets ready! She screams as another shattering orgasm takes over and his mouth again is filled with her sweet juice.

"Baby fuck me with that huge cock, fill me up Shawn!" He stands up and thrusts his cock fully inside her, pounding away as his balls slap her wet pussy lips. He loves the shape of her ass and squeezes it in his hands as he thrusts deeply, then slaps her ass a couple times making her moan more and more loudly, his breathing getting faster and faster with his excitement. He loves it when she likes it hard like this!

He pulls out and rolls her quickly onto her back again and thrusts a few more times into her hot dripping pussy, making her squirt cum so hard again, before he pulls out and shoots his huge load of hot creamy cum all over her huge tits, having one of the most intense orgasms ever!

Theresa smiles, and he says, "Oh baby we have to come here again and you can get rid of the men again and fuck me instead! I love it when you turn them down!"

Theresa smiles bigger and says, "Shawn you know I always fuck you so good no matter where we are," and he agrees and they both laugh and share another awesome kiss. He wonders how this woman could be all his! How did he get so lucky to have such a sexy MILF all to himself this past year, yet still he can't get enough of her and her fucking hot pussy! What a great woman, classy and sexy!

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