tagBDSMStable Boy Ch. 13

Stable Boy Ch. 13


"Well, my little stallion," Miss Worthing said, looking Jim up and down with a mischievous grin on her face, "now it's just the two of us I think it's time we went and celebrated our victory. Let's get you out of these things."

Working together they removed the boots, the bridle and the harness which Miss Worthing, uncharacteristically, just dumped on the work-surface. As soon as he was completely naked she took him by the hand and led him out of the tack room, along the aisle of the stables and, stopping only to lock up for the night, out across the yard and over to the house. Jim shivered in the night air but his pulse was racing as he followed behind her especially when, without pausing for a moment, she led him up the stairs and into her bedroom. She pushed him gently down until he was sitting on the edge of the bed and then stood in front of him.

"I need a moment to freshen up. You just wait here for a while; don't go away." She bent forward and kissed him on his forehead before going off to her en-suite. Jim sat there waiting, his heart pounding. A few minutes later she re-appeared wearing her burgundy dressing gown which hung loosely from her shoulders, framing and accentuating her charms. Jim stared, transfixed.

"And does my little stallion like what he sees?" she asked. She struck a pose and Jim felt that he had never seen anyone look so fabulous.

"You look... you're..." he stuttered, unable to put his adoration into words.

"Shh..." She came over, put her hands on his shoulders and gently pushed him back onto the bed. "Now, scoot on over and make some room for me." She let the gown fall to the floor, pulled back the covers and, after Jim had sorted himself out, she slipped into the bed and snuggled up next to him. "I've got a special treat for you, a special treat for both of us. You're my little stallion and I've ridden you hard and so far you've been most satisfactory, you've done everything I've asked of you so tonight you get your reward, tonight it's your turn; tonight you're going to get to ride me. You've already shown me you can be a devoted, attentive and dutiful lover; now show me you can be a man. Tonight I'm all yours; take me."

She kissed him long and hard before rolling onto her back bringing Jim with her. Ironically, for Jim, as he looked down at the magnificent woman laid out ready and waiting for him, this was far scarier than when she had been in control. Then it was simply a matter of doing as he was told or, when she had come for him in the night, just lying there whilst she rode him; now he was going to have to take the initiative, he was going to have to take the lead.

Jim may have been inexperienced but he'd learnt much in the last few weeks, he'd learnt the erotic value of the gentle caress, the tender touch, and, above all, he wasn't going to hurry. He ran his hand across her stomach, trailing his fingertips, enjoying the previously unknown freedom to stroke, to caress, to let his fingers wander wherever he wanted. Her perfect breasts called out to be kissed so, gently, softly, he lent forward and kissed her nipple whilst taking the other breast in his hand.

"Umm... that's gooooood," Miss Worthing purred after a while, "but you can go a little harder; I'm not made of glass."

Spurred on by this Jim took some of the brakes off his passion and he gave Miss Worthing's breasts the attention he'd so long wished to give them. He gave her nipples little nips with his teeth and was rewarded by a shiver and gasp of pleasure from his Goddess. She took his free hand from her breast and placed it firmly over her groin and Jim countered what he was doing to her nipples by easing his fingers between her the delicate folds of her sex. He knew what she liked from his tongue and tried to replicate it with his forefinger until she laid her hand over his and showed him how, showed him the circular motion with the tips of his fingers that worked for her.

Slowly Jim was losing his nervousness, it would seem that, in general, what came naturally was what she wanted and, the more his libido took over from his conscious thought, the more it became as if they were one, each responding to the other, each caress matched by a counter caress; they became joined by their shared pleasure, their conjoined passions building on each other. Urgently Miss Worthing reached down and took his swollen penis with the tips of her fingers.

"Now..." she said huskily, "now... I need you inside me... now!"

With one smooth movement she opened up and took him inside her, deep, deep inside her, until Jim was buried up to the hilt. She wrapped her arms around him and grabbed onto his shoulders, digging her nails into his flesh.

"Take me, use me, love me!" she cried out as she pulled Jim into her. He didn't need any holding back; this was not the first time he and Miss Worthing had made love but it was the first time he had been on top and the first time he had been able to set the rhythm and, now that he was in control, he could savour every nuance of the wonderful feelings coming from his groin. A little devil awoke in him and he withdrew almost to the tip, just easing back and forth by maybe an inch or so. He could feel how this teased her, how she wanted more so he waited until she was ready to beg before slamming back into her, driving himself as hard as he could go to be rewarded with a gasp of passion. From then on it was full strokes, savouring the feeling of almost completely withdrawing before he drove himself back into her, harder and harder she pushed back, meeting each thrust with one of her own. He could feel her starting to climax; he could feel them both nearing the summit, relentlessly he drove himself on, unable now to stop even were he to want to until...

"Oh yes... Oh yes... OH YES!!! YES!!! OH YES!!!" Miss Worthing's nails raked down his back as every emotion went into overdrive and Jim pumped furiously, exploding inside her.

For several minutes they were too overcome to do anything but lie there, holding each other tight, their bodies locked together. Miss Worthing's mouth sought out Jim's and for a while their only talk was kisses, gentle shared kisses, each acknowledging the pleasure the other had given.

"Ummmm.... You're pretty good, do you know that?" Miss Worthing said eventually as she pulled out of the kiss.

"Thank you, Miss Worthing," Jim replied. "You're pretty good yourself."

"Careful, cheeky," Miss Worthing laughed. "Don't you start getting any ideas. Just because I let you have your way once doesn't change anything. I'm still the boss around here. Understood?"

"Of course, Miss Worthing," Jim replied, contritely.

"That's better, although, whilst we're in bed together, 'Miss Worthing' seems a trifle formal," Miss Worthing gave him a playful smile. "What do you say to calling me 'Miss Celia'?"

"I'm honoured... Miss Celia," Jim said.

"You are, aren't you? Now move over, you're crushing me."

For the next twenty minutes or so they lay together in post coital bliss, joking together, kissing, touching, exploring each other's bodies. It wasn't as if there was anything that they hadn't seen before but, somehow, this was far more intimate, far more sharing. Miss Worthing reached down and played with Jim's penis joking about how soon he had became hard again and asking him lightly whether he was ready for 'round two'. Jim played up to this, joking that he was a sexual athlete and declaring "Miss Celia, I'm ready for you, whenever and however you want me."

"Well, this part of you is ready, at least!" she joked back giving his penis another stroke with her fingertips. "Let me go to the bathroom for a moment and when I get back we'll see just how ready you are."

She got out of bed and stretched languorously, giving Jim a perfect view of her shapely body. However she was in half stretch when...

"What's that, down there in the yard?" The curtains were open and something, some movement in the yard, had caught her eye. She picked up her gown from where it had dropped on the floor, put it on and went over to the window to have a closer look. "Is there someone down there? Jim, come and have a look."

He got out of bed and came over to stand beside her. It was hard to see in the dark but a flicker of light appeared for a moment at one of the stable windows; was that the glimmer of a torch?

"There is someone down there," Miss Worthing said. "It could be nothing but I'd best go down and investigate."

"I'll go," Jim said firmly.

Miss Worthing just stared at him for a second, completely taken aback by the force of his words.

"Look, please, it might be dangerous," Jim insisted. "I'll go, you wait by the phone, just in case."

"And what makes it any less dangerous for you?" Miss Worthing started but the determination on Jim's face was clear and she decided not to argue the point. "OK, go and be a hero if you must but put something on at least; you're can't out there naked." She rummaged about in her wardrobe for a second. "Here, you can borrow my tracksuit bottoms. You'd best put on my slippers as well" Miss Worthing fetched them out and Jim put them on before they both went downstairs. Jim grabbed a torch from the draw in the kitchen, went out of the front door and out, into the yard whilst Miss Worthing waited by the open door, ready to phone the police if required.

"Who's there? Who's that?" he called out as he approached the stables. Sure enough the lock was broken, the door was ajar and there were sounds from within. Then he heard a crash from the far end and hurried inside to see what was up. As he flicked on the lights he could see that the walls, the stalls, everything had been covered in offensive graffiti, graffiti which called Miss Worthing the vilest possible names. Down at the far end was Amanda, with a torch in one hand, a can of spray paint in the other and a cigarette dangling from her lips.

"What the..." Jim gasped in disbelief.

"Ello, doormat. Wassup? You living here nowadays?" Amanda said, taking the cigarette from her mouth; her voice was a drunken slur and her eyes blinked in the light. Suddenly she burst out laughing. "What do you look like? Have your just got out of bed or something? You have, haven't you? Don't tell me she's letting you shag 'er."

"Amanda... Miss Fforbes... What on earth...?" Jim asked, waving his hand to indicate all the graffiti.

"I'm gonna teach that cow a lesson... gonna tell everyone what a bitch she is," Amanda started. "Gonna... gonna..." She lurched and nearly lost her footing, holding herself up by hanging onto the door of the stall. Jim realised that she was about as drunk as you can get and still function. Whatever reasons she might have had were going to be fuddled by alcohol and far from rational. However distressed he was about the graffiti this was not the time to sort it out; best just to get her home and deal with it in the morning.

"I think it's time you went. Why don't you come back to the house, let me call you a taxi," Jim said, hoping to calm things down. Amanda just stared at him, her eyes blurring and, as Jim approached, she staggered over towards him and would have collapsed if Jim hadn't caught her. She put her arms around his neck to support herself.

"It's all your fault," she slurred, now deep in self pity. "Things were fine until you turned up. First that bitch and now Kathy Brown, they've turned on me and when I called Nigel I got that sister of his who knew all about that video; told me I wasn't wanted any more, told me I'd never get invited back, called me a tramp and a whore. Well, I'm not, I'm not, I'm..."

"Come along now, it's late and time for bed," Jim tried again.

"What? With you?" Amanda laughed derisively. "If you think I'm letting that dinky little prick of yours..."

"No, not with me," Jim said patiently. By now he had her most of the way to the main door but it was slow progress. With Amanda hanging off him she was to all intents and purposes a dead weight. At last he got her out into the fresh air.

"Is that you, Jim?" Miss Worthing called from the house. "Do I need to phone for the police?"

"No, it's OK," Jim called back. "It's just Amanda, she's a little drunk."

Miss Worthing had pulled on some Wellington boots and came down from the house to where they were standing by the stables.

"Yes, she is a little drunk, isn't she. I'd best call a taxi. Prop her up by the horse trough." Miss Worthing went back to the house and Jim guided Amanda over to the side of the yard and leant her against the end of the trough. Amanda slumped against the wall and Jim stood by making sure she was all right. Amanda reached in her pockets and fetched her cigarettes out and with a sudden lurch from his stomach Jim realised he had not seen what had happened to the last one. The sounds of horses whinnying was coming from the stables; if she'd dropped her dog-end in the wrong place...

"Wait here. I'm just going to check up on the horses," Jim said as he hurried off.

"Fuck you! You're just as bad as her, bossing me around all the time, thinking you're as good as I am, well, you're not, you're not, you're not...." Amanda's words were lost behind him as he hurried over to the stables where his worst fears were confirmed. There was a pile of hay bales which had been neatly stacked up ready for use but now were burning freely. He grabbed a fire extinguisher and rushed over but it was far too late, there in the middle of the flames was the can of spray paint that Amanda had been using; there was a loud bang as it exploded and suddenly flames were everywhere. It would take more than a puny extinguisher to put this out. He dashed back to the stable door.

"Fire! Fire! Miss Worthing! The stables! They're on Fire!" he called out across the yard.

Miss Worthing came out of the front door, with the phone still in her hand. Seeing the urgency on Jim's face, along with the first wisps of smoke curling out of the door she stopped the call to the taxi company and immediately redialled 999.

Jim dashed back in to the stables and, beginning with the stalls nearest that end, started to lead out the horses. What with the smoke and the fire they were very nervous and it took Jim all his equestrian skills to half cajole, half bully the horses into getting out of the stables. He'd just done the second horse when Miss Worthing arrived.

"Oh my god!" she gasped when she saw the extent of the fire. "How the..."

"Never mind that," Jim urged. "Let's get the horses out."

Miss Worthing was still in shock and just stood there. Jim, who was half way back inside turned back.

"Miss Worthing! The horses! Now!" he called.

"Yes, of course," Miss Worthing pulled herself together and followed him in.

"I'll get them out, you get them to the paddock," Jim called as he led yet another bucking and kicking pony down the centre aisle.

With the two of them working together it was far quicker and, when the taxi driver arrived, he joined in as well. However the flames were getting hotter and hotter and the smoke thicker and thicker and they were beginning to be being beaten back.

"Come on, two more trips will do it," urged Jim.

Miss Worthing followed him in but the taxi driver had had enough. Battling through the smoke they were down to the end of the aisle and it was quite a job to persuade the ponies to go, in the first instance, towards the fire but, between the two of them they managed. As they emerged they could see the fire engine arrive, pulling into the yard adding to the chaos and confusion.

"You see to them, I'll get the last horse," Jim shouted above the noise.

"Don't you dare," Miss Worthing replied holding him back by his arm, "it's too hot... you'll never make it."

"But it's Morning Dew," Jim returned, pulling himself away. "That's your horse."

"And you're my..." Miss Worthing shouted but she was too late, Jim had had wrenched his arm from her grip and was running back inside.

Miss Worthing watched in horror. The boy, no, the man with whom she had shared her bed just moments before had just run back into the burning inferno and it was hard to see how he had any chance of surviving. She turned to the firemen but her entreaties were to little avail; they were obviously going to put Jim as their top priority but they weren't foolish enough to rush in after him. They had their own procedures and were not going to be swayed by a semi hysterical woman. It seemed like everything was in slow motion. It took forever to un-reel the hoses, to attach them to the fire engine, to start the pumps. Miss Worthing looked on wishing she could do something, wishing she could help. The heat was already quite intense even out here in the yard; she stared down the length of the aisle but it was hard to see anything through the smoke and confusion, she hoped, she prayed he was still alive, with every second his chances got slimmer but he had to be alive in there somewhere, he had to be, he just had to be, she couldn't bear it, she couldn't... She pushed further towards the door only to be held back by a burly fireman; the fool, the stupid young fool had gone and done something so brave but so stupid just when... just when... Suddenly she heard the scream of her horse and out of the flames careered a dark shape totally out of control scattering the firemen gathered round the stable door.

As Jim had made his way back down the aisle he had wondered if he had bitten off more than he could chew. The whole of one side was a roaring inferno and the flames had spread to the boarding that made up the ceiling. The hayloft above must also have been alight. He forced himself on until he was past the main conflagration and down to Morning Dew's stall. The poor horse was in a total panic and, as soon as Jim opened the stall doors he could see that he had a fight on his hands. As the horse bucked and fought her hooves were flying everywhere and Jim had to stand clear to stay out of danger; if only he could get near her, try to settle her down a bit. He saw his moment and, on a mad impulse, ran towards her and jumped onto her back. At first she tried to throw him but it would seem that having a rider, and a rider that she knew, was calming her a bit. He clung on to her mane and hung on, waiting for his moment when something, something up in the hayloft, exploded in the heat with an enormous bang and the maddened horse could take no more and bolted forward towards and through the flames.

As soon as they had passed the main point of the fire Morning Dew could see the open door ahead of her and nothing, nothing at all was going to stop her. Jim got a brief glance of the startled firemen, the chaos in the yard, the paddock fence as Morning Dew bunched her muscles and, in a leap that would have won prizes at the Horse Of The Year Show, sailed over the fence and into the paddock. Jim had neither saddle nor bridle to help him and as Morning Dew landed he lost his grip and crashed to the ground completely winded.

As the horse had bolted Miss Worthing had leapt out of the way, watching as Morning Dew's hooves skidded on the stone flags of the stable yard as she jinxed and twisted in her mad dash to be as far away from the fire as possible. She saw Jim hanging on desperately and her spirits rose, there was hope yet, the mad fool had made it but, as Morning Dew cleared the paddock fence in a magnificent leap, she saw him lose his seat and fall, crashing to the ground. He had hardly reached the ground before she was rushing across the yard and scrambling over the fence to where his body lay lifeless. She collapsed down beside him and, in her panic, could detect no signs of life.

"You fool, you stupid, stupid fool," she wailed, "just when I find you you have to go and do this to yourself. You can't be dead, I won't allow you to be dead, I couldn't stand it if you're... if you're... I love you, I love you, I love you..." Her words trailed off to tears as she sobbed over the limp body of her lover.

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