tagNonConsent/ReluctanceStaci, Tease No More

Staci, Tease No More


Slowly awakening, my eyelids fluttered as I seen the sunlight streaming in though my bedroom window. Feeling the cool breeze through the open window, I closed my eyes tighter and snuggled into the comforter for warmth willing myself to drift back to sleep.

As I twisted tighter into the comforter, my muscles tightened with the movement and made me realize that my whole body was in pain. Slowly shifting again for verification, I could feel my bare breast rub against the inner part of my upper arm.

My eyes flew open as I flung the comforter off and stared down in disbelief. I was completely naked! My nipples were swollen and bruised, and upon further inspection, I could see something dried and sticky all over my abdomen and thighs. As my hands slid gently down my body, my arm muscles tightened in protest. My fingers continued their exploration, realizing every inch of my skin felt bruised and the stickiness was all over my chest, abdomen and between my legs and ass.

I brought my hands to my face and realized that it too was sticky. I tried desperately to remember what had happened. My mind raced for an explanation only achieving small fragments of memories, but my body tingled in response to some subconscious memories.

Struggling to sit up, I swung my feet to the floor and looked down to see my shredded nightgown lying at my feet. Suddenly, it all came back to me. I fell back on the bed and snuggled into the comforter as tears streamed down my cheeks in shock with the vivid memories.

I looked forward to the party, even though I was bored with all of the immature frat boys. Over the last year, I have turned every one of them down on their numerous requests for dates. I enjoyed teasing them, flirting with them and showing off my body. Long ago, I realized that I was exceptionally beautiful. My tall, lean body was in excellent shape, even though I did not have to work at it. I always chose clothes that accentuated my curves and often revealed my ample cleavage. In the warm weather when we all went to the lake, I always chose the skimpiest string bikinis with small patches of material that barely covered my large nipples and thong bottoms with just a small triangle of fabric to cover the expertly trimmed hair between my legs.

For the party I chose an exceptional outfit. A red silk camisole top that did nothing to hide my large erect nipples since I wore no bra, and a tight black leather mini skirt that was so short that when I bent over I knew the curves of my ass cheeks could be seen since I was wearing black thong underwear. Thigh high black stockings and 3-inch high heels completed the ensemble and as I looked in the full-length mirror, I was pleased with the look. My thick curly auburn hair when let loose was halfway down my back was now twisted into a knot and held up with a clip, allowing wispy tendrils to fall around my face and neck.

I could feel every pair of eyes on me as I sashayed through the main room of the frat house and could feel my nipples become even more erect. Over the course of the night, I managed to dance with every male in the house. I smiled seductively to each one as we danced and I could feel the bulge in their pants when I rubbed my body teasingly against theirs.

By midnight, I became bored with the teasing so I announced that I was leaving. I smiled as I heard the roomful of disappointed moans and started heading for the door. Jimmy came running up to me and breathlessly said “Staci, wait.”

Eyeing the glass in his hand, I responded suspiciously, “Yes?”

He handed me the glass and pleaded, “One more drink and a dance for the road? Please?”

Hesitating for a moment, I responded, “Sure, why not?” then drank the entire contents of the glass. I coughed a little as I set the glass down while Jimmy grabbed my hand and led me to the dance floor. We danced a slow dance, during which Jimmy’s hands ran up and down the length of my torso. My hands rested on his shoulders, which gave him free access to softly run his fingers over my nipples, causing them to harden more than ever.

I did not immediately realize that the song had ended until I felt Jimmy’s lips on my neck. Startled by the unusual feelings coursing through my body, I pushed away from him and ran out the door.

Back in my room, I leaned my back against the door after twisting the lock. I stood there a moment realizing how hard I was breathing and I wondered where these unusual sensations were coming from. Although I have had sex many times, my body has never felt the sensations it was feeling tonight.

I pulled my blouse over my head and pulled my skirt down my legs as I walked toward my closet to retrieve a nightgown. After removing my stockings and shoes, I slid the satin nightgown over my head and gasped as the fabric slid across my aroused nipples.

I slowly climbed in bed realizing how tired I was suddenly, and noticed that my limbs felt very heavy as I pulled the comforter over me. As I drifted off to sleep, I realized too late that the last drink I had must have been spiked.

I awoke a short time later to whispers and my eyes flew open when I realized that the sound was in my room. Jimmy and three other frat guys were standing next to my bed staring down at me.

“Go ahead,” Gary said to Jimmy as he nudged him. Jimmy reached down pushing the comforter to my waist as he pinched my nipple through my satin nightgown. I wanted to fly off the bed and slap them all, but realized that I couldn’t move. I felt the pain shoot through me as Jimmy continued pinching my nipple, but I could not move.

I looked at Jimmy’s face as he smiled and said, “It’s working. Look at the fury in her eyes.”

Gary pushed Jimmy away as he said, “Holy shit! Let me try.” With Jimmy pushed to the side, Gary grabbed hold of my breast and I could feel him squeezing it tightly. Tears sprang to my eyes as he moved his other hand to my other breast and squeezed them both with equal force. “This is so awesome!” he laughed.

As Gary continued to squeeze and massage my breasts, Tony lunged forward and threw the comforter to the floor. “I want some!” he giggled as he lifted the hem of my nightgown to my hips and in one swift movement tore my underwear down to my knees. Using both hands to part my thighs, he shoved his face between my legs and began exploring my sensitive lips with his tongue.

I could feel the tears running freely down my face as I tried to force myself to move. My heart was pounding as I realized that I was completely paralyzed, yet I could feel everything that they were doing to me. I tried to scream, but no sound came out of my mouth. I could feel Tony’s tongue plunging deeper into my pussy evoking tingles in my abdomen. I could feel Gary’s continued painful assault on my breasts causing my nipples to harden, but I was unable to move a muscle.

Fear washed over me as Steve approached me with a knife. My eyes bulged as he used the knife to tear my nightgown and panties to pieces before flinging them to the floor. Suddenly, they all jumped away from me when sounds in the hallway outside my door interrupted.

I tried to scream again or make some sort of sound, but nothing came out. After the noises outside subsided, Jimmy announced, “OK, we better get out of here now.” Relief washed over me as I realized that this ordeal was over with. However, the relief was short lived when Jimmy brought a flask to my lips and forced me to swallow long gulps of liquid. My eyes were already closing when I felt myself being wrapped in a sheet and lifted off the bed.

I slowly awoke to the sounds of moaning, but became fully awake when I realized that the moans were coming from my own throat and why I was moaning. I could feel the sensations traveling though my whole body as fingers were plunging quickly in and out of my wet pussy and a mouth was pulling and nibbling on my clit. Another set of hands were on my breasts, pinching the nipples and massaging the fullness of my breasts. I gagged as I realized that there was a cock plunging in and out of my mouth, my saliva dribbling down my chin.

I blinked my eyes when a sudden flash lit up the room. Refocusing my eyes, I looked up to see Jimmy taking pictures of the scene before him. Steve suddenly pulled his fat cock out my mouth and began shooting his hot cum over my face and mouth as I struggled to turn away, constant flashing from the camera causing me to close my eyes.

I opened my eyes again and seen Steve standing by Jimmy at my feet whispering as he zipped and buttoned his jeans. Tony’s head was still between my legs, assaulting my pussy with his fingers and tongue. Gary was standing next to me, one of his hands rolling a nipple between his fingers and thumb, his other hand wrapped around his hard cock stroking it. I looked around me realizing where I was.

I was lying on a bed in a corner of the basement of the frat house. Aside from the bed, the room was furnished like a bar. Chairs and tables scattered all around; a long bar complete with barstools took up almost the length of one wall. There was a small platform used as a stage for some local bands to perform; dartboards were strategically placed on walls; a pool table was placed at one side and a mechanical bull was nearby.

Fear and confusion were washing over me as I felt the tingling sensations course though my body from the assault that was taking place. Still trying to figure out why I could feel everything yet unable to move, I closed my eyes and began concentrating on the growing pressure I felt deep in my groin. Before I knew what was happening, I could feel my thighs tingling and I wanted to buck my hips when the beginning of an orgasm over powered me. I could feel Tony’s fingers slide freely in and out of my pussy from my juices flowing over them, as he moved his tongue to slurp them up.

Between gasps of breath Tony said, “Holy fuck! I just made her cum! This is so awesome. Oh God, I gotta have her.” He wiped his chin with the back of his hand as he got to his knees and pulled his sweat pants down to expose his rock hard cock. I felt him lift my legs from behind my knees as he plunged his hard cock into me. The initial shock of pain as he impaled me caused me to close my eyes tightly, but after a few strokes the pain turned into pleasure as I felt another orgasm approaching.

Just then, Gary moaned as the tugged hard on my erect nipple and shot his load across my chest. I gasped as I witnessed rope after rope of cum spew from his cock as he continued to stroke it towards me. I closed my eyes as I felt the walls of my pussy clenching around Tony’s cock with an orgasm and felt him explode his hot load deep within me.

Realizing that I was panting now, I tried to slow my breathing when Tony pulled out of me rising from the bed and excitedly say, “Jimmy, this is the best fuckin idea you ever had! We gotta get some more of that drug.”

All four of them were now standing at the foot of the bed staring down at my cum covered body while they whispered to each other. I struggled to move my body, realizing that my legs were still spread wide open the way Tony had left them.

Jimmy leaned over and pressed on my clit with his finger, then quickly plunged it deep into my wet pussy. As my lips clenched around his finger, he laughed and said, “I’ve been telling you guys that all she needed was a good fuck.” After a few more deep thrusts into my pussy, he pulled it out and grabbed one of my wrists. “And believe me, she is definitely going to get the fuck of her life tonight,” Jimmy said as he motioned for the other three guys.

They each grabbed one of my limbs and carried me across the room then hoisted me onto the pool table. Jimmy then jumped onto the pool table and flipped me onto my stomach as Steve pulled me by the arms to the edge of the table until my head was dangling over. Steve walked over to the side and pulled my hips up as Jimmy shoved my feet forward until my knees were at my breasts and my ass was up in the air.

I moaned as I realized that in this position my most intimate body parts were on display for all to see. Steve returned to stand in front of my face and I closed my eyes when I realized that his large erection was already out of his jeans. He grabbed hold of his cock and traced my mouth with it as he held my head up by my hair with one of his hands.

The first sting of Jimmy’s hand on my ass came as a shock so when my mouth flew open to scream, Steve swiftly plunged his cock inside. I gagged as he plunged deeper into my throat with each thrust. With a hand of each side of my head, he began fucking my mouth faster and harder. I felt Jimmy’s cock slide up and down my wet pussy lips, and when the rhythm of Steve’s thrusts pushed my body back on Jimmy’s cock, Jimmy plunged deep within me.

Soon they both found a rhythm so that they were both plunging into both ends of me at the same time. Tears were running down my cheeks as I felt my body betray me by responding to their assault. I could feel my thighs trembling and knew an orgasm was only moments away. Jimmy must have felt it too, because now he grabbed hold of my hips as he thrust harder filling me to the hilt as he said, “Yes, baby! Fuckin’ cum all over my cock! You love it. Fuck us like the slut you are!”

Just as I felt the orgasm sweep over my body, Steve’s cock began trembling and I felt the first squirt of his hot cum in the back of my throat. Steve moaned as he kept thrusting squirt after squirt, never leaving my mouth so that I was forced to swallow his whole load. As Steve’s thrusting slowed, Jimmy began moaning and released his massive load into my pussy.

When they both pulled out of me, I relaxed a moment before realizing that Gary and Tony were now taking their turn. Gary grabbed me by the hair and stabbed his cock into my mouth as Tony climbed up on the table and pulled my ass cheeks apart as he said, “This bitch loves it.” He looked over at Jimmy and laughed, “You were right, Jim. She’s cumming all over herself!”

Tony held one of my hips with one hand as his other guided the tip of his cock over my wet slit spreading the mixture of cum and my juices up my crack. When I felt the pressure of the lubricated tip of his cock on my tightest hole, I moaned and prayed that he wasn’t going to try to enter it.

Trying to take my mind off what Tony was doing, I focused my attention on Gary’s cock in my mouth as he thrust in and out of it. I realized that my jaw was becoming sore now as Gary’s fat cock stretched my mouth wide. All of the guys had big fat cocks, but it was Tony who had the largest and fattest. His was the one that worried me most as it continued pressing against my virgin hole.

As Gary thrust harder into my mouth, my body was forced backwards on Tony’s cock as he continued applying pressure. After a few thrusts, I felt the tip of Tony’s cock make its way inside of me. Pain shot through my body, but as Gary continued thrusting forcing Tony’s cock to slide in an inch at a time until the pain turned into an unexpected pleasure.

Tony had held himself still, allowing Gary’s thrusts do all the work until he was completely inside of me. Now they worked out a rhythm so that when Gary thrust, my ass was forced onto Tony‘s cock until I felt his balls banging on the back of my thighs. When Tony plunged in, my mouth encased Gary’s cock until my nose was pressing against his pubic bone.

They continued their rhythm for several minutes before I felt Tony lift my hips up until I was on my knees allowing Steve to slide sideways underneath me lying on his back as he began fingering my clit. Soon, I felt Steve’s mouth on my clit as his fingers slid inside my pussy. Steve thrust his fingers quickly in and out of me as he nibbled and sucked on my clit. Steve’s assault combined with Tony and Gary plunging away in me caused my whole body to tremble with the beginning of another orgasm. I allowed my body to betray me as I felt the most powerful orgasm of my life overpower me. I cried out, though muffled by Gary’s cock and I realized that I was no longer paralyzed and my body was responding by thrusting harder onto Tony’s cock.

I felt Tony’s cock pulsate in my ass before he shot his load deep within my bowels, at the same time Gary’s cock was shooting his load in my throat and I was sucking his cock and swallowing his load. Steve continued thrusting his fingers in my pussy until I felt my pussy muscles clench around his fingers in another orgasm.

Steve slid out from under me as Tony and Gary pulled their cocks out of my openings and I fell flat on the table gasping for breath. I must have passed out for a few minutes because when I opened my eyes all four of them were walking towards me. Each one grabbed one of my limbs as I struggled to pull away from them.

They all laughed at my ineffective effort and easily subdued me as Jimmy pulled my arms behind my back and tied my wrists together with a piece of rope. I tried to let out a scream just as Gary shoved a cloth in my mouth and wrapped a scarf around my head to hold it in place.

I could hear them all laughing and whispering as they carried me across the room. My eyes widened when they stopped in front of the mechanical bull and hoisted me upon the saddle. They held my arms and legs as I began struggling when I noticed the massive dildo attached to the saddle in front of me.

As I continued to struggle, I felt cloth wrapped and tied around my ankles before I was hoisted upwards. I screamed against the gag in my mouth as the dildo impaled my pussy and my feet were pulled and tied under the bull. With my hands still tied behind my back and my legs pulled tightly downward, I was unable to move off the dildo.

All four men stood around and looked up at me smiling. Jimmy was the first to break the silence. “I have the finishing touch,” he announced as he pulled something from his pocket and pulled a small stool to the side of the bull.

I gasped when he stood on the stool next to me and held nipple clamps in front of my face. The other three guys were laughing and yelling their approval as Jimmy dangled the clamps in front of me held by a thin chain.

Jimmy’s mouth moved to my breast and he began running his tongue across my nipple before covering it with his lips. As he continued to suck the nipple in his mouth, his hand went to my other breast and began rolling the nipple between his fingers and thumb causing it to instantly harden. My nipple sprang to an erection when his mouth released it and the cool air of the basement hit it. He carefully placed the clamp on it and I screamed against the gag from the instant pain. He moved his mouth to my other nipple, again releasing a hardened nipple and placing the other clamp on it.

Tears were running down my cheeks as Jimmy jumped down from the stool and they all looked up at me again. My eyed widened again as Jimmy walked over to the control panel for the bull. He smiled broadly at me as he flicked the switch on and the bull came to life beneath me. I gasped as the bull was moving and jerking slowly causing the dildo to move around inside of me. As the bull continued to jerk, my weight and gravity caused me to bear down on the dildo harder causing intense feelings within me and I began moaning.

Gary climbed up on the stool next to me and grabbed the chain hanging from the nipple clamps. He slowly pulled the chain until my nipples were standing straight out and I was moaning loudly. He held the chain taut as my body pulled away with the movements of the bull, causing a mixture of pain and pleasure to course through my body. A strong orgasm ripped through my body as he attached the chain to a little hook on the saddle of the bull, resulting in constant tension in the chain.

As Gary jumped down from the stool, Jimmy turned the speed up on the bull. The bull bucked beneath me causing almost continuous orgasms as Jimmy said, “Ok guys, lets go have a few drinks and rest while she gets fucked.”

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